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Suffolk & Norfolk Cat Club
15th May 2010

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Mr J Hansson

My thanks to the trinity of show managers consisting of Helen, Sue & Sean for my invitation to judge again, One my favourite venues for a show, again a few new ideas trialled which makes ot interesting for exhibitors,  I would  very much like to thank Stephen Bunce for stepping in to steward  a function he performed with skill & care all of which was much appreciated.

AV Original Foreign Grand Champion , Male;
GR & RES GR Not Awarded.  1st  BOND-WONNEBERGER’S  GR CH  FURBELL STARGAZER.  16a.  03-03-08.  Russian Blue, this lad has really excellent type & was in that respect well worthy of a Grand or higher, but is at present rather lean & slender.  Excellent head short wedge from the eyes down, excellent prominence to his whisker pads, giving breadth to his muzzle, gentle concave curve in profile, which gives the required angle, good depth chin, bite a little over.  Excellent ears, large & beautifully pricked which he holds in a fixed position which does not alter, pointed effect to the tips.  His eyes are green, wide almond shape, with hint of slant.  Body is long but somewhat too lean & whilst I appreciate this may be to some degree be due to hormones, he required a little more weight & muscle tone, long slender limbs, oval paws, the tail long & well balanced.  His coat has perhaps not as thick due to the recent weather condition, requiring a little more density to its undercoat, the top coat has retained its softness.  Even mid blue colour with a good degree of silvery sheen present due the translucent tipping.  He was beautifully relaxed & composed & though I would have wished him to have more weight his actual condition was excellent.
18-12-07.  Usual Abyssinian, this lad had too many ;problems on the day to justify a higher placing at this level. Very rangy narrow lad.  Head long & rather narrow, fine muzzle lacking the required & more typical gentle contours, muzzle pinch, brow rounds with gentle break , chin rather shallow.  Ears large, cupped at the base, pricked appearance.  The eye shape a little too defined & as result more oriental in shape & set, as opposed to wide almond, green in colour.  Body very fine boned & narrow particularly a slender limbs, small paws, broader base to the rather fine medium length tail.  Coat a little open & could be slightly shorter, texture slightly dry.  His colour is a rich ruddy apricot tone with intense orange undercoat, ticking well defined showing banding, bar free, good facial markings, black rims to the eyes, paler spectacle area, flash at the outer edge of the eyes & onto the brow, black tail tip, heels could be a little higher, has a small lesion on one leg cleared by the DV.  Excellent temperament, very fussy, just not looking his best. 

AV Original Foreign Grand Champion , Female
GR CH  BANDY’S  GR CH TROIKA SHEREMETEVA.  16a.  17-09-08. Mature lady who was beautifully composed.  Good shorter wedge form the eyes down, with a good broad muzzle created bu the prominent whisker pads, flat plane to the her brow, with gentle concave curve at the bridge of her nose, firm chin, bite good.  Ears are large, tiny tufted tips with sparsely furnished interiors could be a little taller & more pricked ideally.  Eyes have a gentle slant to their wide almond shape the colour a paler shade of green.  Firm well proportioned body, long legs, oval paws, tapered tail, broader at its base, almost balanced length.  Coat still showing double qualities, good density to the undercoat, soft fine top coat.  Even blue colour with a good amount of silvery sheen present.  Excellent condition & her temperament was extremely gentle. 
RES GR Not Awarded.  2nd  BANDY’S  CH TROIKA VASILISA.  16a.  12-10-07.  Russian Blue, this girl was a little finer than her stable companion & looked better out of her pen than initially appeared the case.  Head has an excellent short wedge form the eyes down, with very good prominence to her puffed whisker pads, let down by her profile which was my reason for not awarding the certificate, being straight with no visible angle present, quite a good chin & the bite was good.  Ears large, pricked tall& with a pleasing pointed effect to the tips, spares inner furnishings.  Eyes wide almond shape with gentle slant, excellent  vivid green colour.  Body lithe & well toned, good length, long slim legs, small oval paws, broader base to the well balanced tapering tail.  Coat has good degree of density, soft undercoat, short fine top coat.  Mid blue colour with some silvery sheen present on the paws & also the face, some tail rings still evident.  Her condition & temperament both excellent. 

Colourpoint or Mitted Ragdoll Adult, Male;
02-04-09.  Still looking a little pretty for a boy but very young so will hopefully continue to grow on & achieve a more masculine appearance as he matures.  Head still to achieve more breadth & fullness across the cheeks, reasonable muzzle, flat plane to his brow, gentle dip to the retrousse nose, chin okay, bite marginal over.  Ears medium size, wide base, set with touch of forward tilt if perhaps marginally high, well furnished interiors.  Eyes large well open, very slight hint of obliqueness, the colour I would like to see deeper & more vibrant. His body has good length but has still quite a way to go in filling out, proportionate legs & tufted paws, well balanced length bushy tail.  Coat has good length, generally silky soft texture, with the exception of the lower back area., ruff 7 breeches still to develop more, good knickerbockers.  Body has light creamy white tone, with excellent contrast to his points, if he is Tabby I would like to see more defined markings, the colour a warm cream leg bracelets could be more obvious, slight rings on the underside of his tail.  His condition & temperament both excellent. 

