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GCCF Structure & Organisation

President and Vice President

PresidentMrs Shirley Bullock
Vice PresidentMrs Betty Shingleton

Council: Composed of Delegates from the Member Clubs
Officers elected: Chairman, Vice Chairman

Members of the GCCF Committees (Elected 16th July 2022)

Board of Directors

ChairmanSean Farrell
Vice ChairmanPeter Collin
DirectorLynda Ashmore
DirectorSteve Crow
DirectorSue Dalton-Hobbs
DirectorRosemary Fisher
DirectorKetill Game
DirectorTommy Goss
DirectorJohn Hansson
DirectorShelagh Heavens
DirectorKate Kaye
DirectorJen Lacey
DirectorIan Macro
DirectorAnna McEntee
DirectorLisa Robinson-Talboys
DirectorPeter Williams
DirectorSandra Woodley

From the Council Meeting of February 2016, the Directors of the Company, which includes the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are required to comply with the current GCCF Directors’ Code of Conduct

GCCF Finance Committee

Chairman: Sean Farrell
Vice Chairman: Peter Collin
Board Lead: Rosemary Fisher

Committee members:
Maria Chapman-Beer
Steve Crow
Rosemary Fisher
Thomas Goss
Shelagh Heavens

GCCF Investigation Committee

Committee members:

Zaneel Abidin
Gillian Bennett
John Harrison
Kym Jarvis
Claire Lewis
Esther Rabone-Gunn

GCCF Disiciplinary Committee

Committee members:

Julia Craig-McFeely
Helen Crea
Judy Emmens
Owen Maudlin
Ed Merchant
Barbara Prowse

GCCF Appeals Committee

Committee members:

Lorraine Burns
Sharon Bridger
Maria Chapman-Beer
Cynthia Cullen
Sally Woolrich

GCCF Veterinary Advisory Committee

GCCF Veterinary Officer: Dr Susan F Moreland  – BA Vet MB MRCVS

Dr Karen H Bridle – B Vet Med, MRCVS
Dr Kiri E L Brown – BVM&S MRCVS
Mrs Helen E Crea – BVM&S MRCVS
Dr Victoria J Crossley – BVM&S BSc PhD MRCVS
Dr Serina Filler – PG Cert Veterinary Medicine & Surgery PhD MANZCVS (Medicine of Cats) MRCVS
Miss Laura J Steel – BVM&S MRCVS
Professor Timothy J Gruffydd-Jones  – B Vet Med PhD, Dip ECVIM, MRCVSDr Natalie C Finch – BCSc PhD DipECVIM-CA MRCVSMRCVS
Dr Victoria L Moran – BVSc MRCVS

Mrs Louise Christina Marsh BVSc MRCVS
Steve Crow – GCCF Genetics Committee Lead
Jen Lacey – GCCF Board Lead

GCCF Genetics Committee

Chair: Steve Crow

Committee members:
Karen Kempsell
Rosemary Fisher
Sue Moreland (VAC)
Anthony Nichols
Claire Lewis
Ray Wigley
Jen Lacey
Caroline Turner-Russell

GCCF Supreme Show Committee

Show Manager: Lynda Ashmore

Show Team:  Rosemary Fisher, John Hansson, Ian Macro, Anna McEntee, Rhian Mitchell, Jen Pinches, Caroline Turner-Russell, Bethan Whitehouse and Sally Woolrich

Judge Appointment Scheme Review Group

Chair: Kate Kaye

Committee members:

Steve Parkin
Sarndra Devereux
Lisa Robinson-Talboys
Susan Thorpe
Sandra Woodley

Show Review Group

Chair: Lyndsey Robinson

Committee members:

Kate Kaye
Elaine Robinson
Lisa Robinson-Talboys
Sean Farrell
Sarndra Devereux
Peter Collin
Sally Tokens
Julie Wilkinson

HR Group

Chair & Board Lead: Sean Farrell

Committee members:

Maria Chapman-Beer
Peter Collin
Steve Crow
Jen Lacey
Rosemary Fisher
Kate Kaye
Michelle Clare

Health and Welfare

Including licensing, Genetics Committee and the Breeder Scheme

Chair & Board Lead: Steve Crow

Liaison with other organisations: Steve Crow & Jen Lacey

Commercial and Strategic Partnerships

Steve Crow
Sean Farrell
Rosemary Fisher
John Hansson

GCCF Marketing Group

Chair:  Sue Dalton-Hobbs
Committtee members
Rosemary Fisher
Steve Crow
Anna McEntee
Jen Lacey
Peter Williams
Beth Whitehouse
Tania Murray
Shelagh Heavens
Sandra Woodley
Sean Farrell
Paula Hargan

IT Group

Steve Crow (Chair & Board Lead)
Ian Macro
Caroline Turner-Russell
Rosemary Fisher
Hannah Davies (Office Manager)

Individual responsibilities

Business Plan 2022: Anna McEntee, Peter Williams & Steve Crow
Committee administration: Jen Lacey
Club & BAC returns liaison: Shelagh Heavens
Disciplinary Committees liaison:
Website: Rosemary Fisher
YES Scheme: Lynda Ashmore