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Yorkshire County Cat Club
24th October 2009

Mrs H Boucher

Devon Kittens  Class  338a Male
1st – Teasdale & Mrs Wilkinson -Magical Mad Hatter 21/05/09 (33a36) Male
 Well grown boy of just 5 months with good Devon expression.  Short broad wedge.   Strong muzzle with a good whisker break.  Firm chin and level bite.  Shortish nose with a stop that could be more defined.  Brow curving back to flat skull.  Ears were  very large and open at base ,quite well set but could be  lower for perfection.   Eyes were large, wide set  and of the correct shape, sloping outwards. Elegant body with broad chest, long limbs ending in oval paws. Tail long and tapering. Coat short and soft with good density and rexed all over with some down on his tummy.  He was a little nervous but handled well  and his condition was excellent.
 2nd  Thorpes -   Bountiful Red Alert 10/04/09  (33a18d) Male
 6 month old baby with very good type.  Short broad wedge with high cheekbones.  Strong muzzle.  Good whisker break, with little stubby whiskers.  Short nose with  definite stop.  Firm chin and level bite.  Brow curving back to flat skull.  Ears were large and low set, rounded to tips .Good width to top of head.  Eyes were large, oval shaped and sloping outwards.  Neck  slender.  Body of good size.  Limbs were long and elegant, with dainty paw pads.  Tail long and tapering.  Coat short and patchy  with very little rexing.  His tummy was bald.  I liked this little boy very much but he lacked coat , a promising kitten none the less. I did call the duty vet to this little lad as I felt that his sternum has a slight protrusion, but the vet was happy that it was ok.  
3rd  Goultys - Lorrentino Rio 13/07/09 (33a14c) Male
 Tiny baby of just over 3 months.   Good Devon expression.  Medium wedge but a little pinched making him look fine in the muzzle.  I assume at his age he is teething although his bite was level.  Stubby whiskers.  Firm chin.  His nose a little long and the stop could have been more defined..   Brow curving back to flat skull.  Ears quite large ,rounded to tips  held a little high.  Eyes a little round and small..  Body small and could do with more muscle tone.   Elegant long limbs high set at the rear.  Dainty little paw pads.  Tail long and tapering.  His coat lacks density at present but the rexing is coming.  He had the sweetest nature.

Devon Kittens Class 338b Female
1st BOB  Shepherd’s -Magical Mizhat Titude 29/04/09 (33a36e)
Beautiful Tortie girl of excellent type and a wicked Devon expression.  Short broad wedge.  High cheek bones.  Good muzzle and whisker break with short stubby whiskers.  The chin could have been stronger but the bite was level.  Short nose with definite stop.  Brow curving back to flat skull.  Ears large and low and open at base with rounded tips.  Eyes  large and maybe a little round when she was out on the table but correct when she was relaxed back in her pen.   Slender neck.  Body medium and slender but with good muscular tone.  Broad chest.  Slim elegant legs.  Tail long and tapering covered with short rexed fur.  Coat  had good density and excellent rexing albeit a little loose in places.  Tummy covered.   A beautiful Devon, a little tense on occasions but well behaved for a Tortie!  Excellent condition.
2nd Goultys - Lorrentino Eden 13/07/09 (33a14b)
 What a little sweetie. White odd eyed kitten of just over 3 months litter sister to the boy in previous class.  Good Devon expression.  Nice type, with short broad wedge. Good muzzle and whisker break .  Stubby little whiskers.  Chin strong with level bite.  Nose short with a stop that could have been a lot deeper.  Brow curving back to flat skull.   Slender neck.   Ears small and open at base, rounded and tapering to tips.  Although small they were quite well set and fairly low on her head.   Eyes  small and oval shaped.  Slender neck.  Broad chest.  She was very slender, almost fine and could have had better muscle tone.  Elegant limbs held high on rear.  Dainty oval pads. Tail quite long and tapering.  The coat, which had quite fine rexing, was thin and looked long and appeared a little shaggy.  Lovely temperament.  A little too fine in the body and appeared a little lacking in condition today.

