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Wyvern Cat Club
11th September 2010

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Mrs P Knight

How nice to be back at Worcester again, at the Perdiswell Leisure Centre. Just a trot down the M5, and I was lucky to have Jonathan Emery, Swingletree Colourpoints, as my steward. He is very steady and supportive, and we had a pleasant day together with some lovely cats, ending with the Best of Variety SLH Neuter and that was a large group of first class cats.

1 CC & BOB Watkins’ Krystaltoze Xemina 18.8.2009
Female. A bit wriggly and lively but a very nice young lady. The phrase ‘good all over’ describes her neatly. Broad head, with well placed medium size ears, full cheeks, broad muzzle, good level bite and firm chin. Neat profile dip, grey/blue nose leather. Clear deep blue eyes nearly round and straight across the top. Good length body, substantial legs and big paws, medium length full bushy tail, with good blue points match all round. Soft silky coat, well groomed bluish white in tone, just a little shading over the back. Quite neat gloves, medium socks, gauntlets nearly a pair, but good shape. Good lively temperament. All this sounds rather dull, but she is indeed a good example of a traditional Birman, and just had the edge over the other girl.

2. Instone’s Ch Kittah Hecuba 16.1.2009
Female. Beautiful eyes, sound deep blue in nearly round setting, very impressive. Broad head, good medium ears, good blue points colour, neat profile dip, full cheeks, quite good chin depth. Top teeth bite only, lower row just showing. Good body length and boning, sturdy legs and paws. Full medium length tail, good definite blue-grey points match all round. Soft silky coat, basically bluish white, rather shady back just clearing from the roots, after her first moult I presume. Right glove a little scallop, left one even; longish socks and long gauntlets, neatly shaped. Good grooming, and nice friendly temperament.

These were two very nice young females, difficult to separate on the day.

1 CC Mitchell’s Ragvale Scrummy Yumi 13.7.2009
Blue Bi-colour male. A pale young man, very attractive and clean looking. Broad head, flat plane, medium size ears with good width between, tilted forward, rounded at tip, good feathers. Well developed cheeks and broad muzzle, level bite, only top teeth showing, firm chin of good depth. Large translucent blue eyes in slight oblique set, friendly and interested. Gentle profile dip, medium length nose. Excellent body, strong and muscular, good length, substantial legs. Very good long bushy tail, tapering a little to tip. Just a hint of ghost tabbying. Dense silky coat, very pale over the back, with faint blue a little way down left front leg, and one spot. Otherwise his bi-colour pattern was very neat – symmetrical inverted ‘V’ down face mask and white continuing down chest, under belly and to top of back legs. Very tidy and well behaved.

2. Ryan’s Saraggs Oogy-Boogyman 3.9.2009
Blue Bi-colour male. First impression – immature but nice and I just LOVE his name His colour was a particularly attractive shade of blue as well. Broad head, good medium ears tilted forward, good width across cheeks and full muzzle. Level bite and quite good chin depth. Medium length nose with gentle dip and pink nose leather. Large eyes still a little on the round side in set, due to his youth, but good blue. Long muscular body, strong legs, and long busy tail, with a hint of tabby in the blue. Silky dense coat, ruff just showing.  Good symmetrical inverted ‘V’ on face, white spreading down over the chin, chest and under body right to the top of the back legs, though colour does extend a little way down one front leg. Jagged white collar and two small white spots in the soft blue of the back. He was a little bit cross, but I think it was a nervous reaction rather than temperament. Nicely turned out, and plenty of time to mature.

BOB Davies’ Imp Gr Ch Ragshaven Busters Legacy 27.3.2005
Blue Bi-colour male. What can I say? I am glad that we don’t know who the exhibits are so that the decision is on merit and nothing else. Type – maturity – excellent body size and substance – balanced long tail, full and tapering a little to tip – correct profile dip, pink nose leather – large round blue eyes in slight oblique set – thick dense coat, just a fraction coarse at the base of back at moment – excellent points match – correct face mask, good inverted ‘V’ – white where he should be, and good temperament. A very worthy winner, a lovely man.

