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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

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General Notices

WATCHDOG – Rogue Traders

In response to the item on the Watchdog programme aired on Wednesday 7th November, Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) can confirm that the person featured in the programme is on our records as owning registered cats. They are all non-Active (registered as pets only, not suitable for breeding) and some were (allegedly) neutered at the time of registration. So it would appear that she may be breeding with non-Active cats which is contrary to our rules and therefore no progeny could ever be registered.

The GCCF recommends that all cats, both pedigree and non-pedigree, should be neutered unless they are registered on the active register and used in an approved breeding programme with appropriate health guards in place and the intention of preserving or improving a recognised breed.

The GCCF is extremely concerned about the deliberate breeding of unregistered kittens from pedigree parents or breed crosses by unregulated breeders who are usually unwilling to obtain cats suitable for breeding and carry out the required health checks and/or DNA tests. Breeders that follow our rules have kittens and keep them in a family group with their mother.  Most who seek financial gain at the expense of good breeding practices prefer to cut corners and ignore welfare.

The GCCF Breeder Scheme allows dedicated, caring and responsible breeders who aim for the highest standards and best practice in feline welfare to sign up to an enhanced Code of Ethics.  Kittens should not leave the breeder until one week after a full course of vaccinations is completed. This ensures they are beyond the very vulnerable kitten stage, will have received vaccination protection and been assessed by a vet on at least two occasions. 

Further information about pedigree cat breeds, and their correct breeding and registration policies, including advice on purchasing and insuring a pedigree kitten can be found on the GCCF website www.gccfcats.org 


I just want to let you know that I am withdrawing from the Oriental and Siamese list effective immediately.

Barbara Prowse


The deferred AGM will take place at 8.00 pm on Thursday 8th November as a telephone conference call. Agenda papers and details of how to join in the call have been emailed to members today. Any member who has not received the paperwork can do so by emailing the Hon Secretary on keithws@outlook.com


Keith Scruton

Hon Secretary

24th October 2018

BAC Review Group Update - Council meeting October 2018

At the October Council meeting, Kate Kaye gave an update report on the work of the BAC Review Group.  Please click HERE to download or read Kate's report.

Email scam being sent to Club Treasurers

An email scam is being sent to GCCF club Treasurers, and usually reads:

Are you available? Would you be able to make a transfer to a Merchant on behalf of the board and get refunded by our treasurer? Get back to me if you can thanks.
The Treasurer details are probably taken from club websites, and purport to come from an Officer or another committee member.  Please always check before making any transfers, and advise to ActionFraud 


SUPREME SHOW - closing date extended

We have extended the closing date for entries to the Supreme Show until midnight on Sunday 7th October.

House Move - Mr K Scruton

I have now moved to Gloucestershire and my contact details at the moment while we wait for BT to connect a landline are:


Tel: 07425173027

email: keithws@outlook.com 


For security reasons relating to the family my address will only be provided if requested by text or email. Show managers of shows at which I have agreed to judge will be notified of my full details separately.


Mr K Scruton
September 2018


For those exhibitors and visitors who that may be staying overnight the night before the Supreme at the Travel Lodge Hotel - please note that the car park is now owned by airport parking so unless you book in advance for £8.50 you will be charged by the hour!


I have resigned with immediate effect from the GCCF Investigations Committee and will no longer be involved with IC discussions or meetings.

John S Harrison


If you fail to produce a current vaccination certificate when vetting in to a show, please note that you must do either of the following:

1.     Send the original vaccination certificate to the GCCF office within 7 days of the date of the show 

2.     Send a scanned copy of the vaccination certificate by email to the GCCF office within 7 days of the date of the show.  Email to info@gccfcats.org

N.B. The scanned copy must show ALL of the following features: 

·         The correct registered name of the cat

·         The owner’s name and full address

·         The date of vaccination, type of vaccine given and Vet’s signature

·         The Veterinary Practice stamp or printed details (these may be on the back page)

Please note that spot checks will be made to verify the details on a scanned copy vaccination certificate.

Supreme Show - MEET THE BREEDS

Please note that information and booking forms have been emailed to the Chair and Secretary of all breed clubs.

White Persian CC - NOTICE OF AGM

27th September at 8.00pm

This meeting will take place via Confra Phone.   Fully paid up members please note - to join the meeting please send your e mailL to Alaskan7156@gmail.com to obtain the AGM paperwork, and details of the Confraphone dial.


