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Midland Cat Club of Ireland (GCCFI)
21st February 2010

Mr J Hansson

Many thanks for the invitation to judge, Carmel & the committee did themselves proud. What they lacked in numbers in comparison to a mainland show, they made up for in quality, the Best of Variety winners would well have held their own, with some very impressive exhibits , one of which I recently made Best Overall Exhibit at the Shropshire.

British Grand Champion, Male;
GR CH BROOKS'S CH CASSIOBURY INDIANA JONES. 16. 15-04-07. Blue, very handsome lad who just requires a little belief in himself to show at his best. Head has well rounded appearance, fat full cheeks, good muzzle, round on the brow, good chin & bite. Ears medium size, well placed, just little wide at the base. Eyes very good bright orange colour, round shape could be just a little larger ideally. Muscular neck, solid compact body shape, broad chest, well boned legs, good size round paws, broad heavy tail of medium length. Coat has excellent degree of density & good shorter length, the texture a very pleasing degree of crispness to it. Very good sound mid blue tone, with only a slight amount of tipping. His condition was splendid & he is a very gentle natured lad.

Original Foreign Grand Premier, Male;
GR PR Not Awarded. 1st MCLOUGHLIN'S PR DOMPERION TICKLYBUBBLES. 33a 15c. 21-01-08. Lilac Devon Rex, bit of a grumpy chap. Head a little on the longer side & could be a little wider at the cheeks, slight rounding to the muzzle, requires a little more whisker break, flat plane to the brow, lacks stop as such more of a shallow break, nose a little long, chin could be deeper, bite good. Ears I would prefer a little larger & wider at their base, tends to prick a mite high. Eyes large size, more rounded than oval, dilated pupils the colour a lemon tone form what could be ascertained. Good neckline, body very good medium length, firm & well muscled, slim legs & well balanced tail. Coat short, well covered, minimal amount of guard hairs present & as a result a good soft texture, very dense in fact a little too much so as a result it lost out on wave in places whilst in other areas the wave rippled well, hint of rippling on the tail, some stubby whiskers. His colour whilst irrelevant was a very delicate soft pinky dove grey tone & very attractive. Condition excellent, not the most composed temperament.

Original Foreign Grand Premier, Female;
GR PR EARNSHAWE & DUNNE'S INTPR LORRENTINO TIGER-LILY. 33a 30. 24-08-07. Brown Spotted Tabby Devon Rex, some deliberation over the certificate at this level but all in all justified. Good width to her high cheeks, fair whisker break, adequate stop, rounded muzzle, chin requires a little more depth, bite good, impressive set of curly whiskers. Ears are large & set relatively low, but for preference I would have preferred wider at their base, small tufted tips & muffs at their base. Eyes pleasing wide oval shape, gentle slant, again the pupils dilated, green in colour. Elegant neckline, firm well toned hard body, good slender legs, the tail a little on the shorter side. Well covered short coat, good density, soft texture, very good amount of rippled wave over the body & softer ripples down the legs & tail, stubbly whiskers. Very good spotted tabby pattern on the body, well traced facials, excellent leg bracelets, tail rings linked by line along its shorter length, the contrast was good, could ideally be a little warmer but as there are no points mentioned for descriptive purposes only. Condition was excellent, such a very gentle nature.

Orange Eyed White British Adult, Female;
18-02-09. Quite simply gorgeous, might still have a bit of growth & development to achieve but exactly where one would expect & hope she would be given her very young age. Beautiful head, rounded open expression, well filled & rounded on the cheeks, broad muzzle, brow rounds to short nose, very good chin & bite. Ears are small & well placed, creating a neat tidy appearance which fitted beautifully into the head shape. Eyes large well open round shape, bright vivid orange colour, gorgeous expression. Body still acquire the development that full maturity will no doubt bring, but is compact & cobby & so beautifully proportioned, excellent legs & paws, tail well balanced moderately heavy & very good medium length. Wonderful coat, short & dense with a superb degree of crispness which you just wanted to scrunch beneath your fingers. Her coat was clean sparkling beautifully prepared without the merest hint of any yellowing or staining, quite splendid. Her condition was quite superb & her temperament wonderfully confident yet incredibly gentle, a real quality find, later Best British to be followed by Best Overall in spite of very tough competition.

