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Russian Blue Breeders Association
1st October 2011

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Mr S Parkin

My thanks to Marlene and the committee to judge at the show. A new and very pleasant venue for the club show, with very good lighting.  Irene Roos came to steward for me and handled the cats with consummate skill and kept me in line as well, thank you.

Beautiful mature girl. Well grown with a long elegant body, balanced limbs with neat oval feet.  Tail tapers from a broad base.  Short balanced wedge. Prominent whisker pads giving breadth to the muzzle, firm chin and a level bite.  Good profile with a distinct angle, flat top of head. Large ears set vertically. Eyes almond in shape and a bright green in colour. Short dense coat. Extensive silvery sheen. A very friendly and relaxed girl
Another mature girl. Long muscular body. Tail in proportion to the body, with a gentle taper. Long legs with small oval paws.  Head has a short wedge with a strong muzzle and well developed whisker pads. Distinct “Angle”, rather concave curve, firm chin and an even bite. Ears of good shape, but a little small, and rather wide-set apart but vertically set.  Eyes a little deep-set and a little smaller than I would prefer, but almond shaped, clear green in colour. Coat has some density, soft and fine, a medium blue, paler at the roots. Silvery sheen overall. Faint tail rings.  Rather unhappy but came out and permitted a full assessment.

Fully grown girl, good overall size. Muscular body long and elegant. Long limbs with neat oval feet.  Matching tapering tail.  Balanced head with a short wedge, strong angle, slight concave slope to the nose, prominent whisker pads. Firm chin and a level bite. Flat top of head, with large well set ears of good shape.  Rather rounded almond shaped eyes, a bright green in colour. A soft coat that has density.  Mid blue, paler towards the roots, with an extensive silvery sheen some tail rings on the last third of the tail. A little worried out of the pen but handled well.

1st & PC Moore, LARKSONG ANNASTASIJA,. 08.06.2010.
Pleasingly proportioned youngster. Good length to the body with a firm feel. Commensurate long legs, neat oval paws. Balanced tail.  Head shows pleasing expression and has a short wedge, quite well developed whisker pads firm chin, level bite. Distinct “Angle”, gentle profile, large ears held vertically. Eyes almond in shape, two shades of pale green in colour. Coat short and fine with some density, medium blue in colour some faint tail rings.  Relaxed and handled well.

1st Southall’s COLDENUFFORSNOW GAIETY, Blue Point Snowshoe. 01.11.2010.
Pleasingly proportioned young girl firm medium body balanced limbs tail in proportion tapering from a medium base.  Head still a little adolescent and needs to fill out for balance.  Well set ears, walnut shaped eyes a little paler blue than I would like but quite acceptable. Slight slope to the profile, firm chin and a level bite.  Coat short and resilient.  Preferred pattern with inverted white V even shading. Rather worried but handled well.
2nd Williams-Elliss’s SERENNOL NIGHT STAR, Russian Black. 06.03.2010.
The friendliest cat of the day, demanding attention and refusing to return to her pen. Good overall body, elegant and firm proportionate limbs and a balanced tail. Head is still very adolescent, rather narrow for the length, wedge is a little longer than I would prefer. Clear “Angle”, firm chin and an even bite. Well set eyes of good shape a clear green in colour.  Ears of good shape and size held vertically.  Coat short and soft but flat and sleek, lacking any real density at present. A glossy black and sound to the roots.

1st Brown’s CH TROIKA TARAS BULBA, Russian Blue, 17.05.2010
A well grown boy with a long, muscular body.  Legs commensurate to the body, with neat oval paws. Tail in proportion with a gentle taper. Head has a short wedge with prominent whisker pads, chin a little shallow, but not weak, level bite. Profile shows a distinct “Angle” with a slight curve to the nose. Large well set ears, held vertically. Almond shaped eyes set at a very slight angle, a bright, deep green in colour.  Coat soft and fine with well developed density. Mid blue in colour and quite sound. Silvery sheen very well developed.  A relaxed and friendly boy.
2nd Kaye’s LARKSONG LUVIN LORD SITHEE, (16a), M. 12.03.2010.
Another attractive well grown boy. Body is long and elegant with good muscle tone. Legs in proportion to the body with neat oval feet, tail commensurate to the body with a gentle taper.  Head shows a short wedge, with well developed whisker pads, firm chin and a level bite. Slight dip to the profile, distinct “Angle”. Top of head, is still not quite flat. Fairly large ears set vertical but a little wide set. Eyes almond shaped, a clear green in colour.  Coat short and fine with some density.  Mid blue in colour with a silvery sheen nearly sound to the roots. Ghost tail rings apparent.  Happy and well behaved out of the pen.

1st Southall’s COLDENUFFORSNOW FOX, Seal pointed Snowshoe. 23.05.2010.
Well balanced girl with good overall conformation, body long and firm proportionate limbs and neat oval paws. Tail balances the body with a gentle taper. Head is a balanced broad wedge with gently rounded contours.  Well set ears of good size and shape. Eyes walnut in shape and having good depth of blue in colour. Coat quite short but a little softer than I would like. Well defined pattern with a clear inverted V in white on the face, white on all limbs and seal points body evenly shaded. A very happy girl keen to come out and handled very well.