Colourpoint or Mitted Ragdoll Adult, Female;
CC Not  Awarded.  1st  JOYNER’S  LEXY.  66aw. 10-05-09.  Blue Mitted, type wise generally very good.  Head has good width across the cheeks, quite a well developed muzzle, flat brow, gentle dip th the retrousse nose, excellent chin, bite good.  Ears medium size, slight hint of forward tilt, rounded tips, medium size.  The eyes are a very good blue tone, could be larger & more fully open  with a little too much slant.  Feminine body proportions, good length, legs could be a fraction heavier boned, round paws with tufts, reasonable degree of fullness to her bushy tail.  Coat could ideally be a little longer but it was reasonably dense & soft in texture, still to attain a fuller ruff, good knickerbockers. Body has a cool tone with hint of tonal shading, white chin couldn’t really discern if it actually went all the way under the tummy as she has not fully coloured up, white mittens but the points colour of blue was well below the hocks on both back legs, her mask, ears, legs & tail a reasonable matching blue.  Gentle nature, very good condition. 
2nd  GODFREY’S  CERINDA CAT PALACE ANNE.  66cw.  25-03-09.  Lilac Mitted,  large well grown girl, excellent substance. Head has good breadth across the cheeks, muzzle marginally fine, brow could ideally be a little flatter, gentle dip to the nose, chin needs a little more length.  Ears medium size, set well apart, rounded tips, could have little more forward tilt ideally.  Eyes large & well open, the colour rather pale & ideally require more evidence of obliqueness to the setting.  Excellent body development, well boned legs, good size paws, tail of almost balanced length but could have a fullness to it.  Coat beautifully prepared, excellent texture, good density. Good degree of ruff, excellent knickerbockers.  Lovely subtle body colour of delicate magnolia, good contrast to her pinky lilac points on the mask, ears, front legs & tail,  white mittens & to the hocks on the back legs but she did not have white on her chin.  Excellent condition & very composed.
3rd  ADAMS’S  RAGADEE FORGET-ME-NOT.  66aw.  13-06-09.  Blue Mitted, Very small girl who looked more kittenish than adult.  Head requires a little more width, good muzzle, flat brow, gentle dip & retrousse nose tip, the chin recedes a little, bite good.  Ears medium size, round on the tips, set well & have touch of forward tilt. Eyes a little too slanted which detracts from the shape, good colour.  Body has a considerable amount of growth to achieve if she is ever to continue competing at adult level, proportionate legs & paws, good tail wit quite a good bushy effect.  Coat reasonable density but not yet attained its full length, knickerbockers good, but needs more ruff, soft fine texture.  Points colour rather a dark shade of blue but reasonably well matched & with good contrast to her cool toned body colour, white chin extending through the tummy, white mittens with white to the body line on the back legs, could be a little brighter on the white.  Lively extrovert little miss, very good condition. 
4th  VALE’S  CH ADNIOLA PHATPAWS BOOTIGIRL.  66a.  22-09-08.  Blue Colourpointed, just a little out of sync despite her age advantage.  Slightly fine on the muzzle & ideally her cheeks could have a little more width, good flat plane to the brow, nose requires more evidence of gentle dip, fair chin, bite good.  Rounded tips to the medium size, well placed ears, touch of forward tilt.  Eyes good larger size, well open & have slightly oblique setting, the colour an acceptable depth of blue.  Body of medium size, tail could be a little fuller.  Her coat appears to have been stripped out, & as result lacks density & is a little harsh in texture on the lower back but that said is silkier on the sides, some ruff, reasonable knickerbockers.  Body is slightly shaded albeit in tonal blue & there is contrast to her points which are well matched if darker shape of blue. 
Considered for BOB. HAMILTON’S  GR CH ADATELO PURRBLUEBUBBLE.  66a.  02-04-08.  Blue Colourpointed, clearly out in front against his competition, extremely handsome chap, yet with a gentle look & lovely composed temperament.  Masculine head type, width across the cheeks, well developed muzzle, the brow showing flat plane, gentle dip to his slightly retrousse tip, chin has good depth, scissor bite.  Ears wide at their base with well furnished interiors, medium size, rounded tips & touch of forward tilt.   Gentle oblique setting to his large well open eyes, most pleasing blue tone.  Strong neck, well muscled body of very good length, possessing depth, strong  well boned legs, large paws, broader base to his full bushy tail.  His coat was beautifully prepared  with good degree of ruff to frame his face, full knickerbockers, excellent texture.  Body has cool tone albeit with some shading  present in tonal blue, points still just within the mid blue phase, well matched with the exception of his paler muzzle.  His condition was excellent & his temperament superb. 

Bi-Coloured Ragdoll Kitten, Female;
1st  HAMILTON’S  PHATPAWS INNOCENCE.  66 31a.  19-08-09.  Blue Bi-Coloured, absolutely gorgeous miss with personality plus to boot, such a gentle look.  Head has very good breadth across the cheeks, well developed muzzle, flat plane to her brow, gentle dip 7 correct retrousse effect to the nose tip, good chin & bite.  Ears medium size, set well, slight tilt, round on the tips, well furnished interiors.  Beautifully expressive eyes, well open shape, good larger size, gentle oblique setting, beautiful depth of blue.  Body though still quite dainty, was beautifully proportioned with good legs & tufted paws, excellent tail.  Coat most beautifully prepared, lovely soft silken texture, good density, fluffy ruff as yet, good knickerbockers, good length.  Beautifully balanced inverted white ‘V’ on her face, which extending through her chin, chest tummy & front legs, white to the body line, very soft blue colour on her mask, ears & tail, cool near white body.  Her temperament quite delightful, super condition & really charming complete package, not at all to find her in the Best of Variety Semi Longhair Kitten.

Colourpoint or Mitted Ragdoll Neuter, Male;
1st  & PC HAMILTON’S  PHATPAWS DEVILISH DESIRE.  66d.  29-04-09.  Entered as Red Colourpointed, type wise extremely impressive & I confess I did give him a large dose of benefit of doubt with regard to his colour as a result but in my opinion he is Cream not Red.  Gentle looking lad who was beautifully grown & developed. Broad head with breadth across his cheeks, well developed muzzle, reasonably flat plane to his brow, gentle dip to the retrousse nose, good depth chin & level bite.  Ears well placed medium size, rounded tips, just pricks a tad, beautiful inner furnishings.  Lovely eyes, large well open, gentle obliqueness to the setting, most pleasing depth of blue & lovely expression.  Body was beautifully developed & substantial perhaps a little too much so with swinging waddles on his tummy, strong well boned legs, tufted paws, well balanced length tail with good full bushy appearance.  His coat was of very good length & was most beautifully prepared, not a hair out of place, excellent texture, good full ruff & excellent knickerbockers.  Body colour has a light creamy off white tone (indicating Cream) with good contrast to the points, solid coloured ears, warm points on the mask & tail & also some colour on the front legs & also hocks these all indicating Cream.  His condition & temperament both superb.  Very handsome.
2nd  PEARSON’S  ADNIOLA SEBASTION OSCAR.  66a.  19-10-08.  Blue Colourpointed, well grown lad but a little retiring.  Head has good width across the cheeks, muzzle could be a little broader, flat plane to his brow, profile requires more evidence of retrousse effect, chin & bite both okay.  Ears on the larger size & slightly more pointed effect to the tips, good inner furnishings, holds a mite tall.  His eyes are very large & rounded requiring more evidence of obliqueness to the setting, the colour could be more intense, just looking rather startled & worried which detracts.  Body well muscled & excellent size, good bone, tufted paws, bushy tail of quite well balanced length. His coat has an extremely silky texture, well prepared, could have a fuller ruff but the knickerbockers were very good.  Body showing shady tone with a brownish blue cast, still contrast to the points which were a very slate blue tone, marginally paler on the stockings.  His condition was excellent, pity he was so shy.   

