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27th August 2011

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Mrs C Roberts

AC Persian Non-Self Champion Female
Mrs S Smith’s OSCARBARA SHE ALADY  1GR CH an absolutely beautiful domoninant tortie and white girl of 14 ½ months old.   Broad Top of Head neat ears well feathered, bold round mid orange eyes short broad nose red areas to forehead and left ear, black areas within the red and a full white muzzle with a touch of red to the chin jet black and rich deep red.   Cobby body over short fat legs red areas to the shoulders and base of the full red and black tail.   She was superbly presented and in lovely condition.

Orange Eyed White Female Adult.  BOB  Mrs M Howes, CH HONEYMIST WHITE ESTELLA.  A 4 ¼ year old female not looking at her best today, but still worthy of her best of breed, as she was very well prepared with every hair separate although she did have some old coat present.   It is difficult to show a white but even harder to get them white when the coat is past its best.

Tortie or Chocolate Tortie and White Kitten  1st Ms R Jenkins LOMORAS CHANEL, A lovely mature 61/2 month old female, rich red and jet black to her broad top of head rounded forehead with neat ears well feathered red to nose and upper cheeks level bit black and red to her cobby body soft and well prepared coat white to chest tummy and a ¾ collar.   Red and black tail colour to rear paws.   Short strong fat legs.   A super little lady whose show career I will follow with interest.    2nd  Mrs J A Lovesy PERSILUS KITTY VON MEW, A 4 month old lass her red is a little pale but he black is jet black.   Broad top of head 1 red and 1 white ear both held well down and showing feathering short broad nose muzzle pinched today probably due to teething as her gums were swollen and looked sore. Round eyes changing colour and showing a promise of a deep colour as she matures.   Lovely well prepared coat red areas to back interspersed with white.   Red and black tail White tummy and up flanks.   Cobby body over short legs red and black to read paws and legs.   Both nice kittens but the 6 month old one was better balanced and had it more together today.

RED SELF NEUTER   1st PC and BOB Miss W Brookes’s  CHARBONNELLA BENTLEY  A 2 ¼ year old red solid well built male a little shy today.   Rich deep red coat inclined to be a bit woolly underneath.  Broad top of head, neat ears a little open at the base short broad nose with large nostrils, large very round wide awake eyes which he used well.   Bite a little undershot but straight.   Full fat cheeks gave his broad head balance.   Cobby body over firm legs well muscled boy full medium length tail.   Overall a very nice exhibit my only criticism being he had some old coat present but it is the end of the summer!

CHOCOLATE NEUTER  BOB Mrs L Stanbridge’s GR PR LEEROMAX JAYCEE.  Now over 9 ½ years old and showing his age.  I have seen this gentle lad many times before, and whilst he is past his best showing days today he was beautifully prepared and a credit to his owner.

AC PERSIAN NOVICE ADULT  1st Mrs L Wilsons’s FIRANTY STARBUCKS a red male only 3 weeks into adulthood.   Broad top of head ears a little up on top eyes bold round and deepest copper, looking a little sore today.   Very short broad nose level bite and firm chin.   Cobby body over short legs with a full tail.  His coat has changed from kitten to adult but needs to grow a fully ruff and body coat to show his full potential off.   A teenager today but I can see he will be a better exhibit as he matures, and look forward to meeting him again in the future.   2nd  Mrs  S Smith’s OSCARBARA SHE A LADY  a 15 month old dominant tortie and white.   Her coat is changing from kitten coat to adult and is not looking at its best today.   All three colour to her face with minimal white to the lower part.   Large round bold eyes rather pale orange in colour.   Jet black and rich red patching to her body with limited white to her tummy and all four paws.   She lacks balance today and her cheeks need to fill out.

AC PERSIAN VISITORS CLASS  Mrs H Priest’s UK GR CH TREVORRY BOOBOO  Nice golden male hard to believe he is 8 ¾ years old!  Superb sea green eyes round bold and used to perfection.   Soft warm ground coat lightly ticked cobby body short legs short full tail, some modest seasonal shading.   2nd Ms R Jenkins GR CH LOMORAS PANACHE Lovely 3 ¼ year old dominant tortie and white girl lots of white with small rich red and jet black areas one each below each ear.   Cobby body covered in a pristinely white coat with 2 to 3 red areas to back read and black tail.   Short broad nose broad top of head tiny little legs level bite.   A lovely all round girl a hard choice for the 1st and she ran the winner close.  3rd   Mrs H Priests, VIVALDI COPPER PENNY.   A 2 1/3 year old golden female, nice little girl shame she came up against such hard opposition.

AC PERSIAN NOVICE KITTEN  Messrs Griggs and Bray’s INGUCHEENI RIBBONS N BOWS a 15 week old blue cream exotic.   A small babe only just old enough to be here.   Intermingled pastel cream and blue to coat with longer darker blue guard hairs present.   Full cheeks round dark copper eyes level bite smooth rounded forehead, rather a pointed chin lacking width to her broad top of head large ears giving her an unbalanced look.  2nd  Mrs B Conybeare’s SOUTHKITTY MADONNA EVITA A chocolate point colourpoint who has left her coat at home today and looked like a short hair.   Round pale blue small eyes tall ears covered with a pleasant warm chocolate colour as on her face legs and tail.   A medium length rather rangy body over medium length legs all very much emphasised by her lack of coat today. 

