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Gwynedd Cat Club
17th July 2010

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Mrs L Stevenson

Thank you for inviting me to judge and great hospitality.
Thank you also to my steward Michael for his usual careful handling of the cats and good company.
Ac Persian Imperial GC Male
1st Imp GR CC Ellis’s GR CH Rosjoy What Ashock (13b 15)
Very handsome red tabby colourpoint, round smooth head, beautiful large blue eyes, broad short nose, firm chin and well placed ears. Soft creamy white coat with ‘M’ evident on head, nicely marked mask and points, short full tail showing defined rings. Very well presented with a superb temperament.

Reserve Tonk’s GR CH Zendique U’vebeen Tangoed. (70 12 a 5t)
A good looking boy with that lovely wide awake look and beautiful round eyes, large round smooth head with neat well set ears, broad short nose with a deep break, beautiful tabby markings and the white was sparkling. Well defined ‘M’ on head, short red tail with defined markings, a well built solid cat, well shown, a rather shy cat today.

Ac Persian Imperial GC Female
1st Imp GR CC Priestley’s GR CH Shimba Nightonthe Tiles (1)
Pretty black with round broad head, full cheeks, round copper coloured eyes, short nose with a good break ad good firm chin. A nice coloured silky textured black coat with a lovely temperament.

Black Adult Male
1st & CC Wallace’s Risingmoon Stormynight (1)
A lovely boy with a superb temperament, round large smooth head, full cheeks, copper coloured eyes that could be bolder, short broad nose, strong chin, nice soft black coat, legs needed more preparation, shown in superb condition.

Best of Breed
BOB Hacking’s CH Baloo Boo Sweet Success (1)
Good type young male with a superb temperament, loves being shown, worthy of his best of breed.

Cream Adult Male (BOB Only)
Best of Breed Priestly’s GR CH Shimba Eye Catcher (5)

Cream Adult Female
1st CC Rainbow-Ockwell’s Herrafaresiah Chiaroscuro (5)
Young female, still needs to develop, has a round head, broad short nose with a good break, eyes are very good copper colour, well placed neat ears, coat a little warm in colour, a cobby body with a short tail, nice to handle

Exotic SH Tabby or Tabby & White Adult Male
1st & CC Tonk’s GR CH Zendique U’vebeen Tangoed(70 12 a 5t)
Already reported on.

2nd Wyatt’s Neon Biliance Stepbuckcas (70 12a  1t)
Very nice looking young male, good broad head, neat well set ears, short broad nose with a deep break, brown tabby pattern well defined and the white sparkles. A well built boy, nicely shown.

3rd Gray’s Onnydale Lovemetoo (70 30 7)
Good type, smooth round head, full cheeks, neat ears quite well placed, short nose with a defined break, large round eyes, firm chin, coat showing defined spots, texture a little coarse at the moment, needs to mature, but he is only 10 months old, he has a promising future, lovely temperament.

Best of Breed
BOB Mallabone’s CH Finchfield Sgt Pepper (70 30 7)
A lovely boy of superb type, wide open eyes, broad head and full cheeks. Lovely to handle.

Exotic SH Tabby or Tabby & White Adult Female
1st & CC Wallace’s Vivaldi Exoticdancer (70 7a)
A very attractive female, broad round head, broad short nose with a defined break, large round eyes, ears reasonably placed, a cobby cat with a soft coat, pale silvery blue ground colour including chin and lips with good blue markings affording a good contrast with the ground colour. Short tail, nice cat to handle.

2nd Mackereth’s Pippakits Blythespirit (70 12a 6t)
A tortie tabby and white, a promising young female of nice type, round head, full cheeks, broad short nose with a defined break and large round copper coloured eye Defined tortie colours, tabby colours reasonably evident, the white was well distributed, in lovely condition.
3rdMcentee CH Zendique Vivienne Westwood (70 12a 1t)
A pretty tabby and white, a young female, round copper eyes, broad short nose, ears a little pricked at the moment, tabby markings not well defined today, but lacking undercoat, cobby cat with a short tail. Intent in jumping out of her pen today, lovely temperament.

Exotic SH Self Kitten
1st & BOB Stephenson’s Tribalife Turbo Shandy (5)
A pretty baby with round smooth head, lovely large copper coloured eyes, broad short nose, ears reasonably placed, bite a little untidy at the moment, but still teething, coat rather warm in colour at the moment, but of soft texture, lovely temperament and nice to handle.

Cream Neuter (BOB)
Cox’s GR PR Ssafasec (5)
A lovely boy of good type, round lovely large copper coloured eyes, well shown and well worthy of his BOB.

AC Selkirk Rex Neuter (BOB Only)
Creaton & Walker’s GR PR Crinkles Jackfrost
Lovely cat with a round broad head, full cheeks, medium sized ears placed well, large well opened eyes, thick dense coat with good curls, worthy of his best of breed.


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