Colourpoint or Mitted Ragdoll Neuter, Female;
1st  PC & BOB.  PERCIVAL’S  GR CH HUGNHOLD SUMMER BREEZE.  66w.  03-05-05.  Seal Mitted, one of my favourite Ragdolls & though I have not seen her for some time, I am pleased to say apart from looking more mature nothing has changed.  Gorgeous type colour & presentation such a gentle look about her.  Her head may be a tiny bit short for some but nevertheless she has excellent width across her cheeks, well developed muzzle, pleasing flat plane to her brow, excellent gentle dip to her nose with its slightly retrousse effect to its tip, excellent chin & level bite.  Ears medium size, set well apart, rounded tips, well furnished interiors, hint of forward tilt.  Gorgeous eyes, well open & good larger size, obliquely set, stunning intense blue colour & so beautifully expressive.  Body is firm & excellent weight, well proportioned legs & paws, excellent full bushy tail of almost balanced length.  Coat most beautifully prepared, silky soft texture, with a very good degree of density, excellent full ruff tot frame her face, excellent knickerbockers.  Warm glows of tonal shading to her body, white chin with the white extending through her chest & tummy, even white mittens on the front paws, & white up to the line of the body on the back legs, the remainder of her points almost pleasing seal brown with an excellent degree of warmth.  Her condition was superb & has  most trusting gentle demeanour a real pleasure to meet up with again in her new neuter status. 
2nd   REAVELEY’S  CONEBE ANGEL DELIGHT.  66a.  24-05-07.  Blue Colourpointed, this girl has lovely head type. Wide at the cheeks well developed muzzle, flat pane to her brow, gentle dip to the slightly retrousse nose, good depth chin, bite good.  Ears well placed with touch of tilt forward & a good medium size, good inner furnishings.  Eyes good larger size, well open, with a gentle obliqueness to the setting, good depth of blue.  Body well proportioned, length good, good legs & paws with tufts, tail could perhaps be a just a little longer to balance fully but that said has a good bush appearance.  Her coat has a good length but a trifle on the woolly side, with silkier top coat, reasonable degree of ruff & full knickerbockers.  Very shady body but there Was still a perfectly acceptable degree of contrast to the matching points even if these were a very dark shade of blue.   Her condition was splendid & she was relaxed & beautifully composed. 
16-09-08.  Seal Colourpointed, excellent type, who was beautifully prepared.  Good width across the cheeks, well developed muzzle, flat plane to the brow, gentle dip in profile with retrousse effect to its tip, chin & bite both good.  Ears a good medium size, set well, touch of forward tilt, round on the tips.  Eyes large in size, well open, could ideally have a touch more obliqueness to the setting, the colour a paler shade of blue than I would ideally prefer.  Body well developed & good length, good bone to the legs, good size tufted paws, bushy tail could ideally be a little longer.  Coat has good length & was beautifully prepared, good density soft silken like texture, some ruff & good knickerbockers.  Body has some tonal seal shading but with a reasonable degree of warmth, good degree of density to the seal points.  Condition & temperament both excellent. 
Also Considered for BOB.  REAVELEY PR CONEBE SEALED WITH A KISS.  66w.  14-12-06.  Seal Mitted, extremely testy girl nothing like in keeping with the gentle nature the breed should be synonymous with, more a case of light blue touch paper & retire to safe distance.  Type wise most pleasing, good width across the cheeks, well developed muzzle, quite a short head, reasonable flat brow, requires more retrousse effect to her nose in profile, chin okay, bite unchecked for reasons of personal safety.  Medium size well placed ears having a touch of forward tilt, wide at their base & well furnished.  Eyes quite a good larger size & well open in an oblique setting, lovely depth of blue the colour no doubt exacerbated due to her rage.  Firm well proportioned body, good legs & paws, tufted paws, tail only very cursory inspection, quite a good bushy appearance & medium length.  Coat good length, adequate density, soft texture, quite shady but warm, points dense seal brown, white chin which extends through the tummy, white mittens on the front paws, white on the back legs but I did not have time to check where it finished before she exploded.  Her condition was excellent, temperament left something to be desired. 

British Orange Eyed White Adult, Male;
1st  CC & BOB.  VESSEY’S  DARRWAY URSUS.  07-05-09.  Very well grown lad but extremely frightened & head shy, which made assessment very difficult & I had to return to him a number of times to assess his bite before being able to justify his certificate.  He still looks adolescent but no more so than his age would suggest, head round with the cheeks filling well, rounded brow, broad nose, good chin, cursory inspection of his bite was good.   Ears medium size, just a little wide at the base as yet hopefully maturity will correct this.  His eyes are marginally deeper in set & I would ideally prefer these a little larger & more fully rounded, his worry tending to exacerbate the problem.  Light golden orange colour could be a little deeper & more intense.  Strong neck, still to broaden to match his size but  excellent bone & substance, strong legs, large paws, well proportioned tail.  His coat whilst still the softness of the very young was a good shorter length & possessed excellent density, has a bit of stud tail which though clean will require watching & attention.  He was wonderfully clean bright sparkling white & completely free of staining a pleasure to see in a white.  His condition was superb, just needs to acquire a degree of belief in himself.    

British Lilac Adult, Female;
CC & BOB Not Awarded.  1st  SMITH’S  MALRIC INTHEPINK.  22-06  This girl had pleasing type but sadly her development lacked what she should by now have achieved even for a very young adult & her size more in keeping with 7-8 months age group.  Her head though still to fill & round out more was showing promise to come which hopefully more maturity should bring, rounded brow, chin & bite both good.  Ears are well placed, smaller medium size, quite neat.  Eyes well rounded, good larger size, golden orange colour.  Body as yet, still small & under-developed, but all in proportion, good limbs, balanced  tail.  Her coat has good density & relatively shorter length if still rather soft but not out of keeping with her age.  Colour is a pleasing soft frosty lilac tone, relatively sound despite some ghosted underlying spotted pattern still evident.  Her condition & temperament both excellent.  

