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Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club
15th May 2010

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Mrs G Denny

The Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club heralded its 47th championship show with its latest theme ‘Here Comes Summer’ clearly it did for it was a glorious warm day. Many exhibitors and friends took part in the spirit of it, wearing straw flowered hats, Hawaiian shirts and skirts, and garlands. The hall too took on the theme and was suitably attired for the occasion. New innovations were presented for B.I.S. all of which made for an excellent event. The entry was up considerably on last year, in spite of the recession, for which one is extremely grateful to all the exhibitors who supported us. My show manager Mrs Helen Marriot-Power, Sean Farrel and Sue Barratt worked extremely hard to stage the event. I am indebted to them for all the new innovations they put into operation, they had worked the year round to create a attractive day and I cannot thank them enough for introducing another new theme to attract entries. I am very proud of them and admire their keen ability to present it. Chairman S & N.C.C
To my valuable steward Mrs Helen Hardwick who was a tower of strength giving of her all up to the end of the B.I.S. I thank her also for her devotion.
Open A.C. British SH/Manx GR/PR, Male.
GR PR. DRONSFIELD COPE’S PR GREENDALE POLAR PRINCE (39). An excellent exhibit. Round well developed head, breadth between neat ears and rounded top and cheeks, short broad nose with break, green round well spaced eyes, black liner, chin firm, bite level, short in neck, deep cobby body, coat evenly tipped, white base and under parts, short thick tail just two faint rings, strong limbs, round paws.
RES. MOORE’S PR VALPETINA ROCKON TOMMY (17). A strong bobby boy. Round head with cheeks, broad between neat ears, round well apart deep golden eyes, short broad nose, deep in body, short dense coat but shows ghost markings and heavy rings on short thick tail, low on legs, round paws, of lovely temperament and placid to handle.
Open A.C. British SH or Manx GR PR, Female.
GR PR. KNAPP’S GR CH & PR KERNMERE FOREVER SILVER (18). A lovely girl of good British type. Round head with breadth between ears, well rounded brow line, with cheeks, broad short nose with break, just a little tarnishing on end, eyes wide open of correct colour and well spaced, chin firm, bite level, deep in body of substance, coat short with defined pattern throughout, with silver base, strong limbs, short thick tail well ringed. Handled well.
Open Red/Cream/Tortie Pt Birman Adult, Female.
1st. CC & BOB. BROWN’S DALTEEMA FANTASIA (13c10). A well developed girl shown to perfection, strong broad rounded skull, cheeks full and round, nose shows slight dip, ears of medium size well placed, eyes almost round of deep blue colour. Body long and muscular, chin firm, bite level slightly tapering, short thick neck, coat full and silken in texture with ruff and breeches, matching points giving lovely contrast to clear unblemished coat, matching gloves and gauntlets, strong limbs, bushy tail.
2nd MOTT’S JANDOUGLEN GYPSY GIRL (13c6). Another exhibit of excellent type and condition, I just wish I had two certificates to award, the winner just scored on maturity. Well balanced head, good round skull with breadth between medium sized ears, nose has slight dip, fullness of cheeks, slightly tapering chin, which is firm with level bite, eyes almost round of brilliant blue colour, short in neck, body muscular and firm with length, mask and points all broken with desired colours, sturdy limbs, coat has length, silken in texture, just lacking ruff, under parts curled, matching cloves/gauntlets, full tail. Handled beautifully.
3rd SIMMOND’S GAYEMAUDI CANDYFLOSS (13c10). A young exhibit, developing well. Balanced head, ear of medium size just a little close set, eyes well spaced and almost round could be deeper in colour, slightly tapering muzzle, bite level, chin firm, nose has slight break, cheeks developing, short in neck, body quite muscular with length, coat unblemished, all points matching and well defined, gloves symmetrical, matching gauntlets, strong limbs, full tail.
4th IVINSON’S SHWECHINTHE CASSITA (13c10). Rather small for age, ears of medium size but set to close, forehead and top of head rather flat, eyes palish small and close set, nose has slight dip, slightly tapered muzzle, chin firm, bite level, short in neck, body has length, needs more weight, coat has length but lacks presentation, point complete, light of bone, lacks ruff, tail full. Of good temperament.
Open A.O.C. Maine Coon Adult, Male. (BOB awarded to pen 72)
1st. CC W/H DEANE’S ZYDECO MIDNIGHT COWBOY (64 15). Unfortunately this boy although I managed to just remove him from the pen, he refused to be handled so it was impossible to assess him.
Open A.O.C. Maine Coon Adult, Female. (BOB awarded to pen 72)
1st. CC MCHUGH’S FELLPURRS INCA OF LEWSHAN (64 41EW). An excellent head, beautifully balanced for young age, fantastic tufted large ears, high set. Good brow line and high cheek bones, eyes well apart and almost round, good contour line in profile, square in muzzle, chin firm, bite level, body long and muscular, fully coated, lovely colour and pattern, strong boning, long full tail. Of super temperament and condition.
Open British SH Bi-Coloured Adult, Male. (BOB awarded to pen 170)
1st. CC WILLIS’S CRYSTALMIST AMBERLACE (31f). A strong well developed young boy, round head full cheek, broad skull with well set neat ears, well rounded brow line, deep orange round eyes, short broad nose with break, chin firm, bite level, short thick neck, deep body, coat dense, a little soft in texture, correct proportion of white but untidy around the neck line and rather a hot cream in colour, a few ghost markings, of solid boning, short thick tail. Of lovely temperament.
Open Lilac Burmese Neuter, Male.
1st. PR WILLMONT’S CHATHERA SUNDOWNER (27c). Good top of head and brow line, ears well set with forward tilt, depth of jaw, chin firm, bite level, wide at cheek bones, nose needs more distinct stop, body hard and muscular, coat short and even in texture, eyes well spaced and lustrous, slender limbs, tail tapers to rounded tip. Handled well.
2nd. HARDY’S MACHITA MIO FIGLO (27c). Rather flat top of head and brow line, ears medium in size but held low, too long in nose lacks definite stop, wide across cheek bones, firm muscular body, eyes very pale lemon in colour, blunt muzzle, chin firm, bite level, coat very ticked, slender limbs, tail rather long.
Open Lilac Burmese Neuter, Female.
1st. PR HARDY’S CH MACHITA MISTRAL (27c). Short blunt wedge, ears well placed medium in size, set with forward tilt, wide across cheek bones, nose shows stop, eyes well spaced and lustrous, bite level, firm chin, hard muscular body, rather flat top of head, depth of muzzle, coat open and slightly tipped. Of good temperament.


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