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Croydon Cat Club
11th February 2012

Best in Show Mrs J Bradley Mr I Macro
Olympian Results Mrs V Brooks Mrs W McQuilkin
Persian Results Mrs M Buckeridge Mrs J Murchison
Semi Longhair Results Mrs S Crichton Mr S Parkin
British Results Mrs G Denny Mr M Pearman
Foreign Results Mr C Dryden Miss C Pearson
Burmese Results Mrs D Harper Mrs B Prowse
Oriental Results Mrs S Heavens Mrs S Rainbow-Ockwell
Siamese Results Mrs J Higgins Mrs B Shingleton
Household Pet Results Mr J Hole Mrs H Simpson
Photos Mrs P Hutchison Mrs J Smith
Show Manager's Report Miss R James Mrs L Stevenson
Press cutting Mrs C Jones Mrs L Studer
Mrs R Alger-Street Mrs D Kaae Mrs J Wilkinson
Mrs C Allam Mrs Y Kleijn Mrs S Woodley
Mrs S Amor Mrs V Lee Mrs S Woodley YES! presentations
Mrs K Board-Allam Mrs S Lorton-Hobbs  


UK IMP Gr Pr Mafdet Macarthur (32.8)






Brontti Lenny The Guvnor (13b11)

CullyKhan Limited Edition (12a5)

Imp GrPr Tamosah Firefly (53)

Semi Longhair

GrCh Felonie The Full Monty (13c11)

Arezza Innuendo (13c12)

GrPr Mabalakat Silver Surfer (64 41sw)


Alejandro Wishful Thinking (40 8)

Lovejoy Tzarina Maria (19))

Gr Pr Tanglekeys Bombay Saffire(40 9)


Imp GrCh Kagura Galadriel (72 45bq)

Tarjjika Horus (78 30s)

Inyanga Lairdof Filandre


Gr Ch Mainman Quintessence (27f)

Hypnis Stardustt (27e)

Uk Imp GrPr Mainman Burmastar (27)


GrCh Kattilan Voltaire (IMP) (45b))

Shermese Just The Ticket (45k)

Ch & UK Imp GrPR Willhavetodo Ouija Board (37p)


Ch Johpas Amydaydream (32b1)

Mafdet Miss Sisar (32b8)

UK IMP Gr Pr Mafdet Macarthur (32.8)


Non Pedigree Pet

Pedigree Pet

Household Pets

IGMC Trixie


Show Manager's Report

Croydon 2012 went ahead as planned – despite the worries of some exhibitors.   The day was very cold but I am pleased to report that very few of our Exhibitors failed to attend.

Vetting in went well – the Vets are great.   They work swiftly and kindly dealing with the cats and their owners skilfully and pleasantly and the queue soon dispersed and the cats were in their respective pens and judging commenced.

Our Judges were, as usual, absolutely superb and, aably assisted by their Stewards, worked their way through the classes and results came in quite quickly.   The admin table workers, led by Vanessa Marriott, worked solidly and before we knew it rosettes were being put on pens and we were well away.   Glenna Gillman, her grandson John and their helpers did a great job sorting and distributing the rosettes – thank you to all who helped with that job.

The queries and corrections were dealt with by Sue Deane, the Club Secretary, Brenda Barrowman and our new Section Manager, Lynnette Cannell - thank you ladies.   Malcolm Barrowman was Show Treasurer and dealt with expenses, etc – thank you Malcolm.

All went smoothly and then Brian Gregory came up trumps with the numbers of the cats to be considered for Best of Variety and in no time at all we were ready for Best in Show.   Thank you Brian.

Yvonne Kleijn judged the Best in Show, our President, Ruth James, and Bob Towner of R & L awarded the Best in Show prize, Purrsonal Touch gave well stocked goody bags to the nine Best of Variety Winners and Crystal Clear gave cat litter (always useful)!

A special thank you to Bob Towner of R & L who for the past several years has been very generous with cash prizes for the winners of Best of Variety and Best in Show.

So with the balloons, fizz and moneys distributed we had to close the show!

Nothing left to say except thank you to all the people who helped, including Mike Buckeridge, Star and Andy who worked their socks off, and M F Penning who were ab fab and helped us way beyond their responsibility to our Show.

Most of all many thanks to the Exhibitors and their lovely cats without whom the show would not be possible.   Thank you all for giving me a red letter day – see you all at Croydon 2013 – Pat x

Pat Norman
Show Manager - Croydon Cat Club


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