British Cream Kitten, Male;
1st  & BOB.  HARDY’S  STONNALL ROMANTIC AMIGO.  10-01-10.  Cracking little chap & a real Teddy Bear of a kitten, showing an excellent degree of potential.  Excellent head type, w it h width across his rounding cheeks, rounded brow, good muzzle, firm chin, swollen gums due to teething, despite which his bite was good.  Ears still to grow into, medium size, well placed. The eyes are a good larger size for his young age, round in shape, the colour developing well, already a good bright orange tone.  Lovely chunky little person, good breadth & depth, compact cobby shape, well boned strong legs  good size, paws, tail medium length despite still having its pointed baby tip.  Coat thick dense albeit still typically baby soft.  Very pleasing soft powdery cream effect, still as to be expected some degree of patter to clear, virtually sound.  Super condition, confident little chap with an innate awareness of his own quality, later Best of Variety British Kitten, well done.   
2nd  BROWN’S  LYNBRO ZAKARIAH.  10-12-09.  though the older of the two by exactly a month this lad was very pretty & somewhat girly by comparison.  Head round in shape, well rounded cheeks, brow nicely rounded, chin & bit both okay.   Ears well placed relatively tidy, medium size, round on the tips.  Eyes round, well open, good larger size excellent bright deep orange colour. Body not the compact substance of the winner but quite well proportioned overall, good legs & paws, well balanced quite heavy, medium length tail.  His coat has quite a good degree of density but is still typically baby soft & is inclined to lay a little flat at present  Good colour cream which was acceptably sound, he does have quite a heavy degree of spotted pattern & marked contrast as yet still to clear hopefully as he matures and develops.  Charming nature, excellent condition. 

British Silver Tabby Neuter, Male;
PC Not Awarded.  1st  LATIMER’S  ADNIOSH EMMETT’S ECLIPSE.  16-06-09.  Gentle lad & whilst he has excellent pattern elements & contrast he was lacking British type.  Even taking into account his young age, many of the type problems are unlikely to change as he matures.  Head lacks both rounding & width, no cheeks as such, has very shallow break at the eye line, nose long with small bump & roll off,  sloping chin bite good. Ears moderately small, but needs more width between.  His eyes are on the smaller side & could be more fully rounded, hazel in colour.  Body is long & rather narrow, needs to fill out some. high on the legs, round paws, tail could be a little heavier, balanced length.  His coat rather flat & a requiring a little a more density.  Well marked facial tracings, spotted whisker pads, clear cheeks ribbons, scarab, lines run over the head, butterfly across his shoulders, lines down the back, oysters well matched on each side, LMC on his throat, well marked leg bracelets, good tail rings.  His pattern elements are all in black & have excellent contrast against the clear silver sixpence ground colour.  Gentle as stated & excellent condition.     

British Silver Tabby Neuter, Female;
1st & PC KNAPP’S  GR CH & PR KERNMERE FOREVER SILVER.  06-04-07.   Mature lady  who looked much better out than initial appearance indicated.  Excellent rounding to the head shape, round, well filled cheeks, brow rounds well, muzzle well developed, excellent chin, bite marginal verging under.  Ears well placed, quite neat smaller medium size.  Eyes of hazel green tone, well open, round shape & good larger size.  Body not large but compact & uniform with well proportioned legs & paws, well balanced tail of medium length.  Coat has a good degree of density, quite a good degree of crispness to the texture & a good shorter length. Facial markings good showing well marked cheeks ribbons, ‘M’ on her brow, body pattern perhaps a little busy, showing dorsal lines, linked oysters on the sides, LMC’s on the throat, well marked leg bracelets & linked broad tail bands, black heels & tail tip.  The silver ground colour could ideally be a little clearer but that aside the contrast between that the ground colour generally good, has little bit of tarnish but nothing excessive.  Excellent condition & very good temperament.
Considered for & Awarded.  BOB.  COULTHURST’S  GR CH SHADOWSMINE SHIMMER.  12-07-04.  Rather worried  madam, mature years & excellent type.  Head shows well rounded shape, full cheeks, round on her brow, well developed muzzle, chin & bite both good.  Ears well placed, medium size fitting well into her head shape without distortion.  Large eyes, round & well open good green colour.  Excellent body proportions, compact cobby body shape, good breadth chest, well boned legs, round paws, balanced medium length moderately heavy tail.  Her coat has pleasing crisp texture, good shorter length & very good density even if shedding rather heavily.  Well defined facial markings, spotted whisker pads, cheek striations, ‘M’ & scarab on her brow, lines run over her head, with lines down her back, butterfly over the shoulders, oysters on the sides, broad irregular leg bracelets & linked wide tail bands, black well up the heels, outer edges of the paw pads & tail tip.  Good silver sixpence ground colour & as a result well defined contrast to her black markings.  Condition was excellent, tending to panic a little out of the pen, but much braver when returned & attempted to give me a slap for my troubles.   

Russian Blue Neuter, Female;
1st  PC & BOB.  WILLIAMS’S  PR GOSHENS BLUE PADME.  09-04-07.  Quite a pleasing well balanced girl of very good type.  Good shorter wedge from the eyes down, with good prominence to her whisker pads, profile has slightly more defined break than gentle angle perhaps a little accentuated due to the small nose bump, chin & bite both good.  Ears moderately large, set tall & pricked pointed effect to the tips, sparsely furnished interiors.  The eyes are a very good green in colour, good wide almond shape albeit a little deep set.  Body is firm & well toned, with slim legs, small oval paws, broader base to the medium length tail with slight degree of tension at its tip, no defect.  Coat has evidence of double qualities with soft quite dense undercoat, medium length soft top coat.  Even mid blue colour some ghosted tail rings, with some soft sheen present also.  Very composed lady, excellent condition. 

