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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The UK's Premier Registration body


GCCF is the Premier registration body for Cats in the UK.

GCCF has more than 150 member clubs, licences more than 150 cat shows per year and registers and transfers over 25,000 pedigree cats per year.


Role Title:  IT Support & Development


Part-time; 15 hours per week (distribution over the week to be agreed)


Location:  Remote working assumed, physical base of company is: GCCF Office, Bridgwater, Somerset


Reports to:  GCCF Office Manager


Salary: £18 per hour (£14,040 per annum) plus paid holiday and access to pension scheme


Date:  March 2019


The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) is a not-for-profit company operating the largest registration and show licensing body for pedigree and non-pedigree cats in the UK.  The Council is formed of delegates from all member clubs and meets three times per year.  The detailed business of the company is undertaken by the Board of Directors supported by four standing committees: Finance, Investigations, Disciplinary, and Appeals. 


The GCCF employs a team of full and part-time staff to support the Board, Council and its committees in administering all aspects relating to the operation of the Cat Fancy.  The organisation maintains a proprietary customer and staff facing pedigree cat registration system, managing over 1.2 million cat records with over 74,000 users.  Built on .NET and SQL Server, our platform includes a complex genetics screening system for validating cat lineage and health markers, it also provides payment processing and accounting systems.  The organisation has more than 150 member clubs, licenses almost 150 cat shows per annum and registers and transfers over 25,000 cats and kittens per year.


The role of IT Support and Development is a key employee working as an integral part of the Office team to provide IT support and ensure the smooth running of the company’s computer systems providing services accessed via the Internet.


Role Purpose:


The role is to provide support for all aspects of IT.  As post-holder you will have the ability to work remotely, but will be expected to attend the GCCF Office in Bridgwater, occasionally and as necessary, in order to work effectively with our small team of seven staff in a collaborative and friendly environment.

Specifically, you will be developing new functionality, as well as supporting the existing IT system, working with staff, customers and the Board to specify, develop and deploy new features as needed and appropriate.

As a critical part of a small company, you will be involved at all stages of the software life cycle, from initial specification to deployment.

Our complex platform and large database will require on-going maintenance, and you will support staff and customers in investigating and rectifying problems with the platform and our data.

Person Specification & Skills


  • A solid background in .NET development (we use around 80% VB.NET and 20% C#.NET)
  • MVC (we use MVC 5)
  • Experience in SQL Server or equivalent
  • Strong understanding of relational databases
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript
  • Change control (we us TFS)


·         Azure

·         JQuery

·         Both VB.NET and C#

·         Entity Framework

Key Capabilities:


Building Relationships:   Shares expertise, know-how and resources to add value to the organisation.  Earns respect by demonstrating a high level of professionalism and expertise and delivering on promises.  Builds and maintains networks with the key players.  Supports colleagues in achieving their tasks and targets.


Developing Capability:   Gives objective feedback.  Assesses the capabilities of others and works with them to plan appropriate IT development.  Encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own learning.  Openly encourages and supports others. 


Impact & Influence:   Uses a range of styles for getting messages across.  Defines objectives clearly in advance to ensure they are not jeopardised in negotiations or meetings.  Anticipates likely objections and builds responses into approach. 


Achieving Results:  Adopts challenging goals, targets and standards and strives to achieve them.  Sets out to be the best – has own measure of excellence.  Takes pride in what has been achieved, but always seeks to improve things further.  Tracks performance and identifies and implements changes or initiatives which will improve performance and quality and measures resulting impact. 


Initiative:   Anticipates and takes action to create an opportunity or avoid a future problem, looking ahead with a 3-6 month time frame.  Systematically reviews work and organisational demands to identify potential conflicts or problems and highlights these to others.  Understands implications of potential problems and acts to develop plans or procedures to minimise effects.  Makes changes to systems and procedures as necessary to alleviate clashes in work priorities.