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Price List

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy is a “not for profit” organisation. For those not familiar with the term this does not mean it makes no profit but rather it seeks to generate a small surplus each year which is used to invest in the business to expand and/or improve its services to its customers. Whilst the GCCF is looking at all ways of generating income in order to limit the fees it needs to charge its customers, these charges for services are necessary and are shown in the link on the right of this page.

1. By cheque payable to “The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy”.

2. The GCCF will happily take card payments. Simply mark on the application form or include a note with your registration or transfer to say you wish to pay by card.  As soon as the office receives your application, they will make an attempt to call you.  If you have not heard from the office within 3-4 days, please give the office a call.  For main office please see the Contacts page.

3. By Postal Order from the Post Office. The Post Office normally charge for this service. See Post Office information for details.

Please note that applications cannot be processed until full payment is received.

GCCF Office staff will take card details for processing by phone between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.

The GCCF Policy on Pricing:
The GCCF will set its prices at a level that provides income to at least cover its costs, with due recognition of all financial factors in place at the time. Prices will be reviewed as appropriate. After review by the Board, individual prices may rise, may fall or remain at the same level.

N.B.  For all orders, any errors or missing items must be notified within 28 days.  After this time a charge to replace will be incurred. 

Please note that this does not include changes from Active to Non Active status and Non Active to Active. For these changes you will be charged the amount as detailed on the current price list. If the breed requires compulsory DNA/health tests to be registered Active the change to Active is free of charge. The price to change to Non Active will still be incurred.

You can request these forms from the office free of charge or you can download them:

Registration application forms

Prefix application forms NB – You must be a member of a GCCF Affiliated Club to obtain a Prefix

Certificate of Entirety forms

Most of the forms and leaflets can be downloaded from here

Increased fee for returned cheques If we are charged an amount, that amount will then be charged to you.

Credit Vouchers explained

If you overpay for something, or if we cannot do something that you have already paid for, the GCCF then owes you some money back.

We would always be more than happy to pay this directly into your bank account, if you provide your account number and sort code.

If you use the GCCF Services a lot, you may find it’s easier to accept the money owed as a Credit Voucher instead. These could be to any value, put on your Online Account, with no expiry date. Every voucher has a unique code, which you can quote to a member of staff when paying by phone, or enter in a box in the Shopping Basket when paying online.

If you ever want us to check your account for Credit, let us know!

N.B. If you send a cheque and it is an overpayment of up to £2, if we know you register a lot of cats with us we will automatically assign a voucher, and send you an email letting you know that this exists.