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Kentish Cat Society
15th October 2011

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Mrs L Martin

My thanks as always to Helen, Sean and Sue for my invitation and to their team of helpers who kept the paperwork flowing and results up on the board in record time. Julie Wilkinson was my assistant today and we thoroughly enjoyed the range of lovely cats, kittens and neuters we handled. Many thanks Julie, you are the best. The theme this year was Halloween and it’s amazing how many people got into the spirit, and dressed up in incredible outfits. Well done to everyone.
AC SELF PERSIAN CHAMPION. GRCH & RES.GRCG Not Awarded. 1 DAVEYS’ CH. HUNTLEY DIZZY RASCAL. Sorry I could not award a card to this handsome Red boy today, but his coat was not up to grand standard, being shady to lower body and flanks and was only solid to his saddle.
TABBY COLOURPOINT ADULT FEMALE. 2 (1ST & CC Not Awarded). BEATTLES’ ROSJOY SERENDIPITY. This Blue Cream Tabby Colourpoint has a distinct dome to her skull, was very small in size and somewhat slight in body. She lacked any markings to her short coat. Sparse tail.
SINGAPURA NEUTER. 1PR PENFOLDS’ GRCH KWANSAN NUTIKTI NALA. Beautiful lady, just a little shy and, therefore, now showing herself off that well, but I couldn’t resist those wonderful lustrous eyes and super coat.
AV SLH JUNIOR ADULT. 1 HAYWARDS’ ADORING COLONEL MUSTARD. Such a good looking Cream Ragdoll who eats bricks for breakfast.
2nd DEANS’ ZYDECO DAYS OF THUNDER. Gorgeous Silver Classic Tabby and White Coon boy, with ears tufts to die for.
3rd GEARYS’ LYNDONGRAEY GRIGORI. Very handsome Siberia with the most visit Brown Tabby coat.
AV SLH RADIUS (within 25 miles) KITTEN. 1 SHANKSTERS ADORING HERMIA. Lovely Bluepoint Bicolour Ragdoll girl, so beautifully prepared.
2nd GLADWINS FILENSIO GLADTIDINGS BEAU. Another lovely Bluepoint Bicolour Ragdoll lady who needed a little more attention to her coat.
AV SLH NEUTER. 1 BUSHS’ GRPR KUTAZA KAILIF. Super example of the Birman breed with a huge coat and excellent seal points.
2nd MCLEODS’ PR. PHATPAWS FOXGLOVE. Beautiful Bluepoint Ragdoll with a wonderful satin coat.
3rd HALES’ PR. ZELANDONII ARMURIAI. Impressive Silver Tabby and White NFC.
AV SLH DEBUTANTE NEUTER. 1 GRIFFITHS’ VILLARROEL JENICOL-ALFREDO. Very handsome Red and White Coon boy with a distinctive white glaze to his nose.
AV SLH RADIUS (within 25 miles) NEUTER. 1 HAYES & CAPELS’ COONFLAKES LEOSTAR. Outstanding Red Smoke boy with wonderful contracts.
2nd SEMOS’ CH & PR PRIDNJOY SARABANDE. Very attractive Blue Birman gentle natured girl.
3rd BUBB-PORTERS’ TANSDALE VANILLA ICE. Very striking Vankedisi lad with lovely eyes and very well developed body.
AV FOREIGN ADOLESCENT NEUTER. 1 MACLAINES’ BOMBASTIC WOODY. Super Bengal boy with super colour and marble pattern.
ASIAN SMOKE OR BURMILLA KITTEN. 1 BOB GAZZANIGAS’ GAZZELLA GRADY SILVER BEAU. (72 43sq) M (26.05.11.). Handsome young man with a well developed top of head between his well set medium ears with slight forward tilt. In profile his head shows a good depth between top of skull and lower jaw with gentle curve to forehead Good break to straight nose with salmon tip in line with the chin.  Large expressive eyes of chartreuse, set well apart with top lid forming a slight curve towards his nose, with the lower lid full and more rounded in shape. Short wedge with width at cheekbones, taping well to a blunt muzzle and showing a good width of jaw-hinge. Firm chin of good width but, for perfection, I would like just a little more depth.  Level bite. Slender well developed muscular body, medium in size and length with back straight from shoulder to rump, slight rounding to chest, all in proportion to body.  Legs slender with oval neat paws with seal brown pads. Coat short, fine and close lying to body, smooth and glossy in texture, showing very faint necklace to chest with two bars of seal brown to elbows, not quite enclosing the legs, deeper seal colour up hocks. Body coat of a pale undercolour with some subtle silvering and seal shading colour, which gave the overall impression of ground colour being a creamy white. Quite heavy, but even, seal shading, graduating well down sides of body with defined scarab to head and well marked whisker pads and with intensity of seal colour to upper tail and paintbrush tip. Clear tummy area. Very sweet gentle boy to handle.
BROWN BURMESE KITTEN, MALE 1 BOB ALGER-STREETS’ TYPHA SECRET SERVICE. (27) M (27.04.11.) Lovely happy boy who has a very good slight rounding to top of head between medium, broad at base ears, that are set well apart, so that the outer line continues the shape of the upper part of his face. In profile, he has very good depth between top of skull and lower jaw. Slightly rounded brow with golden yellow large bright eyes with top line slanting towards nose and lower line being rounded. Short wedge with excellent width at cheekbones, tapering to a blunt finish at muzzle. Distinct nose break to straight nose and with nose tip in same vertical plane as chin.  Level bite with excellent depth of chin.  Medium length and size of body, firm and muscular with rounded strong chest and back straight from shoulder to rump. Neat paws with soft brown paw pads on slender legs, all in proportion to his body.  He has a typical kitten coat, being quite fluffy and soft which is a lovely warm brown with shades of chestnut. Straight proud tail, medium thickness at base, taping to a rounded tip, all in proportion to his body. Darling boy who was really enjoying his day out.
