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Russian Blue Breeders Association
1st October 2011

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Mrs A Bond-Wonneberger

I had a great day at one of my favourite shows, handling some lovely Russians. Many thanks to my friend Kathryn for stepping in at the last minute to steward when my booked steward couldn’t make it.
OLYMPIAN – GR CH & IMP GR PR NOBLE’S TROIKA AURORA 13.08.02 a lovely older lady shown in excellent condition and with a sweet nature. Short wedge, lovely green eyes of good shape. Excellent angle and superb whisker pads. Good size ears, well set. Excellent soft very plush medium blue coat. Excellent weight body and good tail. Well deserved her certificate today.
2 MCRAE & GABB’S IMP GR PR DUSHENKA XARIABELLA 05.01.08 a younger lady who was of excellent weight and in excellent condition. Nice head excellent ear set and size lovely green eyes of good shape. Excellent angle and whisker pads. Medium blue coat which was not as good as it could be, lacking some plushiness and quite harsh to the touch. A very happy friendly girl who loved being cuddled.
1GR CH WITHHELD BROWN’S CH TROIKA TARAS BULBA 17.05.10 a strong weighty boy. Flat skull good size ears set well good whisker pads. Rather long in the muzzle. Good shaped eyes of nice green colour excellent coat very soft and plush sound to roots. A little overawed by his surroundings but a friendly lad.
2 FLEMING’S CH SHOELINA JAZZPA RYSKA 06.07.10 a weighty boy with a very long body! Very friendly. flat skull excellent whisker pads good shape eyes a little pale in colour. Nice size ears well set. Good angle. Rather long in nose. Quite plush coat of medium blue, very sound. Very sweet.
1CC WILLIAMS-ELLISS’S SERENNOL YASHA 04.07.10 an extremely large well fed boy shown in excellent condition. Very friendly and purry. Lovely head flat skull well set ears of reasonable size. Excellent eye shape and colour. Excellent whisker pads. Strong body, tail could be longer to balance. This boy excels in coat texture, being very short thick and plush. A lovely boy.
2 KAYE’S LARKSONG LUVIN LORD SITHEE 12.03.10 a very sweet boy of excellent weight and in lovely condition. Nice head. Good ears set well. Angle could be more pronounced. Lovely green eyes of good shape. A little long in the nose. Strong weighty body with balancing tail. Coat quite plush and sound to roots. Another friendly boy.
3 FLEMING’S SHOELINA COSSACK PATROL 06.07.10 a very sweet boy in excellent condition. Flat skull good ear set and size. Lovely green eyes of good shape. Excellent whisker pads. A little long in the
nose. Strong body with balancing tail. Reasonable coat just a little flat along the spine. Very friendly and purry.
IMP GR PR HETTMAN’S GR PR DUSHENKA ZERACHIEL 13.03.10 an enormous boy in excellent condition and very affectionate. Flat skull nice head. Excellent whisker pads good angle. Nice green eyes of excellent shape. Well set ears of good size. Gorgeous coat, very short thick and plush, sound to roots. Extremely well fed boy and good tail. A lovely natured boy who was so happy to see us and be judged.
2 ANDERSON’S GR PR SEMILLA ANGELO another very large boy shown in excellent condition. Nice head flat skull. Excellent whisker pads. Lovely green eyes f very good shape. Large ears set reasonably well. A touch long in nose. Short thick coat a little harsh to the touch. A very sweet boy.
MERIT AWARDED WILLIAMS-ELLISS’S SERENNOL NIGHT STAR 06.03.10 a very solid girl with a friendly nature. Nice head flat skull. Reasonable angle. Large well set ears nice whisker pads. Excellent eye shape of good green. Solid muscular body, long legs and dainty feet. Balancing tail. Coat has quite a good degree of plushiness, just a little long in places. Shiny black coat. Extremely friendly girl. A promising girl in excellent condition with a superb temperament.
LITTLEWOOD’S CAIRNICATS MAGNUS RUSSIAN WHITE MALE 19.03.11 a very relaxed confident kitten. Nice head flat skull. Very good ear set and size. Good angle. Excellent whisker pads. Excellent shape eyes good green colour. Good size body excellent weight and long legs. Long balancing tail. Coat in excellent condition showing some degree of plushiness. Sparkling white coat. Very friendly, a promising kitten with an excellent temperament, shown in superb condition.
MERIT AWAREDDE WATLING’S ADELFSWH COSMOS RUSSINA BLACK FEMALE 14.04.11 a very friendly kitten in excellent condition. Nice short head, flat skull, good angle. Excellent whisker pads. Nice shape eyes of good green. Solid muscular body long legs and good tail. Shiny black coat, a little long along the spine but showing some plushiness. Coat in excellent condition. A very affectionate kitten, very relaxed shown in superb condition, very promising.
1 DR KE FORD’S NEO GEMINUS SHORT HAIR BROWN SPOTTED a gorgeous kitten shown in excellent condition. The most amazing spots. Very relaxed and friendly. A stunning kitten.
I judged the VAL PRICE (SASHOVA) TEMPERAMENT CLASS and must mention my winner, FLEMING’S UK IGRCH SHOELINA MINKUS, what an adorable girl, she was so friendly and just wanted to be stroked all the time. A non stop purrer who also decided that I needed a wash, giving my hand a thorough lick! She epitomises the temperament of the Russian Blue .


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