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The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

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GCCF Notices and News

New Breed Group Sections

20 May 2016

These two documents provide detailed Judge lists as a spreadsheet and explanations for each group.  In reading the spreadsheet please note the relevant explanation points.  Links to the two documents are available on the General Notices page of the website.

Update re Cat Welfare Bill

11 May 2016

Please see General Notices page for full statement and link to www.parliament.uk website.

IC/DC June Elections

04 May 2016

If you are interested in standing for either the Investigations or Disciplinary Committee, you can send in your application now.  Please see the links to the relevant documents:  Information for Applicants and Code of Conduct.  

Show Review Group Scoping Survey

09 Mar 2016

The Show Review Group would like to thank everyone that took part in their recent scoping survey.  The take up was excellent and it highlighted high overall satisfaction with GCCF and its shows.  However, it also exposed areas where change has been requested and these aspects will now be looked at in greater detail.  The survey results are available here.

Supreme 2016 - Chairman's statement

20 Nov 2015

The Board discussed the Supreme show at its meeting on Tuesday 17th November.  The Supreme Show Manager reported that the 2015 show had been a great success, with lots of compliments on the day and on social media since.  However, a deficit in the account would occur due to the disappointingly low entry figures and a reduced gate on the day, because there were not the usual visitors from events in other halls.  An approximate figure was given, but the accounts are not yet finalised so this might change slightly. 

A discussion then took place concerning the 2016 show.  The new owners of the NEC have informed the Show Manager that they require a commitment to be given on the venue booking, along with a completed and signed agreement, before the end of November.  Enquiries have already been received in the GCCF Office about the 2016 show. 

The Board during the ensuing discussions considered the following:

 ·         Projected end of year figures show that GCCF expects to make a healthy surplus for 2015.

 ·         The issue of continuing to offer a Supreme Show each year was discussed at the October 2014 Council meeting and when the Chairman called for a vote on whether to continue with the show 101 delegates voted in favour, with only 3 voting against (12 abstentions). 

 ·         2016 is the 40th Anniversary Show and it is intended that it should be a special event with an accompanying Gala Dinner.  

The Board members were asked to vote on whether to go ahead with the 40th Show in 2016, acknowledging there could be a further loss, and it was agreed that the show should take place (majority in favour, 2 abstentions).   

Council delegates will be consulted again at the February 2016 Council meeting on whether to continue with the Supreme Show in 2017 and beyond. 

It should be remembered that the Supreme is the GCCF’s flagship show.  However, its success is incumbent on the support of exhibitors. 

Steve Crow, GCCF Chairman


Show Review Group Survey

28 Oct 2015

The GCCF Show Structure Review Group was set up to help us to design the best approach to shows for the future.

As the starting point, we'd like to find out what YOU think!


So, we've developed a short survey to get as much input as possible from everyone connected with GCCF. This should only take 5-10 minutes to complete, and will be of great help to us, so please take a few minutes to help.


There is also a final space for you to give us any of your own ideas for improving shows.


The survey is only available until December 7th 2015, so please let us have your input as soon as possible. We will then analyse the responses and give you feedback. We are hoping to have some initial proposals to present to the February GCCF Council meeting.


Please click on the link below to take the survey :




Many thanks for your help!


The Show Structure Review Group



Appeals Committee Election

20 Jul 2015

Please see the details and how to apply on General Notices

GCCF Website

23 Jun 2015

Please see the announcement in General Notices.

GCCF Show Review Group

29 May 2015

The GCCF Show Review Group document is available from the Downloads page.  There is also a Facebook page where you can leave comments.

Strategic & Business Plan 2015

10 Apr 2015

The GCCF Strategic and Business Plan for 2015 is now available on the Downloads page.


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