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West Country Cat Club
16th January 2010

Mrs S Luxford-Watts

Original Foreign SH Premier Male: GPC DAWSON’S PR GLENDAVAN LEONIDAS - 23 - MN. 19.09.2008. A handsome young man with a good moderate wedge head with gently rounded contours. Large well cupped and pricked ears set well apart. Very well set large and expressive rounded almond shaped hazel eyes. Slight nose break evident in his profile. A slight indentation forms his slightly rounded muzzle. Level bite and firm chin. Lithe muscular body of medium size, Slender elegant legs in proportion and small oval paws. Broad based tail needing a little more length. He has an excellent coat quality which is short, fine and dense with correct texture. Lovely rich colouring with excellent black ticking. Good head and facial markings,darker spine line extends along the top of his tail to solid black tip. Short black heels.He has some grey roots around his neck area but clear over the rest of his body. Shown in excellent condition and he has a lovely temperament.

RES N/A  2nd SPENCER-MILLS’ PR DIADEM CHUNKY MONKEY - 33a 36a - MN. 20.03.2005. A mature boy of reasonable Devon type but his ears need to be larger and lower and wider in set.In profile he has a flat skull, gently rounded brow and rather a long nose with some stop and a roman end. He needs more width across his eyes which are oval and well set. He has a slight whisker break. His bite in undershot and teeth are untidy. Chin needs more depth. Very muscular well fed body, long legs and neat oval paws. His tail needs more length for balance. His coat is short , soft and neat over his body but it needs more waviness. Shown in good condition and easy to handle.

AOC Somali Kitten: 1st & BOB CHILCOTT’S EMANAN NANUQ - 63e - MN. 09.06.2009. A handsome well grown young boy with a moderate wedge head with gentle contours. Proportionately large broad based,pricked and well cupped ears which are well set. Almond shaped eyes which are set obliquely and well apart needing to be a little more generous in size. Profile shows a very slight nose break and he has a slight bump on his nose. Shallow indentation forming his muzzle. Gentle smiling expression. Level bite and firm chin. Firm, lithe and muscular body, Long legs and oval paws. Long well furnished broad based tail to balance. His medium long coat is soft, dense and fine lying flat along his spine. Good inner furnishings to ears, ruff and breeches developing. The overall impression of his colour is a warm powdery fawn. He has a pale oatmeal undercoat well ticked with fawn. Good facial markings. Full fawn heels. Shown in lovely condition and he has a lovely gentle temperament.

AC Colourpointed or Mitted Ragdoll Neuter Male: 1st PC & BOB BOWKER’S VALKEA AURORA BOREALIS - 66w - MN. 14.03.2008. Large boy with a good broad head with width between his ears and a flat plane. Medium sized ears which are set wide and with slight forward tilt. Large expressive well set eyes which are well opened and of a good depth of blue in colour. Profile shows a gentle dip, medium length nose with slightly retrousee tip. Well developed cheeks. Level bite and lovely firm chin. He has a long muscular body with a broad chest. Medium length substantial legs and large round firm paws which are very well tufted. Long bushy tail. Lovely silky texture to his coat and he has a full ruff and knickerbockers. Good dense seal points. White chin, bib, chest and underbody. Matching white mittens on his front paws. Right hind leg white to level of hock, left hind leg white to underbdody level. Sweet nature and shown in lovely condition .

2nd. GEARING’S ROWLENKA CHEWBACCA - 66 - MN. 30.03.2009. Only nine and a half months of age but of excellent size. Head rather unbalanced at present.Medium size well set ears. Wide open slightly oblique eyes of two tone light blue. His cheeks have yet to develop. I would like to see more of a curve in his profile. Level bite but chin is shallow and recedes. Long muscular body, medium length  substantial legs and large tufted rounded paws. Quite well furnished tail of reasonable length. His seal points are unsound with his tail being very brindled and his legs patchy. His coat is well developed for his age. His body is colour is beige. Well presented and in good condition, he needs to mature. Handles well.

AC Colourpointed or Mitted Ragdoll Neuter Female: PC N/A  1st BOWKER’S VALKEAS LYRA BELAQUA - 66t - FN. 24.06.2006. A pretty girl who is on the small side even taking into account her age and she lacks the typical Ragdoll look. She has a good top of head with well set wide based ears with a flat plane between. Her eyes are of a good size and are of a reasonable depth of blue. Her profile is incorrect showing rather a short nose and a strong nose break instead of the required medium length nose with a gentle dip. Quite well developed cheeks. Level bite. She is rather fine in the muzzle. Her body is fairly long and muscular but her medium length legs need more substance. Her paws are round and firm and well tufted. Well furnished tail of good length.Her coat is dense and medium in length with some ruff and knickerbockers. She has good seal brown tabby markings on her points which contrast with her beige body colour. Gentle and easy to handle.

