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Caledonian Longhair Cat Club
23rd November 2010

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Mrs S Davidson

Apologies for lateness of report but I put my book out of the cats way for safe keeping and then could not find it.

Thank you to Denise and the Committee for my invitation to judge the Household Pets at this small friendly Show.Thanks also to my steward,  George Gow, for his expert handling of the cats.

Ac Non-Pedigree Master Cat (Imperial Class)
Stewart’s GMC Mungo SH Black Self MN. IGRMCC An impressive handsome boy,black coat short and shining with health,eyes large and lustrous .Excellent temperament making him easy to handle.Well worthy of the Imperial Certificate.  

Ac Pedigree Pet Master Cat (Grand Class) Male.
Ritchie’s MC Max  LH Colourpointed MN GRMCC A Seal Ponted boy who was well groomed,coat showing nice contrast.Lovely blue eyes and long flowing tail.Handled quite well but was still happier in his pen today.

Ac Pedigree Pet Master Cat (Grand Class)Female
Muir’s MC Jorja  LH Colourpointed FN GRMCC  A Seal Pointed girl with a lovely head and full ruff well groomed coat,deep blue eyes and long whiskers.Not too happy today but allowed herself to be handled.
Ritchies MC Pippa Res GRMCC Witheld  WNH

Self (Single Colour ) Cat with or without White Male
Dembski’s Shadow LH Black MN. MCC Gentle black boy,nicely groomed with lovely fluffy tail,big gold eyes and long whiskers.

Self ( Single Colour) Cat with or without White Female
Elliot’s MC Suzi LH White FN MCC and BiC  Beautiful girl,sparkling white coat,groomed to perfection,large yellow eyes and wonderful temperament.Later became Overall Best in Show HP.

Self (Single Colour)Cat with or without White Male
Campbell’s Edge SH Black and White MN MCC  Nice black boy with white legs and locket.Long white whiskers .Well groomed .A bit shy and was glad to be returned to his pen.
Considered for BiC Only
B i C Awarded to Stewart’s GMC Mungo
Anderson’s MC Harley SH Black and White MN Beautifully marked coat clear white with black,well groomed and looking good for his age (9 yrs).Expressive green eyes and fabulous nature.

Any Colour Kitten with or without White
Allison’s Lucy-Lou Sh Black and White  female kitten. Ist and BiC  Unusual markings as mainly white with some black on her back,face and ears.Yellow eyes. An alert little girl but a little bit shy probably as she is still so young.

Any Other Colour or Pattern Cat with or without White Male
Rithchie’s MC Max LH Colourpointed  MCC  see previous report

Any Other Colour or Pattern Cat with or without White Female
Muir’s MC Jorja LH Colourpointed MCC and BiC  see previous report

Any Colour Kitten Male
Ekanger’s Eden SH  Classic Tabby Male Kitten 1st and BiC  Well defined brown classic tabby markings with white, lovely spotted tummy.Coat short and wiry,bright yellow eyes a very sweet natured kitten who was interested in everything around himMy nomination for Best in Show Pedigree Pet.

Any Colour Kitten Female
Ekanger’s Mip Mip SH Tortie Tabby Female Kitten 1st Lovely little girl, very happy to be handled,bright yellow eyes,short  well mingled brown tortie coat and lovely stripey  legs.I preferred the other kitten as I am particulary fond of tabby patterns and spotty tummies . 


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