"Lucy's Law"

The Government announced yesterday that they plan to introduce legislation (called 'Lucy's Law') to ban the sale of puppies and kittens through a third party agent, this means pet shops or pet dealers.  The detail of this legislation has not yet been published but once introduced it should have no impact on breeders who register with GCCF as they sell the kittens they breed directly to a new owner, and not to a pet shop or animal dealer.  

Reports on the new legislation have also mentioned the fact that licensed dog breeders may or will be asked to quote their license number in adverts placed on-line or elsewhere. This does not apply to most cat breeders as they remain defined as hobby breeders if not operating a commercial cat breeding business and so do not require a licence from the 1st October 2018, when new animal licensing legislation comes into effect. 

Media reports on ‘Lucy’s Law’ have stated that the intention is to ban puppy and kitten farming which is correct, but it should not be forgotten that dog and cat breeding are covered by different rules (schedules) within the new legislation. Once there is further information on the detail of exactly how the new proposal will regulate advertising an update will be given.

Steve Crow - Director

Animal Welfare legislation 2018 - Defra guidelines for local authority inspectors 


What is in and out of the scope: Selling animals as pets

2. Schedule1of theAnimalWelfare(LicensingofActivitiesInvolvingAnimals)(England) Regulations 2018 (“the regulations”) defines the licensable activities for each sector. In all cases except dog breeding, the licensable activity is restricted to businesses or those operating on a commercial basis.

Business Test

  1. The regulations specify two example business tests to be considered when determining whether an activity is considered commercial, and thus within scope. They are not the exclusive factors to be considered but are examples and other factors, such as those listed in the nine badges of trade set out by HMRC, are also relevant. The regulations include the following on this issue:
  2. The circumstances which a local authority must take into account in determining whether an activity is being carried on in the course of a business for the purposes of this Schedule include, for example, whether the operator—

(a) makes any sale by, or otherwise carries on, the activity with a view to making a profit, or

(b) earns any commission or fee from the activity.

  1. This guidance is intended to assist inspectors in determining whether or not an activity may be subject to the regulations noting that ultimately there will be an element of judgement required.
  2. Set out below are examples of the type of activity that should or should not be considered within the scope of the regulations and the indicators that should be considered when deciding whether a licence is required.
  3. Local authority inspectors should take account of all elements of the advice below and weigh them against each other before reaching a decision as to whether an activity falls within scope of the regulations. 


Selling animals as pets: Text of the definition in Schedule 1 of the regulations

“2. Selling animals as pets (or with a view to their being later resold as pets) in the course of a business including keeping animals in the course of a business with a view to their being so sold or resold.

In scope criteria

Activities that fulfil one or more of the following criteria are subject to licensing:

Guideline indicators of running a business of selling animals as pets

The following may assist consideration of the criteria listed above:


· Advertising through a variety of sites, forums or media could indicate a commercial activity.

Out of scope criteria

Activities that fulfil one or more of the following criteria are not subject to licensing:

Guideline indicators of “out of scope” activities

The following may assist consideration of the criteria listed above:


An important message for breeders and pet owners - please download here.


Order your 2019 calendar - all proceeds to research

CAT OF THE YEAR Results 2018

COTY is now officially closed, a list of the section winners is below. This has resulted in some corrections.  Please let me know by the end of the month, your exhibit’s full title & correct spelling. If you don’t the awards will be given with the title obtained to the best of my knowledge up to the 31st May, you will no longer be able to change this.  If you let me know I will respond, if you don’t hear, you may assume I have not received the information.  You should only contact me if you are the owner of one of the exhibits. 

Please advise if you wish to attend the Dinner to receive your award in person, the cost of the Dinner will be £30.00 per head.  Details of the venue & menu will be sent upon request. 

Best Persian Adult & Section Winner (33)


Best Persian Kitten  (9)


Best Persian Neuter(18)


Best SLH Adult   (12)


Best SLH Kitten (5)


Best SLH Neuter & Section Winner (14)



Best British Adult (7)


Best British  Kitten (4)


Best British Neuter & Section Winner (19)


Best Foreign Adult  & Section Winner(12)


Best Foreign Kitten Joint  (5)



Best Foreign Neuter (10)



Best Burmese Adult  (10)


Best Burmese Kitten (7)


Best Burmese Neuter & Section Winner  (12)



Best Oriental Adult  (15) Combined Total (29)


Best Oriental Kitten


Best Oriental Neuter & Section Leader



Best Siamese Adult & Section Winner   (19)


Best Siamese Kitten (6)


