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Attention all Breeders: Delivery of Kittens during the COVID 19 Pandemic

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The delivery of kittens by the breeder to their new homes and by commercial carrier is now permitted by DEFRA. The details of the procedure to be adopted is given in the COVID-19 – ADVICE FOR ANIMAL RELATED BUSINESSES AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES issued by the Canine and Feline Sector Group on 23rd March 2021. Breeders should comply strictly with the hygiene requirements and social distancing during the handover.

A letter from DEFRA including confirmation that this advice is authorised and approved by DEFRA has been received by the GCCF Veterinary Officer.

The GCCF advises that breeders, when delivering kittens personally, take copies of both documents (in which the relevant paragraphs have been highlighted ) with them in their vehicle. In the event that they are stopped by the police these documents can be given to the officer to show the reason for travel is permitted by DEFRA. The GCCF has had assurance from the police that this will be acceptable.

Dr Susan Moreland BA Vet MB MRCVS, GCCF Veterinary Officer

For Covid advice in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, please click on the links to the administration sites below, for local advice, where it exists: