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South Western Counties Cat Club
25th September 2010

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Mrs D Stone

Grateful thanks to SUSAN & LESLEY for so kindly inviting me to judge at this well run, friendly show, for the luscious lunch, fragrant lavender candles & the lovely selection of classes.  We had some absolutely fabulous exhibits to assess & the excellent natural lighting displayed them in all their glory.  To top off the foregoing, my wonderful husband COLIN stewarded for me with his usual empathy & expertise.  You were an absolute godsend darling & it was great to be able to spend a whole day in your company for a change!
I was doubly honoured to be asked to judge two BOV’s, Best Pet going to the utterly adorable & irresistible little Tortie Tabby & White SLH lady, HOWES’s  MC Sugar and Spice who nearly got popped in my swag bag, she was so very sweet & impeccably groomed.  My BOV Burmese Adult went to another Tortie, Anna Virtue’s delightful lady Gd Ch HOBBERDY HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY 27e whom I was very pleased to see went on to become overall Best Burmese Exhibit – jolly well done!
Incidentally, in a Club Class I had a really terrific Brown chap, one Pr ADATEBU BOBTHEBLOB by name, whom I seem to remember having met a while ago.  So pleased to see him fulfilling his early promise.
AC BURMESE Gd Ch Adult Female.    3 PRESENT.
Three super ladies present – all worthy of the Certificate, shame there could only be one winner.
Imp  BURLEY’s  UK Gd Ch CHARMEUSE MILLENNIUM CREAM.  Cream.  9 yrs, 8 mths.
Lovely balanced short blunt wide wedge, top of head is wide & gently rounded, large ears are well shaped & set thus continue the line of the wedge.  Profile shows rounding to slightly heavy brow & forehead, distinct break, super deep level chin, bite is mobile.  Large lustrous well shaped & set yellow-chartreuse eyes enhanced with mascara have a positively smouldering expression!  Stylish mature queen of very good size, weight & conformation has a lovely muscular athletic feel, slender muscular legs, dainty spoon-shaped paws, tail of medium thickness with a lovely paintbrush tip balances.  Quality coat with satin texture & a shine to rival that of the sun is of the most beautiful medium cream & has the required bloom on her rounded areas.  In splendid condition this fabulous lady, whose looks belie her years, had plenty to say for herself as usual but was almost as gentle as a lamb, bless her.  My compliments to her doting owner/breeders for presenting her so well – later on  I was astounded to find her absent from my BOV line up which  was a tragedy as she most certainly deserved it.
Res  VIRTUE’s   Gd Ch HOBBERDY HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY  27e.    4 yrs, 7 mths.
Short wide blunt wedge, lovely dome & ears.  Profile shows rounded brow & forehead, distinct break, deep level chin & level bite.  Large lustrous yellow-chartreuse eyes are well set but seeming rather round today.  Medium sized matron has weighty but muscular body if carrying a trifle too m any pounds currently giving her a chunky appearance, shapely limbs, tail of good shape but prefer slightly longer to balance.  Fairly short sleek shining coat is of attractively combined brown & varying shades of red.  Shown in to condition this little lady with her meltingly sweet disposition eventually became my BOV & deservedly so.  We had a lovely cuddle – reminiscent of her teddy bear of a dad.
DEVON REX NEUTER.    2 present.
1st  (Sorry, PC not awarded)  Pr BOUNTIFUL JOEBLACK.   33a 36.  MN.  21 months.
High cheek boned wedge set on an elegant muscular neck should be shorter, broader & has a slight muzzle pinch, whisker break is quite well defined but muzzle should be shorter & broader, medium length whiskers & eyebrows are soft & wavy.  Profile shows rounding to brow, fairly flat skull at forehead & between ears but there is a slight depression on his forehead; unfortunately stop to short nose is completely absent (which fault is an automatic withhold I’m afraid), shallow receding chin, level bite.  Large, well covered wide based ears with rounded tips are rather high set.  Greenish yellow eyes with typically naughty expression are well shaped & set but should be larger.  Elegant youngster, just a little immature still with slender muscular body of good weight has broad chest, slim well muscled legs, neat oval paws, tail of good shape & length is well covered & rexed.  Short soft fine but dense coat that covers body, limbs & undersides completely is rexed in neat close waves like Astrakhan.  Irresistibly sweet chap in splendid condition & very well prepared – so sorry to have to withhold especially in view of his fabulous coat, but primarily his lack of stop gave me no other option.
2nd   CLARKE’s    MERRYPURRS HOVIS.     33a 40 15.    MN.    2 ½ years.
High cheek boned wedge set on a lovely long muscular neck should be shorter & broader, rather fine muzzle has a pinch, whisker break needs more definition, brittle whiskers & eyebrows are short & stubbly.  Profile shows rounding to brow, skull is flat between ears & at forehead, fair stop but nose is long, chin is extremely shallow & recedes but bite is level.  Fairly low set ears are wide based, well covered & have rounded tips but could be rather larger.  Large lustrous pale greenish-yellow eyes are spaced well apart, oval in shape & have that incredibly mischievous look that only a Devon has.  Large mature gentleman has lovely broad chest but is a real solid, block & tackle job, lacking the required slender body I’m afraid, slender muscular legs, neat oval paws, tapering tail of good length is a little thick but is well covered & rexed.  Rather untidy coat covers body, undersides & limbs completely but there are several patches of re-growth making the coat uneven, it is however quite short, soft, fine but dense & is very well rexed in lovely deep close waves.  A real sweetie who, like me, would benefit from the loss of several pounds.
1st & Grand MC    BERRY’s  MC IVAN.    White.    3 yrs, 9 mths.
Large, elegant muscular chap with expressive yellow eyes & a lovely soft, quite thick coat of sparkling white with no trace of yellow anywhere.  Lovely long legs, neat paws with sweet pink pads & an expressive tail.  An alert friendly fellow in his prime, a picture of health & impeccably prepared – my compliments to his doting owner for presenting him so well.  I loved him to bits & we had a lovely cuddle.  It was a toss-up between him & the Female Grand winner for BIS but she just knew how to play to the crowd that much better!

