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The Russian and Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland
5th January 2013

Best in Show Mrs V Anderson-Drew Mrs J Higgins
Pedigree Results Mrs M Buckeridge Mrs R Hopkins
Household Pet Results Mrs M Chapman-Beer Mr S Parkin
Photos Mrs M Codd Mrs D Stone
Chairman's Report Mrs G Denny Miss C White
Show Report Mr G Godfrey Mrs K Wilson
Photos Mr J Hansson  

Linczozo Cat's Pyjamas (23)

Best Abyssinian
Linczozo Cat's Pyjamas (23)

Best Russian
GrCh Shoelina Chesnokov (16a)

Best Nebelung
Nimbati’s Ezar (69)

Best Abyssinian Adult - GrCh Silversmoke Benny Goodman (23a)
Best Abyssinian Kitten - Linczozo Cat's Pyjamas (23)
Best Abyssinian Neuter - IGrCh & GrPr Wavetail Domino (23)

Best Russian Adult - GrCh Shoelina Chesnokov (16a)
Best Russian Kitten – Koreshka Tasiya Koreleva (16a)
Best Russian Neuter – GrPr Kremlinkatz Koschka Kirill (16a)

Best Abyssinian Adult Male - GrCh Silversmoke Benny Goodman (23a)
Best Abyssinian Adult Female - Ch Pontaby Paperina (23)
Best Abyssinian Kitten Male - Saladin Lucat Me (23)
Best Abyssinian Kitten Female - Linczozo Cat's Pyjamas (23)
Best Abyssinian Neuter Male - IGrCh & GrPr Wavetail Domino (23)

Best Russian Adult Male - GrCh Shoelina Chesnokov (16a)
Best Russian Adult Female - GrCh Troika Nijinska (16a)
Best Russian Kitten Male - Dushenka Hubert (16a)
Best Russian Kitten Female - Koreshka Tasiya Koreleva (16a)
Best Russian Neuter Male - GrPr Kremlinkatz Koschka Kirill (16a)
Best Russian Neuter Female – UK& IGrPr Dushenka Xariabella (16a)

RACCS first Championship show – 5 January 2013

It took us six years from establishing our club, but we got there – our first ever show, and what a lovely show it was, with a real party atmosphere!  Exhibitors had travelled the length and breadth of the country to join us and we had a great entry of 59 cats, kittens and neuters from 14 week old debutantes to mature veterans of the show scene.  The cats were beautiful, and achieved some great wins, and their owners all joined in our celebrations with enthusiasm.  Thanks to Donna Johnson for making our special cake, which went really well with both the champagne and the whisky. (I checked – it’s a tough life being a club chairman sometimes!)

Congratulations to all our winners, and special congratulations to our Overall Best in Show, the adorable Usual Abyssinian kitten Linczozo Cat’s Pyjamas, owned and bred by Morna Lincoln.  This cute little poppet was just 14 weeks old and won over absolutely everybody she met – a very popular choice for Best in Show from John Hansson. 

It’s difficult to name everyone who helped out on the day as there were so many people who were happy to do their bit to make the show a success, not least our behind-the-scenes superstar, Show Manager Simon Twigge, who kept everything running smoothly and delivered a wonderful show for us.  On the day he was helped by Margaret Lloyd and Kristi Stewart on the table, and Vicky Martin also kindly helped with handing out our rosettes.  We had loads of committee and club members helping too, from taking photographs, organising our celebrations, looking after the club stand, handing out awards and special prizes and all the other little jobs that needed to be done.  We were also fortunate to have some generous sponsorship from committee members, club members unable to attend the show, Royal Canin and Crystal Clear helping to make all our prizes more special: my thanks to you all.

My especial thanks go to Lynda Ashmore who made the kind offer for us to join her show when our previous arrangements had to be changed.  Without you we couldn’t have had this show and we are in your debt.

We hope to see you all at our next show, on 7 December 2013 in Annan when we will be ‘flying solo’ for the first time.

Until the next time!

