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11 Sep 2018

At the October Council meeting on 17 October appointments will be made to the Appeals Committee. There are two vacancies for Committee members, and if you are a retiring member or reserve you may stand again. Reserves will also be needed.

If you would like to be an AC member you do not have to be a GCCF delegate to apply. You need to have signed up to the GCCF rules and Byelaws (as an owner and/or breeder) and have the qualities required (see the role description below).

Please send in your name, with a brief outline (no more than a page) of your GCCF experience and any other qualifications and knowledge that you would like delegates to have. Ideally this will be circulated with the meeting paperwork and so should be received by the GCCF Office by the end of this week, but late applications can be circulated to delegates with the supplementary agenda.   Send  all to the IC/DC Secretary: Rebecca@gccfcats.org 


The Appeals Committee is held as required, usually midweek in London. Although appeals are rare, they are often high-profile, complex and create precedents.  Both parties may be represented by legal counsel.

The Appeals Committee considers appeals against the decisions of the Disciplinary Committee. This is an important function demanding an ability to make independent and responsible judgements.

Documents are circulated prior to the meeting and members are expected to read and analyse them in advance of a hearing, to understand the arguments presented, and formulate appropriate questions for both parties and any supporting witnesses they may call.

Impartiality must be maintained throughout; Appeals Committee members must be totally unbiased, ignoring any irrelevant information acquired either prior to or during a hearing.  

Appeals Committee members must recuse themselves (withdraw) from any case that they have any direct or indirect association with, either as an individual or an organisation.  Additionally, they must recuse themselves if there might be a perception that they could have a bias towards or against either party in a case.

Discussions in Appeals hearings must be treated with total confidentiality and discretion at all times.

Qualities required: Discretion, analytical powers, judgement, ability to work within a quasi-judicial setting.


CAT OF THE YEAR Results 2018

04 Aug 2018

COTY is now officially closed, a list of the section winners is available on the General Notices page . This has resulted in some corrections.  Please let me know by the end of the month, your exhibit’s full title & correct spelling. If you don’t the awards will be given with the title obtained to the best of my knowledge up to the 31st May, you will no longer be able to change this.  If you let me know I will respond, if you don’t hear, you may assume I have not received the information.  You should only contact me if you are the owner of one of the exhibits. 

Please advise if you wish to attend the Dinner to receive your award in person, the cost of the Dinner will be £30.00 per head.  Details of the venue & menu will be sent upon request. 


25 Jun 2018

The report by Jen Lacey of the Electoral Meeting of Council held on 20th June, which includes the results of the elections, is now available to view HERE.

GCCF Business Achievements 2012-2017

23 Feb 2018

Read about our achievements from the 5 Year Business Plan here


22 Nov 2017

The Council meeting in October ran out of time to review the IT Update, so I’ve summarised what would have been said, to get you all up-to-date. There is a brief progress update, but the most important updates will affect Clubs in particular, and there are links to more detail on these.

Progress Update

Good progress has been made in addressing the High Priority items – and regular updates have been posted.

GCCFI online will be available from Monday 9th October – our first step to International!

Upcoming changes will include improved services for Breeder Scheme members.

IT Strategy for 2018 will be published following the agreement of the Business Plan. 

Show Processing

GCCF is pleased to be launching a new service that will save Clubs money & time, and provide online entries for shows for exhibitors. The Board has agreed that all clubs who pilot this service will receive their first show processing free of charge. Read more details here.


The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25th May 2018. This has significant implications for GCCF and for Clubs. Read more details here and make sure your Club is prepared. 

If you have any queries on the above, please contact the office at info@gccfcats.org or you can contact me at sally@aspirata.com 

Sally Rainbow-Ockwell

IT Project Manager


29 Oct 2017

The 2017 Supreme Winner is a fabulous Brown Tabby & White Bi-Colour Persian Neuter

Imp Gr Ch & Supreme OS Imp Gr Pr Cullykhan Vivaldi

Owner:  Carol Tonks

Breeder:  Angelia Millican


26 Sep 2017


12 Sep 2017

Please note that the official closing date for entries to the 2017 Supreme Show is 22nd September, online entries may be made up to 24th September.  

Entries will automatically be upgraded to new classes if new titles are awarded at shows up to 8th October.  



08 Aug 2017

On-line entry for the 2017 GCCF Supreme Show on Saturday 28th October at the NEC, Birmingham is now open.  You can download the guide to entering the show here

Household Pet Registration

11 May 2017

From the 1st June 2017, all Household Pets must be registered in order to claim further titles.

Here are some key points:

  1. It is not necessary for Household Pets to be registered in order to continue to be shown, but they must be to win further titles.
  2. If a cat already has a title, it can continue to show in the class its current title allows
  3. If a cat is already a GCCF Registered cat, to earn further titles, it will need to marked as such. There is no fee for this.
  4. If a Household Pet is a look-a-like pedigree pet, but not GCCF registered it will need to go through the full registration process.
  5. Household Pets, pedigree and non-pedigree, can be registered online, or by post
  6. Registration can be done at the time of application for the next title.
  7. The fee for registering a HHP is £10.

We have produced a leaflet, which you can request from the GCCF Office.


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