Two beautiful ladies who were a headache to separate.
1st & Grand MC   HOWES’s    MC SUGAR AND SPICE.   Tortie Tabby & White SLH.   11 mths.
Aptly named  little lady who was definitely “all things nice” with such a lovely face, gorgeous wide awake gold eyes, luxuriant whiskers, dinky ears with wonderful tufts & curling furnishings.  Adolescent lass with some growing still to do & currently at the leggy stage, body is a little bony but of quite good weight, good legs, paws & a super plume like tail.  Lovely fine flowing glossy coat of bright colours with sparkling white bib & paws.  Extremely attractive lass in top condition & very well prepared who purred like a train & did roly-poly’s on the trolley.  Who could possibly resist her?   Not I, that’s for sure – I’m a sucker for Torties as it is!  She was a joy to judge.
2nd    WARWICK’s    MC MINI MINSTREL.    Classic Brown Tabby SLH.    1 year.
A very beautiful lady with a very pretty face & glorious whiskers, gorgeous large ears with tufts & curling furnishings.  Expressive large lustrous gold eyes enhanced with “mascara”.  Another adolescent lass of very good size but also rather bony especially on her rump & should be heavier for her size, lovely legs & paws have tufts between the toes, fabulous plume of a tail.   Lovely glossy flowing fine silky coat with ruff developing & breeches.  An absolute darling, alert & very interested in the proceedings, shown in fine fettle & groomed to perfection.  Not quite as out-going as winner but get a little more meat on her & she’ll soon be in the BIS pen!
1st, MC & BIC  BERRY’s  MC IVAN.    White.   MN.     3 yrs, 9 mths.

BIC   my old friend MAY’s    MC CRIMSON KING.   Red with White.   MN.     3 yrs.
This class was for Short Haired cats, so guess being a self declared LH, he was really in the wrong class, but I gave it to him anyway as he is to die for & utterly adorable into the bargain.
RESCUED ADULT or KITTEN.    2 present.
1st    BERRY’s  MC IVAN.    White.   MN.     3 yrs, 9 mths.
2nd   COLOMB’s    SMOKIE.    Black Silver SH.    MN.    1 year.
A most attractive chap but sadly so very shy we felt it better not to force him out of the safety of the cocoon of his blanket.
AV SLH MAIDEN ADULT.    2 present.
1st BEST & MATTHEWS’s  TASSARE LORETTA LYNN.   64 41 esw.   Female.   13 mths, 2 wks.
A really promising young lady with a wonderful square muzzle & enormous well shaped & set ears adorned with long lynx tufts.  Just a tad leggy & unbalanced today which is not surprising given her age?   I wish her well for the future & shall watch her career with interest.
2nd    De SWARTE’s    SIMISOLA SELESTENNA.    13c 11.    Female.    15 mths, 3 days.
Good head & ears, lovely deep blue eyes but rather small for her age and her coat which is shady & still developing was rather greasy down the spine.  Her gloves are quite good but her gauntlets are not very well matched.  A sweet soul nonetheless.

