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Bedford & District Cat Club
24th April 2010

Mrs J Clare

Class 84 AC Self Persian Premier Female
Stallings.  GR CH & GR PR BARRKUDOS KISSME KATE.  A pleasure to judge, such a beautiful example of the black Persian, what gorgeous large round deep copper eyes. She had certainly had it all, including the wonderful temperament. Looked much younger than her age of nine years and nine months.
Class 126 AC Birman Champion Male
Grand. Griffiths. GR CH. MUSCAR JENICOL DJEDEFRE. 13c1. Well grown, strong muscular build, sturdy legs and large rounded paws. Lovely type and bluest eyes. Excellent coat colour and seal points.  Feet markings even, gloves could be a little longer, still worthy of his award.  Nice natured boy.
Res Dickerson. UK GR CH TORMIST CHOCACHINO. 13c 11.  Top prize for his wonderful personality, must be wonderful to have at home, real chatterbox and so loveable.  Superb presentation, full ruff, dense thick double coat with seasonal shading. Full mask, good tabby markings. Gauntlets very high but even, others fine.  Well built, strong body and legs, medium length bushy tail.
Class 127 AC Birman Champion Female
Grand Adams. AREEZA MY FAIRLADY. 13c14. Lilac tabby point. Very pretty , attractive girl with good expression. Beautiful type. Almost round blue eyes. Medium ears well set. Excellent lilac points complimenting the pale soft coat and full ruff. Even white feet markings and sturdy paws. Well shown. Handled well.
Res. McSloy. MAGENTA THOMASINA. 13c 13. Pleasant chocolate  tabby point female in her prime. Lovely blue eyes. Almost round head, good profile. Well built and good body weight. Excellent pale soft coat, well groomed, full ruff, her chocolate tabby points distinct.
Class 7ª Black Adult Male
BOB.Owen. GR CH BESSJET ROCAWENPRIVATEJET. As beautiful as always.  This is a lovely friendly, gentle boy who is a joy to judge, always groomed to the last whisker.  His type excellent, his eyes , large round and deep copper. Pert nose, fully formed nose leather, full cheeks and firm chin. Cobby body, long soft black coat. He ticks all the boxes.
Class 87 Black Neuter
Class 130 Seal Point Birman Adult
1st CC BOB. Bosworth KRAZIKLAUS LADY LOLA. A “bandbox” cat,  (just stepped out of the beauty parlour) beautifully presented, what a pretty girl and very nice type.  Dark seal points to compliment the clear beige long soft coat with slightly golden hue. Good bone structure. Sturdy legs, even white feet markings. Medium length bushy tail.  Excellent temperament.
Class 135a AC Turkish Van Adult Male
Horland. KIVEX MADAS ACATTER 13d bl.  Beautiful looking cat but unable to handle
Class 135b AC Turkish Van Adult Female
1st CC BOB. Guidera. SHADYCOMBE VANGUARD HOPE. This girl had a nice temperament, sitting quietly in her pen. She was nice balanced type, lovely white chalk coat and  virtually even auburn head markings. Bushy tail also showing good auburn marking.
Class 150 Chocolate or Lilac Point Birman Kitten
1st BOB.Mott. JANDOUGLEN KELSEY. 13c 4. F. 8mths 2wks. Now and again  there is a kitten that steals your heart and I had this most beautiful little girl who did just that. Loved her character, Oh ! She was enchanting, couldn’t fault her except for one thing, she didn’t belong to me. This breeder has bred some wonderful birmans over many years.
Class 173 Blue Point Birman Neuter
1st PR BOB. Izzard. PR DUBROVA SUMATRA.  Another excellent breeder of first class birmans, the DUBROVA prefix very well established and consistently producing top class cats.
What a wonderful temperament this boy had, just a great big softie ! No faults and the most beautiful blue almost round eyes.
Class 182 Maine Coon Brown/Blue Tabby (inc Bi-Colour Neuter)
