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Red Cream & Tortie Society
30th October 2010

Class Results

Non-Pedigree Pets:
Imperial Grand (AC Non-Pedigree Grand Master Cat) - Mrs J Bradley
Imp. Gr. Master – Gr Master C. Leon
Grand (AC Non-Pedigree Master Cat) - Mrs R Fisher
Gr. Master & BOGroup– Gr Master C. Leon
LH/SLH Self (Single Colour) Cat, with/without White - Mrs C Gainsbury
1st Master Cat & BOGroup – Bertie Bassett
SH Ginger, Tortie or Tortie Tabby Cat, with/without White – Mr H Marriott-Power
1st Master Cat & BOGroup - Duke

Pedigree Pets:
SH AC Kitten Male - Mrs H Marriott-Power
1st & BOGroup – Bobbi Beau
SH AC Kitten Female - Mrs H Marriott-Power
1st - Firecracker

Provided by Monica Acton


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