1st MILLWARD’s  Gd Ch YOKOTA LUCIE LOCKETT.  Lilac Tonkinese. Female.  3 yrs, 7 mths.
Moderate wedge has good width to gently rounded top of head; muzzle is gently rounded & has a definite whisker pinch.  Profile shows gentle break to nose that has pinkish grey leather, firm level chin & level bite.  Medium sized broad based ears are well set thus continue the line of the wedge, have required oval tips, are pricked forward but could be a little taller.  Lovely large, expressive eyes of bluish-green are a rounded almond in shape the line of the upper lids having the required slant towards the nose, the lower lids being more generously curved.  Mature, well balanced queen of medium size has well shaped body of slightly longer than medium length that is well muscled & of good weight, slender muscular legs, neat oval paws have greyish pink pads, tapering tail of medium length is slightly thick.  Fairly short, fine, close-lying coat has required silky feel that seemed to lack gloss in this light, body colour is a creamy lilac & points colour merges quite well.   A very pleasing sweet serene queen shown in good physical condition.  I look forward to seeing her again.
2nd FOWLER’s  LYDFORD SMOKEY JOE.   Chocolate Smoke Devon Rex Male.  10 mths, 3 wks.
Short broad high cheek boned wedge set on a long muscular neck, quite a strong muzzle, well defined whisker break, brittle whiskers & eye brows are short & stubbly.  Profile shows rounding to brow, skull between ears & at forehead is fairly flat, acceptable stop to short nose, chin has depth but recedes, level bite.    Huge wide based low set ears with muffs & tufts have required rounded tips & are well covered.   Yellow eyes with that naughty Devon expression are oval in shape & well spaced apart but could be larger & more lustrous.   Medium sized adolescent lad has slender muscular body of good weight, lovely broad chest, stands tall on slim well muscled legs, neat oval paws, slightly short tapering tail with tiny end pip is well covered but has a few guard hairs present.  Short fine soft & quite dense coat that covers body, undersides & limbs completely is well rexed in close waves but has an area down his lower spine that contains a fair few guard hairs.  A sweet shy cheeky chap shown in very good condition that I liked enormously.  I look forward to seeing him again.
3rd  ARNOLD’s   PAPAVER ARIADNE.    Chocolate Smoke Cornish Rex.   Female.   3 yrs, 5 days.
Little to choose between her & above - could easily be reversed.

1st   MacDONNELL’s    AMAROGUE SHALYMAR.    84 27ex.    FN.    2yrs, 10 mths.
Lovely head with required rounding at cheek bones & muzzle is set on a long muscular neck, profile shows slight stop to nose that has some down on the bridge, good chin & level bite.  Super ears have proper ‘handles’.  Expressive well set lemon shaped eyes are of very good size.  Mature lady of very good size has well muscled body of good weight (felt a slight depression on her underside – umbilical hernia?), broad rounded chest, long well muscled legs, gorgeous long toed paws have required cushiony pads, long fine tapering tail has a little down on it, and body has a really fabulous “peach bloom” feel with just the required resistance to the touch.  Utterly adorable, shown in top condition & very well prepared – she really impressed me & I look forward to seeing her again.
2nd   WHITING’s     THICKTHORN LEONARD.     73 41.    MN.   10 months.
Immature wedge shaped head set on a graceful muscular neck is long but a little too broad across the cheekbones, muzzle is too fine & pointed, lacks the required breadth & square shape & has a muzzle pinch.  Profile showing gentle rise from bridge of nose to brow has required slight dip, broad nose has brick coloured leather rimmed in black, chin has very good depth but recedes, level bite.  Very large wide based ears edged in black with paler coloured thumb marks on the backs have rounded tufted tips and furry edges but are set much lower/wider than the required 45 degrees & he persisted in bonneting them again.  Large expressive yellow eyes rimmed in black have plenty of width between, are a full almond in shape, have required upward angle towards the ears, unbroken stripes from the outer corners & paler spectacle-like surrounds.   Adolescent gangly fellow has required wild look & has grown even more since our last meeting, has long solid powerful muscular body with deep broad chest; powerful, substantially boned proportionate well muscled legs, compact strong oval paws have dark brown pads, broad based slightly tapered tail of medium thickness is well ringed, of good length & has the required solid dark brown tip.  Superb short coat has required satiny texture & lustrous sheen, ground colour is tawny agouti, pattern colour is dark brown & comprises: M on forehead with several lines running from brow up over top of head & down neck, narrower lines on cheeks, unbroken necklaces on throat & chest, a butterfly shape between shoulder blades wings being separated by pale tawny ground colour, unbroken spine line from base of shoulder blades to base of tail has parallel lines either side, oyster shaped areas on flanks surrounded by a paler ring of pale tawny, legs are well ringed down to the wrists but toes lack the required spots, his tummy is lighter in colour & has required spotting.  The well defined pattern matches fairly well on each side but lacks density having quite a lot of agouti intermingled.    A charming chap shown in top condition.