PR. BOB. Fleming. GR PR. COONTASTIC DANCING BRAVE. 64 31t. Almost Four & a half years old. First impression, he sparkled, a well turned boy who had been  nicely groomed, the coat of good length and density, pattern defined, looking full of life,  liked his wide awake interested expression, aware of all going on around him. Pleasing type, strong well grown and good body weight.
Class 316 Brown Marbled Bengal Adult
1st CC BOB. Mercier-Saunders. SPARKLESPOTS PRINCE SUNSET. Lovely name and it suited him. His temperament wonderful, so good after the last show where all the male adults could not be handled something had spooked them, sad because they are a magnificent breed. This boy very balanced, only a youngster, excellent coat pattern, condition and very promising.
Class 320 Snow Marbled Bengal Adult Intermediate
IC BOB. Jenkins. SUMMERCATZ ARTIC CRYSTAL  Very elegant just nine months old, very stylish girl, lovely type, nice expression, well set ears.  Superb coat texture and pattern in first class condition. Her temperament was excellent.
Class 344a Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten Male
1st Turnall. TINAMOON DOMINO. Nearly six months old. Medium wedge, slightly longer than wide. Good profile and balanced chin. Medium ears well placed. Long well grown body, beautiful coat in excellent condition, superb pattern. Very striking boy.
2nd Jacobs. ADECISH AMBALEE-MONTEGUE . Nearly eight months A beautiful looking cat but had a bit of an attitude. Glossy sleek coat and fine pattern. Well shaped head and ears. Good expression. Almost round eyes set on a slight slant.
Class 344b  Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten Female
1st BOB. Baker. TYPHAST ZEENNA. Four months 2wks. Could have taken this delightful girl and put her in my pocket, lovely character and very friendly. Very good example of the breed, couldn’t fault her.
2nd Latimer. TYLIQUER PRINCESS PIXIE Five months. Another friendly sweet girl, nice type  ear size and set. Coat in nice healthy condition markings not quite as distinctive as the winner.
Class 380a Brown Spotted Bengal Neuter Male
BOB Fordham PR. RAJIQUE LAKOTA SPIRIT.  Wonderful  character
Class 380b Brown Spotted Bengal Neuter Female
1st PR Herring. CLARKESFIELD JAIPUR 2yrs four months.  First thing one noticed was her stunning almost round eyes that were a most beautiful green colour. Smart classy girl with pleasing type. Nice shaped body and excellent body weight. Coat in good healthy condition, markings very attractive and glossy. Handled well.
Class 381a Brown Marbled Bengal Neuter Male
1st PR BOB Herring. CLARKESFIELD SANTIARGO  Brother to above and also a super looking cat  with rich glossy coat and excellent marbled coat pattern. Two lovely type cats in the same litter, credit to the breeder and lucky owner.
Class 381b Brown Marbled Bengal Neuter Female
1PR.  Kennard. RATIQUE MISS MARBLE. Almost four years old and so very pretty, gorgeous green eyes using them to advantage.  Beautiful type, medium ears, strong thick neck, well grown body and glossy nicely patterned coat. Lovely nature.
2nd Stowe. ADMESH BUSHFIRE MOULIN Eight years, three months who would have thought she looked so good at her age and in such nice condition.  Good expression, almost  round eyes that were a lovely shade of green, slight puffed nose leather and firm chin.  Muscular body, attractive coat pattern and good tempered.
AC Somali, Ragdoll Non Breeders Adult
Class 596 Birman, Turkish Van or Vankedisi Breeders Neuter
1st Bell. GR PR. ARCADY MOPSA 13C 13 FN. Amazing for her age Nine years 11 mths
2nd Staples. IGR CH & UK GR PR RIVANNA CHIFFON 13c 13. Eleven years and one month could hardly believe it, both these two in amazing condition and shown  some others to shame.
Class 604a AV SLH not from Bedford Neuter
2ND Fleming. PR COONTASTIC RIVER SONG 1yr one month
3rd Kemp. GR PR. SHANDATEL IMABLUE TIGER Nine years three weeks.


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