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Balinese & Siamese Cat Club
17th July 2010

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Mr P Esterford-Howard

My sincere thanks to Sylvia Smith and the committee for a great and successful day at the 5th championship show at Farnborough and also for their invitation for me to judge the non-pedigree section.

My thanks also to Mrs Liz Corps who stewarded for me; she handled the cats confidently and professionally; she was great company and very helpful.

AC Non Pedigree Master Cat (Grand)
GMC & BIC White’s MC Nero.  A very friendly ginger male with expressive green eyes and long legs and a most endearing nature.  Excellently presented.
Reserve GMC Aldridge-Snell’s GMC Chester.  Black & White male, very good condition with expressive pale green eyes and a white smudge on his nose but really didn’t really want to be handled today; maybe it was the hot weather. Excellent presentation.
Ginger/AC Tortie with/without white Female.
GMC Aldridge-Snell’s MC Fudge. A very friendly girl of five & a half years, with pale green eyes, ginger with two thirds white. Very nicely presented.
Tabby with/without white.
1 & BIC MC Miller’s BIG MAC MILLER a 3 year old dark tabby male with very distinctive markings, green eyes, long white socks and white nose, loved to be handled, very nicely presented.
2 Aldridge-Snell’s BOB, three year old tabby male with white tummy who has very expressive mid green eyes, obviously likes his food, again, well presented.
Ginger/AC tortie with/without white Female.
MC Aldridge-Snell’s Fudge
AC Pedigree Pet Grand master Cat.
Imperial GMC Smith’s GMC Fenton a very outstanding cat for his age, 11 years. He is quite big and creamy fawn in colour and had a lot to say for himself.  Obviously happy to be at the show, very well presented.
Reserve GMC Richard’s GMC Cody a very close contender, obviously blue point Siamese with clear pale blue eyes and a silky coat, very friendly with a great temperament.  Very nicely presented.
Tabby with/without white.
BIC Cullin’s MC Elijah, a very friendly blue tabby Siamese girl, very good condition and well presented.
Miscellaneous Senior
1st Cullin’s MC Elijah
2nd Aldridge-snell’s MC Smudge
3rd Richards GMC Cody
Any colour Shorthair
1st Campbell’s Evie
2nd Aldridge-Snell’s GMC Chester
3rd Aldridge-Snell’s Bob.


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