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Coventry & Leicester Cat Club
25th February 2012

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Mrs G Anderson-Keeble

A HUGE thank you to Lesley, first and foremost for taking a ‘risk’ and asking me to judge on what was only my 3rd engagement.  It was a day to remember and made all the more special by my lovely friend Janet who agreed to steward for me.  We are both on the stewarding scheme so it made the day interesting for both of us.  A big thank you to the rest of the Coventry and Leister show team, Sarah Walker, Lynda, and Jill, your new venue was superb, your team so efficient and the rosettes out of this world.  Thank you for making it a very special day and one that will stay in my memory forever.

Class 909 AV HP Imperial Grand Master Cat Neuter Male
OLY Mrs D Lewis, IGMC MR TIGGA, 5 YEARS.  Wow what can I say about this beautiful and very big cat except that I loved him!  He was the first cat I had the privilege of judging at the show and he completely bowled me over – he’s stunning brown tabby with gorgeous mackerel stripes, huge pale green eyes and long white whiskers, with a white chin, black tips to the tips of his ears and to his tail, lovely golden paws, and a honey coloured tummy and black tip to his tail.  He was talkative and very relaxed in his pen, groomed to perfection with a soft thick and dense coat that was smooth and silky.  Very well presented and an utter darling.  I can only thank his owners for placing him under me.  He was one of my prime contenders for the birthday class too – but sadly by then he was a touch grumpy and had clearly had enough of cuddles preferring to lounge in his pen and allow people to admire his wonderfully wild beauty.

Class 910 AV HP Imperial Grand Master Cat Neuter Female
I had three cats entered in this class.  Each and every one of them would have been a worthy winner.

OLY Ms V A Swingler, IGMC AUTUMN 5 YEARS 1 MONTH.  This gorgeous girl is simply stunning with a temperament to die for and looks to match.  One of my ultimate favourites on the day, she stood on her head to peer at you from behind her paws and performed a series of acrobatic feats all the while purring to attract your attention.  A delightful tortie and white, she has a delightful brown nose, with white cheeks and a white and ginger forehead, red, brown and white ears, lovely pale green eyes and huge white whiskers.  She has a white bib and tummy and feet and sock before they merge into patches of auburn and brown on the upper half of her legs with a black tip to her tail, where the rest of her body was a lovely mingling of auburn/red and brown – truly a delightful combination, with a darker line of colour along the centre of her back.  Her coat was very close lying and soft and surprisingly dense.  She purred when she was picked up for a cuddle making paddy paws the whole time.  Shown in excellent condition a real credit to her owner, she really was a super star.
Res Mrs L V Passfield-Taylor OBIGMC Misty 4 YEAR 6 MONTHS.  Another simply stunning girl with the most attractive face I think I’ve ever seen.  Another huge favourite, a very calm placid girl with large blue eyes and very long and thick whiskers that stood out, further framing and accentuating her gorgeous face.  She had a white nose and chin with a kind of split blaze of brown on either side of it with, making a kind of upturned “V” with white and reddy/cream markings along her cheeks that made her so very pretty.  There was a mingling of brown and cream/pale red along her back.  She had huge white paws and a brown and cream coloured tale.  She was immaculately prepared, with a floaty soft, perfect fluff ball with a coat which was a credit to her owners love and care.  She wasn’t quite as happy as my winner, and shivered faintly in the pen, but as the morning started off rather cold, this could be the reason.  She went on to have a very good day at the show, and I can only congratulate her owner on such a super lady.

Also considered but not placed.
Miss K Gillott, IGMC MOJO 4YEARS 10 MONTHS.  I was only sorry that I was not able to award another reserve for this lovely cat.  This very pretty girl had lovely amber eyes and curly whiskers that looked so attractive on her.  She had one brown cheek and one red cheek, with black tips to her ears and a lovely mingled coat that was brown, cream and amber and which was thick and dense and plush to the touch, making you want to run your fingers through her soft fur.  There was a slightly darker stripe of colour along the line of her spine.  She had very dainty round paws and a brown tip to her tail.  Sadly she was not in a very happy today, and was reluctant to come out of her pen and to be judged.  She was shown in excellent condition however, and was a real credit to her owner.

