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The GCCF – Giving Cats Care Forever

We are the UK’s premier cat registration body. We offer information, advice and expertise to help choose, care for, or breed the right cat for you or to show!

Choosing which breed is right for you

From the smallest cat breed, Singapura, to the largest, Maine Coon, we show you the differences to help you decide which breed best suits your home and lifestyle.


Advice for finding a kitten

Kittens are adorable, but whether you decide on pedigree or rescue, there’s lots to consider before you get your new pet.  We have information to help you make the right choice.


Bringing your kitten home

Your new kitten may be apprehensive being taken away from its mum and litter mates for the first time; here are some tips to help them relax.

Coming home

Caring for your cat

Whether it’s neutering your new kitten, obtaining pet insurance or caring for the health of your older cat, we want to help all cats lead a happy, healthy life.


Owning a Cat   

Being a great owner is about understanding your cat’s needs and
how to keep them safe.


Veterinary Information  

A pet owner’s best friend is their Veterinary Surgeon, and all pets should be registered with a practice, even if perfectly healthy.

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Cat Welfare Trust

Learn about our support for cat health research projects over the last three decades. The current project, by the Royal Veterinary College, is looking to develop a therapy for HCM.


Rescue & Re-homing

Rescue organisations will make every effort to match you with the best cat for you, and offer advice and guidance to help you get it right.


What you need to know before you start breeding

There is much to consider before you embark on breeding, from temperament and breed type to the necessary health tests.  We have the information to help you make the right choices.


New to breeding

When you’ve decided you’re ready for your first litter let’s go through the process step by step, so you’re well prepared to take care of your queen and her kittens.


The experienced breeder

More in-depth information on getting a prefix, keeping a stud, the Breeders Scheme and the requirements of importing and exporting.

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Policies & information

To assist the responsible breeding of our recognised breeds, GCCF and its Breed Advisory Committees have policies in place to inform and guide breeders on best practice.

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Shows and Events

Why not visit a show to see what’s involved, and meet the breeders and exhibitors.  There are shows held most weekends and you can find information from our Show Calendar.


Exhibitor Information

As well as the dates and venues of all GCCF licensed shows around the UK, the Judge Reports page is updated with results from shows almost as soon as they happen.

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Show Management

If you are a GCCF Show Manager, you need to know any changes to show rules or breed status, this section will keep you updated, and link to the YES Scheme website.

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Judging and Stewarding

GCCF Judges play a pivotal role in shows, interpreting the Standards of Points to grant awards and titles, ably supported by Stewards who handle the cats for them.

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