Chocolate Burmese Adult, Female;
1st  & CC BEVAN’S  CH IMASTAR LOOK ATME.  15-04-03.  Very good type lady with just enough attitude to give her the little extra.  Good shorter wedge, with blunt muzzle, top rounds well, good definition to her break, short nose, excellent chin, one chipped canine, bite level.  Ears good medium size, set well, with rounded tips, hint of tilt.  Expressive eyes, well shaped & a good larger size, very good chartreuse tone.  Firm mature body, excellent substance, medium length, straight back, well shaped legs & neat oval paws, the tail a little short of shoulder with rounded tip. Coat has good shorter length & lays close & sleek, satin like texture.  Rich even chocolate colour, glossy surface shine.  Condition excellent, chuntered but no malice intended or taken.
2nd  BEVAN’S  IMASTAR SEE METOO.  07-08-09.  Very young & little outclassed by her competition.  Head as yet slightly narrow & as a result looks a little longer than is actually the case, reasonable muzzle, top has adequate rounding, fair break, small bump & roll off the nose tip, chin & bite good.  Ears require a little more width between, medium size, round on the tips.  Eyes could be a little more defined in shape & ideally perhaps marginally larger, most attractive yellow chartreuse colour, could be a little more expressive.  Body still quite lithe but in keeping with her very young age, being just over  9 months, legs slim, neat paws, well balanced tail just short of shoulder, tip rounded.  Excellent coat, it was short & close lying, lovely texture.  Pleasing warm chocolate, still to even out a little more.  Excellent condition & temperament.
3rd  BEIRNE’S  BURMAROSE CHIARA CHOCOLAT.  06-05-09.  This girl was still a little small & lacked somewhat in maturity for her age.  Head I would prefer a little wider, the muzzle good, top requires a little more rounding, fair break, good chin, level bite.  Ears medium size, rounded on their tips, showing hint of forward tilt, pricks a mite.  Eyes a good yellow chartreuse colour, somewhat innocent expression, need to be a little larger & with more depth of curve to the lower line to define their shape.  Body as yet still small & with room for growth to give more substance, slender limbs small paws, tail short of shoulder, well shaped.  Coat marginally on the long side, but close & the texture excellent.  Still to colour fully but without undue contrast to her mask & ears & generally a good warm tone.  Very sweet disposition & her condition was sound, just to hopefully grow on & mature more fully. 
Considered for & Awarded BOB.  COLE’S  GR CH MOLYNMEUX ADORABLE.   01-09-06.  Looking quite gorgeous, a real quality exhibit.  Wedge short & wide, excellent blunted muzzle, top beautifully rounded in both directions, excellent break, short nose, good chin, level bite.  Ears larger medium size, wide base & rounded tips, set well apart & with a slight hint of forward tilt.  Beautiful eyes, large with deep curved lower line enhanced by the slanted top, lustrous chartreuse colour, looked beautifully wicked yet was such a gentle girl.  Excellent firm body, deceptively heavy fro her size, slender limbs & neat oval paws, tail quite fine, short of shoulder & rounded tip.  Super coat, it was short & extremely close lying, extremely sleek with satiny finish.  Darker shade of chocolate but with an excellent degree of warmth to it, complete with glossy sheen.  Splendid condition & such a composed yet confident temperament.  
Also Considered for BOB.  BEIRNE’S CH MINAHTO CHOCOLATE CARDOMAM.  22-10-07.  Quite a dainty girl but her type was excellent. Good shorter length wedge, good width, blunt muzzle, round on the top line, break well defined, short nose, chin okay, bite good.  Ears medium size, rounded tips, set well.  Lovely eyes, curved  lower line & slanted top, greenish chartreuse colour, wicked expression.  Body though quite small was exceptionally heavy for her size, well proportioned legs neat paws, medium thickness to her tail with its rounded tip, marginally on the shorter side.  Sleek well prepared coat, laying close, good shorter length, satiny texture.  Even warm darker toned chocolate.  Her condition excellent, has a degree of attitude but nothing untoward. 

Red Burmese Neuter, Male;
1st  PC & BOB.  KEMPE’S  PR OAKENSHIELD FORTISSIMO.  14-12-08. Very large substantial lad, but looking handsome & was very composed.  Head has short broad wedge, with very good blunt muzzle, top rounded, good break, small roll of the short nose, strong chin, level bite.  Ears set well, showing just a hint of tilt, round on the tips, good medium size.  His eyes are a very good shape, slanted top line & good depth to the lower line, pleasing larger size, required a little tidy up, the colour is most pleasing buttercup yellow tone.  Body very large & certainly substantial, perhaps be critical a little too much so, but as a neuter some leeway given, well shaped legs & good size paws, tail a little thicker at its base, rounded tip, short of shoulder.  His coat was short & very close lying, well prepared, satin like finish.  Ideally I would prefer a little more intensity to his tangerine colour, showing a very slight amount of smudging on his inner legs.  His physical condition was absolutely superb & he was such a calm composed lad, difficult to remove from his pen purely due to his size, not attitude.  
2nd  WARD’S  PR KUPRO RED COUGAR.  14-10-06. Somewhat lacking in stature by comparison to his competition.  Despite being the oldest in the class this lad looked very immature given his age.  His head requires a little more width to give overall balance & could be a little shorter ideally, reasonable blunt appearance to the muzzle, his top a little flatter than I would have preferred, good break, longer length nose with some roll off at its tip, adequate chin, bite okay.  Ears good medium size, wide base, round at the tips.   Ears are medium size, round on the tips, could ideally be a little wider in set.  Eyes large, just requiring a little more evidence of slant to the top line, very good light yellow tone.  Body is somewhat slender, slim legs & oval paws, tail of medium thickness with paintbrush effect to the tip which is just short of shoulder.  The coat is slightly longer, but was nevertheless laying close & was of very good sleek satiny texture.  Colour a rich warm tangerine paling towards the lower sides, some smudge on his brow.  Condition excellent & his temperament very placid.   
Considered for BOB.  FORTESCUE’S  GR CH & PR BLOOMERS BELCHAMP’S  BARON.  09-04-08.  Cracking lad for type & whilst I have no objection to a bit of bolsh, this lad was pushing it a little far today. He has an excellent short wide wedge & blunt effect to his muzzle, top rounds beautifully, excellent stop, short nose, strong chin, bit level.  Medium size to his ears, with well rounded tips, set well, wide at the base & just a touch of forward tilt present.  The eyes are large, well shaped, lovely colour with definite yellow tone, extremely wicked expression.  Beautiful body, medium length, extremely hard & well muscled, well shaped limbs, oval paws, medium thickness to the tail, rounded tip, short of shoulder.  Coat short & close lying, fitting well, being sleek & satin like in texture.  Bright rich tangerine tone, which was free of barring, has the usual head markings one would associate with a red, lovely glossy sheen to the surface.  His condition was splendid, would have obtained the Best of Breed had he just been a little more co-operative, he is a very handsome exhibit. 

