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Southern British Shorthair Cat Club
5th March 2011

Photos courtesy of Julie Hillyard

Always time for a chat
Celia Leighton and steward
BIS Pens with their occupants
BIS Adult
Ch Bluegenerations Young Rebell
Cater Silverinkspot
Judged by Sue Lorton-Hobbs
Catering Ladies Club Official Photographer taking photos of
Tapmacks Art Garfunkle
Tapmacks Art Garfunkle Demonstration from judge
Discussions Looking puzzled
Duke - BIS Non Pedigree Pet Duke with Mummy
Evavale Penny Lane Felix - Pedigree Pet BIS
Felix - Pedigree Pet BIS with Mum Household Pet judging
Jane Allen and Lesley Miles BIS Adult
Ch Blue Generations Blue Rebell
BIS Kitten
Crazipuss Kaleidescope
BIS Neuter
Kabenbe Champagne Zoe
Catbalu Piccolina Kabenbe Champagne Zoe - BIS Neuter
CC & BOB winner Bi Colour Male Kitten Class
Kabenbe Iam Henry
Kruzinkal Summer Blush
Lesley Miles
filling in her paperwork
Masterclass Winner Izzie
with her owners
Our one and only stall
Overall BIS and BIS Kitten
Crazipuss Kaliedescope
Pr Shimmerclaw Starchaser
Raffle Show Hall
Silvercloud Justadream Show Managers and Table Workers
Silvercloud Justa Dream
Judged by Mrs Miles
Decorated Pens
The Show Table Tilly - Pedigree Pet
Val Anderson and Carole Blakemore
going home
Very Show Trophy Organiser
Vetting in Vetting in
Vetting in queue Vinery Westenbach Wilbert - CC Winner


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