General Notices

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Meeting of the Disciplinary Committee was held
on Wednesday 19 March 2015
at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London


FPIC141/14 – Mr J & Mrs J C Tipper


Mr J & Mrs J C Tipper requested that a fixed penalty issued for breach of Rules 1 c & 3b Section 4 be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.


The Investigation Committee preferred a formal complaint against Mr J & Mrs J C Tipper as follows:


They entered for, and exhibited three cats, TIGANLEA KING GILLESPIE, TIGANLEA PRINSEN MALACHI and MIGOTO'S WILMA at the Felikat Show held on 16th November 2014 in the Netherlands and they then entered three cats, TIGANLEA DUKE EINAR, TIGANLEA KING GILLESPIE and MIGOTO'S YNGVE into the GCCF Supreme Show held on 22nd November 2014, exhibiting the latter two cats; both Defendants are named as the joint owners of TIGANLEA KING GILLESPIE and TIGANLEA DUKE EINER in the GCCF Register,




1.         they entered for and exhibited at a show held less than 13 days prior to the Supreme Show.

By this action they are in breach of the GCCF Rules, Section 4, Rule 3b. 




2.         they did not notify the GCCF Office prior to the Felikat show that they were going to exhibit a cat, KING GILLESPIE,  registered with the GCCF and resident in England at a show not licensed by the GCCF.

By this action they are in breach of the GCCF Rules, Section 4, Rule 1c.
Mr J Tipper attended the hearing.


Mr Tipper admitted the complaints and gave evidence in mitigation.


The Investigation Committee called no witnesses.


Mr Tipper called no witnesses.


The Disciplinary Committee found the complaint proved and ordered that Mr & Mrs Tipper be suspended from the GCCF for a period of 1 year.


The Disciplinary Committee ordered that Mr & Mrs Tipper pay a fine of £500.00, such fine to be paid within 28 days.


The Disciplinary Committee directed that Mr & Mrs Tipper pay £500 by way of costs.


The Orders were made on the condition that the disqualification of Mr & Mrs Tipper’s cats from the Supreme Show dated 22 November 2014 stands.

Subscriptions Reminder

Please don't let your membership of the Society lapse by forgetting to pay your 2015 subscription fee.

If you have not yet renewed your membership, please send your payment to:

Peter Calver
Hon Membership Secretary

Exotic Cat Society
49 Thirlmere Drive
Suffolk  IP14 1SF


Added 2nd February 2015




Please visit Langford Veterinary Services for more information.


Our study requires tissue samples collected from cats that have died from any cause or disease, and at any age; we are not specifically recruiting FIP cases.


Many thanks again for your help with this research. We hope that it will benefit many cats in the future through its findings.



To all interested parties:-

Change of address:-

Mrs Eileen Fryer

5 Aston Close,

Woodrow North,


B98  7GA 

My apologies to the exhibitors of the Capital/Eastern LH & Semi LH shows for the lateness of my Judging report. The day after  the show I went down with Bronchitis which I have just recovered from, however my report will be on the site later this week. 


Added 3rd February 2015



Please note that with immediate effect any paperwork for the Singapura BAC should be sent to:


Mr Jim Warrender

32 Whitwell Lane


Sheffield. S36 1GE


Email: or

Added 18th March 2015



Please note that any concerns relating to Ocicat and Ocicat Classic health, can be sent to The Ocicat Club, or directly to the Ocicat and Ocicat Classic BAC.

See this link for further information: The Ocicat Club
Added15th April 2015



The Red Point & Tortie Point Siamese Cat Club wishes all members, friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year. Many thanks to everyone who has supported us during the year, especially those who have given so generously by offering items to sell on the club stall, and those who have spent money with us. Our next club stall is at the SPSCC/SCSBE Siamese shows on 21st February 2015.


Members are reminded that subscriptions are due on 1st January, and payment should be sent to the Club Treasurer, Mrs Pat Cook, at 77 Vine Road, Tiptree, Colchester, Essex CO5 0LT. The rates are currently £5 Single and £7 Joint.


The Schedule for our 5th Championship Show on 11th April 2015, at Wendover Memorial Hall, will be available online from 11th January, and paper copies will be sent to last year's exhibitors as well as to members who are known to be current exhibitors. Anyone else requiring a hard copy should send an A5 SAE to the Assistant Show Manager, Ms Judy Emmens, 12 King Alfred Place, Winchester, Hants SO23 7DF. Copies will also be available from the usual trade stands at shows. The show is open to all colours of Siamese and Balinese, all LH/SH Oriental breeds, and we also have a Household Pet section again. Please enter early - last year we had to return several entries that had been received by the closing date, just because our hall was full.


We will again have our raffle, tombola and stalls for exhibitors to browse during judging, as well as our famous selection of hot and cold food for sale at very reasonable prices, including breakfast baps! This is the Siamese show everyone was talking about in 2014 - see pictures and feedback on the club website at


Judy Emmens
Hon Secretary/Assistant Show Manager


Added December 2014



The Special General Meeting was held on Sunday 11th January 2015 to discuss the future of the TRCS by its current members.  The item on the agenda was the lack of members with the Knowledge and Commitment, which forms the very ethos of a specialist breed club, to come onto the Committee and take over the running of the Society.

It was agreed that the original aims  and objectives of the club have been achieved and as such, the proposal to wind up the club with dignity and, in accordance with the rules, with all assets distributed to Ragdoll Rescue, was passed with 30 votes in agreement with 3 votes against. There were no abstentions and the total ballot included postal votes.

GCCF have been updated accordingly and informed that a full comprehensive and audited statement will be sent to them in due course.

The TRCS has been a wonderful club but it had been the right time to call time and as such we take this opportunity to thank our members for their continued and valued loyal support.

A copy of this notice  will be sent in the post to all paid up TRCS members.

Malcolm Beal - Chairman
for and on behalf of TRCS Committee
Added January 2015


Sadly, due to lack of attendance. we have to report that the UKRMCS AGM was not quorate. To enable the Society to function in every day matters, the following Items were approved by the Committee:

The 2014 AGM Minutes were  approved with no matters arising.  A copy of which was signed off by the Chairman,

The Society’s  accounts were agreed and Kin-Chung Leung was appointed as the Independent Person to sign them.

Rule changes:
There were 24 votes ( including Postal Votes) for accepting all Rule Changes with no votes against and no abstentions. Therefore these changes will take place with immediate effect.

Election Of Committee members:   There were places available for all candidates so no ballot was necessary.  The following Committee comes into effect immediately:

Chairperson – Allen Wells
Vice Chairperson – Michelanne Cann
Hon Secretary – Christine Powell
Hon Treasurer – John Cann
Ordinary Committee members -
Tracey & Richard Archer,  Gail Looker Williams,  Jean Southcott and Catherine Walter. 
Co Opted for 2015 was Ellen Camilleri.

BAC – It was confirmed that the RagaMuffin Breeding Policy was agreed by the Genetic Committee and that the Application for Promotion to Championship Status has been submitted to the GCCF BOD for approval.

AOB – It was agreed that, to avoid future AGM’s  having to be cancelled due to lack of attendance, the number of members needed for an AGM to be quorate be reduced to 10. This number to include at least  ONE Officer


Members have a 28 day period in which to object to any of the above.

UKRMCS Committee



Subscription Reminder


Dear members your subscription for 2015 are now due,
Single £5.00 Joint £8.00

Please send fees to:

Mrs S Cook,
Membership Secretary,
33 Woodlands Park,
Kenfig Hill,
CF33 6DY


Added 15th March 2015