AC Bi-Colour Ragdoll Neuter: Considered for and awarded BOB DAWE’S PR MIDNIGHTPAWS UNKNOWN JEWEL - 66 31a - MN. 13.06.2007. A large imposing fellow very well presented. He has a good broad head with well set ears of medium size and a flat plane between. Well opened slightly oblique eyes which could be a little deeper in colour. Excellent profile. Well developed cheeks. Level bite and firm chin, well developed rounded muzzle. Short heavy set neck. Long muscular body of good size. Medium length substantial legs and large firm rounded paws which are well tufted. Well furnished tail. He has a dense medium length coat which is silky in texture and beautifully prepared. Good ruff and knickerbockers. Good blue points showing contrast with his bluish white body colour. Shown in immaculate condition and gentle and easy to handle.

PC N/A  1st CHAPPELL’S ELANESSE ARAGORN - 66 31 - MN. 08.12.2006. Large well developed fellow with a wealth of coat which needs much more show preparation. He has a good broad head with good width between his medium sized very well furnished ears. Flat plane. Well opened slightly oblique eyes of a rather pale shade of blue. His profile is rather straight. Good cheeks. Level bite and firm chin. Short heavy set neck. Long and muscular body. Medium length substantial legs and large rounded tufted paws. His tail is well furnished but very short. Good dense seal brown points. He has an even inverted white V on his face, white bib, chest and underbody, white front legs and white to level of underbody on hind legs, he also has a white patch on his back. Fully developed ruff and knickerbockers. His coat is quite dense with a silky texture but it is somewhat matted. I did not award him his certificate due to his pale eyes, short tail and lack of show preparation. Gentle and easy to handle.

Usual Abyssinian Kitten: 1st & BOB MISKELLY’S GLENDAVAN CAPERCAILLIE - 23 - F. 07.10.2009. What a little doll, only just old enough to be here but exuding character and confidence, an absolute sweetie. I would like her just a little larger but she is solid and well balanced. Good moderate wedge head with gentle contours. Lovely large wide based ears which are well cupped and pricked and set wide apart, complete with tufts and darker tips. Well set expressive rounded almond shaped eyes of excellent size, colour still changing. Profile shows a slight nose break and a little bump on her nose. Her bite is marginally over at present and she needs more strength of chin. A slight indent forms her gentle muzzle. Lithe body of medium build. Slender legs and small oval paws. Broad based tapering tail to balance. She has excellent coat quality especially for one so young, it is short, fine and dense with correct texture. Good rich colouring with distinct even black ticking. Very good facial markings. Short black heels. In lovely condition

AC Ocicat,Bengal or Snowshoe Breeders Neuter: 1st. BARBER’S KNIYOZI KAORI - 76 30 . FN. 19.10.2008. This girl was rather lacking the typical Bengal ‘look’. She has a quite broad medium wedge head with rather generous wide based well set ears. Her large eyes are rounded almond in shape. Her profile shows a gentle contour. Level bite. Rounded muzzle, chin needs more strength. She has a long, sleek muscular body of medium size, medium length legs which need more substance and her paws are rather small. Medium length tapering tail. Her coat is soft and sleek lacking the desired density and texture for the breed. Good rich colouring with a well defined pattern. In lovely condition.

AC Siamese/Balinese Breeders Adult: 1st BLACKBOURN’S MINERVAMOON NORTHERN DANCER - 24c - F. 07.11.2008. Good looking girl with a strong even wedge head of good length. Large wide at base well set ears. Well set oriental eyes of excellent depth of brilliant blue. Level bite and firm chin. Elegant neck, long svelte body, long slender legs and neat oval paws. Long but somewhat thick tapering tail. Short close lying coat. Would like to see a little more pinkish hue to her lilac points colour. Shown in lovely condition.

2nd. TWYFORD’S KITAMBER HEPZIBAH - 61et - F. 09.12.2008. Another lovely girl but at a disadvantage today as her coat length has yet to develop. Good even wedge head with well set large wide based ears. Excellent profile line. Well set oriental eyes of good depth of brilliant blue. Long svelte body, long slender legs and neat oval paws. Long tapering tail needing more furnishing. Her coat is fine and silky in texture with only slight evidence of fringes at the moment. Seal tortie tabby points. Shown in lovely condition.


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