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Balinese & Siamese Cat Club
17th July 2010

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Mrs N Farnsworth

Many thanks for the invitation to judge at this popular show.  The entry was excellent which is most encouraging  these days and was just reward for all the hard work which had, undoubtedly, gone into the many details which helped things to run without a hitch.  My steward was Joan Pounds who kept her eye on the ball and was an excellent help and companion.  Thank you, Joan.

GR.CH.REED’S  IMP.GR.CH.AMYDAY SUNSPANGLED(32fn) 18.7.08  Mature, elegant male looking splendid on the day.  Beautifully grown and in immaculate condition.  Good length head with excellent balancing width between large ears.  Straight profile, level bite and good chin.  Oriental eye shape and set with brilliant blue colour and superior expression.  Proud head carriage and muscular body of good length and muscle tone, slender legs and long whip tail with tiny ‘blip’ at the end.  Good apricot points colour and a coat of exquisite length and texture.

GR.CH.REED’S IMP.GR.CH.JOHPAS SENORITA RUMBALITA(32a) 1.5.05  A lovely class of eight champion females which gave credence to the old adage ‘The bigger the field, the bigger the certainty’ and the senorita was odds on.  This five year old lady left the rest for dead.  Shown in perfect condition with a straight wedge with straight lines to muzzle and beautifully placed large ears.  Straight profile, level gums – her only concession to old age and good chin.  Excellent eye shape and set with sapphire blue colour.  Elegant neckline and long svelte body of excellent type and muscle tone with dainty legs and long whip tail.  Bright red points and a clear coat which was short, smooth and close lying.
RES.GR.CH.LLOYD’S CH.RIDESTAR AFRICAN VIOLET(61dt)  29.3.09  A lovely young Balinese who really was unfortunate to meet the winner.  Straight, balanced head with good width between fronded ears of good size and flare.  Straight profile, level bite and good chin.  Slightly full eyes of good basic shape and set with a lovely expression and clear, bright blue colour which, for perfection, could be a tad deeper.  Long firm body with dainty legs and a well plumed tail just needing an extra inch to balance the body length.  Good red points colour with all tabby markings well defined.  Coat of good length and silky texture which lay smoothly along the spine.  Shown in excellent condition with an endearing temperament.

1.BOB.LLOYD’S RIDESTAR DANDY LION(61dt) 20.1.10  Well grown kitten of good overall type.   Good top of head with large fronded ears which she held slightly high.  Oriental eye shape, slightly straight set with clear blue colour which needs to be deeper.  Well grown with good muscle tone to her long body,  slightly large feet and good length plume.  Good red points with clear tabby markings and a coat of good texture needing more length which is to be expected at her age.

1.PC.W/H.TURNBULL’S PR. MALIKASIAM MIKALA-MAY 2.5.08  I was sorry to withhold the PC from this attractive female neuter but she insisted on squinting at me even though we gave her a chance to settle and went back later.   Slightly narrow head with ears held a fraction high.  Straight profile, scissored bite and good chin.  Rather large eyes of good basic shape and set with mid blue colour.  Elegant neckline and long firm body of excellent muscle tone with slender legs and whip tail.  Clear, close lying coat of excellent texture and good caramel points colour.

1.PC. JAKEMAN’S SHERMESE THELONIOUS(32/2) 16.5.08  Most attractive fellow of excellent type and beautifully grown.  Balanced wedge with good width between large ears.  Straight profile, level bite and good chin.  Oriental eye shape and set with deep blue colour and enigmatic expression.  Proud head carriage and well defined neckline with a long firm body of excellent type and muscle tone, dainty legs and well ringed whip tail.  All tabby markings evident ,  no thumb prints which is permissible in blue points, M on brow,  cheek ribbons and leg bars and bracelets.  Some shading on a coat of excellent length and texture.
BOB. HUTCHING’S GR.PR.MAFDET MACARTHUR(32/8)  23.4.09.  Outstanding growth and type.  Text book eye shape, set and colour.  Excellent points and coat colour.   Lovely tabby markings.  Soporific temperament – To die for!   


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