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Russian Blue Breeders Association
1st October 2011

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Mrs S Bullock

What a lovely day, but a little warm for the cats, and us, in the afternoon.  A lovely new venue – congratulations.   Some lovely cats, super lunch and a good steward  in Kate Ford.   What better way for spending a Saturday. 


IMP.   Bandy’s GR CH TROIKA LA BAYADERE   A very nice girl really well matured. Gold feel to body. Good length broad tail, slightly tapered. Strong legs and neat rounded paws. Very nice head lines with  well developed cheeks and jaw line, showing whisker pads.  Medium to large tall held ears. Good eyes set of rather pale colour.  Slight concave nose line. Extremely soft coat, a trifle ‘fluffy’. Nice soft medium blue showing some silvering.

R. Noble’s GR CH TROKA NIJINSKA. A very mature lady, very agile and active, a little light in weight. Good length tapered tail. Busy legs and neat oval paws. Good head lined with neat tall held ears. Slightly close together.  Very nice green eyes. Good whisker pads and nose line. Very good plush coat, a little open, show very good silvering.


Gr. Pr. Trodd’s PR LAKSONG TRODDSKI SOPHIA.   What a lovely girl, really neat and tidy.  Rally good feel to body, well matured, although still young. A substantial girl with good length tapered tail. Strong legs and neat rounded paws. Nice head line with medium to large ears held tall.  A little reluctant to open eyes.  Good whisker pads. Well developed cheeks. Good nose line and firm level chin. Extremely good Russian coat.

R. Anderson’s CH & PR GLASNOST MATROUSHKA   A very substantial grumbling lady.   Solid body with good length slightly tapered tail. Strong legs to demolish pen with. Strong head lines, well matured. Rather wide set ears, held tall. Well developed cheeks and  whisker pads. Eyes of good colour. God nose line. V/ry nice Russian coat, showing silvering.

RUSSIAN BLUE NEUTER MALE  (9 months – 3 years)

A very strong class

1st Pr. Bandy’s TROIKA SHISHKIN.   What a friendly legless girl.  Why have legs and you can turn upside down? Still young be nicely developed.  Shows what a Russian should look like  Medium body with good length slightly tapered tail. Fine elgs and paws.  Very nice head lines with good size tall held ears Well developed cheeks and whisker pads  God nose line  and level chin. Eyes a  rather bluey green colour. Extremely good texture coat well silvered.

2n. Harvey’s SHERTEJO BELIAVITCH.   A really well developed young man.   Another ‘legless’ cat.  Really well developed weighty body but in proportion. Broad slightly tapered tail.   Strong legs and rounded pass A very compact look. Good cheeks, and shows whisker pads.  Level firm chin. Eyes a little on the small side. Very much the finished product. Extremely good coat, but on the dark side of blue.  


1st Merit awarded.  Southall’s ADVISH ICE-MAIDEN.  83aw   A very well developed mature girl.  Medium head in proportion to body. Slightly rounded head lines with high cheeks bones. Straight profile  and firm level chin. Medium to large ears. Walnut shaped eye of lovely blue colour.  Firm body very powerful. Strong legs and short oval paws. Medium to long slightly tapered tail. Moderately short coat, close lying.  Shows white inverted ‘V’ on mask, and other required white markings.  Short mittens and up to hocks on back paws.  Good contrast to body colour although a little dark over back.  Excellent condition and temperament.  A strong self willed girl.


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