Brown Tortie Neuter;
Considered for & Awarded BOB.  JARVIS’S  GR CH & GR PR KYMIAN LOTTIE.  21-10-99.  This girl though quite dainty & diminutive was in splendid condition for her age & still has a degree of Tortie attitude to sell the goods. Head has short wide wedge, blunt effect to her muzzle, rounded top, the break requiring a little more definition, chin runs back a mite.  Ears well placed smaller medium size, rounded tips, wide base.  Lovely eyes, witheringly wicked expression, well shaped greener phase of chartreuse.  Body not large & slightly more rounded in proportion but at over 11 years I was more than happy to give a degree of allowance, slim legs, neat paws, tail a little on the shorter side, medium thickness, rounded tip.  Her coat laying close & well prepared, perhaps a little on the longer side but in all possibility attributable to her age, sleek well prepared, glossy finish.  Well tortied with varying shades of mainly paler tangerine & warm brown.  Her condition excellent, still feisty in spite of her more senior years & was later Best of Variety Burmese Neuter, congratulations.   

AV SLH Veteran Adult;
1st  NEVIN’S CH CADENCE HAMLET.  66 31a.  27-02-04. Blue Bi-Coloured Ragdoll, not an overly large lad but generally well balanced.  Head has good breadth to the cheeks, muzzle could be a little broader, flat plane to the brow, gentle dip to the nose, fleshy chin, bite good. Slightly generous ear proportions being a little flared at the base, quite well furnished interiors, could be slightly more rounded on the tips.  Eyes could be a little more fully open, very good depth of blue.  Despite my comment regarding his size, this was not to infer fine & he was a good weight for his size, well proportioned legs & paws though these could be more substantial ideally, tail could be a little longer & fuller.  Coat was well prepared though it could ideally be a little denser, very good silky texture, reasonable ruff & good knickerbockers.  Inverted white ‘V ‘ on the face as was the chin, chest, tummy & legs, remainder of the mask, ears & tail blue with tonal blue shading on the body.  Very gentle nature, very good condition. 
2nd  LACHLAN’S  NORVIN UPTOWNGIRL.  13c 2.  31-03-05.  Blue Point Birman, quite a dainty girl considering her mature years & ideally required a little more body tone & substance, as a result looking somewhat adolescent. Head ideally requiring a little more width & fullness to her cheeks, muzzle marginally fine, her skull could be a tad more fully rounded, gentle dip in profile, chin tapers, bite good.  Ears medium size & well spaced, good inner furnishings.  Eyes large almost round in shape, requiring a little more depth of colour to the blue tone.  Body of generally smaller proportions & I would prefer more substantial bone to her legs & paws, tail of medium length, with acceptable degree of bushiness considering the time of year.  Her coat has medium length but a touch out of coat & as result lacks ruff & her britches fuller, nevertheless she was well prepared & had silken like texture to her coat.  Scalloped gloves, even slightly low gauntlets which could be a little more tapered, socks reasonably well matched.  Matching medium toned blue points, some light tonal blue shading to the cool toned coat, very well contrasted.  Very gentle disposition, her condition was sound I would just prefer her larger. 

AV SLH Adolescent Neuter;
1st  BUTLER’S  COONFLAKES SHEREKHAN.  64 41dw.  09-08-09.  Red Tabby & White Maine Coon, at just over 9 months this lad still looks typically adolescent as is his right .  Showing a good degree of promise, his head a little longer than wide, his cheeks could ideally be little wider, the muzzle showing a good square boxy shape, gentle concave curve at the eye line, chin has depth, bite level.  Ears are large & picked tall, tufted tips, wide base with good inner furnishings.  Eyes slightly oblique setting to their round shape & good larger size, hazel tone.  Body has good length & rectangular shape jut to fill out more, well boned legs, good larger paws, with tufts emanating from beneath, good length well furnished flow to his tail.  His coat has good density but still to attain its full length, his ruff still in the process of developing, shaggy tummy & good breeches, glossy top coat.  White moustache, chin, chest tummy & also all four paws,  good pattern, showing cheek ribbons & clear ‘M’ on his brow, lines over his neck, hint of butterfly over his shoulders, back a little more solid, linked oysters, good leg bracelets, not tail rings as such but with a slight ghosting on the underside.  Warm deeper red pattern on a paler red ground colour.  Excellent condition & such a gentle relaxed lad.  
2nd  HAMILTON’S  PHATPAWS DEVILISH DESIRE.  66d.   Would have won had I been more convinced about his colour. 

AV SLH Limit Neuter;
1st  ADAM’S  AREZZA STARDUST.  13c 4.  21-03-08.  Lilac Point Birman, handsome lad, excellent substance.  Type pleasing with good width & development to his cheeks, well developed muzzle, round brow with slight dip in profile, chin tapers, bite good.  The ears are placed well apart, medium size.  Eyes set marginally straight set which detracts a little form the almost round shape & size, very good depth of blue to their colour.  Body showing good size & well muscled,  well boned legs, short paws, tail bushy, could ideally be a little longer to balance more fully.  Good length coat which was well prepared, good degree of ruff, slight curl on the tummy, full britches, it was pleasing silky texture. Body has soft magnolia tone & contrasts well to his lilac points colour of quite warm dove grey.  Has slight scalloped effect to his gloves with a slight dip between the toes, his gauntlets are well matched & taper well to just below the hocks, good boots, all in clean white.  Excellent condition & handled well. 
2nd  CRANE’S  DALTEEMA RUBYTUESDAY.  13c 7.  03-05-05 Cream Point Birman, dainty, rather petite & fine boned not the size  & substance I would ideally have wished to see particularly in view of her mature age.  Head requires more breadth, gente dip in profile, chin requires a little more depth, bite good.  Medium size ears, which were well placed, some inner furnishings.  The eyes are large & almost round in shape, colour has a reasonable depth of blue just requiring a little more intensity.  Body needs more substance & tone, the legs a little too fine, small paws, tail of well balanced proportions the brush could be little fuller   She was a little our of coat, but well prepared, silky texture, only a short ruff at present.  Body shows warm cream shading, still contrast to her points which are rather a hot shade of cream, particularly on the ears & tail, she has well matched gloves ending at the angle of the paws, good boots, the gauntlets low & not well tapered.  Very sweet nature, condition very good.  .