Class 911 AC Non-Pedigree Grand Master Cat
IMP Miss F Rossi, GMC NAUGHTY 9 YEARS.  A very pretty fluff ball, with a darling round shaped face surrounded by lots of furry ruff with lovely green eyes enhanced by off white/pale cream spectacles, thick and long whiskers and a very pleasing expression.  She had a ginger face with tabby markings, brown ears with thick tufty ear furnishings and small lynx tips with a pink nose and white chin.  Her enormous ruff was pale red/and cream. She had four white socks and tummy and bib, with a brown tip to her tail.  Shown in excellent condition, she was immaculately presented and prepared.  She was happier in her pen than out of it, but she was still friendly and settled when she was taken out for a cuddle.  A lovely mature lady, a real credit to her owners, thank you for letting me have the pleasure of an introduction.

Class 925 LH/SLH Self (Single Colour) Cat
BIC Miss J P Creaton & Miss C Walker, GMC SIR JOSHUA PURRKINS 4 YEARS 7 MONTHS.  What can I say about this gorgeous boy that hasn’t already been said, when I looked through the catalogue at the end of the day and realised who he was!!  He ticks all the boxes for me; I was so surprised and totally delighted to find him in my class.  A very stylish curly teddy bear of a cat that has a fabulous reddy/auburn/tangerine colour to his body, face and paws and who sports a mass of curls and twizzles and fine, soft downy fur, who is a total delight to handle.  He has the most wonderful glowering expression when he looks at you with his huge amber eyes as if we were mere mortals and totally beneath his dignity to acknowledge.  He has a lovely pink nose and wonderful curly whiskers, big fluffy feet and lovely curly fur on his tail.  He came out of his pen willingly for a cuddle and purred contentedly when held like a baby to have his tummy tickled.  His temperament is a real credit to his owners, he smelled quite heavenly and was well groomed, and his presentation was immaculate.  What made me laugh about him though was the fact that he decided he didn’t want to sit on his blanket, which he pushed to the front of his pen, forming a barricade from which to glower at his admirers.  Such a character, in short I love him.

Class 929 LH/SLH Kitten
1st & BOB Miss T Simmonds & Mr B Hall, HERMIONE 7 MONTHS.  WOW she is stunning and will be even more of a heart breaker when she grows up.  I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, and Hermione is a brilliant witch, more than the dark forces that prowl throughout the books.  This Hermione is her softer side, and the name suits her perfectly.  As a blue mitted baby, she was a gorgeous combination of pale dove blue/grey and soft off white, with white tips to her paws.  She had a lovely rounded face with a blue/grey mask dark grey nose, and huge round pale blue eyes and the most endearing expression, and a huge number of very long and very fine white whiskers.  She has a pale
creamy white coat, which is slight darker on her back.  Her ears are slightly darker than her mask, and the same blue/gray is followed through on her thick and bushy tale and on the lower half of her legs before they turn to the white mittens.  Her coat is as soft as down and extremely well prepared, presented to perfection.  She appeared slightly nervous today, but it was cold, and she is rather young still, she was perfectly happy in her pen however.  A total credit to her owners.

Class 932 a SH Red Cat of any Pattern or AC Tortie or Tortie Tabby Cat Male
Not placed but also considered for BIC only.
Mrs T G Whithey, MC ROCKEE 6 YEARS.  This boy was a deep and vibrant/rich red, with round amber eyes and long white whiskers and a pink nose with just a touch of white beneath it.  He is a lovely substantial boy with faint stripes and spots to give him his tabby markings, including rings on his tail and a scarab and tabby lines on his forehead.  He had a deep, thick and plush coat.  He was not a happy boy, but showed no bad manners, just showed his feelings in the way he held his body which was rather tense.  Shown in excellent condition and a real credit to his owners, he was just very unlucky to meet my Olympian winner today.

Class 932 b SH Red Cat of any Pattern or AC Tortie or Tortie Tabby Cat Female
BIC Ms V A Swingler, IGMC AUTUMN 5 YEARS 1 MONTH.  Autumn came out of her pen to purr and talk, making her air puddings when we had her out for this class.  She is a real character and totally gorgeous.

Class 933a SH AOC or Pattern Cat (Ticked, Tipped, Smoke, Pointed Etc) Male
This was a very, very difficult class; I’m only sorry there could be one winner and the boy grabbed it and held on.  Both the girls in this class were stunning and I am sorry I couldn’t place them all.

