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Bedford & District Cat Club
24th April 2010

Mrs E Corps

Grateful thanks to the show managers for my invitation to what I gather is to be their last time as Show Managers. As usual it went like clockwork and although the entry was a little down as with all shows at present, the atmosphere was great and I enjoyed talking to the exhibitors after I had finished. I was ably assisted by Ian Macro, who while not familiar with the Siamese, managed very well. I look forward to another time.

Imperial Gr. Ch. Siamese/Balinese. Male. Awarded to HARRINGTON'S I.GR. CH. HELLFIRE CASTASPELL, 32 10, Apricot tabby point Siamese, 6yr4m. I debated for some time over the awarding of this due to a few war-wounds on his ears and two healed patches on his front leg, but underneath he still had style. Strong masculine and balanced wedge, near straight profile, chin of fairly good depth and missing his incisors now but gums met. Ears set wide and of balancing size and nicely slanted eyes of a good depth of blue. Well fed and muscular long body on strong long limbs and tail of balancing length. Tabby markings of a dusky apricot, with single ribbons, indistinct "m", very faint thumb-prints and bracelets, and rings on most of tail length. His coat was a touch harsh over the spine, but for a working boy of this age I felt he was in excellent condition. I would, however, suggest that he now take honourable retirement from the show world and concentrates on what he probably does very well!
Caramel Point Siamese Adult, female. C.C., BOB, RICHARDS' DEBIKAT MAYZI-FANTAZEE, 1yr1m. Another tricky decision, as we could not handle this fiery lass very easily. Medium wedge, good depth to chin but saw little of her bite which appeared to be acceptable. Slightest of dips to her profile and large perfectly placed ears following the lines of the wedge. Angled eyes of a bright blue, elegant body lines and limbs and tail tapering nicely and of a balancing length. Points of a mid cool toned caramel and almost clear coat of good texture and short - just a slight shading on her flanks. 2. MORGAN'S CH. ASTRALBLAESE APHRODITE, 2yr1m. This wee girl needed a little more size although she was quite well covered. Medium wedge with dip in profile, chin of good depth although it sloped back slightly and untidy bite with only one incisor still "in situ". Ears good size and set and eyes a little rounded but angled and of a pleasing depth of colour. Elegant neckline, slightly cobby body on sturdy legs and nicely tapering tail of good length. Mid caramel points and almost clear coat of pleasing texture.
Seal Point Siamese Kitten, male. 1, BOB w/h. CHERRY'S CIATRA CHEEKY CHAPPY, 3m3wk. This sweet baby had much to commend but colour was not good. Short wedge, pinch and dip to profile - all things that should even out with time. Fair chin and acceptable bite, excellent ears for size and set wide and slanted eyes of a darkish blue that could have been even darker for preference. Tiny baby body developing on spindly limbs and good length of tapering tail. Points of a dark and cold black seal on mask and tail which was also rather brindled. Short close coat lightly shaded and cold in tone again. I withheld the BOB due to the colour.
Seal Point Siamese Neuter, male. P.C., BOB, JANICKI'S PR. SHERMESE FABULOUS FABERGE, 1yr2m. A super chap but such a wimp and not showing himself to advantage. Longish wedge, good depth of chin and good bite. Good profile, enormous ears well set with loads of width between and slanted and expressive eyes of deep blue. Long elegant body, limbs and tail of balancing length. Points all matching and of a dark warm seal with some tonally matching shading on a coat of excellent quality. 2. BUSHELL'S ARTENSA SUPER TROUPER, 1yr1m. A slightly unbalanced appearance to this lad, with a small head and large body. Long wedge narrowing at the muzzle, fair depth of chin and bite a touch over but acceptable. Large ears set quite well and eyes of mid blue. Long and elegant body lines with a tail of just adequate length. Points of a dark warm seal with a sprinkling of slightly suspect lighter hairs in his belly spot. Coat of lovely quality and condition quite heavily shaded but still contrast.