2nd RONANS’ CAKEWALK BRUNI. (27) M (24.03.11.). Gentle boy with good rounded top of head between medium well set ears with slight forward tilt. Medium wedge with good width fat cheekbones, but has a decided muzzle pinch at present, which spoilt his central balance. Brow slightly rounded with well shaped large golden yellow eyes with a good nose break, but the pinch did tend to lengthen the appearance of his straight nose and the tip just falls away very slightly. Level bite with good depth of chin. Medium body of length and size, very heavy and muscular with a strong rounded chest with straight back from shoulder to rump. Legs in proportion to body, slender with neat oval shaped paws. Coat satin like and close lying of a very glossy rich deep seal brown, shading well to sides. His tail is of a medium thickness at base and tapering to a rounded tip, not quite reaching to his shoulder. I’m sure this boy will improve greatly once he grows out of the pinch.
BROWN BURMESE KITTEN FEMALE. 1 BROUGHTONS’ KATSPELL LITTLE-DARLING. (27) F (26.03.11.) Very sweet gentle girl who has a very feminine expressive face. Good top of rounded head between medium ears set well apart and giving a pleasing outer line to continue the shape of the upper part of her face. Short wedge, wide at cheekbones, tapering to a blunt finish at her muzzle. Well shaped green eyes, large and sparkling with a good nose break to her straight nose which just falls away slightly at the tip. Level bite and balancing depth of chin. Strong body of medium length and size with slight rounding to chest covered by a soft, fine close lying warm seal brown glossy coat , shading well down sides, with slender in proportion legs and neat oval paws. Tail medium thickness at base tapering well to a rounded tip, but not quite reaching to shoulder. Well named baby girl.
CHOCOLATE BURMESE KITTEN. 1 BOB RONAN’S KILISING CHOCOCHINO. (26b) MN (08.02.11). Well developed young man with a delightful outgoing personality. Lovely head, slightly rounded, with very well set ears giving an excellent continuation to the shape of the upper part of his handsome face. Short wedge with excellent width at his cheekbones, and tapering well to a blunt finish at his muzzle. Eyes of green set well apart with top line showing a slant towards the nose with the lower line being rounded. Distinct break to straight nose with chocolate tip in same vertical plane as his chin, which has very good depth. Strong, very muscular body with a rounded chest, back straight from shoulders to rump. Slender legs with neat paws, oval in shape. Coat very glossy, soft and quite close lying of a warm milk chocolate tone, shading well to sides with colour more intense to face, ears and tail. Straight tail, medium thickness at base tapering to a paint box tip, but not quite reaching to shoulder. Darling lad who is a real show off.
AOC TORTIE BURMESE KITTEN. 1 BOB BRABNERS’ KYMIAN NUTMEG. (27h) F (06.04.11). Very vocal young Chocolate Tortie girl just six months of age, who has a good top of slightly rounded head between very well set ears, which have a slight forward tilt and are broad at base. Slightly rounded brow with lovely large chartreuse eyes with slant towards her nose and lower line rounded. Short wedge with good width at cheekbones tapering well to a blunt finish at her muzzle. Break to straight nose with tip in same vertical line as her good depth of chin. Medium length and size of body, firm and well muscled with slender legs and very neat oval paws with pink/chocolate pads. Coat a super warm chocolate with shades of red, satin like and close lying with tail straight, medium thickness at base, tapering to a rounded tip, which is not quite to shoulder. Delightful girl and so easy to handle.
2ND TEGGS’ BLOOMERS BARONESS’S BUBBU. (27j) F (10.03.11). This seven month old Lilac Tortie girl was not too happy today and, therefore, was not showing herself off to best advantage. Good slightly rounded top of head with broad at base, medium ears which she holds in an excellent position to continue the upper part of her face. Slight rounding to brow with well shaped chartreuse eyes which today were quite sore and watering a little. Very short wedge, wide at cheekbones and generally tapered well, but she held her whiskers forward which gave her a slight muzzle pinch which spoilt her overall facial balance. Distinct break to nose, straight and ending in a lilac pink tip which just falls away very slightly. Level bite but chin needs a little more depth for perfection. Well bodied, firm and muscular with rounding to chest and back straight from shoulders to rump. Slender legs with paws oval and neat and pads of a botched lilac and pink tone. Coat glossy and close lying, soft and fine and of a beautiful subtle lilac with shades of pastel cream, shading well to sides. Tail in proportion to her body, good thickness at base, tapering to a rounded tip.


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