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Making a complaint

Complaints – How it works

It is best for all concerned if any disputes are resolved by the two parties involved by discussion. This is faster and usually less stressful.

Should such contact fail to reach a resolution then the GCCF may be able to assist in certain cases.

Please note the GCCF cannot resolve disputes about contracts between parties and you should seek legal advice from a Solicitor or Trading Standards in such cases. Nor does the GCCF have power to make awards of money to any parties. Once again you should seek legal advice from a Solicitor or Trading Standards in such matters.

Disciplinary Procedure

Important: Please note that all complaints must be dealt with in writing . Cases cannot be discussed over the telephone.

If you wish to make a formal complaint under the G.C.C.F. disciplinary procedures. Please complete the relevant forms and return them to the G.C.C.F. offices so that we can progress the matter.

There is a £15 administration fee for processing all complaints. If the complaint relates to cat welfare or can be dealt with under the fixed penalty system there is no further charge. For all other complaints a further fee of £160 is charged which may be refunded if the complaint is found proved by the Disciplinary Committee. Please enclose the fee with your forms.

All communications should be in writing to the office with the envelope marked for the attention of the Investigation Committee. Once you receive your Investigation Committee reference number, please ensure that this is quoted on all correspondence. We do not normally accept e-mails as part of the evidence as we cannot verify authenticity. Documents with original signatures are required. All necessary details must be included on the form.

Please do not telephone the office about your complaint as all correspondence should be in writing for the avoidance of doubt or confusion.

Details of the disciplinary procedures and the rules that are dealt with under the fixed penalties system are given in the Links on the left-hand side of this page. If you require printed copies please request these from the G.C.C.F. office enclosing a large S.A.E.