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Bedford & District Cat Club
24th April 2010

Mrs G Neale

A big thank you to Alan and Linda and the Bedford committee for the kind invitation to judge, I had a very enjoyable day with some wonderful exhibits. My thanks also to my steward Amy Neale for her good company and excellent handling of the exhibits.
AC SELF NON-BREEDERS ADULT  1ST Mrs D. Nelsons ADNIOLO MARMELSTIENSASKIA (12A5) F A very lovely female with a wonderful head for balance and type. Good width between well placed ears, medium sized eyes, round and copper in colour. Snub nose with a good break, full cheeks and ample chin, wide bite. Super coat, soft, silky and well prepared, deep rich red against bright white. Good shape body on low legs. Medium length tail, nicely furnished. A pleasure to handle. 2ND Mrs A. Carters BARRKUDOS SKYPILOT (3)  M 27.6.09 A young boy only just an adult. Good sized body, a little long in length and an excellent weight. Wide head with a smooth skull, ears placed low and nicely furnished. Medium sized, round deep copper eyes, nose short with a good stop, cheeks needing to fill out a bit more to balance his face. Strong chin and a good bite. Coat of medium length and changing at present, being dark blue to the top and pale blue at the roots, pale neck ruff and stomach, soft and very well presented. Medium length tail, legs a little gangly, substantial paws. Generally a very nice looking cat, just needing time to mature.  Lovely temperament.
AC PERSIAN NOT FROM BEDFORD 1ST   Mrs C. Owens GR CH BESSJET ROCAWENPRIVATEJET (1) M 2.6.07 An exquisite male with a super large round head and ears placed low, smooth skull. Nose short and broad, plump cheeks and a strong chin. Deep copper eyes, large and round in shape. Wide scissor bite. Full coat well presented, jet black in colour with only some shading to the roots, full black neck ruff. Short sturdy black legs, and a short full tail. Excellent cobby body and a good weight. A most stunning cat and super to handle. 2ND Mrs S. Days CH DAYZEE JUSTINTYME (12a5) M  striking young male with a large bonnet top, small ears placed low. Large, bold copper eyes, apple cheeks and a good chin, wide level bite. Medium length coat, very nicely presented and showing bright white with red patches to face and back. Body going through a slightly rangy time at the moment, well furnished tail. A pleasure to judge. 3RD Mrs J. Peeds HADFIELDS COOL DUDE (70 8f)
AV DEBUTANTE ADULT 1ST Mrs Fitzpatricks EMERISLE CRÈME BRULEE (66 31G) F A very pretty blue tortie, pale colours to her points with a contrasting body colour. Good width to head with a flat profile. Excellent eyes for shape and colour. Extremely good body weight and shape. Shown in excellent condition and with the sweetest temperament.  2ND Mr Kilmartins MABALKAT STRIKE APOSE (64 41W) F  Another lovely female, long sleek body covered by a silky coat showing clear brown tabby markings with bright white to feet, face and frill, long well covered tail. Good head type with a square muzzle, large ears with long tips. Superb temperament. 3RD  F  Mrs & Mrs Frosts ELSKENDEVENN MICHAEL (67 31S) M
AV NOT WON A CC ADULT 1ST Mrs Mcentees ZENDIQUE VIVIENNE WESTWOOD (70 12a1t) F Glamorous brown tabby and white. Exceptional head width with well placed ears. Bold dark copper eyes, superbly balanced face, snub nose, good chin, bite and full cheeks. Fair tabby markings with clear white crisp coat, that stands up nicely, just a little coarse and brindled today. Good body for shape and weight with a medium length tail. Sweet temperament. 2nd Mr Kilmartins MABALKAT STRIKE APOSE (64 41w) F
AC PERSIAN SELF KITTEN (6-9 mths)   1ST   Mrs Howards PURRDREAMZ SWEET SENSATION  (2b) M A very eye catching baby, with a full pure, soft white coat free of any shading. Long neck frill, short thick legs, good sized paws and a short fully covered tail, beautifully presented. Square shape body of a solid weight for his age. Good type with a large round broad head, slight baby bump to forehead, well placed ears. Large round eyes showing a very good blue and copper in colour, full apple cheeks, strong chin with a wide snub nose. Bite a little difficult to access as he was teething badly but his bottom canines seemed to be leaning back behind his top ones at present. A pleasure to judge.
AC PERSIAN NON SELF (6-9mths)  KITTEN  Not much to choose between these 2 kittens, both super babies.1ST Mrs Peeds HADFIELDS REDHEAD (70 9) F  Wonderful facial type on this little girl, wide head, ears placed low. Bold copper eyes, tiny nose, fat cheeks and a good chin, level bite. Beautiful expression. Excellent body weight and shape, medium length tail. What did it for me was the vibrancy of her red tabby coat, very dense and stood out nicely from her body. Very sweet to handle. 2nd Mr Yuille & Miss Cairns HADFIELDS EYESGOT THELOOK (70 30 8f) M Brother to the little girl, large baby with a wide head and well placed ears, large round deep copper eyes, fat cheeks, ample chin, marginally undershot bite. Good cream coat showing clear tabby markings, standing up nicely and well presented. Excellent shape and weight. Lovely to judge.
AC PERSIAN SELF NON BREEDERS KITTEN Mrs Owens BESSJET ROCAWENBRIGHTLIGHT (11) F A very adorable baby and a good size and weight for her 7 months of age. Superb Persian type, round head with ears placed low. Round medium sized copper eyes, short broad nose, full chin and cheeks and a wide level bite. Coat of medium length, well presented and showing all colours, nicely broken. Medium length full tail. A pleasure to judge.


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