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United Chinchilla Association
13th February 2010

Mrs C Pearson

Thank you to the Committee for the chance to judge at this lovely breed show. Gill White stewarded for me, handling the cats with care. I had a very enjoyable day.As usual the homemade lunch was fabulous - thanks ladies! Some gorgeous cats to judge.


Red,Cream,Tortie,Blue-Cream,Choc Tortie,or Lilac Cream Smoke MALE
1st  Wilkinson’s Danmoso Winnertakesitall 6d  M  29/7/2009
Lovely Red Smoke boy. Cobby body standing square on chunky short legs.Large round head with deep firm chin.Ears medium & well placed on nice top of head.Ash white furnishings.His eyes were round & already excellent copper colour.Well-defined red mask to face extending well back over ears.Full ash white ruff. Pink lips & nose leather with good sized nostrils.Scissor bite.
Colour on body & tail was rich red, deepest colour across shoulders.Undercoat was white but some diffusion evident due to coat starting to change.White tummy.Very feint tabby barring on front legs.Pink paw pads.Excellent type Smoke beautifully presented. A little nervous today but sweet temperament.

1st Hamilton’s Aureate Tutti Frutti 6e F  7/8/2009
Six month old Tortie smoke girl of good weight & size.Her body was still quite rangy possibly due to her age.Head was bumpy,ears medium and open with nice white furnishings.Mostly black nose - tiny amount of pink pigmentation also present.Eyes round with colour still pale.Level bite,top teeth slightly concave. Coat diffused but showing black & red patches & white undercoat.Clearer contrast on mask & shoulders.Tummy was white but needed more attention to grooming. Short white frill.Sweet nature.

Dilute Cameo 
2nd Merchant’s Soopurrkits Blondie 51f  F 28/6/2009
Cobby baby,very nice weight  & size for her age. Sturdy  short legs.well balanced round head.Neat ears with good width between them. They were however cream instead of white for a Cameo.She was also showing a full Cream mask,incorrect for a Cameo. Her eyes were round & good copper larger  colour,although would have preferred them to be larger in size.Bite was undershot with concave top incisors. This girl is registered as a Cream Shaded Cameo  but her coat was showing 40 white/60 cream far too much tipping for a Cameo.There was also too much colour on her legs & tail.Nevertheless, the cream was excellent & the undercoat good clear white.Short full tail & ruff.Pink paw pads,eye rims & lips.Well groomed & very sweet baby. I placed this girl 2nd as I query if she a Smoke rather than a Cameo.Difficult at her age as coats can change so much,but today resembled Smoke in shading.

Pewter/Blue Pewter
1st Merchant’s Soopurrkits Alpha Romeo  53 M 20/6/2009
Well-grown, cobby Black Pewter boy,carried on solid short legs.Almost an adult & already looking quite mature.Smooth round head,full cheeks & good top of head. His ears were medium sized &well placed,nicely tufted in white.Broad brick nose leather with black outline:lips & eye liner also black.Firm chin,bite marginally undershot with concave top incisors.Round copper eyes.Light shading on face.
Full coat that flowed nicely.Clear white undercoat with excellent black shading giving the correct Pewter mantle which gives this lovely breed its attractive appearance.A full white frill framed his  face. Tummy pure white.Black shading to legs & his well-covered short tail. Black paw pads to his large feet.Well groomed. A gorgeous Pewter who showed himself off well. Very confident & easy to handle.Loved him!


AC Non Breeders,Male
1st Wilkinson’s UK IMP GR CH Silverdance Amadeus(CH IMP) 6d M
Huge Red Smoke lad of excellent type.Masculine & well- muscled build.Large smooth head showing a full red mask of rich colour.Neat well positioned ears with white furnishings. Round bold copper eyes,good size pink nose leather,pink lips.Bite slightly undershot.Lovely red shading,white undercoat contrasting well.Colour to legs & uppermost of tail.Pink lips,paw pads & lips.Gorgeous Smoke with nice nature.

AC Debutante Female
1st Taylor’s Lynchard Pandora  10
Chinchilla girl of good weight & size. Lightly tipped pale coat.Clear hocks.Neat ears well placed on smooth head. Eyes pale & two tone green,black outlined.She was undershot with some bottom teeth missing.Pale brick nose leather outlined in black.Black pawpads & lips.

2nd Cohen-Randall’s Villiers Orange Blossom  54
This Golden girl was very upset today.My steward managed to get her out of her pen but we had to put her back very quickly!It was a shame as she looked to be a  nice example of the breed.Full well prepared coat of warm apricot with brown tipping.Full ruff.Medium well covered tail.Bold round eyes of two tone green.Brick nose with black outline. Firm chin but unable to assess her bite as very difficult to handle.

AC Visitors Male
1st Rouse’s Stardrops Firecracker 54  M
Massive boy of excellent build & type.Quite dark Golden coat - brown tipping ,undercoat very dark apricot.Colour was cold but not  showing any grey.Some tabby barring evident.Broad masculine head,neat ears low on skull.Short full tail. Pale green two toned eyes.Brick nose,paw pads & lips black.


AC Non Breeders Male
1st Merchant’s Soopurrkits Alpha Romeo  53 M

AC Maiden Female
1st Hamilton’s Aureate Tutti Frutti  6e

AC Radius Male/Female
1st Taylor’s Lynchard Solitaire 10
Sweet Chinchilla baby. Well prepared coat,heavily tipped. Her eyes were round & pale two tone green.Medium ears set fairly high on head.Shallow chin. Short tail. Nice nature.

2nd Hamilton’s Aureate Tutti  Frutti  6e


AC Senior
1st Flint’s Barrkudos Stampofapproval  6 MN
Fabulous Black Smoke lad. Strong boned & with solid body standing on short sturdy legs.Long coat showing excellent contrast between pure white undercoat & black tipping.Masculine expression. Large head with big copper eyes.Ears medium & set low - silver tufts.Deep chin with level bite.Lovely boy with nature to match.

AC Limit
1st Flint’s Barrkudos Lookoflovemedo 6e FN
Lovely Tortie Smoke girl. Compact body of excellent weight & size.Full well groomed coat showing black & shades of red patches over clear white undercoat.Nice round head with small well positioned ears.Eyes bold & bright copper in colour.Level bite & firm chin.Short full tail.
Sweet temperament.


Pedigree HP AOC short hair
1st Gillott’s MC Mojo  Tortie FN 2years 10months
Very sweet tortie girl.Well built with lovely coat of bright tortie colours.Nice big orange eyes. She was a little nervous but had a lovely nature. Excellent condition.

Tabby or Tabby & White HP

1st  Lewis’s GMC Pebbles MN 13yrs
Big Brown Tabby  lad with presence! Lovely tabby markings on soft coat.Very stripey tail.Pale green expressive eyes.A little nervous but sweet.

2nd Lewis’s  MC Tigga MN 3yrs
Another lovely tabby boy from the same household I would guess.Again  great tabby markings on nice condition coat. Very pretty eyes. Purred & seemed to be enjoying his day!


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