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Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club
31st July 2010

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Mr S Leppard

I was delighted to have been invited to the Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club’s first Championship show; I thank the show manager Mrs Shirley Tallboys for the invitation to the Ist Championship Show. I was delighted with the entry of so many quality Birmans and thank the Birman exhibitors for entering their lovely Birmans under me, I had a great day. It was a very happy pleasant day amongst our beloved Birmans, with so many friendly smiling faces. Well done on a very good entry of 70 Birmans entered for the Ist Championship show. My grateful thanks to Beverley for her pleasant company and very good handling of the Cats. Congratulations to the Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club on achieving Championship. I was delighted and honoured to be the first to judge the newly recognised Ragamuffin Breed in The United Kingdom

Seal or Blue Point Champion Male
Three lads entered and all present.
GCC Pike’s GrCh Athreyu of the Blessed Ones 13c2 23/5/06. Very mature handsome massive Blue Birman lad of excellent type, super strong broad rounded skull, with correct medium length to nose, showing very slight dip. Lovely full round cheeks showing a nicely developed round muzzle, fair depth to chin. Nice medium ears set well apart. Very expressive almost round eyes of a very good blue. I loved the dense even slate/ Grey to this super lad’s ears, mask, and legs and on nice full bushy tail in proportion to his body. I loved the size and boning of this lad, certainly massive in stature with solid boning and weight, with medium length legs with short thick set strong paws, just what I like to see in stud lads, so important. Lovely full even front, gloves, nice back socks with superb full length sparling white gauntlets, to the hock, which again is so important. For time of year this lad has a   very nice soft silky  quite full coat, that has the correct bluish white tone though the coat, that was beautifully prepared and presented, which just  completed the overall look. A very balanced muscular lad in excellent condition, who handed very nicely, he was quite playful and seemed to be enjoying his day out. I have never judged this lovely lad before, it was a pleasure to award him the Grand today; he was in superb condition and beautifully presented, well done indeed.
RGCC Seymour’s UKIGrCh Admonlo Sebastian 13c1
9/4/01. Lovely mature Seal lad of super type, lovely broad rounded skull, with medium length to nose, slight dip to profile. Lovely full cheeks, showing pleasing rounded developed muzzle, good depth to chin & level bite. Correct ear set, set apart.   Almost round eyes of a beautiful blue, so serene in expression. Dense seal to ears, although mask had some bridling, also around eyes, dense seal to legs with some brindling on the tail that was quite full and in proportion to his massive body, excellent medium length legs with very strong short thickset paws. Every inch a lad who is beautifully balanced and in excellent condition for his 9 years, who was a dream to handle, the perfect gentleman. Nice full gloves, with good back socks, nice full even gauntlets, all feet sparkling white. Beautifully presented and shown, in excellent condition, showing lovely golden hue to his coat that was   short (time of year) showing lovely contrast to his darker seal points. I have not judged this handsome big lad for a very long time, it is lovely to see a mature stud looking so good and retaining his wonderful temperament, when his coat is fuller  this lovely big lad will be very hard to beat, I was delighted to award him RGCC today and to meet him again, beautifully shown indeed.

Seal or Blue Birman Champion Female
5 girls entered and all present today.
GCC Simmonds’s Ch. Gayemaudi China Doll 13c1 12/7/08. A delightful girl who was indeed a china Doll. Lovely Birman type, super broad rounded skull, medium nose length, slight dip to profile, good depth to chin & level bite. Ears set correctly, well apart.  Excellent full cheeks, showing tapering to nicely well-developed muzzle, firm chin & level bite. Very expressive beautiful eye shape of a gorgeous deep blue, used to full maximum. Excellent boning and weight to this lovely lass who is nicely proportioned, for her age, quite solid with medium legs with short strong thickset paws. Beautiful dense even seal to this lovely girl’s mask, legs and on a nice full medium tail, in proportion to her body. Very good even front gloves, with good back socks, both gauntlets were of even and of a decent length. Excellent grooming and show presentation to this delightful girl who  is just over 2 years and  has a very nicely  prepared coat soft and silky with  surface shading to back, but overall shows pleasing golden hue, contrasting to the seal points. I rather liked this delightful girl who was such a doll to handle, so sweet and serene, nothing bothered her. I have not judged this lovely girl before and it was a pleasure to award her the Grand as she really sparkled and shows herself off beautifully, so gracious and sweet, every inch a lady, beautifully shown , well done.
RGCC Lee’s UK & IGrCh Klassyklogs Kalemyokoko 13c1 9/2/02. Mature girl of super type. Super rounded broad skull medium length to nose showing slight dip, good depth to chin, level bite. Nice full cheeks with nicely rounded developed muzzle. Medium size ears but held rather low and flat giving a rather flared look to them. Beautiful eye colour, of a lovely deep blue, but held rather round today. Lovely dark seal to ears, mask, legs and on medium   full tail, in proportionate her body, which was of a decent size, firm and muscular, nicely balanced with medium firm legs, short thickset firm paws. Very nice even sparkling white front gloves, with good back socks, lovely even length wide gauntlets tapering, which I like to see and is so important.  Quite full coat that was beautifully  prepared and presented, soft silky texture, showing pleasing golden hue to back, flanks, that gave a lovely contrast to her seal points. I rather liked this lovely girl, but she just would not hold her ears up and her eyes had a tendency to be a little bold today, her expression was quite severe today but she was no bother to handle, odd huff and puff. I liked the maturity of this lovely girl but she did not show herself off to her best today, neverless beautiful shown in lovely condition.