Chocolate British Adult, Male;
1st CC & BOB. HEALEY'S ARDEEVAN CORMAC. 30-04-08. Well I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this lad, my first certificate for a Chocolate its taken a long time to get there. Handsome cat, head broad & well rounded, well filled cheeks, quite a heavy brow line, broad muzzle, strong chin, bite marginal. Ears medium size if a little wide open at the base, set well apart.. Eyes good larger rounded size, well open, the colour by no means pale could be a little more intense coppery tone. Strong neck, well grown body, good depth chest, solid bone to his strong legs & round paws, medium length tail which was well proportioned to the body. His coat was a good shorter length if marginally flat lying, reasonable density, fractionally soft. Very impressive colour wise, being beautifully warm even if marginally darker chocolate, but it was also even & did possess a good degree of warmth, free of pattern. Condition excellent, a very gentle composed good natured lad.

British Blue Adult, Male;

British Blue Adult, Female;
1st & CC BROOKS CHELSO GATELY GRACE. 02-03-09. Attractive girl still to grow on & mature some. Head still a little catching up to do, but that said nicely rounded with excellent full cheeks, rounded brow, perhaps marginally deep break, as a result a little heavy on the brow, short broad nose, chin okay, bite good. Small well placed ears, complementing the roundness of her head. Her eyes are a little deep set & for preference could be larger to give a more rounded shape, the colour was a most impressive deep copper. Body was showing a lovely cobby square shape, with good breadth across her chest, well boned medium length legs, round paws, heavy tail marginally short. Her coat could be a little shorter but the density was super, still with the softness of youth. Her colour is pleasing mid blue & was with the exception of some light tipping otherwise sound. Her condition excellent, gentle girl just a mite reserved.

British Brown Spotted Adult, Female;
1st CC & BOB. WREN'S PORTEOUS LAYDOWN SALLY. 03-03-05. Lovely face, this lady has with such a charming temperament also. Apple rounded head, well rounded cheeks, round on the brow, good muzzle, chin & bite both good. Ears small & placed well so fitting well into the head shape. Large well open eyes, round in shape, good orange colour. Body is well proportioned, with medium length well boned legs, round paws, balanced medium length moderately thick tail. Coat short & possessing a very good degree of density, very good texture. Well marked facial tracings, ribbons & 'M', on her brow, boy showing generally good spotted pattern, albeit it a little agouti invasion, well defined legs bracelets & very good tail rings, heel markings well up the hocks. Despite some grey at the roots her colour still has a very pleasing degree of warmth & the contrast is also very good. Condition was excellent, such a beautifully composed lady.

AOC Silver Spotted Adult, Female;
1st CC & BOB WREN'S PORTEOUS PICK'N'MIX. 30es. 08-05-09. Black Silver Tortie Spotted, extremely pretty young miss, just requiring the advantage of time to grow up & mature. Head nicely rounded with breadth & fullness to the cheeks, chin adequate, bite good. Ears are set well apart, small & tidy, fitting well into the head shape. Eyes large, well open & round, golden orange still with very slight hint of green at the inner rim. Body still to broaden a little more but very proportionate to her age, good legs & paws, balanced medium length tail. Her coat still has the softness of youth in keeping with her age, but has a pleasing density & perfectly acceptable shorter length. Good facial tracings, well marked leg bracelets, body pattern shows a combination of black & red spotting, there is some linkage present more obvious on one side well broken spine line, good tail rings, brick nose leather, would prefer a little more red to be present, her pattern has quite good contrast due the clarity of the silver ground colour, the overall effect most attractive & bright. Her condition excellent, temperament charming.

British Tipped Adult, Female;
1st CC & BOB. KIELY-JONES'S TERSHEE SADHBH. 39. 29-10-04. Black, bit of a problem sorting out, as this exhibit was originally in my book as an entire male…………which she wasn't. Most pleasing type, head well rounded shape, good cheeks, rounded brow, good muzzle, reasonable chin, bite marginal………just acceptable. Ears small & set, the overall appearance neat & tidy. Gorgeous eyes typical of her breed, beautifully large & outlined by black pigmented line, enhancing both the colour & the size, full round shape, vivid emerald green tone. Body has lovely chunky build, good legs, round paws, well proportioned tail. Coat has lovely degree of crispness if a little longer than ideal, that said it has density & for Tipped is impressive in its quality. Body is evenly tipped with black, hint of edge to the ears & delicate tipping on the brow, clear silver undercoat, the chin, throat, chest, tummy & beneath the tail very good near white, small smudges on the paws, outlined brick nose leather. Super condition, lovely gentle demeanour.