AC PERSIAN NEUTER MALE  1st Miss J Gore’s PR POPUP FREDDIE MERCURY Large well grown 2 year old black and white male  Large well grown male jet black clover leaf patter to head separated out with the drawn curtain chevron up his nose and into forehead.   Large black areas with small white interspersing very evenly patched.   Cobby body over short firm legs.   Broad top of head level bite short broad nose nicely balanced face.   Black to rear legs tail and sides.   Lovely boy.   2nd Miss T M Hancox’s IGR PR LINNEL BROWN VELVET Very large spotted brown tabby exotic.   Lovely markings  3 ½ year old male.   Cobby heavy well covered body rounded head ears held to the side but on the large side.  3rd Miss W Brookes CHARBONNELLA BENTLEY reported on above.

AC PERSIAN BREEDERS NEUTER FEMALE  1ST Witheld.  2nd  Miss C Edwards PR DELAVAL CALUPSO Nearly 8 years old.   A Red and white exotic with very old fashioned type, and red spotted tabby rather than self red.   Pale yellow eyes white chest front and rear legs.   Simply not type enough or balanced for an exotic, and his nose is too long, my reason for withholding the placing.

AC PERSIAN NON BREEDERS NEUTER MALE    1st Ms M A Hancox CH & PR LINEL FOREVERLUV 2 ¼ year old blue and white boy.  Lovely pale blue and crisp white coat several areas of blue to back of head and chin nose and ears.   Cobby body short fat strong legs blue areas to shoulders rear and flanks full soft well prepared coat.  Broad top of head strong chin large round pale orange eyes level bite.   2nd  Miss J Gore’s PR POPUP FREDDIE MERCURY reported on above  3rd MissW Brookes CHARBONNELLA BENTLEY reported on above.

AC PERSIAN VISITORS  NEUTER  1st  Mrs S Perkins, IGR PR ZENITH LULALA   2 ¼ year old dominant tortie and white female, looking lovely today mainly red patches to head of a deep rich colour with 1 jet black area and 1 white area to head.   Very large well defined coloured areas in equal amounts of red black and white to her cobby body and short legs all finished off with a superbly full short tail.  Superbly prepared – every hair separate.  2nd  Mrs G Wheelwright BUNCHILLIE RAINBOWSEND 3 year old tortie lady.   Jet black and shades of red to her coat, but lacking that richness that makes torties stand out and glow.   Medium size copper coloured eyes.   Broad top of head, short broad nose level bite and firm chin.   Cobby body over short legs good length coat for the time of year full ruff.   3rd  Mrs B Edwards PR DELAVALE BO JANGELS 9 ¼ year old red and white male super boy  rich red and crisp white.   Brow a little overhung for true balance large well grown boy coat rather woolly in texture and curly underneath.

AC PERSIAN ADULT KITTEN OR NEUTER   1st Only one in the class but a worthy winner.  Mrs S Smith’s SHOU HUCKLE BERRYFINN   A 10 month old red colourpoint male.    A large well grown male, broad top of head with neat ears and medium size round sky blue eyes, level bite firm chin, a mature head for a lad of his age.  Red points to muzzle chin and ears, of a sound colour.  He has a cobby body over short strong legs covered with a glacial white coat with red points to all four paws and his full tail of the same sound red.  His coat is past its best on his shoulders and back with knots present in his groin.  

ANY LONGHAIR ADULT OR KITTEN HOUSEHOLD PET.   1st  Mrs D May’s GMC CRIMSON KING  a 4 ¼ year old red and white longhair.   Lovely unusual looking cat with Socks Gauntlets and superb deep blue eyes, looking quite like a main coon around the head with a superb soft semi longhair coat every hair separate beautiful red to his fat legs and head crisp white elsewhere – my ideal HP simply a big cuddle.  2nd   Mr & Mrs Haden’s MC FOXY very much a main coon look alike down to his huge fly away tufted ears deep green eyes.   A very handsome impressive boy with a lovely nature.   A distinct gentle giant.  3rd  Mrs H Horton’s COTTONKANDI a lovely blue cream and white kitten such a hard decision and really not easy to compare a kitten with the huge adults I this class.   Superb nature a really cuddle lovely coat deepest blue eyes obvious ragdoll in her background.   A real poppet.

AC ADULT FEMALE HOUSEHOLD PET  1ST Mrs M Howes, GMC JINGLE BELLS – Lovely brown tabby and white just under 3 years old.   Superb bold round yellow eyes really expressive look.   A real chocolate box cat.  2nd Messrs Kitson’s GMC SMARTIE.  Nice tortie and white with lovely distinct patching very well covered frame unfortunately today she wanted to stay in her pen.


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