Red or Cream Point Birman Neuter Male
I was thrilled and quite stunned at the entry in both these classes, 10 lovely examples of the breed and all were present. It was a super class to judge. I had 7 cats to consider for BOB, I must compliment all the owner breeders on such a wonderful array of quality.
1PC   Maynard’s Gayemaudi Casino Red 13c5 9/5/09
Red, young lad of 14 months old and of a very good size. Very pleasing type, nice broad rounded skull,  correct medium length to nose, clean pink nose leather, shows slight dip to profile, good depth to chin, with level bite. Nice full cheeks, with a nicely rounded developed muzzle. Very expressive almost round eyes, of a lovely blue. Lovely rich red to ears, mask, legs and on a nice full tail that complimented his full length body, which has for just 14 months old excellent boning, substance, showing a very nicely balanced lad with firm legs with short thickset firm paws. Lovely full even sparkling white  front gloves with good back socks and  super full length wide gauntlets , to the hock,  for me a pleasure to see., Super full coat that was beautifully groomed and presented, nice soft silky texture, showing lovely pale cream  with lovely light golden halo that gave a most pleasing contrast to the points. I rather liked this handsome chap who was in superb condition, beautifully presented with a sunny temperament that matched his colouring, a delightful young lad who will only improve as he matures. A pleasure to award PC to him today, no doubt one of the many that will come his way.
2nd    Bunce’s     Ch Klassyklogs Cougar 13c7   14/6/97
Cream, Large lad who is 13 years old and was in excellent condition. Mature lad of reasonable type, head just a little short and narrow, narrow in cheeks and muzzle, fair chin, good bite. Ears were of a medium size, held a little together, lovely eye colour and good shape. Cream to ears, mask, legs and tail were of an even tone, very slightly warm in colour. Very good length to body with good boning and weight, especially for his age, medium legs with strong firm paws. Even front gloves with quite good back socks, gauntlets were of an even length, but were quite narrow. Excellent grooming and show presentation, lovely full coat soft and silky, shows a very attractive off white coat with pleasing faint golden halo, showing pleasing contrast to his points. A very friendly lad who was in excellent condition and beautifully shown, I had to look twice at his age, he certainly looks younger than 13, lovely chap to handle, very nicely shown