Best Siamese Neuter (16)



Best Household Pet & Section Winner (21)


Best Pedigree Pet (17)



Best Overall Adult Winner 2017-18


Best Overall Kitten Winner 2017-18


Best Overall Neuter Winner .  2017-18



COTY EXHIBIT (Joint) 2018.  (both on 33 points)



If you have query, you should contact me directly by e-mail, my address is;  hansson808@btinternet.com,

You have until the end of August to confirm your exhibit’s status as at the 31st May 2018, subsequent titles may NOT, be added anything received after that date will be too late to amend.  During August the confirmed results will appear on the GCCF website after that time no further adjustments will now  be made with the exception spelling or the amendment of title   Please do this as early as possible.

Congratulations to all contenders, some have been very closely contested, particularly the Persian & Oriental sections, this year for the 1st time we have the same exhibit as both a Kitten & Adult Winner in its section & the Overall Kitten winner, the same exhibit was also 2017 Supreme Adult.  Quite a haul in one year.    

Good to see some of the same exhibits still feature from last year. 




At the OCA show Dr Emi Barker held a talk on the Amyloidosis disease and research programme. Here are the links to both the talk and the Q&A. 

Amendments to SOPs and Registration Policies     Notice date 19 July 2018

The following amendments were agreed at the GCCF Board of Directors meeting on 18 July, and are placed here for any comments, queries or objections for 28 days (ends 16 August 2018), after which they will be implemented:

Ragdoll SOP 

Persian Registration Policy (PKD protocol)

Australian Mist Registration Policy


We have been made aware of a letter being sent to a breeder, purporting to be on GCCF headed notepaper and sent from the office.  This letter indicates that the breeder will receive a visit from a GCCF representative.  This was NOT sent from the GCCF.  Anyone receiving a letter indicating that they should expect a visit must not admit anyone who says they represent GCCF.  If you have any concerns you should contact your local Police


As you know there has been difficulty in raising a quorum at our Annual AGM not only this year but in previous years.

In order to rectify this situation the committee have asked that we facilitate a plan to try to get a Special General Meeting at the Scotia Cat Fanciers show on July 14th

We ask attending members if they would agree to a postal or email vote and ask them to sign against their name. The allocated paperwork will be at Dee Carrick's Welfare Fund Raising Table. This means that we would be sure to get quorate even if everyone would not be able to attend our AGM on the day.

I look forward to seeing you on the 14th

Best wishes

Pina Bruno Grieve
Acting Secretary



The Burmese BAC has a vacancy for secretary, as from September 9th 2018. The following are the relevant paragraphs from the Philosophy and Principles of the Burmese BAC:

The Secretary, who shall not be a Club representative, shall be elected annually. He/She shall not have a right to vote. The Secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the BAC and shall, in consultation with the Chairman, be responsible for convening meetings. The Secretary shall provide the GCCF Office with a list of the names and addresses of the BAC officers immediately after each electoral meeting and shall inform the GCCF Office of any changes to this list.

The Secretary must have "presence", sound knowledge of the Cat Fancy, the GCCF and its Rules and Procedures, and should be familiar with the show world and have a reputation for principle and impartiality. They need not be members of any constituent Clubs nor need they have any direct connection with the BAC breeds.

This BAC is quite busy and full and detailed minutes and letters to candidates are expected after each meeting. The Committee is made up of representatives from the Burmese Cat Club, the Burmese Cat Society and the Burmese Cat Association. The meetings are held in the Tamworth area at present, three times a year, in January, June and September.

Treasurer also required. Need not attend meetings. The Treasurer shall be elected annually and may be a Club representative, in which case he/she shall have a vote. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of fees from constituent Clubs and for the payment of expenses incurred and shall submit the required accounts annually to GCCF before 1st May each year. Applications in writing to the Hon Secretary as above before 12thAugust 2018.

Please email Penny Akehurst on chiaroburmese@sky.com if interested before 12th August 2018.


These are the interim COTY results, these will not be confirmed nor finalized till all scores have been verified & to give an opportunity to anyone who thinks they should have different score to query these results.


If you have query, you should contact me directly by e-mail, my address is;


You have until the end of July to make any query, anything received after that date will be too late to amend, you should supply details relating to your query, including the shows concerned & points you believe you may have won. Only corrections which would alter the placing need be submitted though those listed may, if they think their score is adrift may wish their total amended.   During August the confirmed results will appear on the GCCF website after that time no further adjustments will be made.  Please do this as early as possible.

