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Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire
18th February 2012

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Mrs D Brown

My thanks to Barbie & her show management team for the judging invitation to the SP show, and to Harry for the invitation to the 50th Anniversary Show SCSBE show. It is worrying to see just how small the Siamese entry at shows in general has become, but somehow the quality seems to remain  high and today was no exception. I was very fortunate to have Sarndra Devereaux for company, she travelled especially to steward. It was a difficult day for me, but her good humour made it a whole lot easier, so thank you Sarndra.


Siamese or Balinese Grand Champion Male
IMP – Bunyan’s  GD CH JOMESE JUST-DELICIOUS (24b) M 02/11/10. A handsome young male for type and style, he still has some strengthening and maturing to do but he does have time on his side. Very good balance and style to head, with wide top line and large flared ears set to follow. Oriental eye shape and set with excellent expression, colour could be a touch deeper but was acceptable.  Virtually straight profile and firm chin with level bite. Long elegant and well toned body with long whip to balance. Mid chocolate points, fairly warm in tone, a little patchy today with some brindling to mask and slight “specs”. Lightly shaded coat that was a little long and fine, and he was not helping himself by fluffing it up with pleasure. Excellent to handle and presented to perfection.

Siamese or Balinese Grand Champion Female
6 ladies entered but only 3 present, a pity.
IMP – Reed’s GD CH HELSBELS CHUCHOTEZ-LE (32a) F 11/09/09. I do like the size and substance of this mature lady of lovely type. Strong head for a female, lovely balance to it, with wide top and large wide based ears set in line. Snooty expression to eyes of excellent shape set and colour.  Strong profile, good chin with dear little beard, level bite. Long body, elegant yet weighty and firm toned, tail needs a touch more length to balance. Bright mid red points, a little colour on front limbs. Coat texture generally good, it was slightly long and fine but managed to lie close to body and there was the bare minimum of tonal shading.  A super lady, perfectly poised and presented

R – Stokes’ GD CH LITTLEFEAT POWDERFINGER (32b1) F 05/03/10. A gorgeous girl for style, she also has excellent size and overall balance, it was quite close between these 2  girls, with just one or two minor things being the difference. Super head type with very large flyaway ears beautifully set.  Eyes more almond than oriental in shape and not quite the expression of the winner, colour mid blue. Almost straight profile, good chin and bite, small excrescence on the back of the skull that you can feel but not see. Very long slender but weighty body, long spidery limbs and whip tail to balance. Dark seal tortie points, beautifully mingled with some good bright red on the ears.  Very good coat for length and texture with some medium shading to tone. A little shy but easy to handle, excellently presented.

Chocolate Point Siamese Kitten
1st & BOB – Bowles-Gowdy’s MAFDET ROSE-GOLD (24b) F 22/09/11. A beautiful kitten, very typy. Super head with excellent top line and huge extravagantly flared ears beautifully set -  no matter which way she turned her head.  Oriental eye shape and set with a very superior expression and good colour. Strong profile with broad nose, chin has fairly good depth but goes back a touch, bite level.  Really firm toned little body of good length, whip tail needs a touch more length for balance.  Points colour on the dark side of chocolate, particularly the ears but there is some warmth of tone evident on the mask and front limbs. Soft fine baby coat as yet, in unshaded ivory. Perfectly poised and presented.

Limit ex Seal Point Kitten
1st - Bowles-Gowdy’s MAFDET ROSE-GOLD (24b) F 22/09/11

Pointed Oriental Bicolour Non Breeders Neuter
1st – Taylor’s PR JADEVYN BRYCHAN TROEDMAWR (48 40bt)  MN 19/05/08.   (See SCSBE Report)

Radius Neuter
1st – Ellis’ CH & GD PR TINTALLY JUST THE TICKET (24n) MN 15/05/10. A very stylish boy. Excellent head type with large wide based ears set wide. Excellent eye shape, set and depth of colour. Blue-based caramel points with clear sludge brown tones to base of ears and tail in particular. Coat very good for length and texture but quite heavily shaded now in blue-ish brown tones. Lovely to handle.

2nd – Crowley’s GD PR JOHPAS KITTY GALORE (32fn) FN 27/06/10. A neat and tidy lady neuter of very good type and wonderful apricot points colouring. Eye shape very good, perhaps a tad deep set with haws showing, colour good. Very good substance to body for all her daintiness. Coat a touch long and fine today. Excellent to handle.

Kay Burgess Memorial Class – AC Siamese/Balinese Adult, Kitten or Neuter
1st – MAFDET MASQUERADE (24n) M 30/06/11. (See SCSBE Report)

2nd – Knowlson’s DRESTOTHRIL DJANGO (24b) M 19/04/11. A large chocolate point male, just 10 months and still has a baby look about him still. Type very good with well balanced head. Good shape set and colour to eyes. Warm toned mid chocolate points almost matching. Unshaded warm ivory coat of very good length and texture. A little bit macho today but still handled well.


