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Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire
18th February 2012

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Miss C Godwin

I had a very happy day at the shows and would like to thank Barbie, Harry and Yvonne for their kind invitation. I would also like to thank Jenny Sheldon, my steward, without her invaluable help the day would have not been so enjoyable.  The cats were superb in every way and this made my job very difficult.

Non-Ped Imperial Class: Grand Master Cat.

IGMC:  Hutchinson’s GMC BISCUIT (ginger and white SH) MN 4 yrs 6 mths.
A fantastic start to the day, he almost bowled me over as he was so handsome. He was very well presented and in such good condition, his white fur looked like plush velvet – you just wanted to touch it to see if it was real. A delightful personality who just never stopped purring.  He filled the pen and lay there like a king surveying his domain.

Reserve GMC: White’s GMC NERO (ginger tabby SH) MN 5 yrs 9 mths.
Another impressive tabby but of a darker, almost red, colouring.  Beautiful markings on his coat.  He was looking a little warm when we saw him.  Nevertheless, a large and impressive outstanding cat.

Withdrawn: Ford’s GMC MOBY CLAVIUS MN

AC Ped HHP Grand Class: Master Cat

1st and GMC: Pearson & Pearson’s MC OSCAR (blue colourpoint SLH) MN  3 yrs 3 mths.
An elegant, well presented giant of a cat.  He was groomed to perfection and obviously liked his food. His temperament and condition matched his presentation and his blue eyes just won you over. A real heavy weight and a gentleman.

Non-Ped Colour Class: LH/SH AOC

Not entered in this class – for BOB only
BOB to Wilkes: GMC DANNY (blue colourpoint LH) MN 1 yrs 6 mths.
A very well prepared and presented blue colourpoint with the most amazing ruff.  I just had to keep going back and looking at it.  Such a striking cat and what a show-off!  Everything about him was so well balanced and stunning.

Non-Ped Colour Class: SH Tabby with/without white Male

Not entered in this class – for BOB only.
James & James IGMC CLASSICAL JAZZ (Brown tabby SH) MN 2 yrs.
A wonderfully presented classic tabby with fantastic markings. When he was eventually dug-out from underneath his blanket he handled well although appeared to be a little reserved.  The feel of his coat was remarkably silky soft and his purred was continuous. A handsome lad.

Withdrawn: Ford’s GMC MOBY CLAVIUS MN

Non-Ped Colour Class: AH Tabby with/.without white Female

Isaac’s MC ZAZZEE FN absent

Ped HHP Colour Class: SH Self with/without white

Not entered in this class – for BOB only.
Lowell’s IGMC JUST WILLYUM (Cinnamon SH) MN 4 yrs 6 mths.
An outstanding, stunning male, well presented and in perfect condition. A large boy who although at first was little aloof, soon showed us his green eyes and superbly groomed short, shiny coat.  From his size and weight I would think that he likes his food. He was happy lying in the morning sunshine, a happy boy.

Ped HHP Colour Class: SH Ginger/Tortie with/without white

Not entered in this class – for BOB only.

Lowell’s IGMC HELLS BELLS (Blue Smoke Tortie & White SH)FN 12 yrs.
A truly grand lady, a real charmer.  She had personality plus. She was alert and ready for anything. Well prepared and full of fun,  Very expressive eyes.



Cat or Kitten owned by a child under 16
1st      James & James                IGMC CLASSICAL JAZZ MN

Club Class: AV Adult
1st     Hutchinson’s                       GMC BISCUIT MN
2nd    Lowell’s                               IGMC JUST WILLYUM MN


AC Senior Adult
1st      Hutchinson’s                     GMC  BISCUIT MN
2nd     Pearson & Pearson’s         MC OSCAR  MN

SH Adult or Kitten 
 abs    Fletcher’s                          MC MISSY  FN

Radius Adult or Kitten
1st       Dunstall’s                         IGMC PICKWICK MN

Best Groomed Adult or Kitten
1st       Lowell’s                            GMC DANTE MN
2nd      Pearson & Pearson’s       GMC HOLLY FN
3rd       Wiles                                GMC DANNY MN
 w/d    Ford’s                               GMC MOBY CLAVIUS MN

Welfare Class: SH Adult or Kitten
1st       Hutchinson’s                    GMC Biscuit MN


Bedford and District Cat Club
1st       Lowell’s                           GMC DANTE MN


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