AV SLH Not Won PC or IC Neuter;

AC British/Selkirk Rex Debutante Adult, Part a;
1st  WILLIS’S  CRYSTALMIST SAND-STORM.  17.  17-07-09.  Cream, this lad had super type which put him out in front in the class, pity about his colour.  For not yet 10 months he was beautifully grown & developed, huge chunky body with good breadth & substance, well boned strong legs, large paws, broad heavy tail.  Head though still looking very juvenile (which he is & is not intended as criticism, merely a statement of fact), it is well rounded & his cheeks are filling well, rounded brow, chin & bite both good.  Ears medium size, set well apart & looking very proportionate to the head development.  His eyes are well open, round in shape, beautiful deep coppery orange colour.  His coat could perhaps be a little shorter but it possessed excellent density & also with a pleasing degree of crispness considering his young age.  The colour was sadly a very deep dark almost butterscotch colour as opposed to soft powdery cream, still some pattern to clear but again not out of keeping with his young age.  His condition was excellent as was his temperament. 
2nd CAMM’S  DIXYLAN PINEMARTIN DREAMS.  40 4w.   02-07-09.   Lilac Colourpointed  & White, this lad had impressive type for a new pattern in the section, though for my preference perhaps somewhat pretty for a boy.  Head showing pleasing rounded shape & good breadth across the cheeks which are filling well, round on the brow, short nose, chin okay, bite good.  Ears smaller medium size, looking neat & tidy & fitting well into the head contours without distortion.  Eyes round & well open, good larger size, pleasing depth of blue (not something I would normally comment on in Colourpointed).  His body is compact & well proportioned, whilst still to attain more masculine development, good legs & paws, well balanced tail.  Coat has a good shorter length & with a good degree of density also albeit still a little soft though that is not out of keeping with his young age.  Has inverted white within the inner aperture of the eyes, with white through the chin & extending to the chest, tummy & legs, the remainder of his mask, ears & tail a slightly darker shade of Lilac which is probably attributable to his & white factor which tends to intensify the depth of colour, that said it still has a good degree of warmth, body has very subtle tonal tone developing.  Condition excellent, a little shy, a very good start for this new pattern. 

AC British/Selkirk Rex Debutante Adult, Part b;
1st  BRACKENBURY’S  ADNIOSH BABY BERTIE.  40 12.  06-06-09.  Blue Tabby Colourpointed, another youngster of very good type & showing promise once he attains his full masculine development.  Head showing well rounded apple shape, his cheeks filling out well, brow rounded short broad nose, good chin & bite.  His ears are medium size & to some degree still to fully grown into, set well apart.  Good size well open eyes, round in shape.  Body coming along well albeit still to broaden & fill out more fully, well proportioned legs, round paws, balanced medium length tail.  Coat has a good shorter length & good density, could be a little crisper perhaps, but still very young so may well improve as he matures more fully.  Body has cool glacial tone that is typical of blue, with quite soft blue facial tracings with required cheek ribbons, ‘M’ on the brow, showing good leg bracelets, tail rings slightly darker with solid blue tip, blue heels & outer edges of the paws, blue outlined nose leather.  His condition & temperament both excellent.  
2nd  CAMM’S  DIXYLAN CLASSY LADY.  40 4w  24-05-09.  Lilac Colourpointed & White, very pretty girl of pleasing type.  Head showing well rounded shape & has good fullness to her cheeks, rounded brow, good muzzle, good chin & bite, some acne present which will require attention.  Ears placed well apart, relatively smaller medium size & as such look quite tidy.  Eyes again a perfectly acceptable blue tone which is most encouraging, well open & very good round shape & with a good larger size.  Inverted white on the mask which extends through the chin, chest, tummy & legs, which also extends up her flanks, soft tonal hint of shading becoming evident.  Very pleasing coat quality, which was dense & quite short & also not unduly soft considering her youthful development.  Gentle nature, excellent condition.   
3rd  PALMER’S  TISHKABAR LOVINAMIST.  79s 15c.  18-04-09.  Lilac Shorthaired Selkirk Rex, interesting girl, who has a far more sculpted effect to her head shape which gives her a more Foreign shape & I did wonder whether she was homozygous.  This was further emphasised by her eyes which were a slightly more walnut shape than large & round, excellent golden orange tone (not that it was very relevant).  Her coat was also very dense & more tightly curled than one usually sees in shorthaired version!!  Her condition as excellent, but rather panicky out of her pen.

AC British/Selkirk Rex Veteran Neuter;
1st  MARTIN’S  UK GR CH & GR PR WELLMAR ISABELLA. 28.  13-08-01. Blue-Cream, very impressive type, beautifully mature & well balanced.  Excellent head, lovely face, beautifully rounded, fat full cheeks, broad muzzle, well rounded brow, strong chin, bite good.  Ears smaller medium size, well set & fit well into the rounded head shape, the overall appearance neat & tidy.  Large well open rounded eye shape, deep coppery orange colour.  Excellent size & substance broad chest, compact solid body, excellent legs & large round paws, balanced heavy medium length tail.  Coat thick & dense, excellent crisp texture, crackling at your finger tips.  Colour an even mid blue well interspersed with varying shades of cream, sound in colour.  Her condition was splendid, has a low threshold of tolerance with regard to her temperament. 
2nd  STANLEY’S  GR CH LORASTON MIRAGE.  40 7.   18-08-01.  Cream Colourpointed, another extremely attractive senior lady who was of excellent type & very unlucky to meet up with the winner.  Lovely head, apple rounded, with fat full cheeks, rounded brow, broad nose, good depth chin.  Ears are relatively small & well placed, fitting well into the head shape, neat & tidy.  Her eyes are large & well open, good round shape, typically paler blue one tends to associate with Colourpointed that said it was a clear blue.  Cobby compact frame, well developed, good bone & substance to her limbs & paws, the tail just a tad thinner than I would ideally prefer.  Beautiful coat, thick & dense, lovely degree of crispness & a good shorter length.  Warm creamy toned body, with well contrasted effect to her warmer toned well matched cream points, even her front stockings have a good degree of colour present.  Condition & temperament both excellent.  