A V Foreign Junior Adult Class 711
1st Thornton’s Olathe Stormy Skye 25/06/08 (80L31af)
A very pretty La Perm with excellent type. Modified wedge longer  than wide. Broad muzzle, prominent whisker pads. Straight nose with gentle convex curve. Flat forehead gentle contours to top of head. Ears slightly flared and cupped, eyes of medium size, almond shaped. Medium foreign type body with tail to balance. A beautifully groomed unstructured coat, soft and bouncy to the touch. A lovely cat with an excellent temperament and in wonderful condition.

2nd Lamb’s CH Natango’s Ghaniyah 04/11/07 (78 30)
Elegant Bronze Egyptian Mau Female     Foreign type, rounded wedge with gentle contours. Firm chin and level bite. Medium set ears, slightly flared with good width between. Large almond shaped eyes. Medium length body, Beautiful dense coat close lying with sheen. “M” on forehead and Scarab on top of head. A really beautiful cat in tip top condition and an excellent temperament.

3rd Boswell’s Diadem Elise 30/04/08 (33a36g)
Another beautiful cat, this time a Cornish Rex.  Medium wedge with high cheekbones, length 1/3 greater than width, flat skull, rounded muzzle with firm chin and level bite.  Straight profile, nose had slight bump.  Ears large, set high but not vertical, correct mussel shape. Eyes medium and oval shaped.  Body long and elegant, slender limbs long and straight. Coat short and dense, soft to the touch and very well rexed. Tail long and tapering. A lovely cat in excellent condition. Super temperament.

3rd (Extra) Affectionate Signor Marcel 26/04/08 (76 30)
A brown spotted Bengal boy who was not very happy today.  Lovely boy of good type rounded contours to head, rounded muzzle. Short broad nose. Firm chin, couldn’t check his bite..  Ears medium  and pricked, Eyes almond shaped eyes.  Medium muscular body . Coat short and silky shown in excellent condition. A lovely lad, but I am afraid he was not inclined to come out of his pen today.

4th  Phillips CH Melkelter Misslepidina 27/05/08 (76 30)
Another Brown spotted Bengal. Medium wedge with rounded contours. High cheekbones, profile has gentle curve. Muzzle full and broad Nose rather fine. Strong chin with level bite. Ears a little large. Eyes large and round. Body long and sleek.  Some linkage on coat which was short dense and luxurious Tail medium and thick. In excellent condition.

5th Horner’s Nishalka Khepri 26/09/08
Blue Abyssinian. Medium built boy with muscular body. Head contours were mostly rounded but rather flat from the brow to top of head. Moderate wedge with rounded muzzle. Nose had a slight break. Firm chin and level bite. Ears set wide apart large quite well pricked and furry on inner edges.  Eyes set wide apart and almond shaped, Hazel in colour. Small white patch under chin extending into neck area.  Coat short and fine, dense in texture  and ticked with four bands of colour. Good temperament and in excellent condition.

AV Foreign Novice kitten class 725
1st   Threapleton Aalspotz Valdemar 01/07/2009  (73 5)  M
Delightful Ocicat kitten of 5 months old. What a relaxed little baby. Alert and friendly.
Modified wedge longer than wide. Broad well defined muzzle, slightly square. Straight nose with slight dip. Slightly weak chin but  bite was level. Ears fairly large and wide, set at an angle with good width between. Eyes large and almond shaped, hazel in colour. Body long and well muscled. Broad chest, medium legs and oval paws.  Coat short with satin finish, black spots on silver background, tail long, broad at base with black tip.  Lovely kitten in excellent condition and a super temperament.
2nd   O’Dowd Yahto Ohanzee      10/06/2009 (84 16) M
Lovely type Sphynx kitten of 4 months old. Good size for age. Modified wedge with rounded contours slightly longer than wide. High cheekbones and pronounced whisker pads. Flat brow in front of ears curving back to rounded skull.  Straight nose with slight stop. Firm chin and level bite.  Large ears, open at base, , tapering to rounded tips  set at slight angle to head. Eyes large and lemon shaped. Lovely warm little body, hard and muscular for such a young kitten. Medium legs and oval paws with long toes and padded paws.  Long skinny tail. A lovely kitten beautifully prepared . Good temperament.
3rd    Halligan’s Mumandacats Jack Flash 08/05/2009(76 30) M
Brown Spotted Bengal kitten of just over 5 months. Well grown kitten, medium wedge rounded contours to head, gentle curve to profile, well padded muzzle. Short broad nose Ears medium. Almond shaped eyes. Body long and well proportioned. Coat short and silk with excellent spotted pattern with little linkage. Super kitten in very good condition. Lovely temperament.
4th Pearce’s Talltrees Cholena 04/06/09  (84 31d)F
4 month old Sphynx female kitten. Modified wedge with quite rounded contours, rather narrow cheekbones and pinched muzzle. Straight nose with slight stop.  Slightly weak chin, bite level. Flat brow curving back to rounded skull.  Medium size ears set rather high. Lemon shaped eyes. Small body, slender legs with long toes and padded paws. Thin tail. Lovely temperament, shown in good condition.