BIC Miss S V Blackbourn, MC CHOCCIE 3 YEARS.  There was just something about this gorgeous boy which grabbed your attention and wouldn’t let it go – I think that’s what they call star quality!  He has a very arresting long and thin, triangular face with a deep chocolate mask and ears.  His eyes are very pale blue and hypnotic.  He has fine creamy/white whiskers.  There is a fantastic sheen to his coat which was short and fine, very soft and darker across his back.  His feet are a deep fawn which almost seem to shine with polish; his tale is a dark brown.  His chest and throat a paler cream than the rest of his body.  But it is his personality that grabbed me and held on with all four paws, two ears, eyes, whiskers and tail!  A real credit to his owners and shown in fabulous condition, a very worthy winner.

Class 933b SH AOC or Pattern Cat (Ticked, Tipped, Smoke, Pointed Etc) Female
Not placed but also considered for BIC only.
Mrs J Riley, MC BE BOP A LULA 3 YEARS 9 MONTHS.  Lula is my idea of a teddy bear cat, substantial, friendly and with a dear little face which melts the heart.  She has pale green eyes, long whiskers and a thick, dense and very soft coat.  She has blue paws and tail.  She has a lovely round face with a gorgeous grey blue mask which has two portrait rectangular patches of cream across her eyebrows, her nose is grey and her body is a mingled blue and cream which is paler around the throat and front and darker on her flanks.  Shown in fabulous condition, she was very much happier in the pen than out of it, very affectionate in the safety of her four walls, but not really liking the crowds today.  She ran the winner close.

Miss K Gillott, IGMC MOJO, 4 YEARS 10 MONTHS.  I did love Mojo; she has the most fantastic colouring and a gorgeous expression.  But she remained unhappy and was reluctant to come out of her pen, even with gentle coaxing.

Class 941 AC Best Presented Cat
1st Mrs A J Symond, MC CHARLIE.  I adored Charlie, he might have been the only one in his class, but he would have won anyway, he “owned” it from the beginning.  He has such a lovely purry temperament, and his pen would have looked fantastic if he hadn’t decided he wanted to screw his blanket up towards the front and then go to sleep in his litter tray, after first putting his pen card in it for extra comfort!  He’s a gorgeous brown tabby with mackerel stripes and spots, and a single unbroken necklace.  He has lovely bright green eyes and an attractive boxy square muzzle which suits his face perfectly.  Long whiskers, a beautiful alert expression, with a thick dense coat, and dark brown/black tips to his ears and tail, are just some of his many attributes.  A wonderful character, a pleasure to meet, and a real credit to his owner.

Class 945 AC with Most Appealing Expression
Coming from the Pedigree section, I do love the titles of Household Pet, and Pedigree Pet classes, as we have nothing quite so exotic sounding  in our miscellaneous classes.  That is, until I found myself in the position of judging them, then found myself with two cats whose placement was so close I could almost have flipped a coin to decide; though I didn’t I hasten to add, this was just a very close class.

1st Miss E Ramsden MC LIQUORISH.  I looked at this cat and thought Felix!  A gorgeous black and white boy with a white bib, nose, cheeks, paws and legs and whiskers where the rest of him is black, apart from his pink nose and the odd white hair here and there.  His whiskers are enormous and he knows how to use his green eyes to mesmerising effect.  Another cat that grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go metaphorically.  He has a fabulous expression, and personality to match with a fine coat which is dense and soft as silk.  His owner is to be credited on his fabulous condition, he was shown to perfection.

2nd Mrs M Taylor BRAHMS.  Another cat I totally adored, as I love all silver tabbies and have a real soft spot for them.  As my judges book has said Brahms was a very dark tabby – and her tabby markings were thin tracings and very thin lines in some case which described circles along her flank and spine line, then turning thicker into blotched patterns across her shoulders.  She had a silver tabby face with a brown nose and white spectacles, a white bib and long white whiskers with triple strips to her upper eye, lower eye and chin and white front paws.  Her ears are silver touched with brown and she has gorgeous amber/green eyes and knew how to use them.  She has white back legs and pink paw pads.  She was slightly shy today, but shown in fabulous condition and a total credit to her owner.

Class 947 AC Prettiest Female
1st Ms V A Swingler, CLEMENTINE.  It’s always been my understanding that red girls are fairly unusual and this girl was a simply stunning red and white, her white being the very crisp colour of fallen snow and her red, deep, rich and vibrant.  Her name suited her!  Most of her underside and paws were white, as were her whiskers which were long and fine.  Her legs were nicely slender ending in rounded paws.  She had pale greeny golden eyes and an Adam Ant type stripe of white across both her cheeks and nose.  Her tail was red with tiny white flecks of white and there was a white spot in the middle of her back, which was like a white 5 pence piece.  Her coat was fine and silky and she was a very friendly girl.  Shown in fabulous condition, she did her owner proud.

