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Midland Cat Club of Ireland
20th February 2011

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Mrs L Stevenson

Many thanks for my kind invitation to judge at this lovely show in Limerick. Bryan and myself had a enjoyable weekend with lots of hospitality.

Any Other Foreign Champion Adult
1st Gr CC Archer’s Supreme & International Gr Ch Shadanza Tanzanite (77)
A lovely brown ticked tabby Singapura, an alert looking lady of nearly 9 years old. Lovely head shape, beautiful eyes, medium sized ears placed well on head, has a lovely coat with a warm ivory background and showing excellent sepia ticking, in lovely condition, a pleasure to handle. Congratulations to her owners and later on this young lady was best in show.

Brown, Blue, Chocolate or Lilac Kitten
1st & BOB Sezina’s catscastle Romeo (8a)
A very pretty blue tabby kitten, a round broad head, neat ears well placed, good sized round eyes, colour still developing, broad short nose with a good break, bite a little overshot at the moment, but will be ok in a few weeks time. Full soft blue coat, nicely prepared with well defined tabby markings on head and face, body markings, not as well defined at the moment, good show preparation.

Tabby Colourpoint Kitten Male
1st Caughey’s Hinchkitz Oh Lala (13b17)
Good type cream tabby point, round smooth head with small ears set low, round eyes of medium blue colour at the moment, broad nose defined break and a firm chin. A cobby cat with a profuse cream coat, well developed tabby markings on face, points still developing, beautiful prepared coat.

Tabby Colourpoint Kitten Female
1st & BOB Keith’s Risetta Princess Jasmin (13b.16)
Seal tortie tabby, lovely young lady of good type, round head could be a little smoother, neat ears, full cheeks, good bite, cobby well grown kitten with a beautiful full coat. Distinct seal tortie tabby mask and points, short full tail, beautifully prepared.

2nd Caugheys Hinchkitz Cherie (13b.18)
A pretty blue cream tabby point, well set ears, round head, which has a small bump at the moment. Full cheeks, broad nose with a good break, a mouth a little undershot, lovely blue cream mask and points, coat of good soft texture, some shading on her back. Expert show preparation.

Lilac Kitten
1st & BOB Keith’s Kazbara Celtic Twilight (50c)
A very good looking lilac kitten, nearly an adult and could be as he was so well grown. Round smooth head, reasonably placed ears, a little open at the base, broad short nose with a defined break, firm chin, perfect bite, cobby cat with a beautiful soft pale lilac coat, so nice to see a lilac kitten. Shown and presented well.

Norwegian Forest Adult Female
1st CC & BOB Lenihan’s Noynarock Lianhan Shee (67.20g)
A young blue tortie tabby female still maturing, a triangular head with a good long straight profile, strong chin, large ears with good width at the base, large oval eyes, reasonably strong body as I remarked she is only 10 months old. Semi long coat with a ruff and long bushy tail, a nice young lady to handle.

Norwegian Forest Kitten
1st & BOB Lenihan’s Noynarck Roses Inthesnow
Attractive silver tortie tabby and white, well grown kitten of good type with a long straight profile, large ears with good width at the base strong chin, perfect bite, vibrant coat colours, texture developing, long bushy tail and a lovely temperament.

Cornish Rex Adult
1st CC & BOB Lebioda’s Sheridan Vinsent (33.40.1)
Good type with a medium wedge, ears set well high on head, lovely blue eyes, strong chin, perfect bite, long legs and tail, coat nicely waved, lovely cat to handle. I just feel he needed more body weight at the moment.

Asian Self/Tortie Adult
1st CC & BOB Lenihan’s Cookmakista Eudaimonia (72a)
What a super cat, so relaxed, he purred all the time he was being handled. Good type, nice nose break, firm chin, perfect bite, beautiful blue coat and medium length tail. A pleasure to judge.

Asian Tabby Adult
1st CC & BOB Waite’s Drumgowna Little Mochaccino (
A chocolate Asian ticked tabby, an elegant looking cat, a good short wedge, lovely large eyes, well placed ears, body nicely ticked with chocolate, very difficult cat to handle, but I did manage to and was able to award the challenge and certificate and best of breed.

Bengal Brown Spotted Adult Female
1st CC & BOB Dmytriyeva Dobshangrila Kiara (76.30)
Very attractive cat, not very happy, due to the cat next door being very vocal. Broad medium wedge, almost round large eyes, medium sized ears with good width at the base, medium length legs with large rounded paws, good length tail, short dense coat, soft to the touch. Good orange ground colour, clear ‘M’ on head, well defined spots on body varying in size, good rings on tail. This cat was shown in lovely condition.

Bengal Brown Marbled Adult Female
1st CC & BOB Dixon’s Guyus Littlemiss (76.20)
A brown marbled Bengal, a good looking cat with a broad medium wedge, slightly longer than it is wide, large broad nose with slightly puffed leather, medium sized ears, oval shaped large eyes, long sleek muscular body with strong legs, large round paws, medium length thick tail, short dense coat with that beautiful luxurious feel to it, good dark brown markings, beautiful orange ground colour, in super condition.