British Blue Kitten, Male;
BOB Not Awarded. 1st. BROOKS POSITIVLEY GALILEO. 31-07-09. Beautifully grown solid square kitten who looked most impressive. His type excellent, rounded head, broad with well filled out cheeks already evident, well rounded brow, strong chin, sadly his bite was undershot hence my withhold. Ears small, rounded tips, placed well apart, neat & tidy. Deep coppery tone to the eyes, which were round in shape, still a mite baby small perhaps but in keeping with his development. Excellent breadth across the chest for his young age, chunky solid lad, lovely strong legs & large paws, well balanced broad tail of medium length. His coat still at the softer slightly longer length that is appropriate to his young age, beautiful density & with a good texture beneath. Colour marginally unsound, touch of tipping but not excessive. Slightly apprehensive lad, reluctant to show himself to advantage, his condition splendid.

British Chocolate Neuter, Male;
PC & BOB Not Awarded. 1st KIELY -JONES'S KIELY JONES'S ARDEEVAN CONORONN. 30-04-08. Litter brother to the entire male, luckily the right one was kept entire. Head lacks the fullness & rounding of his brother, cheeks not full enough his muzzle is a little fine, rounded top, rounded brow, reasonable chin, chin okay. Ears medium size, but tends to prick a little tall. Eyes well open, round in shape, good size, good orange colour just a hint of green at the inner rim. Body well grown but on the long side, generally requiring depth, long in the leg & they could be more substantial as could the paws, tail in proportion & I would like it heavier. His coat was short, but lacked in density & was also a little flat, lacked crispness. Colour sound but very dark chocolate. Amicable nature & very good condition.

Black Silver Tabby Neuter, Female;
1st PC & BOB. VASILAUSKIENE'S HOONIKATZ GRIZZLY. 03-07-08. Impressively mature & well developed female neuter. Excellent head type, round & well developed, well rounded cheeks, round on the brow, good chin & bite. Ears well placed medium size, not disproportionate to the head, so quite neat & tidy. Eyes large round shape, well open the colour hazel with a little leaning to yellow. Body beautifully compact & cobby in shape, good bone to the legs, round paws, moderately heavy tail just a little on the shorter side. Her coat texture is surprisingly good for a silver, being short & crisp as well as dense. Her pattern has all the required Classic Tabby elements, showing spotted whisker pads, stripes on the cheeks, 'M' to the brow, lines over the neck, butterfly across the shoulders, triple lines along her back, oysters on the sides, the pattern ideally could be a little denser to give sharper contrast to the silver ground, the leg bracelets are more clearly defined, has some tarnish on the muzzle & front legs but nothing excessive. Her condition was super, her temperament was delightful, very trusting.

AOC Silver Tabby Neuter, Male;
13-04-09. Red, only 10 months but well grown if still looking typically juvenile & a little gawky , with a wonderful pattern. Head whilst still with all the attributes of youth is rounding well, the cheeks filling well, rounded brow, broad muzzle, good depth chin, bite good. Ears moderately small, tiny bit open at their base, set well apart, need the tufts removing to give a more rounded effect to the tips. Eyes good size, nicely rounded, well open shape, deep vivid coppery orange colour. Good size & development, just to fill out, good substance & bone to the legs, large round paws, medium length well balanced tail. His coat a mite soft but with a good degree of resistance, good density & length. Lovely facial tracings, well striped cheeks, clear 'M', lines run down his neck & along the back, good butterfly across the shoulders, clear complete oysters on the sides, broad leg bracelets, banded tail. Deep colour red to the pattern, the silver ground colour showing a lot of red & as result could be clearer, more evidence of clearer silver on the tummy & beneath the tail, paling on his chin & chest, still with good contrast due to the brightness of his red. His condition was excellent, a very gentle composed youngster, showing promise & I later made him Best British Neuter.