1. Blades’ Alisica Indisguise 28.12.2009
Black Smoke & White. Very attractive! Nearly nine months old, and a very promising young man, never mind his striking pattern. Medium length head, good width between large tall ears, good tufts and feathers, shall concave profile curve with just a hint of a bump, and bold cheekbones. Good square muzzle width, level bit with tiny teeth and fairly firm chin depth. Large greeny-gold eyes still showing the round kittenish look, but slight oblique set coming. Large body already, good length, firmly muscled, large limbs, feet like football booths! And an absolutely super tail, long full brush, and silvery white undercoat with the black overlay showing quite well already. The overall coat texture combines well with the glossy black topcoat effect, over the still rather indefinite silvery white undercoat, typical of the slow development of the smoke pattern. Very good grooming, and temperament.

AOC MAINE COON KITTEN FEMALE Two first class babies, a credit to the breed.
1 & BOB Wait’s Sheerclass Moll Flanders 20.5.2010
Blue Tortie Classic Tabby & White. Beautiful colours and patterns, she really was a picture. Very nice overall, confident and personality plus! Type good overall of course though HUGE ears to grow into, tall and wild, with long tufts and profuse feathers, pearly edges and hint of thumbprints. Medium length head, shallow nasal profile curve, bold cheekbones, good width muzzle. First chin. Perfect eye shape, full and found in slight oblique set, true amber. Good length body, very well grown for five months, tail not very bushy as yet, but good and long. Glossy topcoat over dense undercoat, tabby face mask overlaid with shades of blue and cream. Darker spine line, butterfly and oysters just visible under the tortie patching. Faint rings in the tail and ringed legs, but the colours just stood out. White feet and just white round mouth.

2. Hardwick’s Rutterkin Jemimapuddleduck 20.5.2010
Tortie and White. Very cute appearance, with strong black and red contrasts, made more obvious by one black leg and one stripey red. Exactly the same date of birth as Moll, but looking very young. Balanced head, large ears to grow into, good width top, full cheeks, broad muzzle, reasonable chin. Very good bite. Eyes still rounded perhaps a fraction small, goldy-green in shade. Nice size body and bone, long full tail with good mix of black and red colours, glossy topcoat, clean bright ‘whites’ feet and all.  She is just growing more slowly, no bad thing.

1 PR & BOB Clarke’s Ragshaven Mr Sweetbeastie 17.4.2009
Blue Colourpointed male. Very definitely masculine, though his eyes were a beautiful violet-y blue shade, large and well opened, in slight oblique set. Mature head, broad with flat plane, wide spaced ears, medium in size, rounded at tip, slight tilt forward. Sound medium greyish blue points colour all round. Nose leather matching points. Medium length nose, gentle dip just a little shallow, full cheeks, broad muzzle, level bite and firm chin depth. Excellent body length and substance, muscular and broad chest. Long bushy tail, slightly tapered to the tip, and perfect points match. Substantial legs, large round paws, greyish blue paw pads. Dense silky coat, bluish white and a little paler under chest and belly. Some shading at base of back, but clearing from the roots.

1. Veal’s Astvale Ella Maidofhearts 9.11.2009
Seal Point Birman Female. Very nice all round. Typy head, deep blue eyes, very neat profile dip. Good body and bone, lovely full bushy tail a little pale at tip. Neat gloves, medium socks and gauntlets. Faint back shading, otherwise clear very pale coat. Good grooming and temperament.

2. Woodhead’s Muscar Jolletta 27.5.2009
Seal Tortie Tabby Point Birman female. Another very nice girly, and a difficult pattern to achieve. Good type, though profile dip a little straight. Good body and bone. Medium length full tortie tail, seal shades predominating, rather lacking in red all over as yet. Neat gloves, nice gauntlets, light tabby barring on front legs beneath the seal shades. Good blue eyes show up well against the tabby face mask.

3. Kelly’s Adniolo Azure Ambition 4.10.2009
Blue Tortie Tabby & White NFC female. Strong triangular head with a lovely straight profile, just like a Norman soldier’s helmet! Chin a little shallow and muzzle could be a little wider. Lovely golden eyes, large, oval, well opened, just right. Muscular long body, high on the leg and long bushy tail. Although pattern is not relevant, she had a striking pattern and colour coat with blue and cream tortie patches overlaying classic tabby mask, body and leg bars. Feminine but strong.

1. Watkin’s Krystaltoze Xemina

2. Gledstone’s Ch Swansearagz Mr Darcy 12.7.2009
Seal Mitted Ragdoll male. Broad top, lovely width to cheeks and muzzle, fairly good gentle profile dip, large deep blue eyes in slight oblique set. White chin. Excellent long muscular body, and long tail to balance, bushy and tapering a little to tip. Silky coat, dense and really pale, soft bluish white. Good points match all round, white down chest and underbody. Neat mitts, matching boots just a little ragged at the back. He grows on you!

