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Teesside Cat Club
27th August 2011

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Mrs D Brown

Many thanks to Veda & Betty for the judging invitation, it was a very busy but enjoyable day, I had a huge entry so my apologies to exhibitors for being rather late with these reports. It was a pleasure to have to Ross Davis stewarding for me, he did an excellent job as always, many thanks Ross. 


A.C. Grand Champion Female
IMP – Moore’s GD CH KINKAJEWSDEN ALLANAH (37d) F 27/05/08. A very stylish girl. Typy head with excellent top width and large flared ears set to balance.  Oriental eye shape and set with haughty expression and mid green colour.  Straight profile with firm chin, bite rather untidy but it was reasonably level.  Long slender  and elegant body with good weight and tone, long slender limbs, whip tail need a touch more length to balance.   Rich red coat with a little diffuse tabby pattern evident, red to roots and with very good length and texture.  She was very upset and a lesser mortal might have been put off by all the threats she was making, but I think she was simply frightened because she handled so much better from the security of her pen. Excellently presented.

2nd R w/h – Tosun’s  GD CH SAITAN MISS TEASE (45b) F 28/04/08. This is a lovely queen and I was very disappointed not to be able to give her an award today. She has very good size, substance and overall well balanced type. Medium wedge with good top of head and proportionate ears well set. Excellent bright green colour to eyes of good shape, set and expression.  Almost straight profile and good firm chin, bite level.  Well covered and firm toned body of good length, tail well tapered but needs an inch to balance. It was the coat pattern that was the problem.  She does have some ticking to her coat, but she has the beginnings of a butterfly behind the shoulder blades and a broken spine line that is more than just the dorsal shading mentioned in the SOP, the ticking on her sides is clustering together and there are faint linked spots running down  the sides with distinct tiny spotting on the top of the forearms, so, all in all, incorrect for a ticked cat, and the pity is that she does not actually conform to any recognised tabby pattern. Coat texture was excellent, beautifully sleek and close, and her overall colouring is very warm and rich in tone. Excellent to handled and immaculately presented.
Siamese/Balinese Grand Premier Male
IMP – Saxon’s GD PR SHIMILEETA STONECOLDCRAZY (32/3) MN04/10/06. A dear boy with very good type and excellent size and substance. Stylish head type with very good top line and large open based ears with lynx tips to them, set to follow. Sweet expression to eyes of very good shape set and colour. Broad nose almost straight, good chin and bite, marginal pinch to muzzle.  Long elegant and well toned body for a neuter, long strong limbs,  tail almost balances.  Warm chocolate tabby markings, tail rings a tad darker in tone but many of them.  Lightly shaded coat, thus very good contrast, length and texture very good.  Rather shy but very gentle, and I did manage to raise a purr in the end. Excellently presented.

Siamese/Balinese Grand Premier Female
IMP – Green’s IGD CH & GD PR MAPU ALLEGRA (24n) F 30/10/04. An older lady wearing her years well, type very good and she has superb points colouring Stylish medium wedge with  good width to top of head, ears large and very well set.  Oriental eye shape, perhaps a touch deep set but colour very good and she has such a snooty expression.  Strong profile and good chin, bite a little untidy with several teeth missing, looks reasonable level.  Long quite dainty but well covered body,  slender limbs and spoon paws, tapered tail needs a touch more length for balance.  Wonderful sludgy toned points that almost match, and only very light shading to coat, which is impressive at this age. Coat length good, texture a touch soft and fine today, but it did lay close.  An easy lady to handle as always. I understand this gives her the double Imperial title, many congratulations.

A.C. Oriental Premier Male
GD PC – Linton-Sinclair’s PR TRELGANDORF TRADITIONAL (29) MN 17/02/10.  A stylish and elegant neuter of very good type. Longer wedge with excellent top line and very large flared ears set wide. Snooty expression to eyes of very good shape, set and colour.  Straight profile, chin could be a little deeper but lines up with the nose tip, and the bite is level.  Excellent tone to long elegant body, with long limbs, whippy tail needs another inch to balance.  Havana coat on the dark side and could be a touch warmer in tone, but on the plus side, it was very sound,  free from ghosting and had excellent short sleek texture.  Super temperament, a very relaxed boy. Excellently presented.

A.C. Siamese/Balinese Champion Male
GD CC –Hall &  Hall’s CH FURRYFACE BURLINGTON BERTIE (24) M 26/12/08. Almost an old friend now this handsome chap, have judged him many times  over the last few months  and he has not changed, so  have nothing to add to previous critiques. Very good type, colouring and acceptable maturity for this award. I would like slightly deeper eye colour for a seal, but again, it is acceptable.  He is still very shy but does respond well to some coaxing and he was beautifully presented as always

2nd – R w/h – Hall & Hall’s CH FURRYFACE MARIO LS (24) 27/08/10. This stylish lad I have also judged many times recently, he has matured a little since we last met but is still is far too effeminate and baby-like for a Grand at the moment. I love his ear set, but his profile, although quite strong, by its very shape, tends to push back his chin, so the side view of his head is not as good as the front, I would also like his eye colour to be a bit deeper for a seal. He does have surprisingly good weight and substance for all his dainty appearance, so hopefully he will mature in time. Perfect to handle, a very laid back and poised young man. Excellently presented.

