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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

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GCCF Notices and News

SUPREME SHOW 26th October

10 Oct 2019

Entries have now closed for the Supreme Show.  If you haven't entered, we look forward to welcoming you as a visitor.


29 Sep 2019

Only two more days to get your entries in for the show. Don't miss out!

Hard copy entries must be in the office by tomorrow, by post or email. Online entries can be made until midnight on Tuesday 1st October. .


06 Mar 2019

The date of this year's Supreme Show is Saturday 26th October.  The venue will be the NEC, Birmingham.  Following yesterday's Board Meeting, Mrs Lynda Ashmore has been appointed Supreme Show Manager.  Further updates will be posted as preparations progress.

DEFRA pet travel guidance after Brexit

16 Jan 2019

DEFRA has contacted GCCF with guidance for pet/animal assistance owners intending to travel to the EU with their pet after 29th March 2019:  

"We launched our pet travel guidance for each of the scenarios we may encounter after leaving the EU, including if the UK becomes an unlisted third country.  These guidelines recommend that pet/assistance animal owners intending to travel to the EU with their pet after 29th March 2019 contact their vet at least four months before their travel date to get advice on what they may need to do to prepare.  The recommendations also address the documents and health preparation that may be required for pets to return to the UK from the EU."  



28 Oct 2018

All the class results, BOV and BIS results are available on the website.  Please go to the Show Results page.

Photographs of all BOV winners will be posted shortly.


12 Oct 2018


28 Sep 2018

The revised UK Grand classes are now available to download from HERE.


Entries close midnight on 7th October.  Kittens do not need to qualify to enter.

PLEASE REMEMBER - you do not have to take your cat up to the ring if you can't, or don't want to, just make sure you tick the relevant box on your entry form and a steward will collect.


26 Sep 2018

In response to requests from exhibitors, the 2018 Supreme Show will revert to the 2017 UK Grand class structure. Additional classes will be available from tomorrow (Thursday 27th September).

Entries close midnight on 7th October.  Kittens do not need to qualify to enter.


23 Sep 2018

We have extended the closing date for entries to the Supreme Show until midnight on Sunday 7th October 2018. 


11 Sep 2018

At the October Council meeting on 17 October appointments will be made to the Appeals Committee. There are two vacancies for Committee members, and if you are a retiring member or reserve you may stand again. Reserves will also be needed.

If you would like to be an AC member you do not have to be a GCCF delegate to apply. You need to have signed up to the GCCF rules and Byelaws (as an owner and/or breeder) and have the qualities required (see the role description below).

Please send in your name, with a brief outline (no more than a page) of your GCCF experience and any other qualifications and knowledge that you would like delegates to have. Ideally this will be circulated with the meeting paperwork and so should be received by the GCCF Office by the end of this week, but late applications can be circulated to delegates with the supplementary agenda.   Send  all to the IC/DC Secretary: Rebecca@gccfcats.org 


The Appeals Committee is held as required, usually midweek in London. Although appeals are rare, they are often high-profile, complex and create precedents.  Both parties may be represented by legal counsel.

The Appeals Committee considers appeals against the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee. This is an important function demanding an ability to make independent and responsible judgements.

Documents are circulated prior to the meeting and members are expected to read and analyse them in advance of a hearing, to understand the arguments presented, and formulate appropriate questions for both parties and any supporting witnesses they may call.

Impartiality must be maintained throughout; Appeals Committee members must be totally unbiased, ignoring any irrelevant information acquired either prior to or during a hearing.  

Appeals Committee members must recuse themselves (withdraw) from any case that they have any direct or indirect association with, either as an individual or an organisation.  Additionally, they must recuse themselves if there might be a perception that they could have a bias towards or against either party in a case.

Discussions in Appeals hearings must be treated with total confidentiality and discretion at all times.

Qualities required: Discretion, analytical powers, judgement, ability to work within a quasi-judicial setting.