Singapura Adult, Female;
1st CC & BOB . ARCHER'S INT GR CH SHADANZA TNZANITE. 02-05-02. Gorgeous exhibit of lovely type. Typical of her breed quite dainty, but beautifully firm & well proportioned, with slim legs, petite paws, tail slender, blunt tip. Head has gentle rounded contours to its shorter wedge, very good whisker break, short broad muzzle, rounded skull, slight stop, perfectly acceptable chin, bite level. Ears wide open at the base & well cupped, well set being just a little wide of parallel, I would in an ideal world prefer these a little larger. Most lovely eyes & expression, large & set wide apart, the darker line of sepia pigment enhancing their size, well open shape, green in colour. Short fine coat, silky texture, laying beautifully close. Very good head marking with flash onto the brow, with cheetah lines running form the inner corner of her eyes, bar free, no knee smudges, spurs on the heels, body showing excellent ticking deepening a little over her spine, all markings in sepia brown over old ivory base, warm paler unticked on the throat chest, tummy inside the legs, salmon pink nose leather with darker pigmented line surrounding it. Later Best Foreign & so well deserved, I am a great fan of this lady, her condition was really excellent & she has the most superb gentle nature.

AC La Perm Intermediate Adult, Female;
BOB & IC Not Awarded. 1st CREAN'S SELSKAR SASHA. 80s 45g. 24-08-08. Blue Tortie Ticked, this young queen looked a little too Abyssinian in type. Head very moderate medium length, gentle muzzle rounding, slight muzzle indent, shallow break in profile with slight dip to the nose, the nose slightly retrousse, the chin shallow & tapers, bite good. Ears medium size, small tufted tips, cupped base, angular setting. Eyes rather rounded, hazel tone. Body lithe medium foreign type, slender limbs, small neat paws, tail has gentle taper a little on the shorter side, with slightly spiky fuzzy appearance/ Her coat marginally longer length, quite harsh & though typically unstructured it lacked required loose curl, apart from a very slight amount on the spine line, parted easily with a breadth. Well ticked, subdued facial markings, good heel markings. Colour a dark shade of blue, the cream not easy to find but once you find some it becomes more apparent. Charming gentle nature, her condition excellent.

AC Sphynx Intermediate Adult, Female;
1st IC & BOB. LASTUASKKIENE'S SPHYNXANTIQUUS DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL. 80 40 1w. 18-03-09. For my own particular taste this girl was a little on the leaner side but she is still very young so will hopefully continue to grow on & mature more fully, somewhat raucous. Head could be a little more defined at the cheeks, the muzzle finer than ideal, gentle break at the bridge of the nose, typical Sphynx in that the chin was a little shallow & the bite just a fraction over. Ears large, wide base, set well with slight angulation. Eyes large full lemon shape, blue washed over greenish tone. Her body is very elegant, still a little slender but weighty for her size & the tone despite her finer bone was very good, long slim legs, neat well padded paws, long stringy tail with typical almost prehensile quality. Body well covered in a fine peachy bloom, with just a little more fur present on her nose & brow. Good white areas appears to be seal darker points, judging by her overall body colour & eye colour. Her condition was excellent, temperament not the most amicable.

Sorrel Abyssinian Neuter, Male;
05-05-09. Though definitely Sorrel was entered in my book as 23c. Very unbalanced looking youngster which was the main reason fro my withholding, his head being too small for his body proportions. Head has slightly shorter length moderate wedge ideally his muzzle could show more evidence of gentle rounding to create the indent to the cheeks, brow rounds gently & very slight break, reasonable chin, bite a little over. Ears more medium size, well cupped base & quite well pricked. Eyes full wide almond shape, yellow hazel tone. Body well grown, rather too rounded which detracts from elegance, slender limbs, neat oval paws, broader base to the tail, gentle taper, a little short due to his more rounded body shape. Coat close lying, medium length, touch of resilience so not unduly soft. Good facials, the body ticking is good but the banding could be better, pleasing rich bright coppery effect to the colour, heel markings are good, rich cinnamon tail tip, bar free but rather heavy albeit broken necklet, some degree of muzzle paling. Condition & temperament both excellent, just needs to lose some weight.

AC Cornish Rex Neuter, Female;
1st PC & BOB EARNSHAWE & DUNNE' LORRENTINO GIVE ME SOMONE. 33 31s. 16-04-09. Black Smoke Bi-Colour, another very young girl who requires the benefit of some growth & maturity to give a greater degree of finish. Still very dainty & fine boned, slender body, long slim legs, tiny oval paws, good fine tail. He\ad a little longer than its width, the cheeks are quite high but could be a little wider, the muzzle also a little fine, very good profile, chin fair, bite good. Ears large, wide base, carried quite high & quite a good mussel shell shape. Eyes are large fuller oval shape, hazel in colour. Her coat was short & has a very good soft silken like texture, with a very good degree of wave evident throughout including the limbs & tail, good long curling whiskers. White with patches of black smoke, inverted white on the face. Her condition was exwas very good & she was very relaxed & easy to handle.

