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Wyvern Cat Club
11th September 2010

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Mrs M Codd

Thanks to Margaret and Eileen for inviting me to judge, and to Sue Jones for kindly volunteering to steward.  Sue did a sterling job, showing care, skill and interest.  Thanks also for the lovely gift of tea lights, which are really pretty.  The light in the show hall was very poor, making colour identification really difficult, so my observations here may be inaccurate.
AV Original Foreign Gr Ch Male:
GCC JOHNSONS' CH KASKYK CZAR DOMBROVSKI, 16a.  This was one boy who benefited from the poor hall light – a month ago he showed ghost tabby marks on the body; they were certainly not apparent at Wyvern!  He has a lovely short wedge with excellent whisker pads.  In profile, he has a slight angle at the brow, only a very slight dip at the nose, good firm chin.  Eyes appeared to have a slight yellow outer rim (could be the light though!), and were a good shape when he relaxed.  Ears were large and held just a little wide of vertical.  Balanced, muscular body, good legs and tail.  Coat has lovely soft texture, is dense and fairly short, medium blue, shows some tail rings.
GCC WILKINSON'S CH THEOAKS MILDRED, 34.  Good heart-shaped head, with a slight stop, short nose tips down at the end, level chin.  Eyes are large and lustrous, appearing slightly yellow in tone, large ears are well set, with a wide flat brow.  Balanced body, legs and tail.  Coat is lovely – short, close-lying, breaking slightly on the spine, showing correct silver tipping.  RGCC DAVIES' GR CH PHILOKALIA BAD PENNY, 33a 36a.  Feisty girl, with a good short wedge showing a whisker break. In profile, she has a flat skull, only a very slight stop, level chin.  Eyes are super – large, oval and slanting expressively; ears are large, could be held lower.  Good body, legs and tail.  Coat is fairly dense, short and well rexed, down on the tummy.
Burmese Gr Pr Male:
GPC RIDDLE'S UK & IMP GR PR OAKFORD SENOR DINAMICO, 27a.  Sweet tempered boy, with a short wedge, very good nose break, level chin.  Eyes chartreuse in colour, excellent set and shape; ears are set well, just a little small for balance.  Good body, legs and tail.  Coat is short, close-lying and a good colour, clear, lovely texture.
This was a scrumptious class!  GPC SAUNDERS' MOLYNMEUX HUWS-GIRL, 27g.  Hope she has a title, though none is printed in the catalogue!  Grumbly girl, with a really lovely head – short blunt wedge, distinct nose break, firm chin.  Her eyes are lovely set, shape and yellow colour, ears are set well, with a rounded top of head.  Good body, legs and tail.  Coat is excellent – close-lying and satin in texture, good colours, clear.  RGPC HUTCHISON'S GR PR HYPNOS TIGERLILY OFIRREP, 27h, sweet tempered girl, with a short wedge, distinct break, level chin, and apparently level gums!  Golden eyes, excellent set and shape; lovely ear set and gently rounded top of head.  Good body, legs and tail.  Coat is super – short, close-lying and satin texture, good colours, clear.
Egyptian Mau Adult Male:
1 CC BOB WHITEHOUSE'S CH ACCLAIM WHITECREST AZIZI 78 30s.  Had to check this, as he was down in my book, and the catalogue, as a Bronze!  What a nice-tempered person he is though, with a good wedge showing nice parallel nose lines and a level brow to give a typical worried expression.  In profile, he has a slightly too straight nose, level chin.  Eyes are correct set and shape, still have a slight outer yellow rim; ears set well and good size.  Muscled, elegant body, good legs and tail.  Correctly patterned coat is medium in length with some resilience, fair contrast between the spots and ground colour, good silver base coat.
Devon Rex Neuter:
BOB HOLLOWAY'S PR MICAJAS VILLAMAJIC, 33a 36d FN – hooray, she has a distinct stop!  1 PC LOWELL'S PR NELSHAN SCARLET PIMPERNEL, 33a 36, MN.  Grumbly chap, with a good short wedge, clear whisker break; in profile, he has a flat skull, slight stop, level chin.  Eyes very good set and shape; ears large, could be held a bit lower.  Coat is short, dense and soft in texture, with tight curls all over.
Asian Tabby Neuter:
BOB PLAW'S IMP GR PR RAINSONG STEVIE GERRARD, 72 45d, MN.  Tail just a little short to balance, but otherwise gorgeous!  1 PC LADY BRUCE-GARDNER'S CH FRILFORD FAERIE GOLD, 72 45q.  Sweet tempered girl, with a short wedge, distinct nose break, firm chin.  Eyes very good set and shape; excellent ear set and gently rounded top of head.  Good body, legs and tail.  Coat is a little long and open in texture, correct colours, unusually showing quite heavy leg bars.
Lilac Burmese Adult:
A super class!  1 CC BOB WARWICK JONES' TAKAMAKA APHRODITE, only 10 months, but weighty and well muscled, I was delighted when this gorgeous cat later became BOV Burmese.  Lovely short, blunt head, with especially good eyes – large, expressive, with a straight top line and curved lower lid.  But she also has a correct profile and chin, and a nicely rounded top of head, lovely ear set.  Good body, legs and tail.  Cat super texture, good colour, just showing some contrast between body and mask.  Congratulations to her owner and breeder – she's smashing; 2 PALLISTER'S CH ADATEBU LOVEINTHEMIST, another pleasing exhibit, possibly just had a litter, as she is a little lacking in weight at present?  But she has a really good head and eyes, excellent ear set and rounded top of head.  Correct legs and tail.  Her coat was short, close-lying and a good colour, felt just a little 'tacky' to the touch today; 3 GRAY'S KELOUGRAY MEI-RONG.  Still rather immature, and she has some growing to do, but another really promising girl.  If I'm nit-picking, she has a slight bump on her nose and a slightly shallow chin, but otherwise meets the SOP well.  She has a balanced, lithe body, legs and tail.  And she has a fabulous coat – lovely texture, good colour, clear.
AOC Tortie Burmese Adult:
BOB STEPHENS' GR CH MILLGILL THEATRICS, 27j – a super girl, chirruping her head off!  1 CC PALLISTER'S OAKFORD AMIRA, 27j.  Short wedge, distinct break, firm chin.  Eyes correct set, shape and yellow chartreuse colour; ears set well, but are a little small, unbalancing her head.  Good body, legs and tail.  Coat has very good texture, is a very pale overall colour of cool lilac and cream, clear.


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