A.C. Siamese/Balinese Champion Female
1st GD w/h – Denholm’s CH PIPISTRELLE PATIENCE (32b3) F 26/08/09.  Overall a well balanced lady with a very even medium length wedge and fairly large wide based ears set to follow. Oriental eye shape and set with mid blue colour. Almost straight profile and good chin with level bite. Good length to body, well toned and weighty, with tail that almost balances. Chocolate tortie  points very dark indeed and lacking warmth of tone, my reason for w/h the Grand today, they were well mingled, but in  a  pale shade of red. Some light shading to coat of good length and texture. Excellent temperament and presentation. 

2nd – Tosun’s CH PALMIRA NERISS.A (24b) 05/09/08 A stylish lady but not in show condition today, post kittens perhaps? Longer wedge with good top and large ears very well set. Wicked expression to eyes of oriental shape and set with good depth of colour. Good profile and chin with level bite.  Body long and elegant but rather lacked muscle tone and was quite light-weight today, long whip to balance. Points colour dark for the breed but did have some warmth of tone, a good deal of brindling evident on mask today. Ivory coat almost clear of shading, slightly long and rather fine in texture. Not in the best of moods and rather difficult to handle. Pen presentation excellent.

Oriental Black Adult
CC & BOB – Harvey’s ENIGMATIC MR VAIN (37) M 27/11/10. Well – if he is vain, he certainly has something to be vain about! A very stylish boy and beautifully developed for 9 months. Very good head balance to medium length wedge with very large ears beautifully set. Oriental eye shape and set with very good colour and superior expression.  Tiny dip to profile centre nose, chin good and bite level.  Excellent muscle-tone to body for a youngster, really long and lithe, long limbs and super long whip tail to balance.  Excellent coat qualities, glossy jet black, completely sound to roots, with sleek close-lying texture. Perfect temperament, liquid cat in my arms, excellently presented.

Oriental Tortoiseshell Adult
BOB – Harvey’s ENIGMATIC KILLER QUEEN ( 37h) F 14/02/10. Overall a nicely balanced girl. Medium length wedge, top line okay, ears very large but with a tendency to top them at times. Eyes a little full in shape but well set, colour pale green. Good profile and chin with level bite. Good substance and tone to long body with long limbs and tail to almost balance. Chocolate colouring to coat rather too dark but there is some warmth of tone to it, generally well mingled overall in mid and pale red, sound to roots and of good close texture. Handled well and excellently presented.

Oriental Cinnamon Adult
BOB – Simpson’s CH BARBECCO ELONIA (37k) F 21/03/09. A beautiful lady, very stylish. Lovely head with very good top line and large nicely flared ears wide set. Super expression to eyes of oriental shape and set, colour rather amber toned but green can be  seen – just.   Profile almost straight, just a small dip centre  nose, chin good and bite level. Excellent substance and tone to long elegant body, super whip tail to balance.  Rich warm cinnamon coat, tone very even and free from ghosting on the body – just a little on the limbs showing today, sound to roots with sleek close lying texture. A beautifully poised lady excellently presented.

Oriental Caramel Adult
BOB – Chivers’ DEDANNAN TREASURE-ME (37n) M 28/05/09. A big strong boy of good type. Strong medium wedge with good top line, ears fairly large and very well set, jowls rather pronounced. Very good eye shape and set with clear mid green colour. Good profile and chin with level  bite. Long strong and well muscled body, with tail to almost balance. Lilac-based caramel coat colour look rather ruddy toned today, sun-bathing perhaps? but sound and  clear of ghosting. Coat length good texture a touch harsh over the spine. An easy boy to handle , excellently presented.

Oriental Ticked Tabby Adult Female
BOB n/a - Tosun’s  GD CH SAITAN MISS TEASE (45b) F 28/04/08

A.C. Oriental Bicolour Adult
CC & BB – Cassar-simmonds’ FIRODILISO CLOUDS (48 40) F 10/05/09. I like the size and substance if this lady, type and style good. Medium length wedge, top line a touch narrow, ears large and well set. Oriental eye shape and set with good expression, depth of colour and brilliance of tone excellent given the proximity of white. Strong profile with a marginal dip centre nose, good firm chin and level bite.  Long elegant but weighty and well toned body, long slender limbs and long whip to balance. Seal point and quite high white, white patches on ears and mask, on all four limbs complete down and across tummy and chest, has attractive seal moustache. Excellent coat length and texture. Very easy to handle and beautifully prepared and presented.  A Champion today I understand, well done.