4th (Extra) Rippon’s   Ripplerex Noah  12/05/2009  (33a40 33) M
5 month old kitten of reasonable type. Medium wedge would like more defined cheekbones, strong muzzle and whisker break, stubby whiskers, chin strong but bite undershot. Nose long but had a stop. Flat skull. Slender neck. Eyes were large and oval shaped. Ears small, open at base, tapering to rounded tips. But were set rather high. Body of good size. Broad chest but a little cobby. Elegant limbs with oval paws. Tail long and tapering to tip. Short coat but patchy and lacking density, no fur on tummy, some rexing evident. Lovely temperament and in very good condition.

AV Foreign Radius Neuter Class 746

1st  Hoole’s Adatesh Flaminhot 16/04/06  (33a36d) MN
Red Smoke Devon of good type and expression. Short broad wedge.  Fine muzzle.  Good whisker break.  Short crinkly  whiskers.   Short nose with a stop. Firm chin, level bite, flat skull.  Large ears, open at base and set low. Eyes large  and oval shaped, sloping outwards. Slender neck.  Broad chest.  Medium length body which was rather plump.   Elegant limbs.  Tail quite long and balanced to body.  Coat short and softly rexed all over. Excellent temperament and condition.

Devon Rex Adult class 1013
1st-  Prescott’s Charnfield Confetti 30/05/2005   (33a 36e) F
1st Pretty Tortie female of excellent Devon type. A bit feisty today and not the easiest cat to handle.  Good short broad wedge and high cheekbones.  Firm muzzle with whisker break.  Short stubby whiskers. Short nose with stop.  Firm chin.  I was unable to check her bite.  Large low set ears open at base with rounded tips.  Eyes large and oval shaped sloping to outside edge.   Medium to small body but well muscled.  Elegant limbs with dainty paw pads.  Coat short, soft and well rexed.   A very nice girl, but not very happy to be handled. Excellent condition.

Murphy’s Kaltes Rhapsody inBlue 18/08/08  (33a16) F
2nd Blue female of fair type.  Medium wedge.  Her muzzle was a little square.  Good whisker break.  Firm chin.   Short nose with stop.  Level bite.  Brow curving back to flat skull.   Ears large and open with rounded tips but needed to be  lower.  Eyes, large and oval in shape.   Slender neck.  Broad chest, elegant limbs and dainty pads. Tail of good length and tapering to tip.  Coat short and quite thin and patchy, lacking rexing.  Good temperament and lovely condition.

3rd    Read’s Kimdale It hadtobe you 10/01/2007  (33a36) F
Black Smoke female of moderate type. Short wedge good muzzle and whisker break.  Short nose with stop.  Firm chin with level bite although her teeth were a little untidy.  Large open ears set low.  Eyes large and oval and sloping outward.  Slender neck on a  rather plump body which made her tail seem short and put her out of balance for me. Long limbs and dainty paws. Coat had uneven feel on back, harsh to the touch where there were guard hairs, and flat.  The rexing on legs and sides was soft.  Good temperament, shown in good condition.

Devon Rex Neuter Class 1027
1st  Hooles’s Adatesh Flaminhot 16/04/06 (33a36d) MN
2nd  Buck’s Magical Soupdragon 08/11/08 (33a27tsx)
Darker points boy of moderate  type.  Short broad wedge.  Rather fine muzzle.  Whisker break.  Short crinkly whiskers.  Firm chin and level bite.   Slight stop to rather long nose. Flat skull.  Ears large and low set. Eyes large and oval shaped with correct slant.   Slender neck.  Broad chest with medium length muscular body.  Long elegant limbs held higher at rear with dainty paws.  Tail long and tapering.  Coat short and soft with some rexing,  but patchy round neck and top of head. Nice boy in good condition. Excellent temperament.


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