Congratulations to all contenders, some have been very closely contested, particularly the Persian & Oriental sections, this year for the 1st time we have the same exhibit as both a Kitten & Adult Winner in its section & the Overall Kitten winner, the same exhibit was also 2017 Supreme Adult.  Quite a haul in one year.    

Please do not request other information unless it is going to impact on the overall scores.  You may if you wish copy this information on other sites.

Please let me know the correct spelling & full title of your exhibit if it is one of those listed.

John Hansson

Update on Licensing of Cat Breeders


Please see my previous postings on this Noticeboard for the full background on this topic. 


Since my last update in October 2017, work has continued to write the guidance that will be necessary for interpreting each of the five schedules contained within the Statutory Instrument drafted to amend the Animal Welfare Act 2006.  To remind everyone there are five schedules covering: The Boarding of Cats & Dogs; Dog Breeding; Pet Vending; Hiring out of Horse; and Exhibiting Animals.  The licensing of cat breeding will be operated under the Schedule 3: Pet Vending. 


This guidance will be available to inform licensees of the requirements under each schedule and will also guide local authority Environmental Health Inspectors in interpreting and applying the requirements of the legislation when inspecting licensed premises.  I have been a member of the working group developing the guidance for the Pet Vending schedule.


“The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018” (www.legislation.gov.uk/ukdsi/2018/9780111165485) has now completed its journey through both the House of Commons and House of Lords without amendment.  Lord Gardiner, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Rural Affairs and Biodiversity, confirmed to members of the Canine & Feline Sector Group on 1st May that licensing will be enacted from 1st October 2018.  Between now and then, training will be organised and delivered to Environmental Health Inspectors in England.  The legislation will not apply in Scotland, but the Welsh Assembly have developed legislation similar to that in England. 


As I have reported before, the key factor in determining who is in scope to be licensed is whether the person is breeding cats with the intention of making a profit.  This will be the crucial factor in establishing that a breeder is operating commercially ie. as a business.  Any breeder who believes the licensing will apply to their circumstances should contact their local authority with a view to apply for a license from October this year.


My reading of the new legislation would indicate that the large majority of cat breeders registering with GCCF will be out of scope and will not require a licence.  However, it is the responsibility of each breeder to check their own situation and to act accordingly.  If you are breeding very regularly and in sufficient numbers to make a profit, you are likely to be considered to be a commercial pet vendor, in which case you will need to apply for a license. 

I urge breeders to keep financial records so as to be able to demonstrate, when necessary, both to their local authority and to HMRC that they are not making an profit and do not require a pet vending license.


Steve Crow

14th May 2018


I have seen some very unpleasant comments on FB regarding a few minor errors  at the office, in view of which I thought it prudent to make this statement, this is a personal message, it is NOT endorsed by the Board.    

I have no doubt some members of the Board may take exception to this statement, however some things need to be said & I feel my first duty as Chairman is to support our staff, hence the need for this statement on the current staffing at the office.

We would normally have:

  • Office Manager
  • 4 full time staff & 3 part time 

The current situation is:

  • Acting Office Manager
  • 2 full time staff ( 1 off sick) (part time 3 off sick, 1 long term)    

This means that staff levels are currently seriously depleted.With the current staffing levels at: 

  • Acting Office Manager, 50% at Full time  0% Part time staff    

All things considered with staffing, some errors are bound to happen, so please try to be a little tolerant to avoid further undue pressure & refrain from adverse comment on those staff, who are currently working extremely hard to keep things running as smoothly as possible.     

We are trying very hard to cover all aspects, it is incredibly difficult as well as causing additional stress to the remaining staff as such it would be greatly appreciated if you could support those working & doing their very best to work through the current situation.

I would like to thank certain members of the Fancy for their support at the office during this very difficult time, I won’t mention names but those concerned know who they are.     

John H Hansson   Chairman

Mark Goadby   

After nearly 8 years as Office Manager, Mark is moving on from his role by mutual agreement.  We thank him for his contribution to the organisation and wish him well for the future.   

John H Hansson (Chair GCCF)

Korat Registration Policy

Please note the following proposed change to the Korat &Thai Registration Policy:

Inclusion of GCCF rules to allow progeny of Korats from Thailand.  To be assessed in exhibition with critique classes and moved from reference to supplementary registration if agreed as a having a satisfactory breed phenotype by 3 FJs.