1st   WHITING’s    THICKTHORN LOTTIE.    Chocolate Spotted Ocicat FN.    10 months.
Wedge shaped head set on a muscular arching neck is slightly longer than it is wide, has required curve from muzzle to cheek, muzzle could be a little broader but has slightly square appearance & moderate whisker pinch.  Profile shows gentle rise from bridge of nose to brow, desired slight dip, dark pink nose leather is rimmed with chocolate, chin recedes & is shallow, level bite.  Large wide based ears with furry edges have tufts that bend over at the tip, are set at required 45 degree angle & have pale thumb prints on the backs.  Large golden yellow eyes rimmed in chocolate with pale colour surrounds that give the desired mascara effect are almond shaped, & angled upwards toward the ears.   Powerfully built wild looking pubescent lass of very good size for age has long body of very good weight with muscular athletic feel, good depth to broad chest, well muscled substantially boned legs of medium length have dark marks on the backs of the hind legs, neat oval paws have pinkish chocolate pads, broad based tail of medium thickness & good length has rounded tip which is dark chocolate in colour.  Short fine sleek coat with satin texture & lustrous sheen, chocolate pattern contrasts strongly with pale but bright copper agouti ground colour & comprises ‘M’ shape on forehead, dark marks on cheeks, lines up over the head break into spots on back of neck & shoulders, spine has rows of spots from shoulder blades to base of tail, scattered spots on shoulders & hind quarters, broken necklaces & leg bracelets, lovely spotty tummy, thumb print shaped spots on torso form clearly defined “bull rings”, tail has rings alternating with spots and her nose, lips, chin & upper throat are a pale cream in colour.  A sweet, lovely girl shown in splendid condition that I liked enormously.
2nd    COAK’s    TYPHAST ZSAMI.    Brown Spotted Bengal MN.    9 mths, 2 wks.
Adolescent lad has a good head albeit with large rather high set ears.  Expressive eyes are well sized, shaped & set.  Youngster of good size for age who has some growing still to do, substantially boned legs, large paws, prefer shorter thicker tail.  Coat that is full of glitter & has the most wonderful pattern is too fine & sleek lacking the required luxuriously soft texture, but I’m nit-picking here.  Shown in splendid condition, butter wouldn’t melt in this sweet lad’s mouth.  Most unlucky to meet winner today.
3rd  CLARKE’s     MERRYPURRS HOVIS.     33a 40 15.    MN.    2 ½ years.

1st    WHITING’s    THICKTHORN LOTTIE.    Chocolate Spotted Ocicat  FN.    10 months.
2nd  WILLIAMS & PALLETT’s  Pr KENNBURY GLIMPSEOFSHE.  Blue Burmilla BCR.  FN.  22 months.
Short blunt balanced wedge of very good width, top of head is wide & gently rounded,  medium sized broad based ears have rounded tips & forward tilt & are set well apart thus continue the line of the wedge.  Profile shows good depth to skull from a rather heavy brow to lower jaw, rounding to brow & forehead, distinct break to nose that has bluish pink leather rimmed in blue, deep level chin, level bite.  Expressive large lustrous slightly full green eyes rimmed in blue are spaced well apart.   Large, solid mature lady carrying a few too many pounds currently (blown up after spaying?) lacks the required elegance, straight back, rounded chest, slender muscular legs of good length, neat oval paws have bluish pink pads, broad based tapering tail needs an inch or so to balance body.  Lovely short close-lying coat with satiny texture & highly polished finish, heavily shaded coat colour is very solid on shoulders & spine with virtually no evidence of shading, however on her torso the medium silvery blue colour shades two thirds of the way down to pale cool toned beige colour near the roots, she has some pale colouration around her lips, nose & chin, ‘M’ shape on her forehead, two broken necklaces, a few leg bars & smudges on her tummy.   An exceptionally sweet lady shown in good physical condition & well prepared but who needs fining down a little.
3rd    FURSE & FURSE’s   NWELA CHARLIE MOONDUST.  73bs.    MN.   14 mths, 4 wks.  

