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Balinese & Siamese Cat Club
17th July 2010

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Mrs A North

I would like to thank Mrs Smith and the Committee of the Balinese and Siamese Cat Club for inviting me to judge the Household Pets at their show, and for the lovely lunch.  I had a most enjoyable day.  I should also like to thank Linda Clark for Stewarding for me.

Class 146 AC Non Pedigree Grand Master Cat (Imperial)

63 Imp.Gd.MC Master J Aldridge-Snell Gr Mc Chester
White boy with very alert expression.  Lovely green eyes. Well built muscular body. lovely profile, with nice markings on face, nice black smudge on nose.

Class 157 AC Shorthair Kitten.

70 1st Mrs. S M White India
A very pretty torti with lovely markings, well intermingled coat with shades of red and black, lovely shaped head, she had lovely green eyes and very loud purr.

69  2nd Ms L Campbell Evie 
A lovely black baby with white locket on her tummy and under her chin, lovely condition, very round green eyes. A very sweet baby.

Class 159a AC Pedigree Pet Master Cat Male (Grand)

77 Gd.MC Mr & Mrs S Miller MC Jaspurr Miller
Lovely red mackrel tabby, lovely expression and temperament, wonderful condition, lovely long tail. Overall Best in Show

71 Res.Gd MC. Mr G & Mrs C Cullin MC Eluah
Lovely tabby Siamese, very blue eyes, nice close coat, very good condition, wonderful temperament.

Class 159b AC Pedigree Pet Master Cat Female (Grand)

76 Gd.MC  Mrs. J Hudson MC Hope
A lovely chocolate Siamese,
,pale blue eyes, a very vocal cat which I love, good condition, lovely close coat, she obviously likes her food.

79 Res. Gd. MC Mrs D Franklin MC Connie
A lovely blue torti girl, deep-set blue eyes, very good condition, a lovely temperament.

Class 164 Short Haired Pedigree Pets. Self with/without white

72 MC Dr J Muir-Taylor Leroy
A lovely white boy, beautiful deep blue eyes, pure white coat, wonderful temperament.

73 BIC Miss N Richards Gr.MC Cody
A lovely blue Siamese boy, very blue eyes, quite dark in the body, wonderful temperament.

Class 165a Short Haired  Pedigree Pets Tabby with/without white Male

74 MC Miss S Cosgrove Roland
A lovely blue tabby cat, well feed, a real heavyweight, very good condition, pale green eyes, very happy.

75 BOX  Mrs D Franklin IGM Louie
A lovely dark red boy, lovely rosette markings, nice green eyes, white chin, very well feed, a lovely short coat lying close to body. Nice temperament.

Class 165b Short Haired Pedigree Pets. Tabby with/without white Female

76 MC BIC Mrs J Hudson MC Hope.

Class 166a Short Haired Pedigree Pets. Red/AC Torti with’without white Male

77 MC BIC Mr & Mrs S Miller MC Jaspurr Miller

78 Dr C L Smith GMC Fenton
A very well feed heavy weight cream boy, very vocal, very happy.

166b Short Haired Pedigree Pets Red/AC Tortie with/without white Female.

79 MC BOX  Mrs D Franklin MC Connie

Class 167 Short Haired Pedigree Pets any other colour/pattern with/without white.

80 MC Mrs M Wallace Belgian Koko
A lovely Siamese boy, lovely close lying coat, very well fed, lovely temperament, and lovely eyes

81 Ms L Turnbull Shammi
She did not want to come out of her pen.

Class 177 Non Pedigree AC Radius

73 1st Miss N Richards GR MC Cody.

Class 184 None Pedigree AC Living with a Dog.

74 1st Miss S Cosgrove Roland

64 2nd Master J Aldridge-Snell Bob.

Class 187 Non Pedigree AC Shorthair Pedigree Pet.

77 1st Mr & Mrs S Miller MC Jaspurr Miller

73 2nd Miss N Richards GR MC Cody

71 3rd Mr G & Mrs C Cullin MC Elijah

Class 189 Non Pedigree AC Neutered Adult

67 1st Mr R White MC Nero

72 2nd Dr J Muir-Taylor Leroy

68 3rd Master J Aldridge-Snell MC Fudge

75 x3rd Mrs D Franklin IGM Louie.


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