Rationale:   To support breeders who import from Thailand 

Objections: By 6 April 2018

We have been made aware of phishing emails being sent with the GCCF name on, and a downloadable invoice. These are NOT from the GCCF. If you do have an invoice from us it would be sent from a GCCF email address. If you are unsure, always contact the office directly and check.

Merseyside Cat Club

Following a recent committee meeting I would advise the Mrs M Walkden has now retired from the committee and the position of Welfare Officer.  The Welfare Officer position has been taken by Mr A Holden.  A new committee member has been co-opted  Ms Erica Bates  and it is anticipated that she will be formally accepted on to the committee at the next AGM.   If you need any further information  please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Heather Wray
Secretary MCC

Business Achievements 2012 - 2017

Read about our achievements from the 5 Year Business Plan here

Six fantastic and FREE webinars for cat owners!

On Wednesday, 24th January 2018, Feline Friends are launching FREE, monthly webinars (web-based lectures via the internet) for cat owners, in a joint venture with ‘The Webinar Vet’ (leaders in providing veterinary professionals with both live and recorded webinar lectures provided by respected speakers highly experienced in their fields.) Cat owners can register to listen to live lectures, watch the visual displays, and ask questions of the speaker. Alternatively they can watch recordings of the lectures at a later date.

To view programme and/or register, please CLICK HERE.

Amendment to the Egyptian Mau SOP

Please note the amendment below to the paragraph relating to Body Markings.  There are four weeks for comment from 13 Jan 18 before approval.

Body Markings  

Markings on the body are to be randomly spotted with variance in size and shape. The spots  can be large or small, round, oblong, or of irregular shape. Any of these are of equal merit  but the spots, however shaped or of whatever size, shall must be distinct, with good contrast between pale ground colour and deeper markings. Spotting pattern on each side of  the body need not match.  Underside of the body spotted. As the spinal lines/elongated spots reach the rear haunches, they merge together to form a dorsal stripe which continues along the top of the tail to its tip. On the upper chest there are one or more broken necklaces. The shoulder markings are a transition between stripes and spots.


The current scores for Cat of the Year are now available, please click on this link.  Please remember that these scores are interim.  Results will not be finalised until after the end of the show season on 31st May 2018.  If you have any queries on your score, please let ME know with details of your points at hansson808@btinternet.com

John Hansson - Chairman GCCF

British SH Group Committee

For clarification for the Registrar, please see the note that has been added to the BSH Registration Policy under Reference Register, note F.  It is the intention of the BSGC that the progeny of British SHs, with a GCCF recognised colour or pattern, will always be BSH and and cannot revert to XSH:

f. It is not the intention of the BSGC that any cat or kitten, with a colour or pattern that is recognised within the BSH section, with two GCCF registered BSH should lose BSH status. This applies to any cat or kitten that is imported where the parents are acceptable for GCCF BSH registration. The tables below restrict the use of variants in some colours or patterns. This note overrides the placing on the XSH register of any cat or kitten that would lose BSH status because of these restrictions. These cats or kittens will be placed on the reference register and the usual rules of progression will apply. 

RagaMuffin BAC

The RagaMuffin BAC respectfully requests that judges ensure they use the correct spelling of the breed in their reports: RagaMuffin as opposed to Ragamuffin. The upper case M is integral to the breed's identity so  strict adherence to its use is required.  

Change to SOP for Foreign White, OSH, OLH and OBI

Ears: Large, pricked and wide at the base with their setting continuing the lines of the wedge. Cats should be penalised equally for ears which are set too high or too low, distorting the triangular effect.   

Posted 17th October 2017

Judge Show Reports

In the interests of clarity, please note that the GCCF has no intent to change the existing method of relaying a judge’s opinion on an exhibit via a written report to exhibitors. The rules around this are very clear, judges must submit their reports within 28 days for publication on the GCCF website and that failure to do so is a breach of company rules which may therefore, lead to disciplinary action.

John Hansson - GCCF Chair

Catherine Kaye - SRG Chair

Update on Licensing of Cat Breeders

I gave the following update to Council Delegates yesterday:

This issue has been under discussion for the past two years or so and I have previously issued notices giving information on the range of proposals that have been made, these have differed both in scope and potential impact on our hobby. 

Over the past few months I am pleased to say that I have been able to gain some real clarity from DEFRA on how licensing will work and the criteria that will be applied. 

This specific criteria applies only in England; the Welsh Assembly has drafted something very similar for Wales; the Scottish Parliament has no plans to introducing licensing at this time. 