Elisabeth Stark

Show Report

Short Haired Cat Society
Show Manager:  Mrs Lynda Ashmore
ASM:  Miss Jeanette Knapp


British Ragdoll Cat Club
Show Manager:  Mrs Paula Long
ASM’s:  Mrs Karen Harnell &
Mrs Margaret Walkden

Asian Group Cat Society
Korat and Thai Cat Association
Singapura Cat Club
Snowshoe Cat Society
Show Manager:  Mrs Lynda Ashmore
ASM:  Judith Mercer

Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland
Show Manager:  Mr Simon Twigge

Saturday the 5th of January saw the first shows of the 2013 Calendar year, several of which were held under the same roof at the Sports Connexion in Ryton On Dunsmore, Coventry.  This was a new venue for GCCF (previously TICA shows have been held at this venue) and in answer to Show Manager Lynda Ashmore’s prayers the weather on the day was mild for the time of year and in the main stayed dry.  It was a busy day for me as I was stewarding for the first time in a while and together with my Judge Sandra Woodley we had the pleasure of the company and assistance of 9 year old YES! candidate Connor Lane who was eager to learn and willing to please on only his second ever second-stewarding engagement.

Best in show winners for the respective clubs which took place in the afternoon with each club displaying their own club colours, are:

Short Haired Cat Society – Overall Judge: Mrs C Leighton - SHCS Cat Of The Year for 2013 - Olympian Silver Imperial Grand Champion Xzibit Chicago (15) - owned & bred by Mrs Vicki Fisher

Short Haired Cat Society - Best In Show Non-Pedigree – Judge: Mrs M Walkden - Imperial Grand Master Cat Trixie (SH Tortie Tabby) - owned by Miss Toika Shrank

Short Haired Cat Society - Best In Show Pedigree Pet: Judge: Mrs H Simpson - Master Cat Isa (SH Snow Spotted) - owned by Mrs S G Lee

Asian Group Cat Society - Overall Judge: Mrs V Kilby - Grand Premier Teignage Sir Pouncealot (68 45) - owned by Mrs Erica Bates and bred by Mr J & Mrs T Beale

Korat and Thai Cat Association – Overall Judge: - Mrs D Harper - UK Grand Champion Jenaca Anjali (34) - owned & bred by Mrs Jen Lacey

Singapura Cat Club - Overall Judge: Mrs B Shingleton - Grand Premier Kwansan Satinka Belle (77) - owned by Mrs Linda Smith & bred by Miss S Penfold

Snowshoe Cat Society - Overall Judge: Mrs M Buckeridge - Coldenufforsnow Valloir (83aw) - owned by Miss Kelly Cruse and bred by Mollie Southall

Russian & Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland – Overall Best Of The Best Judge: Mr J Hansson
Best Abyssinian - Linczozo Cat’s Pyjamas (23) – owned & bred by Mrs Morna Lincoln
Best Russian - Grand Champion Shoelina Chesnokov (16a) – owned & bred by Mrs Jennifer Fleming
Overall RACCS Best in Show was Usual Abyssinian kitten Linczozo Cat’s Pyjamas - at just 14 weeks old receiving the accolade of Best in Show for the first ever RACCS show from the discerning Mr John Hansson

Combined Shows (AGCS/K&TCA/SCC/SCS/RACCS) Household Pet Winners:
Household Pet Best In Show - Grand Master Cat Polly (SH Black & White) – owned by Miss Carol Edwards
Pedigree Pet Best In Show - Imperial Grand Master Cat Just Willyum (SH Cinnamon) - owned by Mrs Sue Lowell

British Ragdoll Cat Club - Overall Best Ragdoll In Show - Judge: Mrs S Hamilton - Premier Dizzipaws Roberto (66aw) - owned by Mrs M Penman & bred by Mrs J Haworth
Household Pets – Judge: Mr B Tackley - Jaxsen (SH Cream) – owned by Miss Wood

Congratulations and very well done must be said to Show Manager Lynda Ashmore.  Her long term dedication and commitment to seeing the dream of joint shows becoming an accepted reality in modern day GCCF in my opinion surely deserves a mention in the Queens New Years honours list.

Next years date for your diaries for the Short Hair Cat Society, Joint Shows is the 4th of January 2014 back at the Sports Connexion Venue, near Coventry

Heather Bradley

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