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Committee Meetings

Finance Committee Meetings 2023

Meeting DateItems for the Agenda to be received by
Wednesday 8 February 2023Monday 30 January 2023
Wednesday 29 March 2023Monday 20 March 2023
Wednesday 14 June 2023Monday 5 June 2023
Wednesday 4 October 2023Monday 25 September 2023
Wednesday 6 December 2023Monday 27 November 2023

Investigation Committee / Disciplinary Committee / Appeals Committee

IC and DC do not require any meetings to be scheduled.  These committees plan to meet as and when necessary by video-conference throughout the year.  It will be the same for AC if it should need to meet. 

People wishing to attend these meetings are advised to contact the office ( so that they can be sent a Microsoft Teams invitation.  However, you will need to sort yourselves out with software and online access etc., as that’s not the responsibility of the management of the hearing. Proceedings will not be delayed for the late arrival of expected observers, but late arrivals will be admitted.

DISCIPLINARY COMMITTEE MEETING – date of next meeting to be advised

Case IC2023/78 – Mrs McEntee  –  Found not proven on 2nd November 2023