Devon Rex Neuter, Male;
PC & BOB Not Awarded. 1st MACDONAL & QUINN'S KETHEREX RAKASTA KLAATU. 33a 40 5. 10-05-09. Red Pointed, there was a great deal I liked about this lad, no least of which was his superior development for one so young. Head has short wedge, high cheeks, with good whisker break, flat brow, stop could be a little more defined, strong chin, bite sadly undershot which cost him not only the PC but also the BOB. Ears I would have preferred larger & lower, plus the flare at the base could be better, muffs at their bae. Lovely eyes, large & well defined oval shape with gentle slant, clear pale blue colour. Excellent muscular body, broad chest, still with some pubescent puppy fat to lo to lose, well proportioned legs, oval paws, tail of medium thickness & quite well balanced length. Beautiful coat, short & soft with a good degree of density, free of harsh guard hairs, no thin areas, well rippled throughout, some stubbly whiskers. Colour very pleasing degree of brightness to the points with war glow over the body. Condition was superb, lovely nature, such a pity about the bite.

AC La Perm Intermediate Neuter, Male;
1st IC & BOB. CREAN'S AMORCATZ MARCEL WAVE. 80L 15b. 10-04-06. Chocolate Longhair, very pleasing well proportioned lad. Head has moderate medium wedge, a little longer than wide, gentle rounded contours, good whisker pads slightly more dip than ideal as opposed to gentle convex curve at the eye line, chin good depth, bite good. Slightly flared ears, cupped base, longer curly furnished interiors, some tufted on the tips, good larger size. His eyes are a very good green, large more rounded shape, hint of slant at the lower line. Body firm & well muscled, good medium length, good length limb, oval paws, good length loose plume to the tail of well balanced length. Coat very good length, with loose ruff, loose unstructured curl to the coat well in evidence throughout, with a very springy texture to it, slightly dry but not unduly harsh, full britches, long curling whiskers & eyebrows. His colour i a dark chocolate rather rusty & leached at the edges but no points so not terribly relevant. He was wonderfully composed & relaced, super condition, well presented.

Oriental Lilac Adult, Female;
CC & BOB Not Awarded. LENIHAN'S KYOMI KOHANA. 24-11-08. Just lacking a little in the degree of style to justify a certificate. Shorter medium wedge, small dip in profile, exacerbated as the chin runs back a little, bite untidy. Ears I would prefer larger & they require wider base to give more evidence of flare, tends to prick a little. Eyes rather full in shape detracts from Oriental shape, good depth of green to their colour. Body firm, well proportioned medium length, slim legs, oval paws, tial I would prefer a little longer & finer. Her coat was close & well prepared, very good texture albeit a little on the longer side. The colour was a very even colour but lacked the pinky tone to give a more definite degree of warmth. Her condition was excellent, very gentle lady.

Foreign White Kitten, Female;
1st & BOB. SHANNON'S ITIHAT CHRISTIANNE. 30-08-09. Though perhaps a little finer boned than I would ideally have preferred, she was nonetheless quite a stylish & her type most pleasing. Good length wedge, small teething pinch, very good profile, chin good, bite marginal over, swollen gums due to teething. Ears large, well flared wide base, well set when fully relaxed. Her eyes through marginally full were an excellent oriental shape & slant, excellent depth of blue to their colour, combined with a pleasing expression. Good neckline, body long & lithe, long slim legs, small dainty paws, very good length stringy whiptail to balance. Coat very good shorter length, well prepared sleek finish combined with a very good close lying finish. Clean beautifully presented sharp crisp white. Condition & presentation both excellent, very sweet natured young miss, later Best Oriental, congratulations.


British/Foreign Breeders Kitten;
1st DMYTRIYEVA'S DOBSHANGRILA EZIVA. 76 30. 29-08-09. Brown Spotted Bengal, pleasing youngster with better manners than some of his neighbours. His type is overall very good, rounded wedge, with good cheeks, broad muzzle, profile has slightest dip, chin & bite both good. Ears medium size, rounded tips, tends to prick a little. Lovely eye shape, large almost round full oval, very good green colour. Body developing good length, quite well boned, good legs & paws, tail could be a little thicker, medium length, not quite perfect tip. Medium length dense coat with a soft luxurious texture. Sharply defined cheek ribbons, spotted whisker pads, complicated brow markings, body pattern showing rosetted spots along the sides, with darker outline to the pattern, well spotted tummy, clearly contrasted leg bracelets, some linkage to the tail rings, well marked heels. Most attractive rich warm colour & the contrast as result showing well. Condition excellent, quite an amicable nature.