2nd Miss F Rossi, OBI.  This cat is gorgeous.  She also has the distinction of having different coloured eyes, her left is pale green and her right pale blue, which when combined with a white muzzle over a tabby face with long white whiskers and a ginger splodge on the right hand side of her brown/red nose give her a fantastic expression.  There are large patches of white on her body which break up her brown/fawn/red tabby markings.  She has four white paws and a tabby tale with a black tip.  Very contented and well built placid girl with a soft and silky coat.  Well presented and a credit to her owner.  This was a very close class I was just sorry I couldn’t have two firsts.

Class 955 AC Cat with One or Two Master Cat Certificates
Yet another fabulous class of two which were so close they really were only a whisker apart and I had to be very picky in the end to separate them.

1st Miss G Cross, MONTY.  A stunning gentleman of 4 years, it won’t be long until he’s up in the cloud’s cavorting with the Olympians and Imperials I’m certain.  He had large pale blue eyes, long whiskers a light pink nose, fabulous ear furnishings, tufts of fur between his toes and a blue tail.  He is a substantial boy who was enormously soft and groomed to perfection making him a veritable puff ball.  He had a lovely purry temperament and certainly enjoyed the attention. Extremely well presented and groomed, he was a credit to his owner and shone like the star he will be one day.

2nd Mrs C Kemp, FOSTER.  Another stunning gentleman this time of 7 years, who will soon be strolling along with the high flyers in this section of the show.  He has a lovely rich dark brown seal mask and ears and tail, four white feet with tufts and deep bluey/grey eyes and fine white whiskers.  Also the semi long fur on his back is a darker colour than his sides and flank with his tummy becoming lighter still.  Groomed well, and shown to perfection, he wasn’t very happy today, didn’t really want much fuss or attention, preferring to sit in his pen and soak up praise instead.  A credit to his owner nonetheless; I hope to have the pleasure of meeting him again one day when he wants to come out and say hello.

Class 963 AC with a Friend in the Pedigree Section
A huge class, well for me anyway, and one that was tantalisingly close right down to the wire, not withstanding that I fell for my eventual winner the minute we met.  All the cats were fabulous and I have no doubt they give their pedigree companions a run for their money.

1st Mrs Chapman-Beer, GMC BRUNO.  WOW – what can I say but the competition was over in this class the minute I saw this cat!  He is stunning, a lovely deep rich chocolate satiny brown that just oozed charm and purred for England!  He has fabulous green eyes and was chortling and talking his head off, the whole time I was trying to write him up . His whiskers are long and fine and he has an absolutely wicked expression.  Excellent condition and shown to perfection, his owner should be very proud of him he is a super star in my book.

2nd Mrs L V Pass field-Taylor, OBIGMC Misty.  My beautiful Reserve Olympian, I do love you baby you’re such a gorgeous girl.

X 2nd Miss T Forrest, AIMEE.  Such a pretty girl.  It was a very tough choice between her and Misty so I also had to place her second.  Another beautiful odd eyed baby, her right pale blue and her left a greeny/amber she has a white squarish muzzle with a fabulous expression and very long white whiskers, ear tuffs that are long enough to qualify as lynx tips.  A tortie and white, her red is a fabulous red/orange and really bright in places until it sort of merges or mingles in with the much larger darker patches of black/brown.  She has a pretty white muzzle and a very nice fluffy ruff, 4 white paws and a Basil Brush tail.  Groomed to perfection she was a lovely girl with a pleasing temperament.

3rd Miss T Simmonds & Mr B Hall, HERMIONE.  If I could have had an XX 2nd then Hermione would have been in there, she is so beautiful and ran the other three very close.

Not placed but also considered.
Miss S Beswick, GMC SOLOMON.  A lovely large substantial boy whose coat was an amazing colour of sort of pinky/brown mushroom and fawn.  His face/mask was a slightly darker colour than his body with pale green eyes, and whiskers the same colour as his fur, he was talkative and had a thick and plush coat, which was a tiny bit open today.  A gorgeous boy who was a joy to judge and cuddle.

Miss K Gillott, IGMC MOJO.  Another lovely girl from my Imperial class who was unfortunate to meet the winner, and not be in the best of moods.