Miscellaneous classes.
A/C Siamese/Balinese self pointed Adult
A/V Aristocrat Adult. 1 RICHARDS' DEBIKAT MAYZI-FANTAZEE. 2. JONES' TILDEN WYCKEDLADY, 35, Foreign White female, 3yr. This sweet girl had a medium wedge, chin sloping back slightly and no incisors, and a very slight dip in her profile. Ears good for size and set, orientally slanted eyes of a pleasing depth of blue and length to body which was firm, on long limbs and with a tail of balancing length. Coat of quality - short and fine. 3. HATCHETT'S NUTROSTAR PRECIOUS GOLD, 37n, Oriental caramel, 3yr5m.
A/C Siamese/Balinese Breeders Kitten. 1. SIMPSON'S SHERMESE MASQUERADE, 24a, Blue point female Siamese female, 4m2wk. This lively kitten was a good size for her age. Medium wide wedge, good chin and bite and straight profile. Extremely large wide set ears and eyes a touch rounded but nicely angled and of a deep blue. Firm body developing muscle and tail of balancing length, tapering nicely. Points of a darkish blue and coat of good quality showing muddy shading at present but overall the required cool tone. 2. WITHERS' TINTALLY SHOOTING STAR, 32 1, Seal tabby point Siamese female, 5m3wk. Another well grown kitten with much to commend, but I felt that she did not quite have the promise of the winner - but it was close! Short wide wedge, good chin and bite just acceptable, almost straight profile and ears of good size and well set. Eyes a touch full but of a pleasing depth of blue. Elegant b ody lines and tail of good length. All markings present and of a rather cold and black seal at present, with single tracings and broken bracelets. Coat of excellent quality, also a touch cold in tone. The third kitten was absent.
A/C Siamese/Balinese Limit Kitten. 1. RINGROSE'S JAKURTZZI NIGHTSIDEOFEDEN, 32fn, Apricot point Siamese male, 6m3wk. This charmer had a medium wedge, good chin and bite, missing some lower incisors and straight profile. Nicely balanced ears for set and size and eyes slanted and of a bright blue. Firm muscular body on long limbs and tapering tail. Points of a light apricot, extremely pale on the limbs as yet, and coat short and sleek. No other awards as the other kitten was the wrong colour - PRYCE'S TEGATCO LUCIANUS, registered as 32 7, Cinnamon tabby point Siamese male, 4m, but far too pale for this and Fawn would be more appropriate. Rounded head with firm chin but unable to see his bite as he was rather angry! Ears fair for size but held too high, eyes rather round and of a mid blue, well developed body for his size on long sturdy legs with large paws and tail a touch thick and needing a little more length for balance. Coat of good texture.
A/V maiden kitten. 1. JONES' ADECIAM PHOEBE, 41e. Oriental tortie female, 4m. What an adorable little person! Medium wedge with even lines and slight kitten pinch, good chin and bite, almost straight profile and ears well set and of a good size for balance. Almond shaped eyes of a super green, wriggly body on sturdy limbs and tail of good length and tapering. All markings of black and and rich red, with tabbying on head and tail, and paler tummy, and excellent coat texture. 2. CHERRY'S CIATRA CHEEKY CHAPPY.
A/C Siamese/Balinese self pointed neuter. 1. JANICKI'S PR.SHERMESE FABULOUS FABERGE. 2. MORGAN'S PR. ASTRALBLAESE ACHILLES, 24b, Chocolate point Siamese male, 2yr1m. This nervous chap was difficult to assess, with longish wedge, deep chin and unable to see bite clearly but appeared to be missing some incisors but level. Straight profile, ears of good size but held a touch too high and slanted eyes full with fright but of a pleasing depth of blue. Huge well developed body, long limbs and tail of adequate length. Points of a darkish chocolate but some warmth evident, slight spectacles and coat of excellent condition slightly shaded. Such a pity he was so nervous.
A/C Siamese/Balinese breeders neuter. 1. FREEMAN'S KRISTIKATS SIMPLYBLUE, 32 8, Caramel tabby point Siamese male, 1yr. This cat had overly dominant eyes but in other respects was quite even, with a medium wedge, receding chin but bite just acceptable, ears good for size and set and eyes slanted but held too full - however they were of an excellent depth of blue. Firm and well developed body, legs and tail of balancing length. All markings present of a mid caramel with almost solid tail and shading to tone on coat of good quality. He also had a wound on his ear to which I called the vet - hopefully it will heal very quickly.
A/C Siamese/Balinese senior neuter. 1. HARRINGTON'S PR. LOLUJA CASTINGASPELL, 32 10, Apricot tabby point Siamese male, 2yr7m. This cat had such a superior and calm expression - oozing charm. Long wedge, untidy bite and almost straight profile. Very large ears set wide and expressive eyes with good depth of blue. Huge long and muscular body on equally long limbs with tail tapering nicely and of good length. Markings of a mid apricot, fainter scarab and bracelets, and rings along most of tail length. Warm off-white coat of excellent quality.
I must also mention cat 372, who was wrongly registered, but had she been entered as 32b8, a tortie point and not 32 8, a tabby, would have been my choice for "Best of variety adult". I even asked Ian to check with the entry form and such a pity as she was lovely, but we all make such slips!


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