Red, Cream & Tortie Birman Female Neuter
3 girls entered and all present
1PC &BOB Tackley’s UK&IGrCh Klassyklogs Korallina 13c6 Seal Tortie 26/3/03. What an absolute beauty, Beautiful Birman type, lovely broad rounded skull, with correct medium nose length, seal in colour slight dip to profile. Super full apple cheeks with excellent fully developed rounded muzzle, excellent fully developed chin, good level bite. Medium sized ears set well apart. Beautiful almost round eyes of a beautiful deep blue, with such a serene expression. Gorgeous even tortie  on ears,  mask, legs and on tail  nicely intermingling against the seal  points   lovely shades of light and dark red, against a nice fawn body colouring, with  light shading  showing beautiful contrasts to the points. Lovely full white gloves, with matching socks and super full length sparkling white gauntlets. A mature girl who is of an excellent size, massive with superb boning and substance on medium thick legs, with thickset short paws. Super coat texture, soft and silky, beautifully prepared in excellent condition. I adored this beautiful girl who is beautifully balanced with a delightful temperament, she really showed herself off beautifully. It was a pleasure to judge this beautiful lady who for me has it all, she was without any doubt Best of her breed today, quality oozes out of this lady, coming from this prefix, I can only but say I am not in the least surprised, my compliments and admiration it was, a delight to award her the PC & BOB today, her titles say it all. I understand this was her first PC, one of any I have no doubt, well done.
2nd    Tarr’s   Ch & Pr Tarkusha Allure 13c6
Blue Tortie. 19/4/03 another attractive lady of pleasing type, good width to head with broad rounded skull, medium   length to nose, blue nose leather,  correct dip to profile good chin & level bite., Nice fullness to cheeks with  good depth to muzzle &  chin, level bite. Correct medium ears set well apart. Very expressive eyes of a very nice blue, almost round, of a very sweet expression.  Nice even slate grey to ears, mask, legs and on medium full tail, with lovely tortie colourings, light cream against the blue, with a very pleasing off white tone to her body with  intermingling of light cream, showing a lovely soft contrast to the points. Nice front gloves with good back socks, with nice length to both gauntlets Excellent grooming to this sweet girl, who’s coat was soft and silky, of a nice even length. Good boning and substance to this sweet girl, just over 7 years old and in excellent condition, very nice soft expression to her, her temperament was  first class, she really showed herself off  very nicely, beautifully shown in excellent condition, a pleasure to judge.
3rd Baldwin’s Kraziklaus Kandy Kane 13c8. Blue tortie 9/10/09. Young girl who was quite adolescent, but she is just into adulthood and need to develop. Head was rather short and pointed today, lacked the broad rounded look to her skull, hopefully it will develop as she progresses. Ears were held rather high and close together, at present. Cheeks were rather narrow at present, need to develop. Nose appeared to be quite long, blue nose leather. but has slight dip to profile, fair chin & level bite. Very nice eye shape of a pleasing blue. Very nice tortie   points to ears, mask, legs and on a nice full tail, in proportion to her firm body of a good size with good boning, set against the dark blue. I liked the size and boning of this girl, carrying good substance with medium length lags, short thickset paws. Nice even front gloves, with nice socks, even length gauntlets. Excellent grooming and preparation to this girl who had a nice length to her coat, that was soft and silky, with hints of tortie on her coat that was of an off white tone.  Lovely sweet temperament to this girl, who is at the adolescent stage, she needs to fill out in the head, which will give a more balanced look to her, beautifully shown and presented.

I was delighted to find two Ragamuffins entered and both present

Merit to Cann’s Jomanei Desert Sunset 60 31f MN
Cream Tabby & White 18/8/09. Very relaxed lad in serene surroundings, very confident and friendly, very easy to handle. Broad head of a medium length shows rounded contours, rounded forehead, with nice rounded muzzle, firm chin & good bite. Medium size ears on top of head. Slight tilt forward& rounded, well furnished. Large eyes show correct walnut shape, of a nice amber colour. Good feel to body, shows nice muscular look with large heavy boned legs. Well-furnished tail, showing plumed look, medium to base with slight taper. Beautifully presented coat, with slightly coarser feel, longer on neck, longer round neck, gaining in length around head and to back, flanks, thinker on legs, Very attractive light cream with light tabby markings, with bright white showing pleasing contrasts. Superb temperament shown in excellent condition. A very happy chap who seems to know the routine, so relaxed and happy to be handled.

Merit to Galldora Taste the Rainbow 60 27Wx F
Brown & White (Darker points) 7/11.09. Very confident & alert expression, showing a very balanced look. Nice broad head of medium length showing rounded contours. Nice firm muzzle, chin & good bite. Correct ear set, shows slight tilt forward rounded & furnished, sitting on top of head. Large walnut shaped eyes spaced well apart showing sweet expression of a gorgeous green. Nice firm muscular body frame shows solid muscular heavy feet, back slightly longer, in proportion to body large round paws with tufts between toes. Nicely furnished ail, in proportion to the body. Correct medium length to coat shows nice plush soft & dense texture, nice necklace, beautifully groomed and presented. Nice solid darker brown colour, particularly to legs and on tail with some white evident. Excellent temperament and condition. A very sweet girl who is beautifully balanced for her age, shown in superb condition

Miscellaneous Classes  Critics are available on my website show reports link


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