1st   VIRTUE’s   Gd Ch HOBBERDY HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY   27e.  Female.   4 yrs, 7 mths.
2nd   HILLMAN’s     Ch TOSCANA EUGENIE ROUGE.   Red.  Female.   4 yrs, 2 mths.
Short wedge of good width but puffing her whisker pads out today making her muzzle appear square, top of head of good width is a little flat between the ears now; large well shaped ears are well set when relaxed.  Profile shows rounding to brow, slightly flat forehead, well defined break to slightly long nose, firm level chin, level bite.  Expressive pale yellow eyes are well sized, shaped & set.  Large matron who I’m afraid is obese & flabby lacking the required elegance which she needs to progress any further up the Titles ladder, shapely limbs, well shaped tail is too short thus fails to balance body.  Quality coat with satin texture & very good gloss is of a pale tangerine with the odd smudge on her hind knees.  Not really enjoying her day thus failed to do herself justice as a result.
3rd    GRANTHAM’s     GREENPARK NORTY NUTMEG.    Brown.   Female.   17 ½ mths.

1st    HILLMAN’s    Ch SEYSIANA SUNDAYBEST.    Lilac.   Male.    2 yrs, 4 mths.
Moderate jowly wedge of good width has a slight muzzle pinch, wide gently rounded top of head, large ears are well shaped & set.   Profile shows rounding to brow, rather a long forehead, weak break to long nose, firm level chin, level bite.  Expressive yellow-chartreuse eyes enhanced with mascara are well sized, shaped & set.  Large mature gent has weighty but muscular body that still retains its elegance, shapely limbs, well shaped tail balances.  Short sleek shining coat with silky feel is of pink hued faded dove grey with slight contrast on his mask & some unfortunate yellowing on his tail.  Sweet natured chap in good condition.

1st   TRUSCOTT’s   JANAGAR NOUGHTSNCROSSES.   Lilac.   Female.    4 mths, 2 wks.
Short wedge of good width showing a slight teething pinch at present, gently rounded top of head is also of good width, ears are well shaped & set but slightly on the small side.  Profile shows rounded brow & forehead, well defined break to slightly long nose, firm level chin, level bite.  Well set yellow eyes have a green pupil ring, are a little on the round side & should be larger & more lustrous.  Goodly sized girl has well shaped & muscled body of good weight, shapely limbs tapering tail is too short thus fails to balance.  Still has her rather woolly baby coat that is of pink hued faded dove grey but has slight contrast on her mask.  Sweet playful baby in good condition.
1st   VIRTUE’s   Gd Ch HOBBERDY HOCUS POCUS.   Chocolate.  FN.    3 yrs, 7 mths.
Super wedge, top of head & ears.  Profile shows distinct break, deep level chin & level bite.   Gorgeous gold eyes have a really typical scowl!  Large lady has lost a few pounds since our last meeting & looks all the better for it, bless her, but her tail remains fractionally short!  Quality glossy coat is of the most beautiful even gold-toned warm milk chocolate with slight contrast on her mask & ears.  Utterly adorable & shown in very good condition, I have no doubt she’ll go all the way.
2nd  FRANCIS’s  Imp Gd Ch STILEWAY BLUEBERRY MUFFIN.  Blue Tortie FN.   8yrs, 2 mths.
Lovely wedge & dome, well shaped & set ears look slightly small.  Profile shows rounding to heavy brow, distinct break to short nose, deep level chin, level bite.   Expressive yellow-chartreuse eyes are well shaped, sized & set.  Very well balanced mature lady of good size has weighty but muscular body, shapely limbs, well shaped tail is too short thus fails to balance body.  Quality glossy coat of attractively combined colours.  A real sweetie shown in top condition – where have the years gone?!  It seems like yesterday that I awarded her Best Burmese Kitten at the West Country!  I have every confidence that she too will go all the way & that there will b e a battle royal between her & the above mentioned for top honours!

1st WILLIAMS’s   UK & Imp Gd Pr ZAMPETTO LIMITED EDITION.   Brown FN.   7 ½ years.
Dearest girl of super type but her coat isn’t looking quite as good as usual & she was shedding like crazy. 


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