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Council Meeting

Meetings 2024

Comments on the previous minutes are asked to be forwarded to GCCF at well in advance of the meeting to allow response or correction before the meeting thus allowing the maximum time for ordinary business.

Meetings of Council are currently held on line following the Covid-19 pandemic. The Board has agreed that club and BAC business should be published for query and objection. If there are no objections (or any objections are resolved) then approval will be dated from 28 days after the website publication. NB. It is Council delegates that are entitled to raise objections. If you wish to comment and are not a delegate then please contact your club committee who will pass it to the club delegate at their discretion.

Meeting TypeMeeting Date and TimeVenueItems for the Agenda to be received by:
CouncilSaturday 24 February 2024 - 1pmZoomFriday 19 January 2024
Council (Electoral Meeting)Saturday 29 June 2024 - 1 pmZoomFriday 24 May 2024
CouncilSaturday 26 October 2024 - 1 pmZoomFriday 20 September 2024

Minutes of previous meetings


Items for the next Council meeting

Electronic Agenda Council Meeting June 2024

June 2024 Agenda Binder

June 2024 Accounts Binder

June 2024 Elections Binder

June 2024 Breed Matters Binder

June 2024 Show Matters Binder

June 2024 Council Meeting Nominations

June 2024 – Finance Committee nominations & Statement Binder

June 2024 – Board of Directors nominations and Statement Binder

Helen Crea – Disciplinary Committee Statement 

Val Andrews – Disciplinary Committee Statement

Esther Rabone-Gunn – Investigations Committee Statement

Gillian Bennett – Investigations Committee Statement

Di Brown – Investigations Committee Statement