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Midland Cat Club of Ireland (GCCFI)
21st February 2010

Mrs M Baker

Congratulations to the Midland Cat Club of Ireland on celebrating their 25th anniversary, and to their irrepressible Show Manager Carmel Byrne on running a truly delightful show.  The members had "decked the halls" with balloons, banners and silver decorations and there were special awards of beautiful silverware.  The show was held in a hotel in Limerick where exhibitors were allowed to keep (well behaved) cats in their rooms.  Judges and exhibitors alike could get up, have breakfast and go straight to the show - a rare and seamless experience!

Many thanks to Tony Forshaw, who was making his stewarding debut and did so with dedication, sensitivity and good humour.  I hope we can join forces again some day.


- GR CC, TAYLOR'S CH BACKCHAT MOLLY BLOOM, F. 27g, 2yrs. 2wks.  Beautiful head and balanced body.  Gently domed top of head, short blunt wedge.  Very well set ears, on the  large side.  Typical eye shape, large and bright, chartreuse in colour.  Good nose break and short nose slightly rounded in profile.  Firm deep chin and level bite.  Slender body, well muscled, with elegant legs and oval feet.  Perfectly balanced tail of good length, tapered to paintbrush tip.  Silky coat in excellent condition, preponderantly blue with little tortie breaks and attractive cream bib.  Named appropriately after a character in Irish literature, she became an Irish Grand Champion this day.
LILAC BURMESE ADULT - 1 CC & BOB, O'SULLIVAN'S ISMISHA DAPPER DAN, M. 1yr. 3mths.  Strong masculine boy with an adorable temperament.  Broad wedge, a trifle flat on head, nose break could be more distinct.  Lovely depth to head in profile, shallow but well aligned chin, scissored bite.  Well shaped and set medium sized ears.  Eyes had slanted topline, good size and expression, golden-chartreuse colour.  Substantial well proportioned body and strong legs.  Tail just long enough to reach to his shoulder and he would bend the tip, but there was no fault.  Lovely quality coat, short and quite dense in texture and a warm lilac with darker expression over the head and ears.  I should add here that the lighting made it difficult to see coat and eye colour, especially in our part of the room.
CREAM BURMESE ADULT MALE - 1 CC, LENIHAN'S BEECHBANK VISCOUNT,1yr. 10mths.  A boy of commanding size with good width to the wedge, small jowls.  Forehead a little flat, good enough nose break and short straight nose.  Eyes quite large, well spaced, good shape and colour.  Weighty body with slim legs and paws, tail of adequate length.  Supersoft coat, close and fairly dense in texture, a lovely cool even cream.
2, SLUITERS' TEAROHA ALDEBIZ ROBBEDOES, 1yr. 8mths.   Large boisterous fellow, on the face of it he looked the better, but in spite of a broad shapely head the profile was rather poor, with indistinct break and bump on nose.  Bite satisfactory but chin receded a bit.  Large lustrous eyes with golden tint.  Ears of good size and set.  I looked for the rounded chest but it seemed a bit straight.  Strong neck and body, elegant legs, oval feet.  Tail of adequate length with a hard tip.  Lovely quality coat but a hot shade, with strongly marked face and two necklaces.
CREAM BURMESE ADULT FEMALE - 1 CC & BOB, ARCHER'S ISHCUS ALYSSA, 6yrs. 9mths.  Lovely broad head, all features in sympathy and the best profile of the three creams.  Even chin and good bite.  Ears well spaced when relaxed, about as large as would be acceptable.  Gorgeous large eyes with sweet expression, chartreuse-tinted golden.  Heavy body, she has lost her waistline which slightly undermines her elegance.  Straight back, rounded chest, tail of nice width, a little short.  Elegant legs and dainty oval feet.  Lovely coat texture, soft and close, even cream colour.  Sweet placid temperament.
AOC TORTOISESHELL BURMESE ADULT - 1 CC, NERETTI & GIBBONS' GIRONA BLUEPOPPY, F. 27g, 2yrs. 4mths.  Pretty girl with wide wedge, nicely shaped top, rather large pricked ears.  Eyes of good size with slanted topline, chartreuse-tinted golden.  Good profile and chin, excellent bite.  Elegant neck and straight back, balanced firm body and tail.  Silken smooth coat texture, predominantly blue with light and dark cream breaks, little mottled nose leather.  Calm temperament but somewhat unsure of herself outside the pen.   
RED BURMESE KITTEN - 1 BOB, NERETTI & GIBBONS' POPPYLOVE ACORN RUA, M. 5mths. 1wk.  Beautiful quality kitten, good wedge shape seen from the front.  Ears quite large, tilted but held a bit high.  Large lustrous eyes of a predominantly golden shade.  Unfortunately a small slope on profile without a clean nose break.  Even chin and bite.  Strong pliable body with good general proportions, and the best tail of the day - very good length and tapered to a paintbrush tip.  Soft close coat with strong colour developing.
AOC TORTOISESHELL BURMESE KITTEN - 1 BOB, LENIHAN'S COOMAKISTA PORTRAITOFAGIRL, F. 27g, 6mths.  An absolute heartstealer!  Utterly self possessed and adored being cuddled.  Excellent wedge shape, gently rounded brow, good nose break and straight nose.  Even deep chin, bite meeting well.  Lovely eye shape, we took her to the window to make sure of the colour, which was a gorgeous green-ginger-gold.  Firm body with that delightful pliable feel.  Elegant legs and sweet little oval feet, tail could do with a bit more length.  Well mottled silky coat.  An obvious choice for Best Burmese Exhibit.
BLUE BURMESE NEUTER -  1 PC & BOB, BRINDLEY & SMITH'S KATEZ CARA MACREE, MN. 1yr. 8mths.  Large boy with a good wide wedge, good profile and clean nose break.  Well spaced medium sized ears, flat forehead.  Lovely eyes for shape and expression, slightly greenish in colour.  Good bite, deep enough chin.   Rather massive body, strong neck and legs.  Superb satin coat of dark blue, just showing a fawnish tinge on hind legs.  Tail a bit thick but nicely tapered and of reasonable length.
LILAC BURMESE NEUTER MALE -  1 PC, LEOGUE'S ISMISHA HUNKY DORY, 1yr. 6mths.  Big lad with good width at jaw, flat forehead and well spaced medium sized ears.  Good nose break, rounded off nose.  Deep almost defiant chin, top row of incisors missing from bite.  Eyes a little deep set, round in shape, chartreuse-gold.  Large heavy body, balanced tail with "suspicion" at tip.  Lilac coat darkly shaded on back, in lovely silky condition but rather open on chest.
LILAC BURMESE NEUTER MALE -  1 PC & BOB, SLUITERS' TARA GR CH ALDEBIZ GINCHIKARA, 4yrs. 10mths.  A distinguished lady but not very happy today, and therefore tense and inclined to hunch herself up.  Stylish head, short and deep in profile with good nose break.  Firm even chin, preserving a good bite.  Large worried eyes which have paled a little, chartreuse-green.  Flat forehead, ears of good size, shape and set.  Body now rather overweight, she is obviously a contented comfortable neuter.  Elegant legs and tail to balance.  Even lilac coat in shining soft condition.


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