DEFRA intends to use Statutory Instruments to amend the current Animal Welfare Act 2006 – these were drafted in September and are currently titled “The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018”.  I have been given a copy by DEFRA. 

There are five schedules covering: The Boarding of Cats & Dogs; Dog Breeding; Pet Vending; Hiring out of Horse; and Exhibiting Animals. 

The licensing of cat breeding will be operated under the Pet Vending schedule, this schedule is written to cover all establishments selling animals either to an intermediary or directly to the public, eg. pet shops, commercial breeding establishments.

As many of you know, I have been working through the Canine & Feline Sector Group to feed in views and seek both amendments and clarification of the Pet Vending schedule as it relates to cats, and to ensure the guidance drafted to assist inspectors in interpreting the schedule is fit for purpose.  Since June I have been part of a working group which has now refined the guidance and our recommended changes have been accepted by DEFRA.

I have also been able to gain confirmation from DEFRA that the Exhibiting Animals schedule will not apply to cat shows. 

So the current position is as follows:

·         Since the licensing of cat breeders will be governed under the Pet Vending schedule, the key factor in determining who is in scope to be licensed is whether the person is breeding with the intention of making a profit.  This will be the crucial factor in establishing that a breeder is operating commercially.  There will be no maximum litter number per year or similar (as with dog breeding), what will be considered is how much money the breeder is receiving from kitten/cat sales and stud fees off-set by the cost of keeping and breeding said cats.  Therefore both the number of kittens sold and price they are sold for are relevant.

·         If there is any doubt about whether a breeder needs a licence then they will need to evidence whether or not they are making a profit (probably on an annual basis).  It is therefore imperative that breeders keep accurate financial records in order to prove whether or not they are making a profit.  All the obvious costs will be in scope – food, litter, vets bills, heat & light, advertising, showing, stud fees, etc. 

·         Each breeder will need to decide whether they need to apply for a licence from their local authority, depending upon whether they believe they are in scope, ie. making a profit from selling cats/kittens.  If they believe they can demonstrate they are not making a profit they will not need to apply for a licence.  Any breeder who is not licensed, but is considered by the LA to be licensable, will be required to prove why they do not need such a licence.  There will be penalties applied to those people operating without a licence.

·         DEFRA would like to place the legislation before Parliament next spring, but this may be put back depending on the weight of parliamentary business.  The earliest the licensing regulations could come into effect is around July 2018, but it is likely that October 2018 is more realistic.  There is likely to be something like an 18 month implementation period before local authorities will have Environmental Health Inspectors trained and everything in place (and a period of time for breeders to apply for a licence)

·         It is my belief that the large majority of cat breeders registering with GCCF will be out of scope and will not require a licence.  However, it is the responsibility of each breeder to check their own situation and to act accordingly.   

I will issue a further update as and when I have more information to share, or if the situation outlined above changes in any meaningful way.

Steve Crow

5th October 2017

Revised SOP for Norwegian Forest Cats

Please click on this link for the Revised SOP for Norwegian Forest Cats.  This will be included on the agenda for the October Council meeting for ratification.

Combined Show and BAC Review

Following the agreement at June Council by a majority vote to embrace the sectional changes within GCCF shows and an extensive overhaul of the Breed Advisory system alongside of a revised programme for Judge/steward training, the combined groups met recently to plan and implement the process of change.

It was the consensus of all, that the groups in their current format were no longer the best vehicles to undertake the next steps. After considerable discussion it was decided to split into three groups each with a specific focus of implementation to oversee however it is fully recognised that there will be areas of overlap and interdependency.

Show Structure Implementation

Chairman: Kate Kaye

Members: Heather McRae, Elaine Robinson ad Lisa Robinson-Talboys

  1. October Council Statement – summary of completion of SRG work

  2. Recognition that the addition of breeds currently not recognised by GCCF can still be embraced via procedures as set out in the rules.

  3. General publicity to as wide an audience as possible

  4. Invitation of feedback using means such as: SRG FB site, Email

  5. Liaison with show managements

  6. Liaison with GCCF Office

BAC amalgamation

Chairman: John Hansson

Members: Jules Candler, Jen Lacey, Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

  1. Contact with all BACs to give them the detail of their groups (where relevant) and make a check of the draft judge analysis

  2. Data now available indicating which judges have not undertaken an engagement for five years, confirmation with BACs and discussion on options so that these can be highlighted for SMs

  3. BACs to continue as a forum for discussion, and Judge Appointment Groups to cover group judging with BAC or Breed club representation.