Mrs J Riley, MC BE BOP A LULA 3 YEARS 9 MONTHS.  Again a very lovely girl, with fabulous colour and excellent presentation, but a tad tired and unhappy when I met her.

Class 966 Most Handsome Male
An extremely difficult class!!  All the cats in this class were totally superb, and I can only thank each and every one of their owners for giving me the privilege to meet and judge them.  If I didn’t place your cat it doesn’t mean it’s not utterly fabulous, just that I didn’t have enough firsts.  It was like standing in a candy box being totally spoilt for choice, thank you all.

 1st Mrs E Scott, SUP UK GMC TWIZZLE.  Another cat that screamed from the top of the rafters “I am what you’re looking for, look no further!”  An ultra friendly boy with deep blue eyes, huge whiskers, 4 white paws, huge bushy tail, fluff between his toes and an air of total confidence.  He had a heart shaped face, clear open expression with a white spot on his chin and a temperament to die for, seriously!  He bowled us both over with his personality.  Fabulous condition and presentation, a true star!

2nd Miss S V Blackbourn, MC CHOCCIE.  I have to say this cat ran the winner so, so, SO close.  With any other cat he would have won.  Choccie is a star in his own right, and one that will rise to the top without a doubt.

X 2nd Mrs D Coupland & Mrs M Brown, BARNEY RUBBLES.  A very handsome faced boy of 6 years who is a real poppet.  A huge boy, who is very well built and substantial, he was very large and extremely well groomed and fluffy, and purred his heart out all the time.  He has very pretty almost ghost tabby markings on his handsome blue/grey face and a large cream ruff, his eyes are a pale sky blue and he has long straight white whiskers, ear furnishing and 4 dark socks on his feet with a thick and bushy tail.  Groomed to within an inch of his life, he did his owners enormous credit and tried his hardest to topple the winner.  Thank you so much for letting me have the chance to get to know him a little.

3rd Mrs M Clarke, ROCKY.  Another extremely handsome cat of some 2 years 9 months so rather a baby compared to my winner – another one who didn’t give up a fight to the crown without doing his best to pull on my heart strings.  Superb grooming to his soft, dense and plush coat, very long whiskers and large blue eyes, tabby markings on the beautiful blue/grey mask on his face and a glossy paws.  His temperament was excellent, another case of wanting an XX 2nd; a real credit to his owners, a very lovely boy.

X 3rd Mrs C Kemp, FOSTER.  If this beautiful boy had wanted to come out and play it would have made my job that much harder, he is certainly stunning, but not happy, although not doing anything about it on the day.

Also considered but not placed.
Miss T Carey, PICO.  A very sweet faced baby of 1 year and 9 months!  He had deep blue eyes, very long whiskers, with a chocolate mask and tail and four white feet over chocolate leggings.  He was brilliantly groomed and was very soft and fluffy to the touch . He wasn’t that happy though having a bit of a hiss and spit, nothing meant by it, but clearly preferring the comfort of his pen today.

 Miss A Reynolds, OSCAR.  A lovely boy who loved his litter tray today.  Enormously long thick whiskers, vibrant blue eyes, a cream bib over the darker points of dark chocolate on his face, ears, with long tufts of fur between the toes on his rounded paws.  He had a huge thick tail and ghost tabby markings after the chocolate mask on his face.  Friendly to a point, but also grumbly too after a moment or so away from his pen; very well groomed and presented.

Class 969 AC Senior Cat
Another difficult class to place.  After seeing the ‘senior’ cats in this class, I began to wonder when does senior mean senior as they all looked outstandingly handsome; and who could have easily swapped places with one another on a different day.

1st Ms V A Swingler, IGMC AUTUMN.  Once again I could not help placing her first, she is just so gorgeous.

2nd Mrs Chapman-Beer, GMC BRUNO.  Another cat I totally adored, who only just lost out on the top award by half a whisker.

3rd Miss T Simmonds & Mr B Hall, GMC CHARLIE.  A gorgeous boy with big blue eyes, who was fantastically groomed and very well presented.  He has a white patch on the back of his neck, four white legs with huge paws with tufts between his toes.  He has ear furnishing and unusual blue/green eyes that were the colour of a stormy sea.  He has a black nose leather with a tiny white triangle upon it and was a very soft and fluffy boy, and a total poppet and a credit to his owners.

