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Teesside Cat Club
27th August 2011

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Mrs P Perkins

My thanks to Veda, Betty and all at the Teeside for the invitation to judge, there were some lovely cats to handle, the hall was spacious with good lighting, I enjoyed my day. Special thanks to Steve Parkin who stewarded for me, his help and good company were much appreciated.


IMP. STEWARTS GR. CH. BARLEYFIELDS MOONRAKER - (5.8.09) Compact solid Black, strong limbs and feathered feet, breadth to head and chest, small side set ears, lots of furnishings, short nose with good break, open nostrils and wide leather, firm chin, level bite, cheeks full, lovely rich deep almost copper eyes. His coat was soft and full, very well groomed, a sound black, a touch lighter to tummy, frill framing his head, bushy short tail to balance -gentle boy to handle.

RES. McKENZIE GR. PR.JUKALOUAURZ SAPPHIRE STAR - (11.8.04) Grand Blue boy wearing a thick soft coat, lovely preparation, an even pale blue to roots, frill framing his strong head. Sturdy mature build with excellent solid bone and substance, thick legs and big tufted feet. Broad top of head, ears side set and small, well feathered, wide nose, good stop, fat cheeks, strong chin, big round eyes the colour faded with age, good bite, wide full tail - laid back lad.


GR. THORNBURNS CH. COUNTRYGIRL LIP GLOSS - (11.4.06) Attractive Tortie Tabby gentle shy lass, width to top of head, well set ears, nicely furnished, strength to chin, full cheeks, when she would open her eyes they were round and a deep orange, nose wide with ample break. Brightly coloured coat showing lots of shades of red, all feet and legs broken, face patched. Tabby markings to head, thumb prints on ears, rings to legs, side markings, her back seasonally diffused, bushy tail showing rings.


BOB PAISECKI CH. PURRSRUSS NEMISIS - (3.5.10) Well made boy with lovely big bold copper eyes, breadth to head, well side set ears, firm chin. Coat silky and well groomed a sound black, frill a tad lighter. Solid cobby build, short thick legs, feathered feet, full flowing tail - friendly lad.

1ST. & CC MORRIS HEATHROSE DAYLIGHT ROBBERY - (7.10.10) Lovely youngster, coat very soft, a glossy sound black, full and flowing, nice ruff just a little lighter, tail short and wide. Width to head, well furnished ears, big round eyes, the colour a good orange, deepening in the centre, broad nose, good break, firm chin, level bite, cheeks filling out - a friendly youngster.


1ST & BOB MORELANDS KIABINDHI SULTANOFSWING - (18.2.11) Super boy with the most wonderful temperament, bright, alert and so friendly. Body long with medium legs and large paws, a 6 months a little teenage in build. Broad head, ears still a touch high, wide at base, nose broad with puffed leather, cheeks starting to fill out, lovely bright eyes, large and slightly oval, white chin. Excellent coat the ground a glossy golden rufus, markings very distinct, two tone rosettes to side, complex scarab over head to neck, spectacles round eyes, necklaces, tummy golden with spotting, rings and spots on legs and toes, tail ringed and slightly tapered - a pleasure to handle this boy, congratulations on his BOV foreign win.


1ST. PC & BOB GOODSALLS TOBYSDEN ARCTICSTAR - (19.8.10) Well made boy with a muscular boy and neck, strong limbs, rounded paws. Broad wedge shape to head, ears still a touch high, wide at base, big oval eyes of a mid blue, slight curve to nose, firm chin. Attractive coat with good markings on an ivory ground showing a nice sheen, scarab over head, spectacles round eyes, distinct facial lines, whisker spots, necklace, body markings a charcoal beige, spotting to sides, legs ringed and spotted as was his tummy, tail ringed with a dark tip - vocal boy who handled well.


1ST. GRANTS NOYNAROCK NICHSA - Blue Tabby & White Norwegian wearing a thick full coat, mid blue, tabby to head and legs strong bone and substance, triangular head with a straight profile, wide based ears nicely tipped - friendly lass.

