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Caledonian Longhair Cat Club
23rd November 2010

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Ms N Balfour

Thank you to Denise and team for the invitation to Judge some super cats today. I was ably assisted by Grace Muir; we had a nice day thank you Grace.

AC Pedigree Pet Grand Master Cat (Imperial Class) Male.
Imp and BIC
Mrs B Leckie – GMC Sandy
Large handsome 8 year old lad .Golden Tipped Shorthair. Well prepared, thick crisp coat, big chunky cuddly boy in excellent condition. Handled very well.

AC Pedigree Pet Grand Master Cat (Imperial Class) Female
Miss L Simpson  GMC Phoebe
Blue Bi-Colour of 3 ½ years, Lovely big girl, big piercing blue eyes, and coat beautifully prepared. Handled very well, excellent temperament.

AC Non-Pedigree master Cat (Grand Class) Male.
Mrs M F Anderson  MC Harley, Big Black and White boy, very attractive, large Green eyes ,coat well prepared and had a lovely sleek feel. Handled very well. Handsome 9year old.

AC Non-Pedigree Master Cat (Grand Class) Female
Miss P Elliot  MC Suzi 10year old White Longhaired Lady ,stunning! Coat was beautifully prepared, a credit to her owners obvious pride in her lovely Girl .first class and a treat to handle.

Any Colour Kitten
Ms Y Fletcher  - Dylan  Very attractive Brown Tabby  kitten of 4mths.
Loved this boy he had great character and obviously enjoyed himself. Well grown, Long body, lovely coat pattern, very playful and a joy to handle.

Red or AC Tortoiseshell with or without white 
Mrs P Ritchie
Sadly Pippa did not want to participate today ,such a shame.

First Time Lucky
1st   Dylan
2nd  Mip Mip     Mrs  C Ekanger   4mths,long body, alert bright eyes
3rd  Lucy_Lou  Miss E A Alison  15wk old striking Black and White kitten, a real Sweetie.
4th   Eden      Mrs C Ekanger  5mth old Classic Tabby ,cuddly and easily handled..

Best Groomed Shorthair
1st  GMC Mungo Mrs E Stewart .Beautifull  sleek black boy alert and charming to handle.
2nd  GMC Sandy
3rd Mip Mip
4th  Edge , Miss C Campbell. Black and white boy, a wee bit shy but handled well.

Cat or Kitten with the most appealing expression

1st MC Max  Ms P Ritchie ,Beautiful longhaired Colourpoint.
2nd Edge
3rd  Mip Mip
3rd  MC Harley
4th  Eden.

Cat or Kitten with Personality

1st  MC Max
2nd  Edge
3rd  MC Harley
4th  Mip Mip

AC Rescued Adult or Kitten

1st  MC Suzi
2nd  Dylan
3rd  MC Harley

Black or Black and White Adult or Kitten

1st  GMC  Mungo
2nd  Shadow  Mrs M Dembski.. Large longhaired boy of 3yrs, he was a bit shy but handled well .he enjoyed his cuddle time
3rd  MC Harley
4th Lucy –Lou

AC Non Tabby LH or SH

1st MC Suzi
2nd MC Max
3rd GMC Max
3rd MC Harley
4th Lucy-Lou

AC SH Cat or Kitten

1st Lucy-Lou


Christean Stewart Memorial Class AC Cat or Kitten

1st MC Suzi
2nd Lucy-Lou

AC Cat or Kitten Nor’east of Scotland Cat Club

1st MC Pippa

AC Cat or Kitten   Scottish Cat Club

1st  Shadow


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