Bengal Snow Spotted Adult Male
1st CC & BOB Dmytriyeva’s Huntersridge Ultimate Ice (76b.30)
A blue eyed spotted snow, a lovely cat, so easy to handle with a broad medium wedge, with good high cheek bones, broad large nose with a slightly puffed nose leather, medium sized ears wide at the base and rounded tips,good blue eyes, strong body with medium length legs, large round paws, medium length thick tail, beautiful short dense soft to the touch coat, lovely ivory ground colour with dark brown markings, streaks running over the head on either side of the complex scarab, distinct body markings, random spots varying in size, lovely pearl dusting all over body, fabulous condition.

Bengal Snow Spotted Adult Female
1st CC Dmytriyeva’s Blissimore Ameera (76a.30)
A Bengal snow spotted, good type female, still developing as only 10 months old, broad medium wedge, gentle curve from the forehead to the bridge of the nose, large nose with a slightly puffed leather, medium sized ears, wide at the base, lovely shaped eyes, long sleek body quite muscular, medium length legs with large round paws, short dense coat, clear ‘M’ on head, good complex scarab, spots on body varying in size and randomly placed with a defined orange ground colour. Very nice to handle and in lovely condition.

Sphinx Adult Intermediate Male
1st IC & BOB Kiely’s Daddyo Black Puddin (84.15)
Very good type sphinx with a good muzzle, modified wedge, lovely prominent cheek bones, large wide open ears, nicely placed, large lemon shaped eyes, a muscular body which feels like chamois leather with fine down covering entire body, long slender tail, in good condition, a young promising male, shown in good condition.

Sphinx Adult Intermediate Female
1st IC Conchobhair & Wood’s Rexivel Rosa Klebb (84.21)
Attractive female with a modified wedge, large wide open ears, good lemon shaped eyes, medium length body with a good hard muscular feel, medium length legs, oval paws and delightful long toes. Slender tail, vibrant tortie colours with fine down on her skin, in lovely condition.

Asian Tabby Kitten
1st & BOB O’Sullivan’s Sliabh Edna Monsoon (72.45)
Asian ticked tabby of good type, short balanced wedge with good width at the cheek bones, a distinct nose break, medium sized ears broad at the base, large illustrious eyes, slender medium length body, slender legs with neat oval paws, short close lying coat, nice ticking and tabby markings developing well.

Bengal Brown Spotted Kitten
1st & BOB Kennedy’s Wildwaters Anjuna Breeze (76.30)
A very attractive female with a broad medium wedge, nice high cheek bones, broad nose with a puffed nose leather, well shaped eyes, medium sized ears wide at the base . a good bite. And firm chin A long body with strong muscular legs, large round paws, short dense coat with a soft feel to it, exceptionally good orange ground colour, dark brown spots nicely distributed over the body varying in size. In lovely condition.

2nd Connolly’s Sunstorm Midnight Amber (76.30)
Nice looking brown spotted female with a broad medium wedge, good high cheek bones, broad nose, a thick neck, medium sized ears, lovely shaped eyes, beautiful coat short and dense, clear ‘M’ on head, strong bold chin straps, good body markings, the spots were randomly placed varying in size, good gold ground colour with dark brown spots. A very nice kitten to handle.

Devon Rex Neuter
1st PC & BOB O’Conchobhair & Wood’s Grizabella Fiachra (33a.36a)
Super type blue smoke devon rex, short broad wedge with high cheek bones, large ears set low on head, broad nose with an excellent break, beautiful eyes, lovely coat of fine texture and neatly waved, good muscular body, long tail, very friendly cat and lovely to handle.

Bengal Brown Spotted Neuter
1st PC & BOB Dmytriyeva’s Dobshangrila Dice (76.30)
A very good looking brown spotted Bengal, broad medium wedge, large broad nose, good bite, medium sized ears well placed, well shaped eyes, thick muscular neck, long sleek body, medium length legs with large paws, medium length thick tail, short dense coat with a good golden ground colour, distinct spots varying in size. This cat was shown in excellent condition.

2nd Dmytriyeva’s Dobshangrila James Bon (76.30)
Good type with a correct broad medium wedge, broad nose, slightly puffed whisker pads, red nose leather, well placed medium sized ears, lovely shaped eyes, long body, medium length legs and round large paws. Thick tail, a short luxurious soft coat, good golden ground colour varying sized spots, nice cat to handle.
I see these two cats belong to the same owner and very similar in type, congratulations on two lovely cats.


Bengal Silver Neuter Assessment
1st & Merit Dmytriyeva Dobshangrila Jono (76.30s)
Very good type with a broad medium wedge, lovely high cheek bones, large nose, thick neck, almost round eyes and large in size, medium sized ears wide at the base, short dense luxurious coat with a soft feel, nice black spotting varying in size, medium length thick tail, shown in wonderful condition, lovely cat to handle and well worthy of the merit.


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