2ND. HASSETT & MURRIES HAPPYTIME FRILLSNSPILLS - Blue Colourpointed Ragdoll, coat soft, blueish white to body, well developed slate blue mask and points. Lovely deep blue eyes, curve to nose, well set ears, bushy long tail to balance - gentle lady.


1ST. FLEMINGS SHOELINA JAZZPA RYSKA - Russian Blue in lovely condition, excellent high set ears, large bight green eyes. Well developed muscular body, long legs and neat feet. Short dense coat of an even blue, silvery sheen coming in, tail long in balance to build - lovely natured boy.

2ND. JOHNSONS GR. CH. KASHKY CZAR DOMBROVSKI - Another Russian Blue, mature and well made, slightly on edge today. Lovely green eyes, ears just a tad wide apart but he was flaring them, firm chin. Fine coat, texture seasonally changing on back, tail long slightly tapered.

3RD. LECK & JENKINS CH. REKSIF DANUBE DANCER - Mature Russian boy with a lovely temperament.


1ST. BRYNES UK IGR. CH BOUNTIFUL O'SU'GAR - Super Black Smoke Devon Rex, lovely coat very well waved, covered tummy and legs, dense black, slight contrasts to head. Broad wedge shaped head, high cheeks, large ears, set wide, big oval expressive eyes, long tapered tail in balance - quality girl.

2ND. PHILLIPS MELKELTER MISSJEMIMA - Russian Blue wearing a nice coat showing a silvery sheen, high set ears, firm chin, eyes a little deep set, a good green. Good bone, body mature with a long tapered tail - friendly girl.

3RD. DYKES GR. CH. INYANGA INSTANT KARMA - Attractive Chocolate Silver Tiffany.


1ST. HOMERS PONTABY PAPERINA - Delightful Abyssinian baby, lovely temperament. Well shaped head for age, super bright eyes large and wide apart, ears set well good inner furnishings. Short coat, still a tad baby fluffy underneath but showing good overall ticking, golden brown with black ticking - promising young lass with a cracking temperament.

2ND. DAVISONS TIGGERMAU TREACLE TART - Very Shy Bronze Mau girl, coat nicely spotted in black on a copper brown, paler tummy. Head wedge shaped, muzzle still a touch pinched, lovely eye shape and colour. Body has length with elegant legs, tail thick slightly tapered - gentle youngster.


1ST. NOLANS RRINTOA TINTAGEL LEGEND - Attractive Lilac Tabby Si-Rex, lovely light cream coat well waved and rippled, soft lilac to mask and points, faint tabby to ears and face, tail long, waved, slightly tapered. Very good deep blue eyes, nice profile, ears a touch flared but settled down when relaxed - nice to handle

2ND. BROWNS ABCHAT TURKISHDELIGHT - Chocolate Abyssinian, at 4 years mature and well developed. Rich coat a coppery brown ticked with dark chocolate, chocolate to heels. Moderate wedge shape to head, ears set wide apart, almond shaped bright eyes, firm chin. Lithe body with long tail slightly tapered - gentle lass.

3RD. RAINES HAMBRVIN GERONIMO - Blue and White LaPerm not very happy today.


1ST. HETTMANNS PR. DUSHENKA ZERACHIEL - Russian Blue boy who had the lot, real presence, ears set straight up, pointed and wide based, good profile, firm chin. lovely large green eyes almond in shape. Long elegant body, legs high, neat oval feet. Coat fine with a good undercoat, an even blue with a silvery sheen, tail in balance, slightly tapered - quality boy with a temperament to match.


3RD. HALLS MELKELTER ZAROVSKINA - Russian Blue lass with well set ears and nice green eyes.

X3RD. BLOXHAMS WOOZLES ANAKIN - Cream/White Sphynx - good type and lovely temperament.


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