  4. ‘Panel’ to determine outcome of split decisions

  5. Seminars no longer mandatory as a separate event may be held at breed shows

  6. Fee to JAGs covering several breeds to be £50 for appointment & promotion

  7. An examination of BAC funds and consideration of financial viability

  8. Time limit for BAC response to be the end of October, but not necessary to have a formal meeting unless already planned as discussion and feedback can be electronic.

Judge Training

Chairman: Peter Collin

Members: Val Anderson, Sue Dalton-Hobbs, Shelagh Heavens, Val Kilby, Helen Marriott- Power,

                Peter Williams

  1. The Training Scheme for new judges

  2. Mentoring

  3. Tutorials and assessments

  4. Full Judges

  5. Transition and training within the new Grand groups

Although this move could be seen to increase both time and expense, it is envisaged that the majority of work/issues within these groups will be undertaken and resolved via email or facetime.

It was recognised that the implementation of the sectional changes is not dependant on the BAC amalgamation and Judge training aspects being finalised. An earlier move to the new structure with a limited crossover period was considered to be beneficial to exhibitors, show managers and especially judges who will get the opportunity to judge the revised groups breeds in side classes before they are asked to undertake the breed or grand classes.

The finalizing the “mechanics” of this change is underway so it is proposed that this aspect of change should start as soon as possible therefore the intention is to take a proposal to this effect to October council. We are looking towards February 2018 for the changes to be implemented. It is envisaged that there will be a short period wherein, due to some shows having already printed their schedules, that both the current and new Grand structure will be in “play” with the changeover fully completed by June 2018.

Official COTY Winners of 2016/17 Show Season

Please click here to see the list of winners for 2017.

John Hansson

World Cat Congress 2017

Please download the report by Betty Shingleton


Now that the Board has recognised the British Longhair, this has given rise to some confusion about how this will work – and how it impacts on the British Shorthair. This note is intended to provide some clarity.

As with all other breeds, when a cat is registered, it is up to the breeder which GEMS code they ask to be assigned to it. The system then works out 2 things :

-          Is that genetically possible? If not, the system will not allow it.

-          If it passes the first test, then the system locates the relevant Registration Policy based on the GEMS code entered. It uses this to determine on which register the cat should be registered (and any Overstamps etc)

Note – the relevant Policy is for the cat being registered, not the parents. This has always been the case, but that has not been obvious for British Shorthairs until now.

The part that has caused most confusion arises because we now have 2 possible GEMS codes for identical cats – those previously registered as British SH Variants, which can now be registered as British Longhair. Both Registration Policies allow these to be registered. (There is a similar potential issue with a British Longhair Variant and British Shorthair – again identical genetically. However, as the British Shorthair Policy does not register these as British Shorthair, this is completely under the British SH BAC’s control).

This issue is not present in any other breed – in short, for any other cat there is only one possible way to register it.

Although that is the ideal solution for BLH/BSH for the long-term, trying to get there in one step is causing concern – and breeders have pointed out that the Board should not be able to change a BAC’s Registration Policy.  However, name recognition confirms a separate breed status, and the future must be planned with that in mind. Rest assured that it was not the intention to disadvantage existing breeding programmes and we have worked to find a way forward that will be appropriate to address current concerns.

The solution we are suggesting is that until January 1st 2018, British SH Variants can continue to be registered as BSH v – if that is the Breeder’s choice. Equally, if the Breeder chooses to register these as British Longhair, that is now a choice available to them. Please note though, that no BSH v registered before 11th January 2017 may be re-registered as BLH. This will then provide an opportunity for the British Shorthair Group Committee to consider its registration policy following the recognition of the British Longhair. It will also allow individual breeders to use DNA testing to select cats for future breeding to avoid longhair completely, if that is what they wish to do.

Because the British Longhair is a new option, not every breeder will be aware of this – and the implications. So we will add an extra step in the process, which allows Heather to double-check any British SH Variant registrations, to ensure that the Breeder intended that. If they would prefer to register as BLH, then this can be changed at the time – and not after certificates have been sent. It also means that those Breeders who do not wish their Variants to be shown can still register them as such.

The downside is that it may cause a slight delay in registrations that include British Shorthair Variants. However, Heather can usually pick these up first thing, and deal with them the same day if the Breeder is contactable.

We hope this provides a good interim solution for both groups.

GCCF Board


From 01 January 2017 an additional certificate will be given to the exhibitors, pedigree and household pet, for the overall BIS Winner, where offered, as voted for by Council in 2016.