British/Foreign Breeders Neuter;

Burmese/Siamese/Oriental Charity Class;
1st ARCHER'S ISHCUS ALYSSA. 27f. 21-05-03. Cream Burmese, wonderfully relaxed & gentle natured, excellent type. Head short, wide & blunt, top rounds in both directions, with excellent break, good depth chin, bite good. Ears well placed medium size, rounded tips. Large expressive eyes, very good chartreuse tone, well shaped. Body well proportioned medium length, good firm tone, slender limbs, neat paws, tail a mite short for the body, rounded tip. Coat close & has lovely texture, could be a tad shorter ideally. Her colour is warmer than I would ideally prefer & requires more evidence of powdery bloom, but that said is even in colour. Condition splendid & her temperament perfectly charming.
2nd NERETTI & GIBBON'S GIRONA BLUE POPPY. 27g. 12-10-07. Blue Tortie Burmese, whilst type wise she could be a little better, her coat quality was superb. Head requires a little more width to the wedge as a result it makes the head look a mite long, good muzzle, top rounds reasonably well, fair break, chin & bite both good. Ears, well placed rounded tips, touch of tilt, medium size. Her eyes are a good larger size but require more cupped lower line to define the shape, good chartreuse colour. Body good weight & substance, legs & paws proportionate, well shaped tail rounded tip, a little short of shoulder. The coat as stated was super, it was short close & felt like polished satin, quite gorgeous. Well patched & mingled with shades o cream interspersed through the blue. Her condition & temperament both excellent.

Burmese/Siamese/Oriental Kitten;
2nd LENIHAN'S COOMAKISTA PORTRAITOFAGIRL. 27g. 22-08-09. Blue Tortie Burmese, a well balanced young miss of very good type. Quite a short wide wedge, blunt on the muzzle, top rounded, good break, the chin slips back just a tad, bite okay. Ears medium size, wide base, rounded tips, set well with hint of tilt forward. The eyes I would prefer a little larger but still very young, shape shows promise, colour as yet a little muddy. Body lithe, firm & weighty, slim legs & neat paws, tail short of shoulder rounded tip. Coat has excellent quality, being short & close, sating texture. Medium blue colour with varying shades of cream evident. Lovely condition & excellent temperament.

Burmese/Siamese/Oriental Charity Class, kitten;
2nd NERETTI & GIBBONS'S POPPYLOVE ACORN RUA. 27d. 11-09-09. Red Burmese, well actually hot cream so should be 27f. The wedge could be a little shorter, reasonable width across the cheeks, good muzzle, top requires more rounding, shallow break, good chin, bite level. Ears medium size, rounded tips, set just a little high. His eyes are still a little baby small & the shape requires a little more definition, colour light chartreuse. Body is firm & with good degree of muscle for his young age, but appears to be monorchid at present, slim legs, neat paws, well balanced tail. Coat still a mite baby long & could be a little closer lying. His colour is a hot sandy tone of cream as opposed to the brighter tone of red, this was further confirmed by his creamier body tone. His condition & temperament both excellent.

Burmese/Siamese/Oriental Never Won a PC Neuter;
1st SLUITERS'S TARA GR CH ALDEBIZ GINCHIKARA. 27c. 31-03-05. Quite a fiery lady of superior type, pity about the tail. Head on most impressive, short wide wedge, blunted effect to the muzzle, well rounded top in both directions, the break I would prefer a little more definite, small bump & roll off at its tip, chin good, cursory inspection of her bite appeared to be good. Ears, well placed, wide base, rounded tips, touch of tilt, medium size. Gorgeous eye shape, large with well cupped lower line & gentle slanted top, wicked expression to their pleasing chartreuse colour. Body a little over her best weight & slightly more rounded with fat ridge up her tummy, slender limbs, tail short for the body proportions, with small but definite defect at its tip. Beautiful coat, short & close fitting, beautifully sleek, satin like finish. Warm soft dove grey with good warmth & soft sheen. Condition was splendid, quite a determined lady, who lets you know who is in charge.


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