3. Hancock’s Coonsrus Shakira 8.12.2009
Red Tabby Maine Coon female. Lovely red with goldy-green eyes, and a very silky glossy coat.

1. Stables’ Imp Gr Pr Merliesin Caiseal Beag 26.10.2003
Usual Somali. What can I say but very good all round, and lovely temperament too. Beautifully balanced moderate wedge head. Deep golden large almond shape eyes, with spectacles and pencil lines, pale muzzle. Elegant body, long well furnished tail. Soft dense coat, very short over the back at present, but rich golden brown with the clear black bands of ticking over the rich golden brown base coat. Spine line to tail tip all there. Cute black toe tufts and heels. Regal bearing, very good grooming.

1. Turner’s Pr Carolmaine General Lee 18.11.2008
Red Tabby & White Maine Coon male. Rather shy but purring. Very nice all round. Medium length balanced head, good shallow nasal profile curve, bold cheekbones, broad muzzle and firm chin. Ears just tall and wild enough. Cute white nose flash. Greeny-gold large round eyes in slight oblique set. Excellent long and strong body, full balanced tail. Deep red tabby pattern coat, glossy over back, smart white feet, lovely contrasts.

2. Pidgley’s Deenlay Daydreamer Chocolate 10.5.2009
Seal Point Birman Male. Excellent contrasts, it is hard to beat the original seal pattern. Good head, lovely nearly round eyes, good width cheeks and muzzle. Sound body length and boning, substantial legs. Thick soft coat, very pale everywhere, especially the back, matching deep warm seal points. Medium length full bushy tail. Level gloves, short socks and gauntlets.

X2. Kelly’s Adniolo Aragorn Braveboy 4.10.2009
Black NFC male. Super profile, long and straight, really strong triangular head, ears could be a fraction taller. Oval well opened greeny-gold eyes. Long strong body, and balanced very long bushy tail. Semi-long coat, just a little soft, but absolutely sound black

3. Clarke’s Ragshaven Mr Sweetbeastie

Every one in the class was the winner of their Open Class, and shows the quality of these juniors neuters.

1. Skelding’s Gr Pr Polapaws Drakos Star 16.7.2006
Red Point Birman Male. Wonderful translucent nearly round deep blue eyes, very striking in his red mask with a hint of tabby markings. Broad round typy head, full cheeks and muzzle, near profile dip, firm chin. Clear red ears. Very good body length and boning super full bushy medium length tail. Light red legs. Thick soft coat, very long, very pale cream coat with faint golden halo, some shading over back but good contrasts, excellent grooming. Neat gloves, socks and gauntlets fairly well matched. On checking the catalogue I see that he won the Imperial, and he certainly looked the part.

2. Stables’ Merliesin Caiseal Beag
X2. Slevin’s Pr Ashannas Princeof Peace 19.4.2005
Blue Point Birman Male. Large! Ticks for head type, blue eyes, profile dip and chin. Excellent body length, boning and full bushy medium length tail. Good points match, sound blue all round. Thick soft coat, bluish white, rather shady over the back but clearing from the roots and the old fashioned faintly curly tum. Foot markings neat and even all round.

Once again, all the exhibits were winners, and non deserved to be ‘third’. Its hard to beat a good senior.

1. Riddle’s Gr Ch & Pr Mlyward Topaz 30.3.2001
Red Point Birman Female. Only nine but a young girl. Very substantial, feminine but the right size for a Birman, fit and mature. Broad round head, clear red ears, rather heavy brow, good profile dip, lovely translucent blue eyes. Excellent body and boning, medium length full brush, truly red, good points match all round. Thick soft coat, very nice texture, with the curly tum, but sadly lacking a little in preparation.

2. Stables’ Imp Gr Ch & Gr Pr Cannona Merliesin Melody 15.7.1999
Chocolate Somali Female. First impression, excellent colour, apricot base coat ticked with dark chocolate, and rich apricot chest and belly. Balanced head, large almond shape deep amber eyes, with spectacles and pencillings. Lithe muscular body, very solid and firm, long full tail with spine line. Dense soft coat, shapely ruff, just very good all over. A senior lady on her dignity!

I love judging the senior cats, they are just so good, and it was a difficult decision between two obvious winners finishing the day on a high note.


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