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01 Dec 2016

Hello everyone,
For more than 25 years I have been an enthusiastic member of the GCCF, Birman Cat Club, Yorkshire County and other clubs carrying out a varied and growing number of responsibilities, together with judging and show management commitments.  Unfortunately this is putting enormous strain upon my diminishing ‘free’ time, a problem now compounded by my recent return to work (financially highly attractive!). 
The result is that my home and family activities take still more of a back seat, something I am no longer prepared to accept.  I have also noticed my previous huge enjoyment of judging has waned a little – this is not at all like me!
When I accepted the Supreme Show Manager 2017 role, I felt this fresh challenge would rekindle my enthusiasm and was sure we could really succeed with a planned “relaunch”.  Sadly, for numerous reasons, I really do not feel that this is likely, and instead of feeling inspired, I feel rather disillusioned.  It leaves me more determined to walk away to enjoy much more time with my family.
I appreciate that this will come as a complete surprise to you all, and can assure you all it is not a decision I have arrived at lightly.  I will be ceasing all my involvement with the Cat Fancy from 1st January 2017. This includes the 2017 Supreme.   In a year or so I’ll take stock and see how I feel. 
I am sorry to drop this bombshell news to you all, but at the end of the day, as Nigel Farage so eloquently put earlier this year, “I want my life back”.  I do too, and I sincerely hope you understand my reasoning, if not my feelings. 
I wish each of you all the very best.
Elaine Culf

Bengal article in the Daily Mail

21 Nov 2016


On Friday 18 November, the Daily Mail published an article on Bengal cats by journalist Stephen Moss.  In order to give Daily Mail readers a more balanced and accurate view of the breed, a letter was sent to the Letters Editor:

Bengal Cats 

How sad to see the beautiful Bengal breed demonised by Stephen Moss in his article in Friday’s Daily Mail. 

Contrary to the on-line headline about this “terrifying new breed”, the Bengal has been in the UK since the early1990s.  It was recognised by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in 1997, and granted championship status in 2005.  The aim of the original breeders in the USA was to create the look of a small spotted wild cat with the friendly and affectionate nature of a domestic pet, and this is still the aim of responsible breeders today.   

Anyone considering buying a Bengal as a family pet should understand that they are highly intelligent, alert, curious and lively.  They are active athletic cats and need exercise and mental stimulation. They enjoy free access to the outdoors but this is only advisable in rural areas where the risk of road accidents and theft is minimal.  Breeders highly recommend garden enclosure systems to allow a Bengal the freedom to play outdoors safely. Bengals can adapt well to life indoors provided they have human or feline company and plenty of space.  Cat activity centres incorporating scratching posts, tunnels and boxes in which to play and hide and high level beds for relaxation and keeping an eye on what is going on are ideal for keeping an indoor Bengal happy.    

So, in just the same way that you should not consider buying an active working dog like a Border Collie to live in a small town centre apartment, you should choose a cat breed that suits your lifestyle.  It is unfair to damn a whole breed because of irresponsible owners that don’t consider the specific needs of their pet.   

However, Stephen Moss does raise an important issue that is of interest to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, and other organisations concerned with cat welfare, and that is the number of kittens (of all breeds) appearing on pets for sale websites.  These adverts are often from what responsible breeders refer to as “Back Yard Breeders”.  Kittens bred without consideration for the specific needs of the breed, sold under age, unvaccinated, unregistered, possibly from parents that are not DNA tested for specific health problems.  The public should undertake more research before buying a cute kitten on impulse from an on-line advert.  There is plenty of information and advice to be had from websites such as that of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy www.gccfcats.org     

Before purchasing any kitten, whether pedigree or non-pedigree, take a look at Cats Protection’s current “True Cost of Kittens” campaign to protect kittens bred for sale, and help change the law to prevent the sale of sick and underage kittens.



04 Oct 2016

Please notify of any spelling errors or title amendments ASAP as these will otherwise be engraved as is, unless notification is received in good time. 


I can be notified at




GCCF President Grace Denny

25 Sep 2016

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that the GCCF President Grace Denny passed away on Monday 8th August 2016.

A great loss not only as a personal friend but as a staunch supporter of the GCCF over a great many years. Our thoughts at this time are with Grace's sons and their families.

Grace's funeral  was held at All Saints Church, Church Road, Alburgh, IP20 0DA on Thursday 25th August 2016, followed by refreshments at Alburgh Village Hall.

If you would like to make a donation in Grace’s memory that will be much appreciated. Donations will be divided between All Saints Church, Alburgh and the Air Ambulance Service. Donations can be made by cheque and sent to Allcock Family Funeral Services, Falcon House, 96a City Road, Norwich. NR1 2HD.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me

Best wishes

Helen Marriott-Power



05 Aug 2016

If you encounter any problems when using the GCCF on-line services, please report direct to the GCCF office on info@gccfcats.org and put PHOENIX ISSUE in the subject line.


30 Jun 2016

The launch of Project Phoenix is finally getting close!

See the full details, and what to expect on the Notices page.

Mrs Anne Gregory

03 Jun 2016

It is with deep regret that GCCF has to announce that Anne Gregory passed away on Tuesday, 31st May following a long illness.  

Tributes to Anne can be sent to: gccfwebmaster@gmail.com and can be read here.

A Eulogy for for Anne from the Chairman and Board of GCCF can be read here.

Anne Gregory’s Celebration of Life took place Monday 27th June

Brian thanks all who were able to attend. Donations to Cancer Research UK

New Breed Group Sections

20 May 2016

These two documents provide detailed Judge lists as a spreadsheet and explanations for each group.  In reading the spreadsheet please note the relevant explanation points.  Links to the two documents are available on the General Notices page of the website.

Update re Cat Welfare Bill

11 May 2016

Please see General Notices page for full statement and link to www.parliament.uk website.

IC/DC June Elections

04 May 2016

If you are interested in standing for either the Investigations or Disciplinary Committee, you can send in your application now.  Please see the links to the relevant documents:  Information for Applicants and Code of Conduct.