1st Curtis’s CURTILLA BLUE LUNA ECLIPSE, 06.06.2011.
Very much a baby, who looks to have promise.  Body shows good overall conformation for her age. Head has a short wedge, whisker pads well developed, firm chin and an even bite. “Angle” developing, top of head is currently domed.  Expressive eyes of good shape and set muddy browny-green at present.  Ears large and held vertically without encouragement. Coat very kittenish and a little woolly at the moment. A real pen wrecker but just wanted to come out and be fussed.
2nd Harvey’s SHERTEJO CHERMONSKAYA, 04.02.2011.
Well grown girl, elegant muscular body, long balanced limbs with neat oval paws. Proportionate tapering tail. Head shows a short wedge with a well developed “Angle”, chin a little shallow and falls away somewhat. Level bite, whisker pads developing. Eyes of good shape but set a little wide, green with a good depth of colour. Ears currently set at an angle but of good shape. Coat rather resilient in texture, at present a dark band of blue in the middle of the hairs length. Tail rings evident. Relaxed and amenable to being handled.

1st Pritchard’s KREMLINKATZ KOSCHKA KRILL, (16a), MN. 16.02.2011.
Well gown boy with good overall Russian conformation. Balanced long legs with matching paws, tail in proportion Head shows a wedge that is a little long at present and needs more strength to the whisker pads. Firm chin and a level bite. Top of head still rounded. Large well set ears. Eyes a little rounded still currently a greeny-hazel colour. Coat short and soft with some density developing, mid blue in colour and sound to the roots silvery sheen currently restricted to the nose and paws. Faint tail rings.  Relaxed but happier in the pen.
2ndLittlewood’s CAIRNICATS MAGNUS, (16a 14c), M. 19.03.2011
This boy is of good size and  conformation. Muscular body, commensurate limbs. Well balanced tail. Head currently rather narrow and needs to broaden out, this makes the wedge appear a little longer than it actually is. Good profile, “Angle” developing, top of head still a little domed. Whisker pads need to develop more, level bite but the chin falls away. Ears rather mobile but did hold them vertically, briefly. Almond shaped eyes good depth of green in colour. Bright clear White in colour, coat fairly short and soft, showing quite well developed density. A little wriggly but permitted a full assessment.

1st Curtis’s CURTILLA GREY MIRAGE, 06.06.2011.
A really super boy, very well proportioned with a long elegant body well muscled. Matching long legs with neat oval paws. Tail commensurate to the body with a gentle taper. Head shows a short wedge with well developed whisker pads, firm chin and a level bite. Profile shows a gentle curve to the nose “Angle” is well developed the forehead is still a little domed at present. Large naturally vertically set and held ears, very expressive almond shaped eyes with good depth of colour. Coat short and fine, beginning to develop density. A pale mid blue, sound and already showing an extensive silver sheen. Some faint tail rings visible. A very relaxed and happy lad, who I had the great pleasure to make BIS kitten. I was thrilled to see that he went on to win the overall BIS.
2nd Williams-Elliss’s SERENNOL JASHA,. 30.03.2011.
A more mature kitten well grown with a long muscular body matching limbs, tail in proportion. Head shows a short wedge whisker pads are developing, a bump on the nose mars the profile a little. “Angle” quite well developed, forehead beginning to flatten out. Firm chin and an even bite.  Ears large and held vertical, eyes of good shape and set, green colour well developed.  Coat short and fine beginning to develop density mid blue in colour, a silver sheen developing from the face and limbs. Some very fail tail rings. A little wriggly but handled well for a full assessment.

1st Williams-Elliss’s SERENNOLTANYA, (16a), F. 12.05.2011.
Pleasingly proportioned girl, beginning to develop muscle tone, long legs and balanced, tapering tail.  Face on she shows very good Russian expression, Forehead still domed and the “Angle is starting to develop. Well developed whisker pads, firm chin and a level bite. Eyes just a fraction small at the moment but of good shape and set, currently a two tone hazel and green. Ears held vertically. Coat kittenish and blue to the roots a silver sheen on the legs and nose. Happy to come out and show herself off.

1st  Bandy’s TROIKA SHISHKIN, (16a), MN. 14.08.2010.
A really balanced exhibit. Shows good overall size and conformation. Firm muscular body, legs match the body, with neat oval paws. Tail balances the body. The head shows a short wedge with well developed whisker pads, firm chin and a level bite. “Angle” well developed. Flat top of head. Large ears set vertically. Eyes almond shaped, a rather pale green in colour. Coat short and fine, soft with density, mid blue with a silver sheen overall. Some ghost tail rings. A superb show temperament and a joy to judge.
2nd Southall’s ADVISH ICE-MAIDEN, (83aw), FN. 24.04.2006.
My choice for best Snowshoe of the day. Very good overall conformation. Strong medium sized muscular body, matching legs and feet. Tail in harmony with the body. Head shows a moderate wedge just a little longer than I would like for perfection. Well set eyes and ears, eyes show a good depth of blue in colour. Coat short with a resilient texture. Show pattern with even shading. Balanced blue points. Rather worried but handled well.
3rd Anderson’s SEMILLA AGNESSA, (16a), FN. 26.06.2007.

IMGC Ford, CMC MOBY CLAVIUS, (Short Hair – Classic Tabby), MN. 1yr 5mth.
This young lad was perfectly relaxed in the pen but I think that the large fan very near his pen made him very unhappy and a trial to handle.  Sat to attention in the pen looking like he owned the world.   A very attractive tabby with a beautifully prepared coat. Long attractive whiskers, expressive large green eyes. I do hope that on another occasion he will be happier out of the pen.


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