Pointed Oriental Bicolour Premier
GD PC - Taylor’s PR JADEVYN BRYCHAN TROEDMAWR (48 40bt)  MN 19/05/08.  This lad has a slightly effeminate look about him, but his type is very good, his proportion and distribution of white is very good, and he has very nice substance to him, so on balance, worthy of his certificate today. Medium length head, even and well balanced, with good width to top line and good size to well set ears. Oriental eye shape set and expression, with very good depth of colour considering the proximity of white.  Tiny dip to nose, deep chin and level bite. Good length and substance to body, fairly whippy tail needs an inch to balance. Warm mid chocolate tabby points with well ringed tail. Well over the one third white required, on mask and ears and on all four limbs, tummy completely white. Coat qualities very good, short close and sleek. Sweet temperament and excellently presented.

Pointed Oriental Bicolour Adult
CC & BOB – Bright’s MYRKARI MANHATTAN (48 40d) M 09/05/11. A huge chap, really well developed for his age, overall type good. Medium length head, fairly well balanced, top line good and with ears of good size set to follow. Shape set and expression to eyes good with mid blue colour. Profile a little uneven with bump to the lower end of the nose, chin lines up with the nose tip  but could be deeper, bite level. Long weighty “puppy” body, strong boned limbs and large paws, tail well tapered but needs an inch to balance, and has a small excrescence at the tip. Paler red points, white appears to be to be well over half, it is always difficult with red series pointed bicolours to tell just how much white there is in a youngster, particularly on the tummy, but there is evidence of white on all the other required places, so happy to give the certificate today. Coat rather long and fine. Easy to handle and excellently presented.

Siamese Non- Breeders Adult
1st – Bunyan’s CH LAZIZA TEPPANYAKI (32fn) M 18/12/10. A super lad looking somewhat slimmer today and beginning to mature, with strength and substance developing.  Excellent eye shape set and expression with lovely brilliant of blue colour. Points colour very good with really hot tones to tail in particular.  Perfect temperament.

2nd – Rigby’s CH JOHPAS SUMMERLOVIN (32a) F 12/11/10. A beautiful lady with excellent  head balance,  super eye shape  and set with excellent depth of colour and brilliance of tone. Rich red points colour . Almost unshaded coat a little fine and open today. Excellent to handle

3rd – Grey’s GD CH LYLYNN MELODRAMA (32a) F 27/11/09. Another Red point lady, quite dainty for a mature girl but very stylish and she knows just how to show herself. Points and eye colour very good, coat virtually unshaded with good close texture. Excellent temperament.

Novice Adult
1st – Davies’ BURTHWAITES SCARLET-FEVER (32a) F 20/02/11. Gorgeous young female, hard to fault, just needs to mature now. Excellent overall balance to her, and she has such a snooty expression to eyes of very good colour. Red points bright and intense in tone.  Unshaded coat of good close texture.  Perfect temperament

Senior Adult
1st – Palmer’s UK IMP GD CH MYLYNN MONTOYA (24) M 17/07/04. A dear old boy, wearing his years well and still retaining his type and style. Heavily shaded overall now but the tone is warm and there is still some contrast to his points. Lovely eyes for shape set and expression, colour somewhat faded out now but okay for an older boy. Perfect to handle.

2nd – Howarth’s CH MYASAMA MOURHINO (24) M 04/06/09. An overall very well balanced boy. Tends to widen his eyes, colour bright mid blue. Very good muscle tone to long body. Dark dense, slightly cool toned points, beginning to run over skull now, but otherwise very good contrast evident. A little tense but handled really well.

32 Series Kitten or Balinese equivalent
1st – Armstrong’s JOHPAS A-MAZ-ING (32a) M 22/10/11. Gorgeous little baby, so very promising. Strong little head with broad top  and huge ears carried wide. Very good colour to eyes, shape good but a tad straight set at present. Whisker pads quite swollen today – teething I think. Good points colour developing, long fine baby coat. The sweetest little person, very confident in her snug nest.

2nd – Ford’s SARNAU SALORA (32b8) F 05/08/11. An attractive and well grown  baby, but points colour needs to develop, I had to search very hard to see the breaks,  the caramel colour is excellent with very clear brownish tones but the apricot is very pale as yet. Good eye shape set and expression with mid blue colour. Another sweet person excellently presented.

Novice Kitten
1st - Bowles-Gowdy’s MAFDET ROSE-GOLD (24b) F 22/09/11 (See SPSCC Report)

Visitors Kitten
1st - MAFDET MASQUERADE (24n) M 30/06/11. Simply stunning – my best cat of the day, he really has come on well since I last saw him as a kitten and is a very well developed boy. Mouth-watering for type with the hugest bat ears set wide. Love his expression and the eye colour is very good also. Exceptional points colour for such a youngster, lilac-based and already very well developed, with clear sludgy tones to ears and tail and fudgy tones to mask.  Off white coat virtually unshaded with excellent sleek texture. Just perfect

2nd - Ford’s SARNAU SALORA (32b8) F 05/08/11

24 Series Neuter or Balinese equivalent
1st – Turvey’s PR STYPERSON BIJOU (24b) MN 07/08/06. This neuter lad has very good type and style, it is a pity he is so dark but today his points did show some warmth of tone. Coat length and texture very good. Behaved impeccably today.


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