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Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland
17th April 2010

Mr G Godfrey

My thanks to Kate and Sarah for the invitation and hospitality. They had a trying day due to call off of judges due to the volcanic ash cloud but as usual they coped admirably. Jean handled the cats with care and consideration.

Original Foreign Gr. Ch. Female

1. Gr. Ch. Mather’s Makima Desert Rose (23) 03/10/08
Elegant, dainty girl with gently contoured head lines. Ears nicely spaced and well set, good profile, firm chin. Amber expressive eyes. Indented muzzle. Dainty but muscled body, proportionate limbs and tapering tail. Coat short evenly ticked but having heavy moult just now. Warm base coat, dark spine line. Clear facial markings some cream on lips and chin. Very faint broken necklet. Handled well.

Abyssinian Lilac Kitten Open

1. BOB Miskelly’s Glendavon Purple Haze (M) 17/09/09
Solid well built boy, ears of good set, shape and size. Gentle profile break, firm chin. Eyes expressive, deep amber. Indented muzzle and good wedge. Body has good muscle tone and in balance with limbs and tail. Coat short, good texture, good depth of pinkish cream to base and warm with deeper dove grey on top coat. Lovely lad who handled well.

Russian Blue Neuter Male

1Pc. BOB. Heltman’s Dushenka Stanislav 18/10/04
Large high set vertical ears. Flat skull with defined angle. Almost straight profile, good chin. Eyes expressive, greenish. He appears longish in wedge but when he puffs out his whisker pads this tends to balance it. Good elegant strong body. Coat short, pale blue with silvery sheen.

2. Cameron’s Shoelina Alexei Ratmansky 30/05/08
Shy boy who would not let me access his bite today. Ears set high and vertical but would like just a little large. Short wedge with good whisker pads. Slight concave curve to profile, good chin.
Body solid muscled, coat short darker blue with silvery sheen. Preferred the security of his pen today.

AV Senior Adult

1. Robertson’s & Richardson’s Gr. Ch. Esanes Etourdissant (76A/30) (M) 22/04/08
Lovely type with very good head lines. Strong muscled body. Coat very clear pattern and lovely texture.

2. Weber’s Ch. Crinkles Hope (79L/21) (F) 11/09/05
Round broad full checked head, thick neck. Good nose break and whisker pads, chin good. Balanced exhibit, good dense, loose curled coat. Nice nature.

3. Prout’s Gr. Ch. Skellum Twilight Ruby (21) (F) 19/08/06

AV Adult Not Having a CC

1. O’Rourke’s Esanes Itwiznae Me (76A/30) (M) 15/07/09
Strong boy, good head. Nicely set ears, good profile. Firm chin, nice eye line. Body lithe muscled of good length in balance with body and limbs/tail. Coat of good texture and clear pattern. Handled well today.

2. Miskelly’s Wavetail Ophelia (23c) 08/05/07
Strong head lines, good ear set, profile has slight break, firm chin. Wedge short rounded with indented muzzle. Eyes expressive well and nicely set. Lithe boy. Short coat warm base and clear ticking. Lovely nature.

 AV Visitors Adult

1. Dawson’s Gr. Ch. Glendavon Roderick Jaynes (23) (M) 18/09/08
Lovely quality lad, very good type. Head strong and balanced, body muscled and firm coat short, very good texture. Base coat has good depth of colour. Solid spine line. Clear ticking. Lovely nature.

2. Morrison’s Ch. Kurilox Bugsy Malone (79s/40/4) (M) 25/10/08
Very good type. Ears well set on balanced head. Good body, limbs and tail. Coat has lovely  texture and depth.

3. Goodricke’s Skidoosh Magnus

AV Visitors Adult

1. Dykes Ch. Innyanga Instant Karma (68/43Bsq) (F) 30/10/08
Head  balanced with lovely expressive eyes, good profile, firm chin. Body balanced with nice limbs and tail of good length. Plumed tail and good coat dense with silky texture. Lovely nature showed well.

2. Gr. Ch. Esanes Etourdissant (76A/30) (M) 22/04/08

3. Cook’s Adatebo Tiger Lily (27) (F) 17/05/08

AV Abyssinian Adult

1. Dawson’s Glendavon Roderick Jaynes 23 (M) 18/09/08

2. Thomson’s Silversmoke Benny Goodman (23a) (M) 01/01/09
Nice lad with well set cupped ears, slight profile break. Good chin. Eyes expressive, well spaced. Moderate wedge, indented muzzle. Muscled body but a little rangy, balanced limbs coat short rich colour with well defined ticking. Handles well.

3. Miskelly’s Wavetail Ophelia (23c) 08/05/07


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