Oriental Tortoiseshell Kitten
DNC – Nelson’s SKYBLUEPINK TWILIGHT GEM (38j) 26/03/11.  A neat little babe of overall good type. Medium length wedge, top line a little narrow, ears fairly large but set close.  Eyes slightly full in shape, setting good, colour pale hazel-green. Almost straight profile, chin and bite okay. Dainty but well covered body of good length with fine limbs and neat paws, whip tail to balance. Colour and pattern do not conform to the breed number I was given, originally down in my book at the start of the day  as  38d but was then changed to 38j.  I checked with the SM again because this is not correct for her and was assured that this was what was on the entry form. The kitten shows no evidence of tabby markings apart from some light ghosting on the lower sides, she is well tortied overall in various shades of apricot -  not cream, she is also far too dark and dingy a colour for lilac, so in my opinion  she is an Oriental Caramel Tortie and should be re-registered as 37p. Good coat length and texture. Excellent temperament and presentation.

Havana Neuter
BOB - Linton-Sinclair’s PR TRELGANDORF TRADITIONAL (29) MN 17/02/10

Oriental Red Neuter
BOB – Devlin’s GD PR FIRODILISO REDALERT (37d) MN 24/04/10. A large handsome and stylish lad. Typy head with wide top line and very large ears set to balance. Oriental eye shape and set with very good depth of clear green. Strong profile, chin could be better but bite level.  Good substance and tone to long body, good tail. Bright red coat, shows a good deal of spotting but red to roots, length and texture excellent. A friendly boy who was so easy to handle. Excellently presented.

Oriental Spotted Tabby Neuter
BOB – Nelson’s GD PR TIDLYPOO JUSTIN TYME (38d) MN 25/02/06. Such an endearing boy, he really does have a sweet and gentle expression with a temperament second to none. Medium length wedge head with wide top, ears just about large enough, very well set. Good profile chin and bite. A big chap, he has very good length and weight to body, tail needs an inch. Excellent rich red colour to coat, spotting acceptable, it is rather indistinct, with ground colour close in tone to pattern colour, but if you stand back it looks much better, it is a touch linked on the left side, but better on the right.  Coat length and texture really good and sleek. Obviously a  very well loved boy, immaculately presented as always.

Oriental Bicolour Neuter
PC & BOB – Castelli’s SENSAY SPOTSNSTRIPES (48 38) MN 07/10/10. Rather a cross person but lovely type. Stylish head with excellent top line and large flared ears set to balance. Oriental eye shape and set with really naughty expression and excellent vivid green colour.  Almost straight profile, good chin and level bite. Very good weight to body with lovely  muscle-tone for a youngster, long limbs and tail. Tabby pattern and white about 50/50 with white in all the correct places and completely down the tummy. Not entirely sure this lad is a spotted tabby, there are spots but they are quite indistinct and heavily invaded by agouti. I was not able to find any that went down to the roots, but rather he had a paler warmer undercoat that suggested to me a Shaded cat. However, he is still very young and given the importance of the correct amount of white – which he does have, I decided to award the certificate.  Coat length and texture excellent, beautifully short and sleek. Excellently presented.

Chocolate Point Siamese Adult
BOB – Brock’s CH KEVELS TWICEASNICE (24b) M 18/04/10. Two very nice boys, this chap was not as flashy as the other but was overall the better balanced and more masculine of the two. He also had the paler warmer points colour, albeit a little brindled on the mask today.  Strong head and large very well set ears, eye colour a mid blue and the expression was very gentle. Lovely substance to well muscled body with good tail. Warm points and virtually unshaded coat of very good length and texture.  Perfect to handle and excellently presented.

Also considered for BOB
Bruno-Grieve’s GD CH FLUTTERBY CONQUISTADOR (24b) M 12/06/09. Unlucky to be up against the other boy for BOB today, a very stylish lad with super head type and very large flared ears excellently set. Very good eye shape, set and expression with good depth of colour and brilliance of tone. perhaps a touch dainty for a chap but not lightweight by any means. Darker chocolate points colour but redeemed by a good deal of warmth of tone. Pale creamy coat with the lightest of shading, perhaps a touch fine in texture but lying well. Excellent temperament and presentation.

Tosun’s CH PALMIRA NERISSA (24b) 05/09/08

Lilac Point Siamese Adult
BOB – Johnson’s CH ROYSTERER SULALAYA-ICELORD (24c) M 10/02/10. A rather large person, overall type and style good, albeit a little chunky. Head quite strong with good top line, ears could a little bigger for balance but well set. Oval shaped eyes well set with mid blue colour. Profile good but chin needs depth and slopes back a touch, bite okay. Strong very weighty and very well muscled body, strong boned limbs, tail well tapered but need a little more length. Points colour quite pale but slightly blue toned. Superb coat for length and texture, with virtually no shading to speak of. Rather apprehensive but handled well. Excellently presented.