The exhibitor(s) of the overall BIS Pedigree and overall BIS Household Pet Exhibits, where offered, will receive an additional certificate at the level of award they are currently aiming for, or if they have achieved their current level at that show already, they will receive their first certificate for the next level.


The certificate will be issued from the office once the level of entitlement has been established. This will be when the results of the show have been entered and cleared, which is normally between seven and ten days from the date of the show.


The certificate will be issued by post from the office and signed by the office, and annotated to indicate the show at which it has been earned.

Mark Goadby
Office Manager
January 2017


British Shorthair SOP Amendment for Golden Tipped

Amendment to Standard of points.

The Golden Tipped BSH was originally the non-silver version of the British Tipped and was developed as a “rich golden apricot colour, sound to the roots with black/dark brown tipping”.

Since then breeders have developed other colours in the section  :- Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon, Fawn, Red, Cream and Tortie Golden.

In most cases this has not caused any problems. However the coat colour description of the original Golden (75 BRI ny 12) and the Chocolate Golden (75b BRI by 12) have led to some confusion, particularly for the judges in the section in particular.

The BAC wish to amend the description of the original Golden from :-

Coat Colour – a rich golden apricot colour, sound to the roots with black/dark brown tipping.


Coat Colour – warm golden apricot ground colour, sound to the roots with black/dark brown tipping.

and to amend the description of the Chocolate Golden from :-

Coat Colour – rich coppery brown ground colour, sound to the roots with rich chocolate tipping.


Coat Colour – warm golden apricot ground colour, sound to the roots with rich chocolate tipping.

The BAC intend to circulate the change with a detailed description and reasoning for doing the alteration to help them when judging at shows.


Final list of winners

These awards are made on behalf of GCCF to its members, these members consist of GCCF clubs, such points are only awarded at GCCF Member Club Championship shows.  Other shows, even if holding a show licence are not part of GCCF and will not count.

GCCF is an organisation where it is the club that is the member, it would appear that some assumptions have been made in regard to other shows not hosted by a GCCF club.  These include both National Pet shows, which though counting towards status for the exhibits concerned DO NOT count in terms of points towards the COTY winners; likewise the Bingley show DOES NOT count in terms of COTY points.  These events are NOT GCCF club shows.  If these organisations wish to award some special achievement award of their own, that is their decision. 

GCCF is the awarding organisation, its own show The GCCF Supreme Show will also NOT COUNT.  To be clear NO points will be awarded for Best of Variety wins at the Supreme towards the COTY Award. 

Overall COTY winner is a Pedigree Award (Excluding PP) 

Points will be awarded as follows:

At all GCCF Member Club Championship Shows ONLY 

1 point each Best of Variety Winner/HP/PP

1 additional point for Overall Best of Variety (or Best HP/PP)

1 additional point for Overall Best in Show

Best HP or PP to be awarded an additional Point, to ensure they can accumulate the same number of points.

For back to back shows if there is an Overall Winner 1 additional Point is earned

Pet kitten has been removed, as the majority of shows do not have this.

This means that the maximum points awarded at any single show is 3 points.

The maximum points awarded at a back to back show is 4 points. 

I have tried to keep this as concise as possible, to avoid confusion, if anyone thinks more clarity is required in any area please let me know (I can’t clarify further otherwise)

There was discussion earlier in regard to whether the result should be based on all Championship Shows or just a limited number of show wins, but there appears to be no firm consensus on this.  If the award is continued in future years this can be considered again. 

To reiterate:  Please be aware GCCF shows are GCCF Member Club Shows and no others, regardless of licence.

Please! Should anyone think there is anything ambiguous in the above content let me know.  If in doubt, ask.  Should you be interested in taking on the role of recorder for this competition please let me know, but please be aware your own exhibit/s will be excluded from the Awards.

John Hansson, GCCF Vice-Chairman

GCCFI Registrations

Whilst GCCF will be processing registrations and transfers from now on behalf of GCCFI, forms and payment should go to GCCFI as detailed on the GCCFI website at GCCFI - Registrations

This procedure is as follows:

Applicants should fill in an application form downloadable at http://www.gccfi.com/media/other/16113/RegistrationFormCopyDate15-09-16.pdf

And send the completed form with payment to:

Mrs Caroline Wren, Ballinacourty, Glenroe, Kilfinane, Co. Limerick

Please note: We can’t process Euro payments at the office.

An online GCCFI portal will be available in 2017.