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GCCF Structure & Organisation

President and Vice President

PresidentMrs Shirley Bullock
Vice PresidentMrs Betty Shingleton

Council: Composed of Delegates from the Member Clubs
Officers elected: Chairman, Vice Chairman

Members of the GCCF Committees (Elected 24th June 2023)

Board of Directors

ChairmanSteve Crow
Vice ChairmanKate Kaye
DirectorLynda Ashmore
DirectorMichele Clare
DirectorSarndra Devereux
DirectorSean Farrell
DirectorRosemary Fisher
DirectorTommy Goss
DirectorJohn Hansson
DirectorShelagh Heavens
DirectorJen Lacey
DirectorIan Macro
DirectorAnna McEntee
DirectorLyndsey Robinson
DirectorLisa Robinson-Talboys
DirectorPeter Williams
DirectorSandra Woodley

From the Council Meeting of February 2016, the Directors of the Company, which includes the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are required to comply with the current GCCF Directors’ Code of Conduct

GCCF Finance Committee

Chairman: Steve Crow
Vice Chairman: Kate Kaye
Board Lead: Rosemary Fisher

Committee members:
Maria Chapman-Beer
Rosemary Fisher
Shelagh Heavens
Candice Higgins
Lisa Robinson-Talboys

Jen Lacey
Anthony Allgood

GCCF Investigation Committee

Committee members:

Zaneel Abidin
Gillian Bennett
John Harrison
Kym Jarvis
Claire Lewis
Esther Rabone-Gunn

Miv Riley

GCCF Disiciplinary Committee

Committee members:

Sheila Beck
Julia Craig-McFeely
Helen Crea
Judy Emmens
Owen Maudlin
Ed Merchant


Val Andrews
Camille Giffard

GCCF Appeals Committee

Committee members:

Lorraine Burns
Sharon Bridger
Cynthia Cullen
Sharon Gurney-Taylor
Yvonne Napier
Sally Woolrich

Marion Collins
Mané Garcia

GCCF Veterinary Advisory Committee

GCCF Veterinary Officer: Dr Susan F Moreland  – BA Vet MB MRCVS

Dr Karen H Bridle – B Vet Med, MRCVS
Dr Kiri E L Brown – BVM&S MRCVS
Mrs Helen E Crea – BVM&S MRCVS
Dr Victoria J Crossley – BVM&S BSc PhD MRCVS
Dr Serina Filler – PG Cert Veterinary Medicine & Surgery PhD MANZCVS (Medicine of Cats) MRCVS
Miss Laura J Steel – BVM&S MRCVS
Professor Timothy J Gruffydd-Jones  – B Vet Med PhD, Dip ECVIM, MRCVSDr Natalie C Finch – BCSc PhD DipECVIM-CA MRCVSMRCVS
Dr Victoria L Moran – BVSc MRCVS

Mrs Louise Christina Marsh BVSc MRCVS
Steve Crow – GCCF Genetics Committee Lead
Jen Lacey – GCCF Board Lead

GCCF Genetics Committee

Chair: Steve Crow

Committee members:
Karen Kempsell
Rosemary Fisher
Sue Moreland (VAC)
Anthony Nichols
Claire Lewis
Jen Lacey
Caroline Turner-Russell

GCCF Supreme Show Committee

Show Manager: Lynda Ashmore

Show Team:  Steve Crow, Rosemary Fisher, John Hansson, Ian Macro, Anna McEntee, Rhian Mitchell, Jen Pinches, Caroline Turner-Russell and Bethan Whitehouse

Judge Appointment Scheme Review Group

Chair: Kate Kaye

Committee members:

Sarndra Devereux
Steve Parkin
Lisa Robinson-Talboys
Susan Thorpe
Sandra Woodley

Show Review Group

Chair: Lyndsey Robinson

Committee members:

Kate Kaye
Elaine Robinson
Lisa Robinson-Talboys
Sean Farrell
Sarndra Devereux
Peter Collin
Sally Tokens
Julie Wilkinson

HR Group

Board Lead: Michele Clare

Committee members:

Maria Chapman-Beer
Steve Crow
Rosemary Fisher
Kate Kaye
Jen Lacey

Health and Welfare

Including licensing, Genetics Committee and the Breeder Scheme

Chair & Board Lead: Steve Crow

Liaison with other organisations: Steve Crow & Jen Lacey

Commercial and Strategic Partnerships

Steve Crow
Rosemary Fisher
John Hansson

GCCF Marketing Group

Board Lead: Anna McEntee
Committtee members
Steve Crow
Rosemary Fisher
Shelagh Heavens
Jen Lacey
Beth Whitehouse
Peter Williams

IT Group

Steve Crow (Chair & Board Lead)
Ian Macro
Caroline Turner-Russell
Rosemary Fisher
Sean Farrell
Hannah Davies (Office Manager)

Individual responsibilities

Business Plan 2023: Anna McEntee, Peter Williams & Steve Crow
Committee administration: Jen Lacey
Club & BAC returns liaison: Shelagh Heavens
Disciplinary Committees liaison:
Website: Rosemary Fisher
YES Scheme: Lynda Ashmore