Also considered for BOB
Bruno-Grieve’s CH REDMOSS AMEE ATHELSTAN (24c) F 26/05/09. A very neat and dainty little queen and rather  kitten like for 2 years old. Head type good with good width between open based ears well set. Eye shape full and lacks Siamese expression, but colour good. Body dainty but surprisingly weighty. Points  dark and rather blue toned. Coat texture good. Handled well.

Tabby Point Siamese Adult
CC & BOB – Samphier’s FLUTTERBY PHINEUS (32/10) M 08/08/10. A strong masculine boy of very good type, with good maturity for age. Strong well balanced head with very good top line and super large ears set wide. Lovely eyes for shape set expression with mid blue  colour. Profile  straight with, good chin, bite scissored over.  Long strong and well toned body, long limbs and tail to almost balance. Excellent colour to tabby markings, a hot intense  apricot fairly well matched, tail rings very good, beginning to show signs of a hood over the back of the skull. Short close coat with ight shading to tone. Excellent temperament and excellently presented.

Tortie Point Siamese Adult
CC – Denholm’s ADNIOAM MEESHA MERRIMOKO (32b8) F 18/05/09. Overall a nice little queen. Head quite stylish and well balanced with good width to top line and fairly large ears set to follow.  Excellent eye shape and set with super deep and brilliant sapphire blue colour.  Tiny dip to profile, chin okay, bite lacks top incisors but looks reasonably level.  Well covered body of good length, tail needs an inch to balance. Blue-based caramel tortie points, it is quite a pretty blue for caramel but there is a hint of dinginess to the tail and the mingling is fairly hot in tone, denoting apricot rather than cream, so happy to accept her as caramel.   Medium shading to coat of gorgeously sleek texture.  A very sweet and friendly lady, excellently presented.

BOB - Denholm’s CH PIPISTRELLE PATIENCE (32b3) F 26/08/09

Fawn Point Siamese Adult
IC & BOB – Helm’s VELVETENA FAWNTOCAPTIVATE (24r) F 19/08/10. A neat and dainty lady of good type and style. Nicely balanced medium length wedge, top of head good and the ears are large and well set. Oriental eye shape and set with mid blue colour. Good profile, chin could be a mite deeper and the bite is scissored over. Dainty but firm body, of good length and weight for size, long fine limbs and long whip tail to balance.  Pale fawn points, just the right tone and they match fairly well. Coat virtually clear of shading, seems to have been plucking over her lower back, texture otherwise very good. Lovely to handle and excellently presented.

Seal Point Siamese Kitten
1st & BOB – Knowlson’s DRESTOTHRIL RUN DAQUARI (24) F 19/04/11. A whopping great kitten for her age, beautifully developed, type a mite exaggerated but has bags of style. Very strong head for a female, top line excellent and the ears are huge. Very oriental shape to eyes, marginally deep set but giving her a very superior look, colour medium blue. Strong profile with really broad nose, good chin and bite.  Lovely substance to body, strong limbs and long whippy tail. Seal points very dark, dense and  marginally cold in tone. Coat very pale with minimal shading to tone, soft fine baby texture as yet. A very poised young miss, beautifully presented.

Lilac Point Siamese Neuter
PC & BOB – Culuk’s POLLYBEE SNOWLORD (24c) MN 02/10/10. A young chap of good type, with maturity in keeping with age. Medium length wedge, top needs a touch more width to balance, ears in proportion and well set. Good shape and set to eyes of mid blue colour. Profile almost straight, chin could be a touch deeper but bite level. Long “puppy” body with quite strong limbs, tail needs an inch to balance. Points colour  pale but could be pinkier in tone, warm magnolia coat virtually un-shaded with lovely close texture. Rather shy but sweet tempered, excellently presented.

Tabby Point Siamese Neuter

Red Point Siamese Neuter
PC & BOB – Thorpe & Thorpe’s JOHPAS SPARKS WILL FLY (32a) MN 12/11/10. Not the largest of neuter boys but he does have time on his side and I love his type and style. Excellent head type with wide top line and very large beautifully flared ears excellently set. Straight strong profile, deep chin with dear little beard lines up with the nose tip, bite level.  Long lithe and elegant body with weight appropriate to size, need more muscle coverage over his sternum but that should come, long limbs and tail. Bright but paler red points with warm white coat showing the lightest of shading over the hips to tone.  Coat perhaps a touch long and fine today but lying close. Perfect temperament, a huge time waster, unfortunately too big for my pocket! Excellently presented.


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