Also considered but not placed.
Miss G Cross, MONTY.  I was sad I couldn’t manage to squeeze this lovely boy into my top three – each could easily have won.

Mrs M Clarke, ROCKY.  Another beautiful baby who is a really scrummy.

Class 975 AC Non-Pedigree Cat or Kitten
Another nightmare of a class but in such a very good way; all were very worthy of 1st and I spent a long time dithering as my steward will tell you, knowing I was only the Household Pet judge in the semi-final of the 50th Birthday Class that the overall decision between HP and PP would be made by Mrs Gregory.

Winner Mrs M Taylor, LISZT.  A totally gorgeous red classic tabby and white boy of just 4 months who shows an amazing amount of promise and who had the most fantastic temperament for such a young boy.  We had headstands, wiggle tail, air pads, almost hand stands as he purred and purred and purred, and twisted me round his finger.  His huge personality doesn’t fit into his still small but growing body!  He has 4 white socks, long fine whiskers, green eyes, a long and very thick tail, pink nose, and is a gorgeous deep rich red and clear cool cream where his tabby markings show through.  This white is a brilliant white, which covers his lower muzzle, chin, throat, chest, tummy and paws.  He has creamy white spectacles round his eyes making them appear large and curious and very fine long whiskers.  A real credit to his owners, shown in fantastic condition, with a personality to match.  I understand he did very well at the show, and it’s certainly well deserved in my opinion.

2nd Mrs P Meakin, MC BELLAROSA.  A very pretty tortie and white girl with large attractive patches of red and black over the body, occasionally these areas would mingle in a very pleasing manner.  She has a white muzzle that blends into red and then into black with green eyes, huge whiskers.  Her tabby markings are very clearly visible on her forehead.  She has four white legs and a red tip to her tail, she’s alert and very friendly.  Shown in fabulous condition with a super soft coat that’s springy to the touch and silky.  A huge credit to her owner, she is a princess without a doubt, who was just nudged out of first by the antics and continued purring of the winner.

3rd Mrs D E Lewis, IGMC MR TIGGA.  My fabulous Olympian winner, who clearly wanted to relax and chill out in the pen by the time we came to this class.

Not placed but also considered.
Miss F Rossi, GMC NAUGHTY.  My lovely Imperial winner and another strong contender, who was
just pipped at the post and who preferred to be admired from a far.  She was a tiny bit grumpy.

Miss F Rossi, OBI.  Another lovely girl, who was very nice but again a tiny bit grumpy; she’d had a long day and wanted to chill.

Class 984 AC Pedigree Pet Kitten
I really wanted to give a 3 firsts for this class, then a 1st, 2nd and x 2nd and I did try, but as it was a Club Class I had to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  A huge thank you to all the owners though, your kittens are truly some of the most stunning, purry, cuddly and well behaved kits I’ve had the privilege to know and cuddle.  Thank you all.

1st Mrs J Rogers, SIR SPROCKET.  A purr monster!  This baby is a fantastic pale silver spotted tabby with slightly blurred spotting on a pale silver background.  He has a black tip to his tail, a scarab on his forehead, a broken necklace and pale green eyes, long whiskers, pale silver ears and paws.  All he wanted to do was purr and play.  He was inquisitive and friendly, and shouted loudly that he was the one I was looking for!  Shown in super condition, well groomed, his fur was baby soft and just a touch springy.  A credit to his owner.

2nd Mr SP & Mrs SA Dodman, MISTER MOLE.  Such an appropriate name for a fabulous looking black and white boy, he ran the first placed winner so close it was less than half a whisker.  Another kitten with a fabulous disposition, though a much quieter nature.  He had huge, round amber eyes, and curly white whiskers which really stood out against his black face.  He had white paws at the front and half a white paw on each of his back legs, with a white splodge on his chin and under his nose, very small ears and a white bib and tummy with a black tail.  He also had one of those low rumble purrs that I really like and a very sweet nature, his coat was very soft and satiny.  He did his owners proud, and was groomed to perfection.  Thank you for letting me have the pleasure of a cuddle.

3rd Mrs P Wyatt, BB.  I wanted to give this cat a x2 but couldn’t as it was a club class.  A fabulous reddy orange and black spotted tabby with a glossy, glittery shiny coat, white chin, green eyes and long whiskers.  Some of the spots on his side were gorgeous rosettes in places and he was both friendly and inquisitive.  In fabulous condition, he was a real credit to his owners and I was sorry he couldn’t have won as well.


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