AC Siamese/Balinese Limit Adult;
1st  RIDGEWAY’S  HARTZIE BLAZE-OF-GLORY.  24k.  05-06-09.  Cinnamon Point, this lad is continuing to improve as he matures.  His wedge though marginally narrow was even & a good medium length, excellent profile, good chin, bite good.  Ears large & well set with good width between, ideally I would prefer just a tiny bite more flare to their base.  Eyes excellent oriental shape & set, excellent depth of blue.  Good neckline, body beautifully firm & well muscled, slim legs, neat paws, well balanced fine tail.  Coat beautifully prepared, tight & beautifully close fitting, lovely sleek texture & excellent shorter length.  Subtle warm ivory tone to the body, well contrasted to the points of matching warm cinnamon, perhaps requiring a little more spicy tone, marginally paler stockings.  His temperament & condition both excellent. 
2nd  BECK’S  MOUSTACHES MADELLEYNE.  32/7.  05-07-09.  Cinnamon Tabby Point,  at only just over 9 months, she still has some maturing to fulfil.  Her wedge a little narrow & fine, with small pinch, good profile, chin okay, bite good.  Ears a fraction tall, & require a little more flare to their base, good larger size.  Eyes a little large & wide open detracting form their oriental shape, excellent depth of blue to their colour.  Body as yet still more kitten like than cat, being very small but nevertheless beautifully toned, slim legs, neat paws, tail somewhat short for balance.  Beautifully close tight fitting coat, very sleek & well prepared.  Body has delicate light warm ivory tone, beautiful contrast to her tabby tracings, well marked ribbons, some ‘M’ on the brow, slight thumbprints, leg bracelets more delicate, broad classic tail rings, coloured hocks & outer edges of her paw pads, lovely rich spicy cinnamon tone.  Temperament excellent, lovely condition. 


Asian & Bombay Self Breed Club;

AC Asian Imperial Grand Champion, Female;
IMP GR CH CROW & GOSS’S  GR CH KAGURA KATISHA.  72 45q.  23-11-05.  BCR Brown Ticked Tabby, this girl has excellent type & well justified her award.  Short wedge possessing excellent width, blunt muzzle,  top beautifully rounded, excellent break, good depth chin, missing incisors.  Ears are medium size, good width to the base, rounded tips, touch of tilt forward.  Gorgeous eyes, very large & wonderfully expressive, well rounded lower line, gentle slant to the top, lustrous green chartreuse tone, withering look.  Firm well proportioned medium length body, slender limbs, neat paws, tail of medium thickness, slightly short of shoulder, rounded tip.  Her coat was slightly soft & ideally could be shorter but that said beautifully prepared.  Attractive facial markings, paler spectacle area, flash at the outer edge of her eyes, darker pigmented outline both the eyes & brick nose leather, beautifully ticked coat, showing Ticked bands of colour also, deeper colour along her spine line, well defined leg bracelets, some necklet.  Colour well up her hocks & solid coloured Burmese brown tail tip. Her condition was super & she has such a very composed gentle nature. 

AC Burmilla Kitten;
1st  & BOB.  CROW & GOSS’S  KAGURA MERIADOC.  72 43nsq.   09-09-09.  BCR Caramel Silver Shaded, pleasing youngster, most attractive colour.  Quite a short wide wedge, ideally I would prefer the muzzle a little blunter, rounded top line, good break, chin & bite good. Ears set well, wide at the base & follow through the wedge, rounded tips.  Eyes large, could ideally have a little more depth to the lower line, chartreuse shade of green.  Body is firm & well muscled, slender limbs, small oval paws, broader base to the tail, medium length with rounded tip.  The coat was close lying with a sleek finish, could perhaps be a little shorter. The shading is shows as an even mantle of colour over the body paling towards the lower sides, attractive facial markings with some shading on the brow, paler muzzle & the area beneath the eyes, silver inner ear furnishings.  The silver undercoat pushing the caramel residual pattern to the surface, darker caramel on the outer edges of the paws, heels & tail tip.  His condition was excellent, he was quite a gentle nature. 

AC Senior Neuter; Choice between 1st & 2nd very close. 
1st  RAE’S  GR CH RAEBURSAI HAKUNA MATATA.  72 45.  01-09-00.  Full Expression Brown Ticked Tabby, though quite dainty her type was excellent & for 10 years of age looked extremely impressive.  Head has the required short wide wedge, blunt muzzle, lovely rounded top line, well defined break, short nose with slight roll off at its tip, strong chin, bite excellent.  Ears are well placed, medium size, round on their tips, touch of forward tilt.  Lovely eyes, large well defined shape, deeply curved lower line, gentle slanted top line, green in colour, wonderfully witheringly wicked expression.  Body is firm & well toned, good legs & paws, tail slightly on the shorter side, very slightly irregular tip.  Her coat, though close was a little longer than I would ideally prefer, but possibly exacerbated by her more senior years, texture nevertheless satin like.  Good facial markings with denser more solid skullcap, flash on the brow, paler spectacle area beneath the eyes, coat beautifully ticked & banded, some necklets, well striped legs.  Colour has a good degree of warmth, if with a little grey at the roots, as result the ticking is well contrasted.  Black well up the heels & also black tail tip.  Her condition was excellent & she was a very composed lady.      
2nd  LAUGHER’S  IMP GR CH & PR LOHR DAYDREEM BELIEVER.  72 45bq.  23-06-00.  BCR Chocolate Ticked Tabby, another quality exhibit & with very little to choose between the two.  Her type again excellent, wide shorter wedge, blunted muzzle, rounded brow, deep break, strong chin, bite good despite a little gingivitis.  Ears well placed, wide base, round on the tips, very good larger medium size. Eyes large & expressive, lovely shape, curved lower line & slanted top, chartreuse in colour.  Body is firm & again at 10 years of age is most impressive, some sore on her tummy line which may well have been self inflicted (cleared by the DV), slim legs, neat paws, well proportioned tail, just a little short of shoulder, round on its tip. Coat close lying quite a good shorter length, well prepared, rather sparse on the tummy area.  Some markings on the brow, paler area beneath the eyes, warm chocolate ticking, warm undercoat, more subtle on her lower sides, the contrast on the body well defined.  Her condition was excellent & her temperament very composed.


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